Part of the ‘Vision’?

As someone that has spent almost their entire (41 years) working life in the tourism industry, it is difficult at times to understand how an industry that is so important to Barbados can be guided by people that appear so far removed from reality. When I hear direct quotations like ‘We just performed the biggest coup in International Transport by getting some slots, by getting Virgin Atlantic to fly to Barbados out of Heathrow’, ‘an additional runway and airport hotel’ at Grantley Adams and ‘Category 1 by year-end’, it reminds me of the seventies and the reported effects of hallucinogenic drugs.

And what is so disturbing, not a single journalist seems prepared to challenge or question these clearly ambiguous statements.

Question number one. What role, if any did the Barbados Minister of Tourism play in Virgin’s purchase of the Air Jamaica Heathrow slots?

Question number two. Where exactly would you put a second runway and what would the economic effects and consequences be in the construction of same?

Question number two (a). What is the justification for a second runway, i.e: when would it be used?

Question number three. Why on earth would you build a new airport hotel when there is a 240 room property less than ten minutes from the airport rotting away (Sam Lords) and another new hotel (Casa Grande) within visual distance?

Question number four. ‘Category 1 by year-end’. Please explain to the less informed, exactly how this is going to be achieved?

Please also take in account the current state of the radar and air traffic training equipment.

Adrian Loveridge

14 November 2007

4 thoughts on “Part of the ‘Vision’?

  1. Maybe, and this is just a guess, since we seem to be in a flyover frenzy, they could built it on top of the already existing runway and have them forming an X visible from space:).

    My other issue is the mentioning the newly developing Casa Grande hotel which is the location of private events one of which had to be cancelled due to a building safety issue. Has that problem been rectified?

    At any rate, I really don’t think building an “Airport Hotel’ is such a good idea especially considering the issue of land which will always be a debate in a small island such as Barbados. Furthermore, where would you PUT that? Furthermore how many people other than unfortunately stranded travellers and airline crew would use it since a hotel by an airport isn’t prime refuge for OBVIOUS reasons.

  2. any article written by adrian loveridge is a waste of ink and a waste of a post as soon as i see his name at the bottom i ignore it s i am sure all right thinking barbadians do hence i have not even read the aboven post

  3. To explain the stupidity of the man MM Lynch in a convesation with a mutual friend he stated that he wants this person’s financial backing in the upcoming elections because he wants to win his seat EVEN IF THE PARTY LOOSES THE ELECTION HE WANTS HIS SEAT BACK.
    Does Muscle Mary Lynch really believe that he has a hope in hell with a 5.5 percentage swing away from the blp at this time, and he is in a seat that he narrowly won when there was a big swing towards the blp, how in heavens name does he feel that he has the remotest chance of regaining this seat?
    I know as has been stated on this site before that he Muscle Mary Lynch has said that 10 % of the population is up for sale is he hoping to start with a 10 % advantage?
    He does have the financial resources to buy the 10 % of the buyable votes.

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