Over $150 Lost For Every Occupied Room Night

…at the four operational GEMS hotels up until December 2001.

482911378439951.jpgBased on a total inventory of 309 operational rooms and allowing for a higher than national average annual occupancy of 60%, Hotels and Resorts Ltd (GEMS) managed to lose more than $150 for EVERY single night each room was occupied. This is just one of the staggering facts revealed in the Barbados Business Authority and Broad Street Journal article ‘A Gem of a financial report’ by Pat Hoyos today.

What has happened after December 2001, of course is anyone’s guess, as the company has not submitted any accounts for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. In this article, Pat Hoyos, mentions another capital injection of $150 million, then another $10 million to meet interest commitments.

It is no wonder that the Government is so reluctant to release more up-to-date figures!

Adrian Loveridge

12 November 2007

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27 thoughts on “Over $150 Lost For Every Occupied Room Night

  1. Will GEMS be an election issue. I don’t thinks Bajans care too much about GEMS now. They have heard so often that it means nothing. The DLP should take Hoyte’s advice and repackage it 🙂

  2. What about the Mascoll statment that the GEM was a diamond in the rough and have been managed to profitabilty. It obviously means he is privy to up to the minute statement of affairs.

    Why so late in bringing the rest of the financials?


  3. Bajan…

    Help me understand.

    ‘I don’t think Bajans care too much Gems now’

    Do they care about the squandering of what could amount to $200 milion or more?

    Do Bajans really dismiss it so lightly, and not expect anyone to be accountable?

    What else could $200 million have been productively spent on?

    Perhaps you are right, after all, there have only been a handful of us willing to keep asking questions until finally some of the facts are revealed.

  4. Adrian, you seem not to grasp that this is a party of deception and lies, and they believe that parties, fireworks displays,and all the razzmatazz is enough to fool the taxpayers and get them past the winning pole, with little attention to the real issues that confronts society, VECO,3S,DANOS, PRISON, GEMS, JAWS,CHEQUE, HARDWOOD HOUSING, BATHS,GREENLAND,UNFINISHED GOV’T NEWTON BULIDING, these are things that ought to grab the gov’t attention but I get the feeling that they are not the least bit concerned about these the real issues.

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    This post by Baje compliment/support what I said to you Adrian yesterday.

    $200 million, Gems, $120 million Freeflow, the over run with the Jail, the list is endless of the money going through the eddoes with wild abandon. But WHO CARES?

    Do you see the mainstream media keeping it in front of the publics eye? Do you see the Bajan Society who live the good life caring or expressing concerns?

    The Bank Governor certainly paints such glowing reports about the healthy Bajan economy and growth going on and foolish Clyde Griffith lauding the Governor and his BLP Government for responsible fiscal management of the economy. This is a “mentality” problem that cannot be fixed quickly. Nor by our rantings!

    There is no accountability in the Governance of Barbados. The police are now being said to be falling for corruption in the REGION LET ME make that clear. In the REGION but it does include Barbados too. And that statement has come from a very credible source the RCMP. And they say it a SERIOUS problem.

    Therefore let me ask you Adrian this question when you have a Government that does not have to be accountable to the people and is supported by the MOVERS AND SHAKERS of the Barbados Society. An Auditor General that says nothing, no democratic policies to dictate inquiries be held and an indifferent society to most things who are decaying along with Barbados because of apathy. I ask what is your solution? Are you going to go to the POLICE and tell them a BIG UP or a Government official teefing? I dont think so because you could be talking to a corrupt officer who will tell on you. And you might be the one in jail.

    The people and I am speaking the masses must lie in the bed they made.

  6. Maybe what Adrian fails to grasp is how ‘amenable to manipulation’ Bajans are…..( Ok…’how foolish we is”)
    I don’t understand it either… David knows my theory (347 B volume ii) is that since we are all wasteful and crooked in our own small ways, we find it difficult to seriously condemn Government (or anyone else for that matter) for being ‘better at it’ that we are.

    …by this time next year i promise that things will be different. ‘hard ears you won’t hear… own way you will feel…’
    There will be a price to be paid for tolerating this level of corruption and wastefulness.

