Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Refuses To Deliver On Promise About Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd


Adrian Loveridge continues his relentless pursuit of the truth concerning the operating of a game of chance in Barbados owned by the controversial company out of the United Kingdom, Opera Telecom. Despite several letters and queries to the media in Barbados and most importantly to the Fair Trading Commission (FTC), the many questions raised concerning transparency with the Barbados Lucky Numbers game remain unanswered. It was suggested that concerned Barbadians visit this Discussion Forum which has followed the operations of Opera Telecom and its subsidiaries companies very closely. BU followed the advice and opened this topic to invite feedback from people who obviously know more about Opera Telecom.

It was suggested by our friends in the UK that this company, despite its checkered record, may have been given license to operate in Barbados because of the opportunity for our media houses and government to make huge profits. The games of chance which has not passed the scrutiny of regulators in other jurisdictions seem to be operating just fine in Barbados.

Fair Trading Commission

Personal attention of
Judy Maynard
Officer-in-Charge Consumer Protection Division

re: Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd case # 3/12/4 (648)

In your written response dated 14th November 2007 to my concerns emailed on 29th September 2007, you gave a number of assurances that this company had been instructed to comply with Fair Trading Commission requirements. These included that the company ‘Clearly state in its advertisement that Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited is the operator of the competition’ and Additionally, Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited has confirmed that the names of the winners of its competition will be published’.

Appearing today (1st December 2007 – Saturday Sun) is half page colour ‘ad’ (page 36) Barbados Lucky Numbers, which states the ‘winning number: 0083526′ and there is no mention of the operators of the competition, ie: Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited. This is the same ‘winning number’ that has been displayed throughout the duration of the competition and to date I have not seen any list of ‘winners’ in the media.

Bearing in mind the parent of this company, Opera Telecom, has been found guilty in no less than 21 cases which breached the rules of regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom, it appears the assurances given to the FTC are meaningless. I would ask you in the interests of Barbadian consumers that urgent action is taken against this company.

Thank You.

Adrian Loveridge

1st December 2007

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9 thoughts on “Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Refuses To Deliver On Promise About Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd

  1. I support your call Adrian wholeheartily but regret to inform yoy that it is clearly evident to me that this case must have received the person attention of the PM let me suggest that knowing how these things operate and with whom you are dealing that it would be fair to believe that the owners and operators of this Opera Interactive have had discussions with Owing and have promised him his share of a commission for allowing this scam to operate unabated and uncontrolled so long as he gets his share of the scam money.

    If any of us will or can appect the operation of this scam so long as Owing is drawing money from it we must be kidding ourselves big time.

    It is with eager anticipation that we await his voicings on matters such as VECO, DANOS, GREELAND, THE CHEQUE and so many others why would expect him to address this matter from which he is drawing another salary.

    I support your effort but believe it to be Wishing in Vain.

  2. David

    What is the down side of having contributors register for the BLOG?
    I believe that this blog is known and respected enough to warrant a bit more formality.
    Even if persons wish to have more than one personality (LOL) each one should be registered and unique.

    How about it?

  3. Yesterday I received a hand delivered letter from the Fair Trading Commission dated 4th December 2007 in response to my email to them on 16th November 2007.

    It stated ‘The Commission has noted the contents of your letter and would like to inform you that Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd has agreed that from the next competition in any of the media we (Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd will publish a weekly annoucement of all prize winners’.

    Since the Barbados Lucky Numbers ‘ads’ started to appear several weeks ago, only ONE ‘winning number’ has been displayed.

    In a previous FTC letter (14th November 2007) they stated they had been supplied with a list of winners and theycontact these ‘winners’ by phone and confirmed they were ‘bona fide winners’.


    Why are you allowing a company that has consistently lied, failed to comply with FTC rules and regulations and has been successfully convicted of at least 21 offences in the United Kingdom to continually ignore your rulings?

    The letter went on ‘With regard to a formal complaint laid by a consumer, please note that Section 25 of the Fair Trading Commission Act 326B states:

    ‘The Commission shall only investigate a complaint made aginist a service provider or business enterprise where the complaint to the service provider or business enterprise and has failed to obtain resaonable redress’.

    AS ALREADY POINTED OUT, how would a consumer contact Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd?

    There is no address.

    The FTC initially ignored my comments pointing out that the telephone numbers listed in both the television and print ‘ads’ were NOT operative!

    So AGAIN, how would a consumer contact Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd?

    I believe it is totally unreasonable to allow this company to continue advertising BEFORE it clearly publishes a list of past winners.

    So far in my humble opinion, the FTC has achieved absultely NO positive results in this case, despite so called assurances from the Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd.

    No list of winners HAS been published.

    The company is still be allowed to publish ‘ads’ without the operators name and address.

    All advertising should be stopped until this company delivers what it has repeatedly promised our single regulatory body.

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