Frankology The Highwayman Has His Say On Operations Free Flow AKA Flyovers

Hello Barbados Underground:

When will we see the Impact and Environment studies as promised for the Flyovers, or will we continue to see digging up barber green to correct mistakes. This is Frankology, the highwayman. The residents of the St. Barnabas/Mount Friendship/Wildey area of the highway received a correspondence from the Public Works and Transport Project Office pertaining to pedestrian crossings. I have been consistent in my posting regarding Government wastage of taxpayer’s money in the building of these unnecessary flyovers that will never solve our massive traffic problem caused by backups leading into the city area. On Wednesday October 31, residents received in the post; a “Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Improvement Project – Pedestrian Survey”, stating that two pedestrian crossing will be situated in this section of the highway and residents must inform which type of pedestrian cross-over they prefer. This survey is dated October 26, 2007 and must be returned by November 2, 2007.


The top picture resembles a water canal and the bottom photo is actually a flyover for vehicles with a pedestrian area at the side consisting of steps leading from the top section to the lower section. The actual highway is under the bridge. These pictures are not a true representation of under or over passes. Within the letter were diagrams for over and under passes copied from some other part of the world. The underpass resembles a classic canal waiting for water to gush from one side to the other. The overpass is really a flyover with steps leading from the flyover to ground level. None of the two diagrams have provisions for the aged or for the physical challenged. What was submitted to residents is nonsense with no real solution to resident’s problems. That is why we have been asking about the Impact Assessment and Environmental Studies that should have been in the public domain prior to commencement of any work.

With that, we are calling for these studies NOW.

BU, this is what I have been complaining daily regarding this highway. How on earth that a so-call contractor without any prior experience should be given a contract to deal with a multi-million dollar contract without any tendering process and overlooking an outstanding Barbadian construction company. Everyday, we are seeing digging-up Barber-green for no apparent reason because someone seems to be engaging with the ad hoc system. A classic example is the last minute rush for residents to indicate our preference of either an underpass or an overpass. Plans for these infrastructures should have been approved before hand. However, we are just wasting our time since we are still awaiting Studies for the road widening, the Flyovers; and finally, the erection of Jersey Barriers. Another area of concern is the Bermuda Triangle. What I am seeing is the hill being minus the gradient that was mooted by a certain Project Manager. As far as I can see, we will have vehicles aquaplaning due to the movement of water on both sides of the highway. I wrote at lengths about the rationale regarding the digging up of this section and up to now, we have not heard a word from Government or the Opposition about the concerns of the Barbadian public about this $360 million dollar highway.The bottom picture shows an overpass with a provision for pedestrian which leads to street level.




Note From David:

Barbados Underground continue to give voice to many of our commenters by publishing their views. Although a blog usually spells out the views of the blog owner, at BU we recognize that we need to play a different role in the Barbados which currently exist. Overtime a large number of Barbadians have become disillusioned at the ease with which mainstream media has elected to prostitute itself at the altar of greed and fear. One issue which has rammed home this view is the unwillingness of our journalists to report forcibly on the issue of the mismanagement of Operations Free Flow. The tendering process, general management, planning, public relations and several other aspects of the project has left many Barbadians wondering about our system of government. There has been a token voice of dissension by the Barbados Association of Engineers (BAPE) which has joined the feeble voices of the people on the several call-in shows and the blogs. The SILENCE around this issue has caused many of us to ask: Is our democracy failing the people?

We have previously advised that we are in possession of information about Operations Free Flow and will publish at the appropriate time in order to protect our sources. It might explain why we have written more than most about the mis-management which has become synonymous with the Operations Free Flow Project AKA Flyovers.

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29 thoughts on “Frankology The Highwayman Has His Say On Operations Free Flow AKA Flyovers

  1. Keep up the fight Frankology.
    This project is truly a blatant case of monkey playing with gun.
    Now they are doing engineering by popular poll?

    Is that how they came up with those stupid concrete barriers that divide the country in two like the old Berlin wall?
    whichever idiot came up with that plan should receive the All time Cockspur idiot award. Obviously those things are only needed at points where there is the high likelihood of vehicles sliding into the oncoming lanes like was the case with the Bermuda triangle.
    Someone obviously had money to burn….

    I have never seen so much barber green put down, dug up, put down again and dug up again. Construction by trial and error….
    There is clearly NO PLAN…. except for the freeflow of funds that is…

  2. The residents of St. Barnabus need to get more vocal or sign a petition. They can use as an example what the people from Graeme Hall are doing against the water park.