  7. There is a great program with Rhianna on CBC tv Canada. But I guess you missed it David, as you are so busy trying to pull her down. The Canadians are all over her. They can not get enough of her new styles. They consider her wardrobe fabulous. So do I! Did you know that she is on the cover of October’s “Fashion Magazine”? But I guess that miss you too. She is having the time of her life. Enjoy it girl.

  8. Okay…..

    On the original topic:

    I think Barbadians should really rethink this whole apathy thing we got going on. This is world where some governments are being crucified for corruption, others have to face serious public outcry and protests over mismanagement. Why would we continue to let a Government mismanage without letting them truly feel the power of the voice of the people who put them there.
    This is just one of the signs that it is fast comming to the point where it may no longer be enough to just say “you can make your voice heard with your vote on election day” or use call in programs. Our politics have adapted a dangerous imunity to these things and polititians know we aren’t going to stand up “together and as a people” when we see them do wrong.
    We don’t have to look to far to see what kind of results this kind of look-the-other-way mentality towards the Government will get us. Hopefully the Barbadian people will wake up before it gets to the point of “Antigua under the Birds”.

  9. Barbados is already “Antigua under the birds”, it is now under the complete aviary and zoo class of its residents even the green monkey. Bajans can be fooled quickly by give aways like what Mottley is talking about. But what can they do if after the election prices soar again and the BLP are in power?

    Look at Mia Mottley in to-days Nation News expounding with glee that they (BLP) could have food prices down before the end of December. Now before I go on let me remind you that in a post of mine only days ago I said all the Government had to do was address the high cost of living issue and all would be forgiven. Address the high cost of living they have done and not a week after my post was up.

    But here is where the focus of the people should be. How can the BLP do what they said they could or would not do after 13 years in power but are now doing it in about two months I think that was about the time the CADRES poll came out. You see how quickly these boys can turn things around that only 3 years ago they said was being influenced by things beyond their control? Off shore marketing pressures I think they said!

    But let us take this scenario a step further to show you the possibilities this “problem” of a high cost of living could be taken to ehance the political opportunities of the BLP.

    Were I Arthur I would call in a few IOU’s or have Al Gilkes do it for me and have the Private Sector and the wealthy quietly subsidize a drive to have plenty of turkeys available this Christmas and at prices even the poor can afford and use it as an example of what the BLP are doing to reduce food prices. This is a very doable thing believe me.

    Turkeys at this time of year are abundant and cheap. The boys can go to North America and pick up thousands for chicken dirt prices. By the time this little exercise is over the few dollars if any lost by the promotion would amount to nothing. But look at the votes it would bring in?

    Bajans have always fallen for the “Bird”! And no one knows this better than the BLP and movers and shakers.

    How many on the lower rounds of the ladder have eaten turkey for Christmas over the past ten or so years? Nuff votes!

  10. No Name
    What %&^*1@#$ are you talking? Is this what our vote has come to?
    I take it that you are being facetious. If so, you are excused.

  11. Anonymous

    Cool it.

    That has nothing to do with “OUR” what our vote is coming to. But suppose all of a sudden by Christmas time Momma Mottley prediction is true and food costs come down Noticeably. And as a bonus stores got nuff cheap turkey for everbody.

    Are you telling me that this would not give Owen a great boost at the pools. It was just a scenario I said I would not be surprised he or Al Gilkes might have already thought of.

    How many people vote for a party who reduces their taxes or exempts them from some other hardship? Is there much if any difference between that and providing cheaper food with the turkey scenario boosting the program. Look at it in that context because that is how I meant it.

    But if you are still pissed I will tek de licks!

    Lighten up and chill!

    Web Posted – Wed Nov 14 2007
    Survey points to moderate trouble for local tourism product

    BARBADOS’ tourism product is “in moderate trouble”.

    That is the finding of a new international destination scorecard survey, which was conducted by the National Geographic Centre for Sustainable Destinations in partnership with George Washington University.

    The survey – in which Jamaica scored the lowest of all Caribbean destinations – gave the island a ranking of 62, which means its tourism sector has “a mix of negatives and positives”.

    According to the report, which surveyed 111 places, Barbados was a densely populated country “with some of the highest visitor arrivals in the region”.

    It added, however, that although the island was “very clean”, there were some negatives.

