The Barbados Government Awards Road Contract To 3S Structural Steel Solutions Against The Advice Of The Barbados Association Of Professional Engineers


We are into Day three of this breaking story and the media houses in Barbados maintain a cloak of deafening silence!

Here is a comment posted to BU by Digger on 06 September 2007:

De Gap considers this a non-story…

A company that came into existence for this project with no previous track record of managing a road project of this magnitude, constructing or installing steel flyovers, presents a flashy but technically inadequate presentation to cabinet, is AWARDED a contract without a fair bidding process; prepares the budget and terms of reference themselves with no independent oversight.

The contract signed is an “interesting” variation on a BOLT contract where the Barbados Government guarantees a loan from BNB to cover the published contract sum of US$60 to widen the highway from Sobers to Warrens and install 5 flyovers. The project manager then tells the nation more than a year after starting that the cost has tripled due to additional widening and “unforeseen” issues with utilities…

This is the biggest scandal to hit these shores in recent times yet you consider it a non-story???

BTW, from researching Mabey’s role in the Panama project, their system is a patented system. A senior project manager who left the company and opens a company of five employees does not have the capability to claim that system as their own let alone manufacture the system efficiently. This company will disapear as quickly as it appeared. They will pay themselves (an others) handsomely during construction with the Govt guaranteed money and leave us holding the bag to maintain the project…that is the true meaning of BOLT!!!!

Any way Barbadians want to look at the process which resulted in the award of the contract to widen the ABC Highway, and the late decision to add flyovers to the company 3s Barbados Limited, IT STINKS! A basic understanding of the tendering process requires that key steps must be followed to ensure the best vendor is selected. One of the first steps when the evaluation process starts is to create a shortlist based on some key selection criteria, for example:

  1. The past performance of the vendor
  2. References
  3. Price, etc

We think that there is sufficient information in the public domain to seriously question the government’s decision to award the contract to 3s Structural Steel Solutions. Let us use the selection criteria listed above to apply a simple acid test to two companies which we know responded to the Barbados government proposal. Obviously 3s is one of the companies.

What we know about 3s

  • 3s Structural Steel Solutions was incorporated in the State of Delaware in 2005 and listed number of employees as five
  • 3s Barbados SRL was incorporated 04-Nov-2005 (obviously the company in the USA was set-up to facilitate the tender for the Barbados project
  • The short life span of the company suggest that there is no past performance of 3s the vendor to consider-flyovers and bridges are not constructed overnight!
  • The government of Barbados signed a memorandum of understanding in 2005 to widen the ABC Highway and build 8 flyovers at a cost of BDS120 million
  • Jonathan Danos is the former Director of Sales for Mabey & Johnson

What we know about Mabey and Johnson

  • Building modular bridges for over 35 years
  • Employs over one thousand people in around forty locations throughout the world
  • Annual turnover of £100 million
  • Over one hundred and fifty years experience in steel bridge building
  • One of the leading bridge suppliers in the world
  • Serves Africa, Asia, and Latin America for Bridging systems
  • Designs and manufactures a range of pre-fabricated modular steel bridges
  • In excess of 90% of the company’s production is exported to over 115 countries
  • Is the largest supplier of panel bridging systems in the world

It is clear when we compare what we know of the two companies, and we understand that they were others, 3s should have been disqualified at an early stag of the evaluation process. Any government has a responsibility to ensure significant projects are undertaken by companies with proven track records and good financial standing in order to safe guard the taxpayers.

The other point which Barbadians should request clarification from the government of Barbados is the decision to expand the scope of the original tender. Our source told BU that the original tender which was responded to by several international companies was to widen the ABC Highway. It seems that at some point the government amended the scope of the original tender but forgot to recirculate to all the companies which submitted proposals.

It is instructive that back in May 2006 the Barbados Association of Professional Engineer made the following comment:

While the flyover proposal is but one of several components of the Road Improvement Infrastructure Project which Government intends to award to the firm 3S Structural Steel Solutions LLC, it is likely to represent a substantial proportion of the project’s overall costs. Given the scale and scope of the project, BAPE is of the view that a competitive tendering process should have been followed for:

(i) an initial traffic study to investigate the situation and identify the economic viability of alternative options, and

(ii) any resulting road improvement projects

Potential conflicts of interest arise where a firm hired to assess a situation and make recommendations is also awarded a contract to implement those recommendations. BAPE therefore believes that for projects such as this, successor contracts should not be awarded to entities offering consulting services.

