David Ellis Speaks-out On Behalf Of The Beleaguered Media Practitioners In Barbados

BU was heartened today to hear David Ellis of STARCOM Network speak-out against the recent attack on the Press which occurred at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. As Barbados leading journalist he has had to suffer a battering in recent times; especially at the hands of the Barbados Labour Party politicians with a general on the horizon. Much of what he said suggested to us that he reads the Blogs-that being the case he needs to go that step closer and mention that we too are playing a part to protect freedom of expression in Barbados.

So Mr. Ellis we congratulate you on the bold decision to speak-out on a matter which we recognize is before the court. Regrettably it appears that you maybe alone and you should therefore prepare yourself for the onslaught which is sure to come.

Listen to DAVID ELLIS as he defended the Press on the popular VOB 92.9 call-in program, Down to Brasstacks.

Please note the file is MP3 format.

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7 thoughts on “David Ellis Speaks-out On Behalf Of The Beleaguered Media Practitioners In Barbados

  1. David is person that I have a great deal of respect and regard for it is very sad to see where this battle with Muscle Mary has left him and what it has done to his voice of concern.
    There is no way that this can be acceptable behaviour by politicians to become irate when confronted with serious questions that the whole island is asking, this is just his gross arrogrance and stupidity on Muscle Mary’s part he needs to remember that he is servant of the people we are not a servant to him as it now appears to be that way.
    I really hope that David finds his voice his forthright approach and his investigative skills have not been dulled by this gang of crooks and thieves, and that he is allowed to return to the status he once had.

  2. Very good comments on this issue. And in fact Mr. Mary should firmly deny any allegations made via the internet (email) put to him by Mr Ellis. In so doing he would have come over as fair and not (fairy) since this is an issue before the people. he stormed out of the radio station ranting and raving… and ended up wealthier as a result. I therefore put the question, why is there this constant repetition of costs over-runs re:government managed projects? I can remember VAT bringing in lots of cash but since then we were spending more than we earned as a government. Is there a connection between costs over-runs and fat bank accounts of MP’s and other BLPites? Oh by the way where is Mr R.L. Seale who had somuch to write about cost of living in Barbados in the early 90’s and just prior? what is the true position with Foursquare factory St. Philip? Not a boy ain’t want to touch these issues?

  3. Martsie~BU will continue to ask why can’t the journalists of Barbados realize the benefit of being united? BU understands that video was captured of the incident which puts the Police in a very bad light. If only we could see a snippet of that video so that we can judge for ourselves. Sometimes when we expose the rotten it helps to get it fixed!

  4. It seems that this website brings everything down to politics is this a site dealing with issues of trying to campaign for a political party. Some people just down know how far to go. Leave out the politicals and the tacky insults.

  5. Concerned Reader~everything that happens around us is impinged by politics. If you don’t agree with our pieces try to be specific and give us a chance to respond.

    Your comment is wishy washy.

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