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Many of your commenters and readers seem to think that the concept of flyovers is new to Barbados. However, back in the mid-1980s an Oistins Bypass Road was designed. This road had a flyover that went over the road between Oistins and Oistins hill. The road started just south of where the Barbados Cooperative Credit Union League office was formerly located and ended just down the hill from Thornbury hill. A flyover is nothing more than an overpass bridge (a bridge passing over a roadway) and is designed like any other road bridge. They do not require any unusual skills to either design or build. In fact, a pre-stressed concrete bridge, like the Lancaster bridge, is at least as complicated.

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flyover.jpgOne of the things we love about blogging is the feedback we get from visitors. The comment above was posted yesterday; it reinforced why we do what we do. BU and other media must continue to put information in the public domain to enlighten those Barbadians who do not understand; as in this case, the ramifications of a poorly constructed, managed and maintained flyover. Many of our commenters seem to be considering only one aspect when discussing the flyover project.


The following is an excerpt from Stantec’s website (The company sub-contracted to do the Operation Free Flow design work by 3S Barbados SRL)

We understand the potential social, economic, and environmental impacts of roadways. Roadway design has evolved from being primarily a technical issue to requiring a full understanding of potential social, environmental, and economic impacts, and the success of a project is often judged on how well it meets public desires rather than on technical design. We identify our clients’ objectives, develop and evaluate alternatives, and consult with stakeholders to design and administer the construction of new roadways and rehabilitation of existing facilities.

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The second quote summarizes perfectly the concerns of many Barbadians. It appears that our government has a vision for a modern Barbados: flyovers, four-lane highways, condominiums, international franchises, etc. Barbadians have become concerned at the emerging character of the new Barbados and we do not like it. Although we have no problem with development, we believe that it must be done in a way that recognizes the culture, aspirations and dreams of our people. The discussion about the flyovers must not only be centered on how efficiently it will eliminate gridlock, but the social and environmental factors must also be considered. After we looked at the video below, the social and environmental impact flyovers will have on our small community became apparent.

Have a look.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.434592&w=425&h=350&fv=]


Now that you have looked at the video, please read this article. It hammered home some telling points for BU (our thanks to DeMarlehole).

What did you learn from the article?

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14 thoughts on “Flyovers In Barbados

  1. Can someone please tell me about the so-call flyover in the Oistins area during the 1980′. How long did it last. Why was it removed. After I receive answers, I will comment.

  2. The flyover was designed, read the comment. The road was never actually built. The comment was just to show that these structures were considered as far back as twenty years ago.

  3. BU,

    What is your response to this?


    Oct 13 2007

    MPT and 3S put engineers body on right ABC track

    Web Posted – Sat Oct 13 2007

    THE Ministry of Public Works and Transport and 3S (Barbados) SRL, the major contractor for the Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Project, met Thursday with representatives of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) following concerns raised publicly by that body in relation to the project.

    At the meeting, chaired by the Ministrys Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Frank Thornhill, the President of BAPE, Mr. Roger Blackman, questioned the level of openness regarding the project and posed several queries to the Ministry and the main contractor, which were all dealt with thoroughly.

    The Ministry and 3S stressed that the work on the ABC Highway Project has been undertaken by leading design firms with extremely well-qualified staff in Barbados and North America.

    The detailed road design, including the associated drainage work, has been carried out by Stantec Consulting, a well-established and respected professional engineering firm in Barbados, in conjunction with its offices in the United States and Canada where it is one of the largest and most respected engineering firms. As part of its work, Stantec had significant input on the environmental impact study, considering the effects of the drainage system.

    Richard Gill and Associates, another local firm, undertook the environmental impact assessment and produced the overall study report for the Chief Town Planner. This EIA also included the sound study that analysed the noise impact of the various design alternatives, the Ministry and 3S said.

    Mr. Thornhill said that all construction drawings will be made public at the upcoming Town Hall meetings.