Source: BAPE

3s appear to be the beneficiary when the dust settled!


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48 thoughts on “The Barbados Government Awards Road Contract To 3S Structural Steel Solutions Against The Advice Of The Barbados Association Of Professional Engineers

  1. Let us look at how closely connected this project is to the one in Jamaica.
    First they form a company for the sole purpose of scamming the taxpayers of the country in Jamaica it was formed with a Deryck A Gibson Limited (“DAG”), in Barbados it is one formed with Hallam Nicholls and Glyne Bannister, and Steven Hobson for the sole purpose to manipulate the gov’t and this works project, remember Hobson is as dishonest or more dishonest than most and he brought Danos onto the scene.
    Then we have changes to the building cost once they got their claws in with $ 5 million moving to $ 7.5 million in our case we moved from $ 120 million to $360 million no questions asked no explanations given either.
    They then arrange the split of the commissions, somehow the parent company got wind that Danos was scamming them and the rest is history, I wonder what commission payments they have collected from us the taxpayers of Barbados so far on this deal?
    What I will wait to see is who will get the flyover contract now that Danos has been removed from the affairs of Mabey and Johnson Limited.
    Danos is seen been very closely with Nicholls , Clarke et al what could they be discussing ?
    How much are we going to hit them for this time?

  2. I’ve been following this story from the day it broke. A thought that came to mind…

    If we as a people are truly serious about preventing or eliminating fraud and corruption, especially in our government, let us walk the talk — let our fingers doing the talking, since it appears that a lost of hearing epidemic strike us.

    Does anyone remember the days of the “Truth” newspaper with Burton Hinds, who started out his preamble in each edition, “I am minding my business but would like to know.…

    Moving on, what would it take for BU and BFP to join forces, or for someone to take up the challenge especially now elections are around the corner (it could be a temp thing) to publish some type of weekly broadside. Just a one or two page, (call it whatever) which highlights a major story of the week, such as, this 3S fiasco that is going on. This might be worthwhile for the people who do not have access to the Internet, and are kept out of the loop with the current happenings going on in Bim, which could eventually hurt them financially. It maybe worthwhile in making meaningful decisions about their GIP

    The top story/ies can be copied from either BU or BFP (which ever produced the most hits). Maybe commenters can suggest a catchy name for its title. I think the main obstacle will be to get volunteers for distribution. The paper can be transmitted to them and they can decide where are the best locations/spots for distribution. The only major concern I can think of at the moment is finding a place for mass production at a reasonable cost. The project should not be a ($$) moneymaking affair.

  3. Top class suggestion Sapidillo,
    No need for mass production / distribution, why not just do a PDF document (4 pages) that is available on line and which anyone can print.

    We are now talking about possibly reaching the GLOBAL bajan population….
    Now yuh talking…

  4. I like where you guys are going with this mass production and distribution idea. It is necessary and worthwhile. BU and BFP deserve the help and PR. Readers like myself who have computers and decent inkjet printers should be willing to print several of the two page PDF newsletters and give them away to friends, associates, neighbours, anyone without a computer or knowledge of these blogs. What do you think?

  5. Sapidillo
    Way to go. Very good idea. Let us not stop at the idea stage as there is a need for the message to be sent far and wide. All bajans must know of the activities of the ppl in power. They all need exposing.

  6. There is a strange silence coming from the traditional media in this island.
    We are into day three of this story breaking and not a word from any of them, is it the fear of upsetting the ruling party and the Short man Owing?
    If this is the case we are in dire straights, he have reached the lowest of lows.

  7. Hey but what about the DLP blog!

    NO mention of this on there, except a few ‘moderate’ comments which have got past the moderators!!

    My last comment to DLP has conveniently disappeared with no explanation!

    Official opposition?

    Officially disappointing!!!!!!

    I urge people to bombard them with pressure as they HAVE to speak up or it’ll more Owing next term!

  8. Appreciate the suggestions. To manage BU consumes a lot of time. To accomodate the requests to make a printer friendly story available to those who want to print for distribution, we will create a PDF link at the top of the page to the “Story of The Week”. I am sure BFP can do the same.

    Is this acceptable?

    PS: We will hold on this promise for now because of technical difficulties.


  9. DLP, if you are there, it is time for 2 or 3 of you to hold a press conference.

    I have fought for the good of the country for my whole life in my small way.

    It is time for the truth.

