Gline Clarke And Rihanna Tell Their Supporters To "Shut Up And Drive"

We published the story of the announcement by 3S of overruns on the Operation Free Flow Project better known as the Flyovers last Sunday. The news that the project has widened in scope and resulted in the cost increasing by an estimated 300% is enough to make the ordinary taxpayer swoon. As General Elections in Barbados draw nearer, BU will focus more on some critical issues which we feel so strongly about. This will be one such issue which we will keep in the public eye because there is the glaring evidence of ineptitude and as Serenader the Calysonian would sing “Steel In Deh”.

Keep your emails coming and at the appropriate time, we will put the information out there for the public to decide.

The video above is a simulation of what the highway project is expected to look like at its completion, hopefully in late 2008.

51 thoughts on “Gline Clarke And Rihanna Tell Their Supporters To "Shut Up And Drive"

  1. It looks beautiful!

    Nothing in life comes free… if we want the best for our country then we have to pay for it.

    Well done!


  2. While I would rather disagree with BFPE because of their usual moronic opinions and approaches to Barbadian blogs, I have to agree here. The highway project is critical for our development and for easing traffic on the roadways.

    Some things to consider:

    – A high percentage of traffic on the highway (something like 70%) travel the entire distance between warrens and Garfield Sobers.

    – The roundabouts act as bottle necks for this traffic and brings it into competition with traffic crossing the highway, joining the highway and exiting the highway.

    – the current ratio of volume to capacity at the roundabouts on average (i.e. at all times including peak and non peak hours) excees 1.2:1. I.e. we have 20% more traffic using these roundabouts than they are designed to accommodate. This ratio is much higher at rush hour.

    – The flyovers separate these flows of traffic easing up the need for capacity of the roundabouts and makes it easier to travel along the highway and cross the highway.

    It is a miracle that Glyne Clarke is responsible for this.

    On the costs – don’t blame 3S, blame Government for not signing a contract and not putting all other legal documentation in place. Instead they rished to give to go ahead for works in hope that substantially all would be done in time for cricket. They screwed it up, and the utility companies made it worse but ineptitude.

  3. That should be:

    Instead they rushed to give the go ahead for works in hope that substantially all would be done in time for cricket. They screwed it up, and the utility companies made it worse by their ineptitude.

  4. X~you are making some good points but one issue which maybe you or someone in government can shed light. You wrote that the government rushed to sign off on an agreement to push work for world cup, maybe. We all know that there is a very specific procedure which government contracts must follow if we are reading the Financial Act correctly. Who would have given the sign off to rush to tender without ensuring all the relevant provisos are written into the contract with 3S?

  5. The tendering process was typical for Bajan projects of this nature – take that to mean what you wish. I can say that 3S is very experienced in this field and we have not been saddled with a substandard contractor – their past works and qualifications leave little doubt.

    My point, which I will try to make more clear, is that while an Memo of Understanding was signed – no construction contract, nor any of the legal documents related to financing were signed before Government pushed them to start. This is just poor business conduct as it puts the goverenment in a very weak position when it comes time to agree the details of the contract – i.e. cost.

    I am not saying that 3S took advantage of them, but when you look into details of a project like this you tend to find things that were not thouroughly considered during the initial stages. A main thing here was the disorganised utility infrastrucutre and the acute ineptitude of some of the utility companies.

  6. Oh, and all the while that Glyne Clarke was touting the cost at US$60 or $70 million, it was well understood by all parties involved in the project that the cost would have been more like US$120 million. The extra bit to get is to US$180 million is really due to the utility stuff and one other thing that I forgot – the regrading of the “bermuda triangle” stretch.

    Clarke must smoke herb or something to not realise that those misleading statements (even as early as the groundbreaking ceremony) would come back and bite him in the backside.

  7. So ‘X’, when were the final plans for this project drawn up? How is it possible to talk of ANY price in the absence of some concrete plan of work (I remember that they did not even know HOW MANY flyovers they would be building at some stage)
    I would also like to hear how the utilities have been able to impact on this to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars…

  8. When a project can be underestimated by as much as $ 120 million and the prison by $ 200 million I would suggest there is more to this than an error or even poor budgeting this could never have been budgeted with these figures being tossed around.
    An error this is not more like wholesale corruption to me, these people are making bold strides in their effort to bulk up their retirement funds and $ 320 million is not a bad pay day. Owing has had a long time to amass his wealth but he seems to be even greedier now more than ever hence the levels that it has been driven to.