    The meeting then dealt with each technical concern raised by BAPE in the media. These related to hydroplaning, the splitter islands at the Belle Intersection, lighting fixtures, the jersey barriers and temporary lighting during construction.

    These features, which are all being carried out in accordance with international engineering codes, were thoroughly explained by the representatives of the Ministry and 3S in relation to the Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Project.

    The meeting ended amicably with BAPE now understanding the depth of study carried out by the Ministry and 3S, in conjunction with the design team.

  4. Does it change the fact that there is gross mismanagement and corruption and that this project is three times over budget and that people are stealing from us the taxpayers?

  5. We will wait for the response which has been promised by BAPE later in the week. Even if technical matters have been responded to by MPT the questions about the tendering/procurement process and subsequent and other issues still remain on the table.

  6. David I somehow doubt that this quells the issues raised by BAPE this was a story printed in both newspaper which as both know are servants to the ruling party and have no choice but to do as they are instructed however with the list of concerns as long as it was I am sure that many concers will still be left unaddressed it will not become good overnight.

  7. David,

    This is not a story, this is a PR stunt pulled by 3S and Al Gilkes.
    It would have worked in the “old days” too – when the lackey foreign owned newspapers would have jumped to publish their nonsense and then edited the BAPE response into a small corner 2 weeks later.
    BUT THOSE DAYS ARE GONE (thanks again David)

    Have you considered the kind of people who would call for a meeting with a professional body on technical matters, bring a bribery accused and Al Gilkes and then rush off to the willing newspapers to claim that they somehow ‘showed’ BAPE?
    You would think that serious businesspeople would have a joint release – or that the ‘newspapers’ would seek a BAPE response BEFORE publishing the junk.

    But I guess AL Gilkes has influence in many places.

    I hope that BAPE will stick to their guns and continue to let Bajans know the truth about this ‘meeting’ and this whole ABC mess…

  8. Bear Boo,
    The gov’t will stop at nothing to appear good guys in the publics eyes but on the evidence they are sadly lacking.
    This is stupidity and arrogance at its best, lets not forget the VECO corruption in all of this.

  9. Bush Tea~Al Gilkes admitted to Barbados in his column last week that BU and BFP are must reads for him given the type of business he is in (PR). What he did not tell us is he has never felt the need to respond to any story on the blogs in any official capacity. We can only assume by this that all of the articles which we have published about his client 3S Barbados Ltd happens to be accurate.

  10. Either that David…
    …or he has engaged a mosquito to “try a thing” while using the ABC to try to clean up the image of SSS.
    I still feel you could find a way to charge dem so… although the efforts they have made so far ain’t worth much..

  11. “THE Ministry of Public Works and Transport and 3S (Barbados) SRL, the major contractor for the Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Project, met Thursday with representatives of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) following concerns raised publicly by that body in relation to the project.”

    I agree 100% with Bush Tea. Can you not see that this is PR stunt? Why are all the statements and quotes emanating from either 3S Barbados or MPT. The point is not if two Barbadian firms are working with the highway or not, it is the underhand way the contract was awarded. Since this was a tri-partite meeting, should we not have seen statements from BAPE? We see Mr. Roger Blackman questioned 3S and MPT, but the release failed to print the questions or give any answers. What other PR gimmick is going to be placed in the public domain? Maybe the lost files will show that names of the other tenders that was never publicised.

  12. Will the drawings to be made public at the town hall meetings as stated by Mr. Frank Thornhill, CTO, include the February 2006 and April 2006 drawings that were used by the subcontractors to price the Works.

  13. Unless these drawings are made public as the first act of these meetings there is no point in having the meetings.

  14. As I said in an earlier post, this meeting is going to be announced and postponed again, because these people are not ready. This report should have been in the public domain since 2005 at the start of the roadworks. While we wait for the meeting, the contractor will be rushing to complete the highway and we might never have any meetings.

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