  10. Roger Rabbitt // Sep 7th 2007 at 12:42 pm

    This suggestion is rubbish.

    Who will PAY for it?

    Who will take RESPONSIBILITY for what is published?


    I have just read the above comment and the comment sure isn’t mine.
    Don’t know who is the idiot that is trying to confuse ppl.

  11. I have maintained that if I could not trust this Government to put a road beneath my tyres, I could not trust them to put one above my head. Now I see I was absolutely right.

    What it is they planning though to kill all of us in one go, whe’ how de’ gon’ get money to stuff dey pockets.

    May God deal with Owen Arthur and his scrubs swiftly and severely so that he would know that he is not a god. That is my earnest prayer.

    There is no love for country or fellow man not when they continue with the blatant and open waste of scare resources and country reputation.

    We are now the stomping ground of the bad, the wuffless and the immoral, thieves and pimps.

    May God help us in the hour of need, and we need look any further to see why tragedy is dogging our tracks every week of every month

  12. It is a sad when 4 days can past and not a single word in the regular media.
    Owing sold himself as the saviour of Barbados but look at what a pickle he has thrown the island into, he and his goon squad !!
    This island is gound zero as that idiot AG Marshall would have said for corruption and stealing, we used to laugh at Trinidad and Tobago as a centre for corruption at least they have a Prime Minister that has faced the issue head on and has addressed the problem, our problem here should Owing attempt to do likewise he and too many of his friends will be put behind bars.

  13. It is a sad when 4 days can past and not a single word in the regular media.
    Owing sold himself as the saviour of Barbados but look at what a pickle he has thrown the island into, he and his goon squad !!
    This island is gound zero as that idiot AG Marshall would have said for corruption and stealing, we used to laugh at Trinidad and Tobago as a centre for corruption at least they have a Prime Minister that has faced the issue head on and has addressed the problem, our problem here should Owing attempt to do likewise he and too many of his friends will be put behind bars.

  14. This is yet another questionable venture comprising Nicholls, Hobson and Owing, now how many others go a chance to quote for the supply of this equpiment?
    My checks reveal it never went out to tender or quotation but instead it was awarded to Hobson and Nicholls, how could this be fair.
    We have rule guiding the purchase and supplying of materials to the gov’t of Barbados this did not follow those guidelines at all.
    Just another case of breaking the law for Owings and his friend’s benefit.

    Barbados Transport Board CCTV Systems for Buses

    After a 2 year period of evaluation comprising extended visits to UK bus companies utilising the equipment of the UK’s leading supplier of security systems for buses and to the manufacturers facility in the North of England as arranged by NSG, the Barbados Transport Board has awarded NSG the contract for the supply of CCTV systems for 250 buses of the Boards fleet.

    The system for each bus comprises 4 CCTV cameras specifically designed for monitoring passengers and external activities linked to a 100 Gb DVD recorder capable of recording 30 days of activity. The driver also has a 5 inch TFT monitor mounted in the bus cab to monitor the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Each system is also designed to link to the base depot.

    NSG is working with local company Simpson Motors for the installation of the systems on the 250 buses and has arranged for the CCTV manufacturers engineers to assist local personnel with the first installations and provide training on operation and maintenance.

  15. I put it to you that if we were to examine closely the relationship between Owing, Nicholls and Hobson.
    I think we will all be amazed at the extent of the deals that have taken place among themsleves this has nothing to do with the unusual arrangement that Owing masterminded for Nicholls and himself that Nicholls benefits with a commission on each gov’t vehicle brought into this island, now that is a bold move but it has not be put under pressue or questioned other than by Mr David Thompson some time ago in the house of assembly.
    Back to the real point the real issue here is the ties and those ties of corruption that bind these three together the one common denominator is the willingness to be dishonest and steal each of these men exhibit this talent to a very high level.

  16. Sapadillo;

    Weekly broadside.

    A dissident news-sheet?

    Is that where our hard fought for democracy has left us to aspire to?

    How is that going to advance the cause of transparency and accountability.

    It will be discredited by the government controlled press, easy peasy.

    Are the majority of voters in Barbados going to be swayed by 2 sheets of A4 in the rum shop, however well thumbed, or the anodyne, yet authoratively percieved, CBC News, or the silence of the lambs “free and frank discussion” at Brass Tacks?

    Not to mention the pap served up by the deadwood press and their deadwood “reporters” down Fontabelle.

    A success has been scored by diligent dedicated researchers, and we have exposed corrupt government “in flagrante dilecto”.