  3. peoples those jersey barriers r used to divide highways all over the world wats wrong with them being used here i dont understand why people r against them its the standard

  4. Great contribution ‘sensible man’ that is exactly what MPW says about traffic lights at every junction, even though EVERYONE else knows that many of them work best when they are turned off (ask anyone at Redmans Village or Bank Hall /Bush Hall)

    ‘sensible man’, – normal ‘fools’ like us don’t do things ‘because everyone else in big countries do them’… we THINK!!

    I don’t know in which ‘all over the world’ you see these jersey barriers,…but in the last few years I was in Europe, Australia, north and south America, the middle east among other places and i only see these things in remote areas on “real real” fenced off highways…. Not splitting communities… unless there was some clear over-riding reason.
    Obviously you don’t live in St Barnabus or Haggatt Hall…… or maybe you do..!?!

  5. Point 1

    Blimey what ancient manuscript did you dig up to find those photos Frank?

    Design has moved on believe it or not.

    Operation FREE FLOW is to free up the ABC highway not to solve ALL the massive traffic problems in Barbados.

    There has already been a public meeting to discuss which pedestrian crossings residents prefer. Where you there?The verdict was unanimously for over passes .

    Naturally these will be wheelchair friendly .

    Point 2

    I fail to see how Jersey Barriers will ’split communities’
    Stop idiot drivers splitting their heads open as they smash into each other yes.

    Point 3

    ‘As far as I can see, we will have vehicles aquaplaning due to the movement of water on both sides of the highway.’

    Obviously you cant see very far Frank otherwise you may have noticed the floods last week that cast water over every road on the islan .
    Where cars aquaplanning all over the place?

  6. Frank forgot to mention, love the handle?
    Are we to expect you galloping down the ABC on a black horse brandishing a pistol?
    Mask in place of course!

  7. Mosquito, in an earlier blog, I told you that you always react without reading the substance of an article. If you start from the top of this submission, you will see that I said and I quote “On Wednesday October 31, residents received
    in the post from the Public Works and Transport Project Office, a “Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Improvement Project – Pedestrian Survey”, stating that two pedestrian crossing will be situated in this section of the highway and residents must inform which type of pedestrian cross-over they prefer. This survey is dated October 26, 2007 and must be returned by November 2, 2007”
    What you should do is call the MPT Project Management office in Warrens and ask them this question, which ancient manuscript did you dig up to find those photos ?

    As Bush Tea states, this highway is trial and error operation, because communication is missing from this whole development.

    For your information I was there at the meeting, and I was the person lobbying for pedestrian overpasses, I gave the negatives side of under passes, including robbery, liming by paros and most of one of the underpass will be located in a waterway. A vote was taken and over three quarters voted for the overpass.

    Jersey Barriers can split communities. Take for instance the area call Barker’s Road leading to Tichbourne , this is by the Barbados Light & Power Haggatt Hall substation on the western side and the area leading to Bird Hill and the many districts in Haggatt Hall on the eastern side. Would you tell the public what is dividing these areas? Would you tell the public the distance pedestrians including grannies, school children will have to walk to get on the other side? Regardless of Bee or Dee, this problem is going to be a real problem. Instead of getting personal, get personal and use your so-call intellectual powers and solve the myriad of problems that confronts John Public with this ad hoc highway.

    Cars can aquaplane or hydroplane on a legal 80kms dual carriageway road when water traverse from one side to the other along with a wind shear close by the Apartments on the Bermuda triangle. You fail to read, listen, and now you suffer from memory loss, no wonder you have no sight.

  8. Mosquito, in an earlier post you said.
    “The contract was awarded to the company who came up with the best solution to the conjestion on the ABC highway.

    Mosquito, was there a Request for Proposals advertised in the press?

    If so, what date and newspaper(s)?

    If there was no RFP then how were these solutions solicited?

    As chief apologist and PR for the so called Operation Free Flow answer those questions. These questions have been addressed to you several times but on this subject the poverbial cat seems to have got your tongue.

  9. Hope those underpasses get policed, looks like a good place for hooligans and louts to waylay the unsuspecting, and even the suspecting. Imagine the school-goers having to choose between the hazards of the highway above or the human hazards below. I hope all factors will be considered.