  13. Many persons blogging on this site complain about the effectiveness of many of the Ministers of gov’t.
    My comments today relate directly to our nonfunctioning minister of Tourism Noel Lynch.
    We have the arrival of a cruise tourism event the arrival of a number of sail boats that are doing the same tour that the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers once did this event that started out by coming to Barbados but we have since lost this business to St.Lucia.
    We have (or had) an excellent chance to rekindle this type of cruise business, these boats will generate many more dollars than the gov’t spends promoting RUN BARBADOS, these organisers are asking nothing of our gov’t, but to provide a welcoming party for the crews of these vessels and nothing like they are spending excessive sums of money on like GEMS, etc.
    The organisers have been in contact with the BTA and the Ministry of Tourism for the past 2 years trying to discuss the plans for this event todate they have had NO response or contact from the Ministry of Tourism and the BTA suggested to the organisers to contact Mount Gay for a welcoming reception.
    All these yachts are carrying the logos of the sailing association of Barbados and will adopt a school on their arrival to do tours etc with these children, now the local associations have gotten involved but our gov’t departments fail to activate.
    This will maybe the second and last time that they will be making Barbados their final destination, sadly this is the real situation as it exist in Barbados we wait for the horse to bolt the stable then we close the door.
    The organisers have been absolutely and totally annoyed by the lack of input by the local departments of gov’t.
    We once again have a great chance to improve our tourism arrivals but thanks to the ineffectivness of Minister Lynch it will go abegging, well done Lynch you are really a gem.
    Maybe it is not too late to put the wrongs right but he needs to awake and engage his two brain cells and act now tomorrow will be too late!!!!!

  14. From Porters with Love…

    You are expressing an opinion that sadly I hear often.
    One suggestion: That you approach the Tourism Development Corporation TDC).

    Their members receive tax benefits for contributing to a fund that is meant to stimulate tourism. You have to have a plan and that plan should show how any ‘investment’ would reap increased visitor arrivals.

    If I can help at all, please contact me.

  15. ‘In the article Mr. Loveridge made a desperate but failed attempt to refute a charge made in the Barbados Labour Party’s column for Friday, October 26th, 2007 that audited financial statements for Gems were laid in the House of Assembly’.

    LETTERS to the Editor
    Barbados Advocate – Wednesday November 21,2007.
    Paul Simon


    ‘desperate’ – I clearly do not accept but yes you are completely right, I have dismally ‘failed’ to encourage, persuade, coax or in anyway get the ruling party to produce the audited accounts for Hotels and Resorts Ltd for the last SIX years.

    Perhaps, if we could see the accounts for


    we could fairly draw our own conclusions.

  16. I would suggest if you have any free time this evening, that a meeting can be arranged with the organiser a chap named Stokie at the Boatyard where there is to be a welcoming party hosted by the owners of the Boatyard full marks to them in their willingness to come forward and do what the officials have failed to and that is to make these people feel welcome to these shore this is a group of about 70 persons with families and friends arriving to the island to meet and enjoy a holiday in Barbados at the end of the race.
    Where is the minister while all this is taking place?
    MIA I suggest either missing in action or Miami.

  17. Sorry, I am already committed this evening, BUT if you really want to help these people PLEASE contact Chay Davis at the BTA, their Corporate Comminications Consultant.


    I have always found him very helpful and the worse he can do is to say no.

    The Minister has clearly demonstrated he is out of touch with the reality of tourism on Barbados.

  18. Thanks for your input into this matter Mr Loveridge, I think that we have managed a solution to this matter they will meet with Mr Sealy this evening to discuss matters and it is hoped that this discussion will yield more results that any have yielded todate.
    If we cannot get the elected gov’t officials activated we will turn to those who want to work and get the job done to do so.
    This event has the potential to generate some foreign exchange for the island but it will also help it return as a point as a first stop off point across the Atlantic for restocking of food supplies etc and refuelling etc.

  19. Thanks for your input into this matter Mr Loveridge, I think that we have managed a solution to this matter they will meet with Mr Sealy this evening to discuss matters and it is hoped that this discussion will yield more results that any have yielded todate.
    From Porters with Love
    November 21, 2007 at 1:23 pm
    If we cannot get the elected gov’t officials activated we will turn to those who want to work and get the job done to do so.
    This event has the potential to generate some foreign exchange for the island but it will also help it return as a point as a first stop off point across the Atlantic for restocking of food supplies etc and refuelling etc.