    No ifs , no buts, bang to rights.

    What to do?

    A weekly news-sheet – Ha.

    No matter what claims our blogs make this is the only instance of possible provable corruption in action uncovered by Bajan blogs.

    Piggy inthe trough Award, $750,000 cheques, Glyne Clarke’s house, Veco’s exoneration by Dale Marshall, and wait for it, no I really mean wait for it, the Money Laundering expose….. all big exciting stories but all circumstantial, not one shred of proof has been offered.

    How can we run a credible weekly news-sheet of corruption if there are no substantial stories and no whistleblowers accounts.

    The only credible answer is to immediately capitalise on what we know, what we can prove, and what we can convey to the electorate with no fear of BLP refutation.

    I do not know the hit numbers of BU or BFP, and even less the unique IP addresses, but I suggest a march of 100, even 1000 really concerned patriots demanding one simple answer…. What is the agreement with the corrupt 3S and how can we get out of it?
    will have much more immediate effect than any number of clandestine pamphlets.

    The impact would be far reaching, even immeasureable, and could not be ignored even by the seedier media.

    Cast off these newly forged shackles.

  17. So when are we going to call this protest march for?
    And where do we march to ?
    How do we get Owing’s full attention on this matter?
    Can we list the projects that have massive cost overruns, ones that remain unfinished after 4 years of construction such as the building at Newton.

  18. What a bunch of idiots.

    Do you people really think that ANYBODY in Barbados takes you seriously?



  19. While we are on the subject of misuse of public funds and corruption explain to me the logic of the purchase and importation of over $ 9 million worth of air-conditioning systems for a project that was two years away from completion ?
    I feel they got some steal in there to, think about it they order and pay for millions of dollars in this equipment that is not required until two years down the line but yet they pay for this equipment as a novice it would appear to me that the person giving out the order must be standing to make some real gains from the placement of that order 2 years early maybe he was just firming up his bank account early.

  20. Return to zoo from which you escaped we really would rather keep this site clean and free of the low life like you Mr See Thru Owing Arthur.

  21. Why should Bajans allow themselves to be DICTATED to via a blog set up by a WHITE FOREIGNER called Adrian Loveridge?

    We should not be deceived by foreign SNAKES who have their own FINANCIAL and POLITICAL agenda.

    BFPE is telling Adrian Loveridge that MASSA DAY DONE!


  22. BFPE
    Not to cross you: Who is Hobson? He is listed at Port St. Charles in the phone book. Can you give BU this info please?

  23. BFPE
    Why is it Government of Barbados these days always has to have a foreign partner? Are we unable to purchase for ourselves? Please let BU know?

  24. John King aka Jonny muh boy. I want a plantation want it at any cost, I want a privilage to manage or mismanage to help control de nation i want a plantation. In Barbados it is true that who you know counts for FAR more than what you can do.

    It amazes me that we think that we can revamp our economic system, increase, grow and sustain our economy WITHOUT changes to our centralize political system. Uttterly amazing.

  25. Hobson is maybe the single most corrupt person ever to set foot on this island he does not do business in the conventional manner he does it by bribes and kickbacks hence the reason for he and Nicholls forming the relationship with Owing and one that has corrupted nearly every leader in this region because they are all subject to bribes and these two have the knowledge and method to faciliate this type of scheme for them.
    Why do you think that the local group never got awarded the contract for the prison it was because some within that grouping were opposed to paying a 7% bribe to Nicholls, and company and he told no payment no contract and look what happened to the project it went to VECO for $ 100 million and is now costing us in excess of $ 300 million therfore it would be fair to assume that his bribe money was in excess of the 7% originally asked for and is in the region of $ 200 million not a bad payday for a confirmed crook.

  26. David help me understand something here. If S3 was setup in 2005 and has no facilities to manufacture the steel structures that are the flyovers, were they going to acquire them from Mabey and Jonhson?…. or so they led us to believe?. Now you suggested that the new price tag may be the result of unexpected problems with the fractured and porous nature of the ground that the supporting beams need to rest on. If there is now no chance of S3 working with or procuring the materials from Mabey and Johnson as a result of this fraud charge, who are they now going to get them from? and could this be the real reason for the new price tag???? keep an eye out for when the parts arrives in port and on site.