  10. man mosquito, leff out this ABC thing and come to “wise up Barbadians….” and let us talk about the meaning of life…. the amount of licks you getting here it look like you is the one that going end up with dengue bad bad…
    … come let we talk ’bout some “real real” engineering…

  11. Mosquito, did you contact the MPT Project Management office in Warrens regarding the photos received by residents. Why did no one inform you of this survey along with pixes that were submitted, since you seem to be knowledgeable based on in-house information that you post on these blogs pertaining to the entire Highway project?

  12. Frankology, Do not expect Mosquito to return in a hurry. Every time I ask him about the tender /RFP for Operation Free Flow/Flyovers he either ignores or stays away for a while.

    It is as if somepone sprayed Baygon on the blog.

  13. The Hon. Glyne Clarke is back in office and we have not heard any public statement since Mr. Mascoll inform the nation about a New Scope of Work. Mr. Minister, would you tell the public your views regarding this New Scope of Work. When you build enough courage would you answer these questions regarding Operation Free Flow, which is your baby?

    How many pedestrian crossings will be place on this new highway and their location?
    What type of pedestrian crossing will be constructed?
    What is the time frame for the completion of the road widening?
    When will the Impact Assessment for these flyovers going to be made public?
    When will the Bermuda Triangle going to be completed?
    What is the cost for digging up and reconstructing the Bermuda Triangle?
    What is the overall cost for the manufacturing and erection of the Jersey Barriers?
    What would be the yearly re-payment for this lease agreement?
    If your party looses the election, what measures are in place to protect the Barbadian taxpayers?
    Prior to the end of this BOLT arrangement, would Government have to make a blanket payment?
    Why would Government use this system of loan financing when it is a known factor that it is costly?
    Do the MOU contain all aspect of the above?
    Who is the principal of ABC Project Corporation and publish the names of the directors?
    Is Government involved with this new company?
    How much money disbursed from the $360 million?

    You are free to consult with Mosquito or ABC who have answers to these questions. Don’t wait until election time to give the public answers.

  14. Waterboy just keep the baygon for those ants in your pants. Your questions would be better answered by Mr Frank Thornhill who can furnish you with information straight from the horses mouth.Meanwhile chill out man and enjoy the weekend.

  15. mosquito what about that Owing cheque? the DANOS 3S affair remember he is charged with fraud from the taxpayers of Jamaica, or VECO and the prison remember they are charged with bribery and corruption ??
    We need to hear your voice on these small issues!!

  16. Well, well, all of a sudden when we ask questions, we are referred to Frank Thornhill. Is he the scape-goat for Operation Free Flow. What about the Minister who was grandstanding about the pluses with this highway, what about Danos, Sidall, Mascoll and the highway PR’s that gives explanation morning noon and night.
    By the way, what about the meeting that was cancelled regarding the Flyovers? Answers please!

  17. Frankology
    What about the expected comments from the minister Clarke on his return to office, he is in the house talking a load of garbage but he is unable to comment on the road works project?
    Come on give me a break Clarke!!!
    It is you behind that is your problem and not your mouth my friendbut then again when you open that mouth that to gets you in trouble, let Owing speak on your behalf as he does for so many others in your cabinet including speaking on behalf of the DPM Mottley.

  18. Mosquito, “Baygon” is my euphemism for the questions that you know the answer to ,but will not answer.

    You said on this blog and I quote:

    “The contract was awarded to the company who came up with the best solution to the congestion on the ABC highway.

    You said it on this blog, not Mr. Frank Thornhill.

    Are you denying making this comment?

    If as you say the contract was awarded to the company that came up with the best solution then a Request for Proposals (RFP) should have been advertised in the press/media.

    Since you will not answer for obvious reasons I will answer for you.

    The fact is that there was no advertising of any RFP in the press or any media. Deny that!

    The fact is that the contract was awarded to SSS or 3S or whoever they are without any other proposals or bidders. They were in fact the only company proposing! Wow, guess what, they won the one man race! Best solution! Deny that!

    What the tax paying citizens of this country want to know is why there was no tender, RFP,transparency etc for a project of this magnitude.Perhaps you can answer that.

    As PR agent for “Operation Free Flow” then at least be prepared to answer the easy non technical, but quite straightforward questions.

  19. I sent you 2 emails with attachments this morning, one at 8.09 AM and one at 8.19 AM.

    These emails show and prove that illegal events are occurring and have occurred at Vaucluse. Town Planning has told them to stop, The Ministry has told them to stop, the residents have told them to stop.