  20. Dear ____

    I sincerely wish you luck with your appeal as below, some how I am led to believe that this admistration is not the least bit concerned or cares about Boating and on the evidence and is even more disconcerting is that it leaves you to wonder about their desire to keep tourism growing.

    Last night for example this group of yachts which had about 50 persons as crew ended up at the BOAT YARD BAR with maybe around a 100 persons in attendance, what is being missed here is this is not a cheap end cruiser arriving in Barbados, these are 50 people who have paid good money to partake in this event and on arrival in Barbados they are in turn met by their friends and families, to then spend in some cases another week on the island and partake in food in restaurants, drink in bars, catch Taxis or busses doing all the things that normal tourist do, with the financial ability to do so.

    Maybe we have lost our way when they consider air sea transfers and the numbers that reads well for Mr.Lynch to be more important than the long stay or onshore arrivals, I am not convinced that Minister Lynch has grasped this concept of tourism as yet, It has taken many years and if he is still trying to learn we have a problem indeed.

    I met with the organiser last evening and listened to his concerns and his wishes, funnily enough he does not ask a lot of the authorities but yet he cannot get a hearing from those in authority or control, if one considers that with 4 yachts making the trip this year and generating around a 100 ARRIVALS (for Mr. Lynch’s benefit this is and arrival) and with the intention to move the numbers up to between 6 to 8 yachts for next year it has room for growth in this market, are we going to wait for them to shift to St .Lucia before we activate and do something meaningful?

    Good luck in your endeavors and best regards,
    Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 6:47 PM
    To: ‘william duguid’


    The boating industry in Barbados is TOTALLY ignored and disrespected by Govt.

    The Min of Tourism has been totally ineffective in appreciating the contribution made by the industry

    We cannot ,despite repeated representation, and despite the P.M’s stated wish to elevate Barbados to a meaningful developed status in the boating world, get anything to happen.

    Not even responses to correspondence.!!!


    We need a responsive Govt to facilitate development and to sustain what we already have. We are not asking even for funds… just facilitation!!

    This industry earns over $40m p.a. in foreign exchange.

    Can you help us??

  21. A comment that was received from a close friend on the matter above -:

    First mistake is involving Adrian Loveridge as the minister hates this white man. Also the minister is already above the common Barbadian and criticism, hopefully the people are tired of his and the rest of the party and their arrogance greed etc. Yachting is also a white people sport as viewed from the ignorant people who run the Island, car racing also fell under this category. So before I waste my time and yours it must be done by yachters or it will fail. Please also be advised that elections are soon and the minister has no time for minority sport!

  22. In the absence of the Minister or anyone attending from the Board of Tourism the Shadow Minister of Tourism graciously accepted the invitation and attended the gathering and listened to the organizers and heard their thoughts and spent a lot of time with people that were there, actually he may have done his part to keep the Rally coming to Barbados for another year maybe not for Mr. Lynch’s benefit but for the benefit of Barbados in general.

  23. Hi ,

    I think we will hope against hope for this matter to see the light of day.

    The reality is that the Minister is preoccupied with the pass thru traffic of the cruise line business he obviously has a vested interest in this side of the business I am not sure why this is the case but it is clear that this is where the emphasis is situated.

    There is a great potential for the Mega Yacht business growing in the island as well but sadly Port St .Charles is the one accepting most of these vessels and their capacity is limited by its size.

    I am not sure what we would have done with the arrival of the 700 yachts and the 35 cruise ships that was brandished around with CWC in the air!!!!

    We shall wait with baited breath for even the decency of a reply from the Minister.

    Best regards,

    Sent: 22 November 2007 09:11
    To: ‘william duguid’


    Thank you. Lets hope something happens

    From: william duguid [mailto:will99@caribsurf.com]
    Sent: 21 November 2007 21:12

    I have forwarded your comments to the Minister.


  24. Seeing that direct communication fails miserably when dealing with gov’t Ministers and officials, maybe this method of communication will deliver the message quicker and more directly to those that are at sea with their communication skills,over to you Mr Lynch.

  25. The contact person for ONDECK Yachts is still in Barbados and it may not be a bad idea to contact them now before they leave with a bad impression of our Ministry of Tourism and BTA.
    It may not be to late to convert them, to like you but action needs to happen now as like not tomorrow like today.

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