The Fair Trading Commission Responds To Adrian Loveridge About Opera Telecom~Consumer Protection Act Cap 326D

Let us tip our hats to Adrian Loveridge for fighting a battle against seemingly insurmountable odds. When our Fair Trading Commission is so hamstrung that it cannot intervene in what is an obvious scam, then we as right thinking Barbadians should question the system of democracy, which we seem to love. (See response below.)

The man has stated that the telephone number does not work. He has spoken to CBC who appears to be reluctant to withdraw the ad because they stand to lose advertising dollars. This scam is being foisted on the gullible people of Barbados even in the wake of the company having been fined in the UK for questionable practices.

God Help Us!

From: Fiona Scantlebury


Sent: Friday, October 05, 2007 3:47 PM

Subject: Consumer Protection Act Cap 326D – Opera Telecom

Mr Adrian Loveridge

Peach & Quiet

Dear Mr Loveridge,

Re: Consumer Protection Act Cap 326D – Opera Telecom

The Fair Trading Commission “The Commission” acknowledges receipt of your email on October 1, 2007 with respect to the above captioned matter.

Please note that unless there has been a contravention of the Consumer Protection Act the Commission does not have any authority to investigate.

The Commission is unable to launch an investigation on the basis that there is a connection between the local company and the company in the UK.

However if you possess additional information on the matter which you wish the Commission to review, it should be submitted for further evaluation.

Yours faithfully


Fiona Scantlebury

Consumer Protection Officer

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10 thoughts on “The Fair Trading Commission Responds To Adrian Loveridge About Opera Telecom~Consumer Protection Act Cap 326D

  1. Ms Joanne Nugent the GM of a company who she first called Opera Interactive Caribbean but after a company search turned out to be Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd stated on 28th September 2007 ‘Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd is a private limited company with no relationship to any overseas company’.

    How much clearer can that get for the Fair Trading Commission?

    Common Directors of Opera Telecom the UK company that has just received a record fine equal to over BDS$1 million for systematic phone rigging over a near four year period involving between GBP 20 million to GBP 35 million has a common directorship with Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd, Gary CORBETT the Chairman/CEO of Opera Telecom.

    How much MORE evidence does the FTC need?

  2. if the Opera scam is not in contravention of the Consumer Protection Act then it must be in breach of another…perhaps the one that governs gambling and lotteries….cause that’s what the scam/competition is at it’s core. Do you think Opera has aquired a license to operate their lottery under Barbados law? Me thinks not.

  3. Dear Ms Scantlebury,
    It is with great distress that I have read your response to Mr Loveridge’s inquiry of your department.
    Tell me what exactly is your role in the affairs of state?
    After the delivery of the compelling evidence of fraud being committed agaist the taxpayers of this nation, your sad mishap of a reply to Mr Loveridge is inexcuseable to say the least,
    What more does he have to present to you to show you that this type of action is dishonest and it should not be allowed to continue as it is.
    I would seriously request that you reconsider your first response and set to work to look into this matter as a matter of urgency, before they extract too much more money from poor black bajans like you and me.
    When citizens turn to those in authority for guideance and leadership and we get no response it leaves us to seek justice in the most unusal places and trust me this event call be and will be one such event.
    It will be prudent of you to revisit this position that you have mistakenly made and address the concerns of Mr loveridge and the public.
    yours sincerely,
    A very concerned for our future and our freedom citizen,

  4. Better place a call to Hallam Nicholls as he knows everything about these gambling permits, and any scam, after all he Owing,Johnson, Washington have the go ahead to increase the slot machine numbers to 2,500 units, sure a little scam of Opera would not miss him as that is the only thing he operates in scams and ripoffs of us the taxpayers.

  5. After a week of pressure, it was finally revealed last night that the Barbados Lucky Numbers competition was being run by Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd.

    The 1800 534 2276 number now gets a ringing tone and states the opening times of the contact,.
    Whether these times are UK or Caribbean it is unclear.

    Ms Joanne Nugent, the GM of Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd blatantly lied about the links between the organisations.
    After categorically denying that this company had any connection with OPERA TELCOM ‘Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd is a private company with no relationship to any overseas company’, it has been proven not only are they connected by share a common director, Gary CORBETT.

    Just a reminder that Mr CORBETT is the Chairman/CEO of OPERA TELECOM, the company that systematically defrauded thousands of people over a near four year period.

    It would appear Senator Eastmond, the Minister responsible for Consumer Affairs and the Fair trading Commission has absolutely no problem with this company operating in Barbados.

    Readers are reminded that the previous competition run by Opera Telecom and aired on CBC TV8 and the Nation newspaper has yet to produce a list of winners.

  6. The Barbados reality as we have stated before is that money talks. In a developed country, there would have been public comment by at least the consumer organizations. In Barbados, citizens who attempt to engage in advocacy against the establishment are quickly labeled and discouraged from doing so.

  7. Hi David,

    Don’t look now, but here comes another one! “Chance at big ease for Nation readers”!

    Here is another one of those “Great Give-A-ways” Text messaging and all. This time from the Nation Newspaper and partners; no stated cost of the “Text” messages, and the link does not work.

    How much time are you willing to allow before the website gets started. In fairness the competition gets started on Tuesday 09th. Here is the link to the “News Story”. (They really see you guys coming!)

  8. SIX weeks later the ‘ads’ are still running and guess what, there has been NO ‘winner’.

    But the FTC still does not think there is anything to investigate.

  9. ‘Opera Telecom had racked up GBP 211,000 fines in 21 seperate cases over two years’

    ‘Premium Rip off’
    Nick Sommerlad -The Daily Mirror
    30 April 2007

    Chairman Gary Corbett told us he ‘condemned the inappropriate use of premium rate services’

    This is the same Gary Corbett that is a director of Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd.

    Thats the company that according to their representaive Joanne Nugent is not connected in anyway to any other company.

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