  9. The plans may or may not be finished yet – I don’t know. But that is another example of the stupidity of Government is pushing ahead a project with no contract.

    It is very possible to talk about a price in advance of a concrete plan if you have a general scope. In fact you NEED to have some price in order to arrange financing. Would you go to a bank for a loan without a vague understanding of how much you need. That amount was initially $120m.

    The number of flyovers has been set in stone for a long time. That video is 2 years old and only misses the flyover at the Upton intersection – and not because it wasn’t planned.

    It’s not just the utilities but additional stuff not in scope. Utilities though have been a significant additional cost. others include the regrading of the bermuda triangle stretch and a silly roundabout at the polytechnic intersection to placate CDB people.

  10. Even an Idiot like Royal rmble would be aware that these utilities would have required moving this is not rocket science it is common sense not that common sense is used by our present crop of politicians.
    So not to have budgeted for them is a lie, then again I think that the BL & P would be smiling if they were about to collect what they were seeing allocated in the funding for moving the cabling, they would be smiling all the way to the bank!!

  11. True, even an idiot would have – I concede to your point. I am not making excuses just relating information gathered recently from a connected source. I think they might have underestimated and the other factor is the delay and its related costs to other parts of the project. Again – not making excuses.

    The main point I wish to make is that the concept and the design of the completed works is sound and the benefits to the island will be tangible. The implementation leaves a lot to be desired.

  12. I am thrilled that someone had made this video available to the public – saw it once and it struck me when the concept of separating the flows of traffic were explained by someone that was quite well in the know.

  13. You seem to be easily impressed ‘X’. When I went to the bank for my mortgage I had to have ALL the plans WITH ME, and in addition I needed TWO estimates for construction from PROFESSIONAL QSs.
    No one ever questioned that the highway should be widened – or that flyovers should be considered. But are you saying that this will be good for Barbados AT ANY COST?
    How do you know that this is the best design option? What is the experience of steel bridges in island tropical climates like ours? How does concrete designs compare in capital cost and maintenance?
    An what is this great experience that 3S has? what similar project have they managed? (give us something specific -no nonsense about ‘south america’.
    Finally – see if you can get the point that what concerns sensible Bajans is the fact that it seems that idiots spending we money…

  14. All valid questions – I don’t have all the answers – I believe in the project you obviously don’t, fair enough – your Government has not seen fit to give you all of the information. I am hoping to add a little colour to what is available int he public domain. We’ll see come next year how it works out.

  15. Just a small question I am throwing out there to any one who might know:

    Who is responsible for the ‘detour’ signs, and various other traffic control measures around the various sections of the ABC work zone? Is it the contractor or the government?

    Whoever is responsible is doing a crap job!

    Warnings of sudden changes in direction or road narrowing are poor, there are big holes with no warning beacons, traffic signalling seems to be being done by the roadworkers themselveswith little or no training….. I will not go on.

    On the way home from work one day (about a month ago), passing south after Garfield Sobers roundabout I pulled up with punctures in both my rear AND front passenger side wheels. I walked back a little to seek the cause and there was a huge unmarked pit at the edge of the road, WELL inside the traffic cones. Four other cars were pulled up along the same stretch with the same injury, and that was just in the space of an hour!

    Maybe this is another cost we should add to the US$180m!

    Who do I send the bill to?

  16. Wait – ‘X’ you expect to run off so? You sound like you know lots of good stuff…
    But stop jumping to conclusions – I am not ‘against’ the project. I wanted it done the CORRECT way – the way our laws require, the way Government rules require, the way COMMON Sense requires.
    When people dismiss these concerns because ‘the project is good’ or ‘is needed for the country’ they are missing the point and encouraging foolishness and thievery.

    Many of these “international Contractors’ are nothing but crooks who move around taking advantage of people like Gline Clarke and we foolish Bajans – with support from people like you who go for the hype like the amateur video you like so much.

