Democratic Labour Party (DLP) & Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Get Failing Grade On The Issue Of Homosexuality

Reverend Joseph Atherley estherbyer-suchooc.jpg
Reverend Joseph Atherley | Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo

In a debate on Voice of Barbados (VOB) this afternoon, the two main parties got the opportunity to discuss how it intends to roll out its social investment policy. Visitors to Barbados Underground over time would have arrived at the opinion that we are firmly of the view that the success of any society is rooted in the need to practice ‘old fashion’ values. A common theme of our articles has been the preponderance of focus on economic strategies at the expense of policy formulation effecting social capital. One of those values which we have been speaking out about is the willingness of modern governments to fashion policies based on lifestyles or what the technocrats call relativism. One lifestyle behaviour which has taken on a momentum of its own is the issue of homosexuality. Unfortunately, this issue has taken a political turn, and the consequence of it all is the intellectualizing of this issue which has the potential to interact with others to destabilize our small societies.

It is with absolute amazement that when the moderator asked Reverend Joseph Atherley and Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo what was the position of the BLP and DLP on homosexuality, it was the only issue on which both were in agreement. Why were they in agreement? They both admitted that they have no policy on this issue. The impression we got from the tenor of the responses suggest that Barbadians should not anticipate a shift in their positions anytime soon. In this regard, we are in full agreement with Adrian H who has continually critique our system of government as the root of our problems, while the majority of us discuss party politics. Party politics can only be the outcome of a system of government. There is a saying that a people will always get the government they deserve.


So if we can be so bold to forecast life after January 15, 2008, we can describe it in three words.


Business as usual.


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