The Games That Newspapers Play

PM Arthur’s Tiawan Deal Allegations Exposed As Lies

There is the popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. To those of you who are a bit slow this Monday afternoon we have highlighted four areas on the image. Can you connect the dots?

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  1. Someone should ask Owen who legitimize the government of china’s as the Chinese peoples representative? Elected persons in democracies make a mockery of the process they otherwise say they treasure by one recognizing and legitimizing Communist states, and two; by referring to another democratic state as a rogue state. Utterly amazing.

    Arthur knows that he has lied to the public with the contents of his failed bombshell.

  2. If Arthur truly believes in the Errol Barrow maxim of Friends of all satellite of none, a statement that he has used to frame his argument against the US in it’s war with Iraq he would at least refrain from lying about the actions Taiwan and referring to this democratic nation as a Rogue state.

  3. ‘Rogue state’ or ‘no better friends?

    St. Kitts Minister of Nation Security, G. A. Dwyer Astaphan has hailed the friendship between St. Kitts/Nevis and Taiwan describing is at a perfect model of humanity focussed bilateral relations’.

    adding, ‘This country has no better friend than Taiwan’.


    Minister Astaphan ‘stressed that his Government is extremely grateful to Taiwan for its continued effort to improve the economic and social fabric of the twin island Federation’.
    He pledged ‘that St. Kitts/Nevis will continue to work with its ally to deepen and strengthen this bond and build it in love so the citizens of both countries can reap the benefits’.

    Source: Sun St. Kitts newspaper – 23rd November 2007

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  5. adrian l.

    you would be my best friend if you gave me 10% of what taiwan has dished out to st.kitts.

  6. I t is very obvious that Georgie Porgie is a stinging Bee and bees don’t sting themselves so I understand his comments! For the rest of us who are being stung …and have managed to survive, what does he expect us to do? Be stung and bear it? Tell Georgie Porgie we are waiting for the date to come.

  7. Very interesting, and very wrong! I cant imagine who would say such a thing or why.

    I have been personally stung and unfaired by the Bees. So much that a BEE told me you better leave the country cause there is nothing here for you.

    There is in a particular Government Department where the public officers will tell you how well I served, where it is written than I must never be employed there again. And you call me a stinging bee. You think I am in exile for nothing?

    I too am waiting for the date to come.

  8. Donald Duck esq.

    Not quite sure what you mean?

    Are you saying everybody, everything and every country is up for sale?
    Is is just about agreeing a price.

    If I had a choice between dealing with a democratically elected multi-party state and a single party dictatorship, who do you think I should chose?

  9. am

    back to de leaders of the caribbean or should i say followers.
    i am still yet to see a true leader of the caribbean who display leadership and not people who are influenced and intimidated by other world leaders and their policies.


    Kadri, a real and true leader gets his mandate from the people, not true pretense. People must in truth and indeed be given the opportunity to clearly say whom they wish to lead them. No PRIME MINISTER IN THE CARIBBEAN CAN MAKE SUCH A CLAIM.

    …….A prime minister assumes the results of the ROYAL LIE or better known as the Royal pejorative, that was once the lies of confusion that gave Kings their mandate.

    Look up Royal perjorative and or royal lie and see what you come up with.

    Rommel marshall is fond of saying “where there is a leader there a party” and as you see poltical parties in the Caribbean are moving towards having their leader pick by the rank and file members of the party.


  10. Can anyone explain why the DLP can’t get its speeches on it’s website?

    Those of the BLP are up within two days at least.

  11. Georgie Porgie // January 10, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Can anyone explain why the DLP can’t get its speeches on it’s website?

    Those of the BLP are up within two days at least.

    I don’t understand why they have redirecting to this new new website which isn’t ready. Looks like they could have really used the Taiwanese money. 😀


    did you hear him compare himself to Fidel as the second longest serving Leader in the Western Hemisphere? How is Richie a communist and he isn’t?


    Cave Hill’s respected historians and most of its top political scientists should easily be able to confirm (or deny) that each and every time a SIGNIFICANT CHANGE in political leadership has taken place IN BARBADOS, Barbadians of all walks of life have benefitted tremendously, and Barbados has moved forward by leaps and bounds!

    Simply, take a closer look at the periods 1951 to 1994, for instance: the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), which was formerly established in late 1938, was responsible for the enactment of the Representation of the People’s Act (1950), thus giving immediate rise to Barbadians, across the board, exercising their democratic right to vote in national elections (or as some refer to it as an opportunity “to exercise their franchise”).

    Under the dynamic and astute leadership of a young Oxford-trained attorney-at-law named Grantley Herbert Adams (later Sir), the relatively [then new] political metamorphosis, with the assistance of other minority groups, introduced true democracy to the island, and by 1954, Adams had emerged the first Premier of Barbados. And, with adult suffrage already in place, the island was more or less on a sound footing in the areas of industrial relations (with the intro of the Barbados Worker’s Union (BWU), a broad-based educational system, the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), a new health initiative, several new West Coast hotels, a lower-income housing boom, the construction of a new airport and seaport, and road-building throughout the eleven parishes – all of course, within the constraints of the entrenched Westminister mode and a colonial force to be reckoned with.