    How can a Sovereign government remain honourable, worthy and legitimate in the eyes of it’s citizens and the world if it continues to do business with corrupt and shady people and corporations, and seeks to protect them, hush up and hide up all when these shady persons and corporations, corrupting and illegal activities come to light ? They simply can’t.

  27. Adrian Hinds~it is not unusual for a management company to be awarded a contract if the client is confident that the company has a track record of working with reputable partners to get the job done. In this case 3s obviously have to contract the ancillary companies required to fulfill the tender. For example they contracted the company Hillis Carnes the engineering company out of the USA which has an expertize in working with geologic structures of a limestone nature. There is nothing wrong with this approach in our opinion. What is wrong is 3s despite our best research appear not to have won a single contract any where in the world. A source from a company which submitted a counter bid on the Operation Free Flow Project confirmed that Mr. Danos has been traveling the Caribbean especially selling his services, so far on Barbados has taken the bait.

    Maybe the BU readers who live in the US can give Hill Carnes a call and ask them about their expertize working with limestone and its significance for any project such as a flyover, the challenges etc.

  28. The background of this is the scamp Steven Hobson first introduced Danos to Owing and company with a view to obtain the road works contract, this Hobson guy is a crook of no small measure himself, hence the reason they are holding each others hands in this venture.

  29. I am at a lost. Why are we so surprised at Owen Arffa’s behavior? Wasn’t this the same man who said that he used illegal Guyanese workmen to build his cupboards or something at his own house? Isn’t this the same Owen who was unable to make ends meet on two salaries totalling over 10 grand a month? Wasn’t this the same Owen who said nothing in the house of assembly when Rommel Marshall awarded the insurance company with the highest bid to get the Transport Board’s money?
    It would not be surprising for him to team up with “men” who woulg help him to line his pockets.
    Why do you think that he has to give the impression that he is the saviour in everything? When last did anyone hear of a minister solving a problem? They are all too busy doing any and everything not associated with his/her portfolio.
    If anyone bas a car to be painted he would not give it to someone who has never painted a car before. That person wants to see evidence of previous jobs. The same goes for building a house.
    Wouldn’t greater care be taken when it comes to a project of the magnitude of extensive road works?
    But if it mean free money for the politicians and their friends, then who cares?

  30. Roger Rabbittwell said then we play surprised when he shafts us, one thing is for certain with his bank account brimming full so to many of his cabinet members, it would suggest that he has masterminded it and has allowed it to flourish and go unabated while at the helm therefore he is accountable in more areas than one for this corruption.

  31. What most people do not understand or relate to on sites like this is that people are not politically motived but rather honesty motivated hence the outcry from those that respect honesty and sincerity.
    I am neither a B or D but I have seen where this party the BLP has taken us to and I for one do not want this rot and decay to go any further and I have chosen to voice my concerns, I would do the same if the other party were in power and doing as these are doing, so it is not politically motived but because of love for this island and the hatred for seeing it raped as the BLP are raping it makes me sick and very very sad to the point that I want to do something about it, my only option is to speak out on blogs like this that get the message out to those that matter.

  32. We may finally be getting what we have been waiting on for the past week or near there.
    I am hearing thru the grapevine that a major news organization is looking to release this news item tomorrow.
    Should this really come thru it would be wonderful it has been too long in coming, but coming I understand it is.
    Has anyone received a reply from Crook Danos ?
    I seem to remember Adrian Loveridge writing to him but no report since then, I know that someone wrote to him asking him to make a comment via BU or BFP but todate we have heard nothing from him, actually we have not heard from the AG Marshall, the PM Owing, the DPM Mottley, the Minister Clarke, what are they working on the basis that if keep a low profile and say nothing this will blow over.
    I would suggest that they push Noeless Lynch to face the fire as we all know that he is a monster of a liar so he can lie to the public once again and get away with it.

  33. I hold no degrees I went to the school of hard knocks but what I cannot seem to get over is these flyovers are moving vehicles to bottle necks at the various intersections once they exit the flyovers and highway what arrangements are in place to handle this new rush of traffic along these feeder roads into the city?
    As I said I am a simple person but the whole concept of this appears to me to be one enormous scam to rob us the taxpayers and line the politicians pockets.
    How does it help to have flyovers if the real source of the problem is the feeder roads into and out of the city and other congested areas?

  34. As a simple person and having no degrees why are you sounding off about something you know nothing about.? To judge everyone by your standards ie they are scamps scammers crooks out to rob the tax payers is wrong there are honest professional people out there .
    It seem that much of your posts are motivated by envy and sour grapes ?