    Right now they are going all out as I write this, marling, bulldozing, and making roads.



    Will you please publish the photos and the letter I sent with the evidence?

  20. Waterboy~in one of our several postings on the subject of the flyovers we indicated that we had a personal interview with a senior executive of Mabey’s & Johnson who confirmed that the RFP which was submitted by the government of Barbados was for road widening ONLY. Any subsequent decision to modify the original decision to add flyovers did not require a second RFP in the opinion of government.

  21. David, I am not too smart and maybe I am missing something but maybe I should rewind a bit.

    Government recognized that we have a traffic problem on ABC as well as other roads. They needed a solution. Did they advertise in the press for a process of submission of “Request for Proposals” by interested and suitably qualified parties?

    The whole matter is larger than road widening and flyovers. They were looking for a solution to a larger problem. From what I have seen transpire the only company invited to the party, so to speak, was SSS or 3S.

  22. The RFP which was submitted by the government of Barbados was for road widening ONLY. Any subsequent decision to modify the original decision to add flyovers did not require a second RFP in the opinion of government.


    That might be the opinion of the Government but it is not right, no wonder we are seeing additions to the highway almost daily. As I say, you must plan your work and work your plan. That is missing from this entire project.

  23. I heard from a birdie that the Impact Study for the Flyovers was submitted to the TPD and deferred for more information. We still await the Flyover meeting as promised.

  24. I find part of the problem regarding “new scope of work” that will effect additional costing. I am trying to be careful since Mr. Mascoll states Operation Free Flow do not have costs overruns it is really a new scope of work.

    Why would a contractor lay barber-green thick on both outer lanes and then come back and relay an additional set of barber green to match the gradient of the other side. This area is the Warrens area. Instead of four separate layers we now have to pay for an additional two layers. This is what you call an unnecessary outpouring of funds.

  25. Will Government persist in the building of Flyovers without the Environmental Impact and Assessment Study (EIA) that have not been made public up to this date, or will they forged ahead with the building of these unnecessary monstrosities, although we had knowledgeable experts and smart men in the street with interesting submissions against why we should avoid spending huge sums of our taxpayers monies that will not solve our traffic problems.

    The Environmental Impact Assessment study for the implementation of the Flyovers is not complete and this meetings which were scheduled on October 5 and October 6, might have been postponed to stall for time. In an earlier post, I asked the simple question. Where is the report from Hillis Carnes Engineering Ltd, which states of decaying limestone and the flyover being built on our water table and gullies? Yet, in a later statement the same Hillis Carnes said that Barbados’ infrastructure can accommodate flyovers. I hereby ask, which of the two report should Barbadians believe?.

    We need answers now after experiencing the earthquake on Thursday, and in the outside world, Flyovers are the most vulnerable, due to being built with slabs that are interlocking and any minor shifting of the earth can pull apart these slabs and presto, the flyovers will come tumbling down. Ah lie! BAPE, John Whittingham, Bush Tea, Straigh Talk or Waterboy we await your submissions

    This is totally ridiculous, since the EIA should have been discussed and made public since 2005 when the flyovers were first mooted and not in 2007.

  26. frankology,

    Stop whining about flyovers and get a life.

    Bajans are well past that long-dead issue.


  27. I bet you was one of the people that were afraid of the shaking?

    That was nothing of a Dinosaur, it was a REALITY.

    You better wake up!

  28. In today’s Nation, engineers and business people are worried with the problematic flyovers. I am adamant that Barbados do not need flyovers since I do not see the construction of them will improve the traffic within urban Barbados. I have no problem with the road widening aspect, but the flyovers, that is just a waste of taxpayers money.

    The major problem with our traffic system is the amount of vehicles heading or leaving the Bridgetown capital the same time, and all the movements are concentrated within a one and half hours. The way I see it, will be to implement the already acquired traffic management system that is sitting idle somewhere in the Ministry of Transport. This consist of a computerised traffic light co-ordination system that can also be operated manually according to traffic movement.

    We also have to deal with the myriad of side roads leading on to highways. Take for instant the Bank Hall area, here we have many compact roads with two-way movement. We need to concentrate on one-way roads where vehicles can move constantly without the unnecessary stops to let out these side-road vehicles.

    As we speak, after three years of flyover talk, not one minute have been allocated to a Town Hall Meeting. No official Geological or Impact study have been successfully submitted, and here we are talking about flyovers that have not be professionally conceptualised. I await Minister Boyce’s statement.

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