    In fairness to G.H. Adams, historians who chronicled his relatively “brief” career as a political CEO in Barbados, have stated that he had a lot more to contribute, innovatively, to local politics, but was abruptly called to higher office, and actually, went on to become the first and only Prime Minister of The West Indies Federation (1958-1962). Unfortunately, the caretaker BLP regime he left in place (1958 to 1961), was not able to successfully sustain his innate appeal to the nation.

    Indeed, the 1961 national elections saw the elevation of a brand new breed of man, a brand new breed of politician, a brand new breed of political creativity and democracy.

    At that time, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), a sort of feisty splinter group of the BLP, and led by an energetic, London-trained attorney/economist called ERROL WALTON “DIPPER” BARROW — a man of immense popularity and political foresight far beyond his years, broke the obvious malaise then in existence on the island.

    Barrow (then) was just like DAVID THOMPSON (now): a real breadth of fresh air for all Bajans, at home and abroad. The main difference between the two is that Thompson (in 2008) would have had 21 years of uninterrupted parliamentary experience compared to the Rt. Excellent Errol Barrow’s five, in the Barbados House of Assembly. Thompson was also a Finance minister in an earlier administration.

    That fundamental difference, however, did not hinder or slow down the grand implementation of a NEW DAY for Barbados! Without hesitation, the inhabitants of the 166 square mile isle saw an unstoppable social revolution unfold right before their very eyes!

    Between 1961 and 1976, Barbados experienced a newness that transformed the island from a village to a proud nation: a place which is today the ‘ENVY OF THE WORLD’ because of Errol Walton Barrow and the creativity of the lowkeyed DLP.

    Not only were Barbadians privileged, for the first time, with (1) free secondary education; (2) free tertiary education; (3) the establishment of six brand new comprehensive (secondary) schools [now full-fledged high schools]; (4) a school meals service for all schools; (5) several clinics and polyclinics; (6) the resurgence and revival of the cultural summer money-maker known as CROP OVER; (7) a non-discriminatory banking system opened to all Barbadians; (8) new houses for lower-income Barbadians; (9) running water and electricity and telephone service for each and every parish; (10) better wages for those who worked in the sugar industry; (11) expanded farm-labor programmes in the US and Canada; (12) the establishment of consular and diplomatic offices in UK, USA, Britain, Venezuela, Brussels, the CARICOM territories; (13) membership in the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations; (14) a vibrant set of industrial complexes which employed thousands of workers; (15) the erection of the now famous East Coast Road; (16) the intro of national insurance for all; and (17) new well-paved roads in all the main arteries, just to mention a few.

    Barbadians also benefitted tremendously by the fact that Barrow was a devout regionalist to the bone, and he was very instrumental in creating and structuring bodies like CARIFTA (now CARICOM), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and several other relative and meaningful initiatives that are today firmly entrenched and working for the good of the people of the region.

    In the media world, it was Barrow’s regime that established modern-day aviation as we know it today, Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in the Pine; and the Cave Hill Campus emerged during his political reign. And, last but by no means least, it was Barrow and the DLP that fought for (and won) Independence for Barbados on November 30, 1966. At that point, he became the first Prime Minister of Barbados; and in many ways led the smaller territories in gaining their independence from Britain.

    After putting all that work to make a brand new Barbados for all, the voters (in 1976) felt that they should have a fresh face to run t’ings politically.

    The islanders opted for the young charismatic JMGM “Tom” Adams and his Team-BLP to lead them, for a CHANGE, from 1976.

    Tom Adams, an Oxford-trained lawyer/economist and son of Grantley Adams, like his predecessors, set about the task of managing the economy of Barbados in a manner that made Bajans everywhere quite proud. Having been also trained at the BBC, he was known as a distinguished orator who possessed the diction of other ‘greats’ within the Caribbean region.

    More importantly however, Tom Adams’s legacy is even broader: he is credited with the creation and building of the new Financial Building in Bridgetown; he (and his ‘great combination’ of ministers) were responsible for building the many beautiful highways, by-ways and roundabouts, and provided Barbados with a much needed EXPEDIENCY for moving its goods and services at a pace 20 times faster than ever before, and in keeping with the that of the global village in which we live.

    Tom Adams, who sadly died in office in 1985, probably had many more goodies in store for Barbados, had he lived. He left, and the demise of his BLP party followed shortly after him. After Tom, there were no creative juices left in the BLP larder!

    Incidentally, when Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford stepped up to the plate to carry on the work of an old and tired Errol Barrow (who died in 1987), he and his Team of innovative DLP-ites, again made Barbados proud.