  35. Bashy:

    You seem well informed on the ABC works.

    Can you describe the change of scope in the proposed works, that necessitate a doubling of costs from the original works as per The Nation’s May 2006 article?

  36. What change of scope of works pure trash just another chance to shaft us the taxpayers once again, the close of play is getting near to hand, so the batsmen are hitting out.

  37. Bashy get used to being in opposition your party has sadly disgraced themselves and insulted the masses.

  38. Idealist
    ‘Can you describe the change of scope in the proposed works, that necessitate a doubling of costs from the original works as per The Nation’s May 2006 article?’

    The original scope of works was set at an agreed price in 2004. The increased cost is for the increased scope of works since that date.

    To put it simply

    Mrs Idealist says I want a new kitchen. You say yes Dear anything you want. You get Bob the Builder in and he says yes I can do this design of kitchen for x amount of money.
    However Mrs Idealist being is fickle and indecisive she listens to her friends ( who are all eaten up with jealously because their husbands wont buy them a new kitchen and worse you employed Bob the builder who is honest and not the tricky crooked fellows who their husbands have an arrangement with) They say you dont want that simple old kitchen you want this that and the other. Bob calls and says Mrs I wants this that and the other. Can you do that Bob says the besotted MrI? No problem says Bob. Go ahead says you.
    Some months down the line Mrs I friends are furious , tell him you dont want that either say you want to change the whole design bigger and more flashy. Bob waits for instructions but ventures the comment the first design was A OK boss but these friends of your wife jus wanna sabotage the whole project cos they is eaten up with envy over the smart new kitchen.
    How much for the new job Bob says you.
    WHAT its that much? Well boss says Bob them gold plated taps dont come for free and that enlarging of the kitchen and then your utilities werent where you said they were boss and them lazy whatsits at L&P says its all your fault cause you didnt want the cable to go under that snow on the mountain plant you got there right by the front porch.
    Meanwhile MrsI is given a hard time by her friends see they gloat that Bob the builder was a scamp a crook out to get OUR money ( that which their husbands are scamming off others)
    Now if you had given the job to our builder Tricky Tony from just down the road all would thave been well…………..
    Get the picture?

  39. bashy:

    I get the picture, very clearly.

    What everyone needs to know is the cost of each of the extras, Mrs Clark (or his significant other) ordered from Honest Jon the builder.

    We all know the story, have heard the spin, and now we need to know the breakdown of what was ordered and at what cost to cause the price to double, at least, from the original quote.

  40. I very clearly heard Denis Johnson reading from a Nation newspaper yesterday at the start of his show and he said the work was to move the highway fron a two lane highway as it is now to a four lane highway.
    Now what can be so confusing to John Public about this information from 2 to 4 lanes simple as that, basically the roads works was always intended to be a contract for 4 lanes of highway, the additional scope of works must be as 3 S did if Jamaica when 1 bridge went from $ 17 million dollars to $ 25 million dollars, and the commission that was shared among the ones involved were two payments of over STL 500,000.00 and a second of over STL 700,000.00 in the Jamaica Kickback Agreement, I have no Idea what the level of the BARBADOS KICKBACK AGREEMENT is set at but the sudden extraordinary increase may well be an indicator of Owing seeing his dictatorship crumbling and he is now cashing on all his stocks

  41. As seen on the blp site people have become so daring that they are writing on that site as they care to and most of it is damaging to the gov’t, the wheels are turning now.

    Anonymous // Oct 2nd 2007 at 5:11 pm

    The DLP is spot – on in its exposure of this NEFARIOUS BLP government .

    Are these LIES also ?

    * O’ Brien Trotman brought back to the UDC after failing in his job for 10 years……now out of RETIREMENT up to S 2 salary and over $ 100,000.00 dollars in Back Pay !

    * ABC road works up from us $ 60,000.00 to US $ 360,000.00 . This job did not go out to TENDER !

    * VECO got the job for the new prison at DODDS but had no prior experience in building prisons !

    * No AUDITED accounts but yet we are told that the GEMS project is a SUCCESS !

    If these ISSUES are LIES…..then publish the TRUTH so that we can all see !

  42. Bashy’s scenario makes the whole thing seem even more ridiculous. You are suggesting that your BLP government makes complex project decisions like that? ‘let’s add this, and let’s add that – with NO plans of what they are doing? and no concern for costs?
    and this sounds defendable to you? are you Bashy Clarke?

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