    Here are a few more questions that you can consider as you admire the video one more time…

    Why you think that they have dug up the entire highway project area and not completed ANY part so far?
    Why have I seen more activity on some house construction projects that I am seeing currently on the ABC.
    After announcing that they now want THREE times the original ‘guess-timate’ have you noticed how much they are FAILING to prepare for the CHAOS that will come next week (BACK TO SCHOOL)?

    THEY are holding Gline (and the rest of us) by the short and curly, to ensure that the project lives us to its name OPERATION FREE(cash)FLOW…

    Old Bajans have a description for people like us all, who allow an obvious fool to control their money and expect not to get screwed…. F****** Idiots.

  17. Why you think that they have dug up the entire highway project area and not completed ANY part so far?

    – Utility works delaying road works and Rayside is underresourced nd slipping behind

    Why have I seen more activity on some house construction projects that I am seeing currently on the ABC.

    – These are the Rayside stretches (they’re underresourced and slipping) or area like Warrens where utility works are delaying – the delays are for imported materials (cables andwires and such).

    After announcing that they now want THREE times the original ‘guess-timate’ have you noticed how much they are FAILING to prepare for the CHAOS that will come next week (BACK TO SCHOOL)?

    That’s the Governments fault – they should never have said $60 – $70 mil when they knew all along that it was going tobe US$120. Now that it’s increase to US$180 the icrease of 50% would have been a lot easier to bear than 200% is. Glyne Clarke is an idiot – and I take no responsibility for that.

  18. I’ve investigated and consulted my source. 3S experience = Panama City, Panama. Something like 10 to 14 overpasses were installed. MPT sent a team to inspect and interview Panamanian Gov’t – materials used were same – climate very similar to Barbados.

  19. X:

    Better recheck your “source” or have them answer directly.

    The Panama Flyovers were built by a British firm, Mabey & Johnson.

  20. OKay, okay, source is wish washing. Seems 3S principals were previously with M&J and were the ones responsible for project under M&J in Panama. Sorry folks – just passing along info.

  21. Idealist
    I am impressed with that one very smooth very precise.
    What it is saying to me is that these people do not appear to be represented at home or abroad in anyway at all, can anyone see, find or name a single contract that this 3S has been awarded and that they have completed the project?
    Why and where does Owing , Bannister and Nicholls go to find these fly by night operators from, I would hazzard a guess that they all have one thing in common and that is they are familiar with the skills needed to filter money out to pay politicians and fuel teir corruption.
    I would not be the least bit surprised to find Hallam Nicholls and Glyne Bannister’s names coming up if the FBI were to investigate VECO and 3 SI am sure that monies have been passed onto these to faciliate their deeds.

  22. X, why did you not take my hint and bow out quietly. I was trying to tell you nicely that 3S is just a SCAM put together to fleece Barbados.
    There is NO HISTORY of anyyhing called 3S doing serious engineering ANYWHERE on this earth.
    Maybe what we have is a couple of jokers who may have previously worked for somebody else now bizzy working for somebody else again…

    ..and stop “fronting” for things that you don’t know anything about- it makes you look bad. You behaving just like 3S now… maybe we will call you 3X…

  23. But where does this new info take us.

    It confirms that this whole 3S set-up is a shell company set up by two ex M&J employees out of a rented room in Maryland, who have somehow duped or are in collusion with the GoB having control of a $300million open ended contract, and seriously counting.

    Where is the Public Accounts Committee, the Auditor General’s dog or the public outcry.

    I am beginning to think we Bajans deserve the treatment we are getting.

    They the have the gall to say the reasons for the massive overruns are our own utilities and Rayside’s (read CLICO’s) under- resourcing.

  24. I would bet any amount of money that on closer examination you will see Hallam Nicholls and Glyne Bannisters names show up associated with this scam.

  25. I speak subject to correction but there seems to be none, I was I searching only minutes ago and could find nothing at all.

  26. That is some very clever work indeed my compliments to the finder.
    Seems like they to have the same arrangement as these here have as well.

  27. So let me understand this Oops, Mr.Danos whose picture is on the other post and is reported to be as President of s3 contracted to build the flyover was a former employee of Mabey and Johnson Ltd who has brought a big law suit against them principally for fraud?