    Lest we forget, it was Sandiford, et al. who pushed for (and established) the Barbados Community College (BCC). [Take a good look at the resumes of many of the candidates running in the upcoming election, and you’ll notice that most of them attended the BCC. Had not for the innovative dandy Sandi and the DLP, probably the whole lot of them would be without the graduate degrees of which they can boast today. That’s what positive CHANGE does for a country like Barbados, and the evidence is clear to see. More education (with appropriate jobs) will lead to less crime, and a much better quality of life.]

    Sandi and the DEMS were also responsible for building the fierce money-earner known as the Sherbourne Conference Centre (which should be renamed THE ERSKINE SANDIFORD CONFERENCE CENTRE). When it was being constructed, there were many who opposed it vigorously. Those who lacked foresight, of course!

    And, if you were residing under a rock, it was Sandi and the DLP that were responsible for the steadying of the BARBADOS DOLLAR at a juncture when all of the More Developed Countries (MDCs) of the region, were having their currencies devalued left, right and centre, to unthinkable ‘new lows’.

    Circumstances, probably beyond his control led Sandi to make way, via an election in 1994, for a young economist named Owen Arthur who was (and still is) the leader of the BLP.

    Arthur, a political infant of sorts (then) took the baton and ran with it. Luckily for Arthur, he was surrounded by sound Tom Adams left-overs like H. St. John (a short-lived PM); Henry Forde (a short-lived Opposition Leader, a minister and longstanding MP); Louis Tull (now Sir); Richard Cheltenham (now Sir); Billie Miller (now Dame); and Mia Mottley (one of the most brilliant politicians in the region); to mention a few.

    With such distinguished colleagues around him, Arthur has still scored a “C” for creativity, innovativeness, and significant change for a better Barbados.

    Don’t take my word for it, go and check for yourself: Arthur still was unable [1994-present] to come up with one single, brand new system that could benefit Barbados in the long run. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? He and BEES have been significantly bankrupt of ideas ever since they were running Barbados. What a pity!

    He and several of his cohorts (and spinners) have often described him as a superb political leader, as well as an excellent economic manager. [That’s also a joke too (with 4 people in the Ministry of Finance, today): the only “FINE ANTS” he knows ’bout is the ones in de sugar!]

    Arthur is like a popular neighbourhood JOINER who is good ONLY at polishing furniture, but can’t construct a table or chair if his life depended on it. When the DLP says ‘it’s time for a CHANGE, listen to them Barbados. Go wid David an’ DEM. Trust me!

    Moreover, Arthur will be on his own after January 15, 2008. There will be no Bree; no Henry; no Billie; no Louis; no Johnny; and perhaps, and no Mottley either.

    If YOU, THE GOODLY PEOPLE, retain Arthur and the BEES – which Dr. Clyde Griffith has repeatedly said “has a tail that begins at Mia,” then you’ll be in for a five-year period of plenty tiefing, beefing and weeping.

    Arthur, the furniture-agency man will be “waiting in de (political) junction” to (as usual) throw a little barber green here and there; to spruce up Kensington and other landmarks; to pelt a little paint on the walls of the QEH (and other clinics); to build 3 or 4 more secondary schools (same ole, same ole); to build flyers that are guaranteed to create major traffic jams at the points where the underpasses meet the overpasses; to again have 4 ministers of Finance; 2 in Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade; 2 in Tourism; 2 in Education, and so on, at the poor taxpayers’ expense.

    Is that being creative or innovative for the good of the people of Barbados? You deserve much better, don’t you think? So, as they say, VOTE WISELY, for real, on January 15, 2008! And wake up to a Beautiful Barbados!

    If I am forced to mention one or two things that Arthur has done between 1994 and the present, let me say this – from my heart – he has systematically plucked 12 senior candidates from the DLP camp, by offering them huge sums of money (an/or positions) at the expense of you the taxpayers. And, he has systematically plucked (and paid-off) senior journalists from each and every media house, nearly all he neutralized, with exceptions of the likes of: Orlando Marville, the late Oliver Jackman, Reudon Eversley and David Ellis.

    Now, you fully understand why there is ONLY ONE WAY TO VOTE … for a better life for our people … vote DLP all the way … next BLESSED TUESDAY!

    Eat them out! Sweep them out! Keep them out! Thanks Barbados.

  13. Terdrail

    I have always stated that Bajans would one day wake up and discover that the worst thing that could have visited barbados was owen arthur as prime minister.

    Jamaica at their peril found out that this man is an empty suit.

    Your chronology of the development of barbados is a worthy one.

    Owen has set barbados back to pre independence days – it will take a lot to help us out of this social,economic and immoral rut.

    Whereas before we bajans could put our hands to the plough and help pull this country out,now we have the burden of over 35,000 illegal guyanese on our backs draining our social services,shipping out our foerign exchange to guyana as soon as we make it,and depressing our country with their immoral,and degrading behaviour.

    We need a strong leader who will take strong action,David Thompson is all we have right now people.

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