    Wow this is dynamite! BFP where are you? BU need help on this one.

  28. OOOPS ! You are on the ball this sounds so bajan as well, I have said before Bannister and Nicholls have the contacts of all the ones willing to play the nasty game and this is another one of those cases.

  29. Hold it guys.

    Dale Marshall has checked them out and given them a clean bill of health.

    Only joking !!

    Time to go for the jugular.

    Not only BFP , but if the DLP let this one slide we can only draw one conclusion about their fitness to govern…. their turn at the trough.

    Well done and thank you Oops!

  30. Very well done OOPS! this is why we love these blogs I would pay anything to know where you happened upon this from??

  31. Surely this must hit at the heart of this corruption in Barbados !!!!
    Anyone feels that Mr Arthur will do the decent thing and step down as there is no one that can tell me that he and company were not aware of the type of company they were linking with..

  32. Wishing in Vain:

    I have always admired your fervour, even though at times it is tiresomely repetitive.

    Your commitment to fair play is therefore so in our faces that we have to believe you are a true patriot, and these injustices you percieve apparently cut you to the very quick.

    So as one who has Barbados’ best interests at heart to another who has so readily shown his credentials, please ask David Thompson and his DLP why they are not challenging these all too apparent scams and doing their opposition’s job.

    Through frustration ordinary voters take fifteen minutes of their time to investigate obvious scams against our people.

    The perpetratotors have the arrogance to believe they are beyond scrutiny and so do not compose a full picture for their corruption, and the scenario floated to The Nation by the Government can be blown away by the minimum of questioning.

    WIV: Ask your beloved DLP why they are not questioning, then reply on here why Thompson should be given his chance.

  33. Straight talk, what scene you on now? you still at the stage where you looking for somebody to do everything for you?
    What DLP what?!?
    David Thompson is your father? why he should be questioning things on your behalf? you is a child?

    As I have said before, this technology is the future of information exchange. You have the opportunity to do your own research as OOPS! has demonstrated, to ask your questions and to state your concerns.

    What more you want now? i will not be depending on no Daviid Thompson cause when his turn comes he will have the same kind of scrutiny from all of us.

    but wait… what happen to my friend X?

  34. WIV

    You said you would give anything to know where I got the link!

    Mmmmmm……now what do I want………..champagne……..a fancy house on government land……a shmoozing trip to China……my own national park….planning permission from TCP…$750,000 cheque…hee hee…

    No nothing, as it was so incredibly easy that even a government minister could have found it (and ACTUALLY SHOULD HAVE!!!!!)

    Simply go on google and search under: mabey and johnson johnathan danos


  35. Bush Tea:

    I yield to no-one in judicious use of the internet.

    If you refer back, I broke the news that VECO was under FBI investigation and about that same time expressed my serious doubts about a johnnie come lately non entity, Structural Steel Solutions, and my belief they were the next scandal.

    We are paying the DLP to oppose, the AG to audit, and the PAC to investigate apparent abuses, I am only calling on them to faithfully fulfil their duties.

    I don’t need you, BT ,or anybody else to form my own opinions, for as you say all the information in the world is but two clicks away.

    I do my job to the best of my ability and deservedly recieve my paycheck, all I am asking is that those we are paying from the public purse extend us the same courtesy.

    If you still want to follow in my footsteps a tap on the shoulder in recognition is sufficiently polite, not an ill judged wail from a child demanding to be picked up.

  36. I bow to your greatness straight talk….but
    We pay David Thompson to oppose?!! Last time I checked, that man offered himself to be the PM of Barbados.
    He is in opposition ONLY because he has failed in that regard so far.
    To my mind there is no real logical correlation between being an effective OPPOSER and a potential good LEADER.
    In any case EACH ONE of us is responsible for protecting our interest when Governments do nonsense. As a country, we have erred in the past by leaving this important duty up to persons who may or may not have had the skills or interest to do it effectively. Just think, Mascoll was only recently the one we look to as the OPPOSER…

    But I am sure that you will be able to get these persons to perform their required roles..

  37. OOPS!

    Where is the list of 3S board showing DAG as a director.

    Last I heard the file had gone missing.

    Once again, well done, great work.

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