Banks Brewery Tells Calendar Girl 2007, You Are Fired!

Barbados Free Press ran this story on Saturday and we foolishly ignored it. Amazingly the hypocrisy of Banks Brewery is the talk of the town.  So many Barbadians appear to be captivated by the story. How could they fire the girl for doing something that would bring so much publicity to who and what she is __a Banks Calender Girl!

Anyway for those who were not present to have a “dip” into the chocolate girl,  below are two pictures courtesy of our friend.



O dear_ here comes the wife; I have to go! 😆


  • There is a saying that if it happens overseas then it is fine for Barbados. This place down Fontebelle is becoming very popular and you would be surprised at the type of people who go down there! Barbados has become a society of party.


  • Sir Anthony Gayfocker

    I think she should be fired; there are some things which u should do and some things u cant or should not do. You cant just go getting naked and sitting in chocolate getting dipped in and such like while representing a major buisness place ; one of the major companies in the hemisphere.

    She would have been required to get permission from banks holdings first. After all she is the face of banks beer for 12 months, not the face of Power x 4.

    Dumb girl.


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  • I don’t know if that is supposed to be a sexy look,but she does look high on something.

    Have readers noticed how our beloved Barbados has declined to this morally bankrupt country under this Arthur administration?

    Everything that was wholesome and good that we cherish seem to be tagged with a money tag.

    The question always seem to be not whether it is positive or not – but what is the price – hence this bank girl issue.

    Some young women today sadly seem to think that their biggest assest is their vagina – so they don’t have to work or study hard – after all past experience has shown them that all you have to do is show all your bobbies,and let half of your bum fall out – and men will take up their hard earned money that they slave for all week or all month and squander it in one night – just for some sex that may very well be diseased.

    Lord help us.

    What with the increasing guyanese competition now – you could get it ‘all for nothing’ as Sparrow said in Jean and Dinah.

    However when a country sees its leader Owen while still married having child after child (more than the 2) with differen t women,and the same with his ministers – we see loose living where lesbian ministers beating up their lovers and biting off their private parts – is it any wonder that the position of the day was 3 0r 4 womewn gyrating on each other on kadooment day?

    No wonder our leaders have to remain silent on that kinda display.


  • What foolishness! What hiprocracy! When the Banks girl is posing scantily clad for the year’s poster, most people say nothing. No she got naked and dipped in a tub of confectionary, we are complaining. Firstly, the whole British stance on nudity and sexuality which we have adopted from “massah” is garbage pure and simple.
    The female form, is one of the most beautiful sights one can behold. We came into the world naked, which should tell us something. Secondly, the same Brits who were the major slave owners on the island, found their way into the salve huts for fun and frolic which resulted in quite a few mulattoes. They didn’t seem to have a problem doing that back then, but managed to mentally enslave us into believing that nudity is wrong. Shame on us! When the British when examined closely seem to be sexually repressed to the point that most of their television and print media are completely sexually “suggestive” with just about all they promote.
    To take this a step further, if we are troubled with the state of morality in this country, then we need to reject the American way of life which we have so readily adopted and embraced. America is failing, or has already failed and is just holding onto the threads of appearing to be this “great nation”.. Case in point to support this claim is the recent weather which crippled the mobility of New Yorkers a few days ago. This is apparently a “First World” country and they can’t yet deal with some rain? Please. Re-clasify these people and their arrogance in your own minds, and soon.
    Barbados has a culture. It is not perfect by any means. But it needs to be embraced by Barbadians. Failure to do so will result in a meltdown in society where we won’t have an identity.
    And to all yoru foreign “agents” out there calling in daily to the Brass Tacks and Tell it like it is expounding your views about banning alcohol at public events, please, leave the place. We don’t need to be assimilated into what you want. You’ve already sone enough damage.
    We don’t need the level of control seen in NY and Canada when blacks come out to have a good time. One would be led to believe that blacks are so barbaric and uncouth and need whitey around to help them control themselves, while in the darkest places whites proliferate the greatest evils in the world.
    Want to fix Barbados? Here is what we need to do:

    Embrace who we are and stand together against the evils proliferated against us by the agents of evil.

    Stamp out greed in our own lives.

    Love and learn tolerance toward one another. This does not mean to dilute your moral standing. Just make certain that your standing is based on a secure foundation and not personal frivolity.

    Expell from this land, all who seek to plant the seeds of dischord and other devicive measures intended at assuming contol of our minds.


  • Yum Yum I like it

    What a shame that Banks missed a really good opportunity for some free publicity and have instead ended up looking stupid! She should maybe have got a public ‘rap on the knuckles’ and Banks could have used the chocolate idea in their next ad campaign.

    The whole fiasco highlights the hypocrisy in this society when it comes to issues of nakedness. Saskia is WAY less naked in her chocolate suit then most of the masqueraders at Kadooment!


  • Barbados make me laugh. Ms America was caught kissing a woman and drinking booze as a teenanger and she was forgiven. Last time I check that pageant is bigger and more repution at stake than our beer company.

    Hypocrisy gone mad…


  • The Watcher is an idiot.


  • She seems to be well dressed – in chocolate, if you ask me!


  • Yum Yum I like it

    Actually the most shocking thing about these photos is the inflatable boat! Could they not have come up with something classier than a child’s toy. I would have like to have seen a pearl white enamel bath myself. Any thoughts?


  • An air dingy for an air head!


  • Don’t ya just loveeeeee chocolate.

    From one chocoholic to another you go girl, I would love to party like that, a little sweet exhibition never hurt no one, to besides all the doctors agree that chocolate is good for you, lol

    What’s up with Banks? When half her butt was out on the calender it was all well and good, and there was nothing covering her butt, and that was art but now her boobies are covered and I stress the term “covered” in chocolate it is seen as porn?

    Or is it a case of “brown” envy, maybe banks is jealous of the rich colour of the chocolate. ha ha ha.

    Bajans it’s 2007 embrace your sexuality. She is the smartest Banks calender girl of the lot, she got a hefty payout$$$$ and she does not have to do one ‘lick’ of work for it for the rest of the year.

    I’m going to have to try that chocolate thing with my boyfriend,lol


  • K,
    “The Watcher is an idiot.” Always was, K. Always was. (Under different names too).


  • Pray tell, what does this chocolate covered stupid girl have to do with the Owen Arthur administration or with whom he has children with??????
    Anonymous is an ass!
    Low standards were and will always be here. Sad but true..
    We all know right from wrong and we choose our own paths, knowing the outcome(at least some of us).


  • TheWatcher // Aug 14th 2007 at 10:52 am

    What foolishness! What hiprocracy! When the Banks girl is posing scantily clad for the year’s poster, most people say nothing. No she got naked and dipped in a tub of confectionary, we are complaining. Firstly, the whole British stance on nudity and sexuality which we have adopted from “massah” is garbage pure and simple.

    Watcher you are probably aware that the Brits have gotten over their victorian attitudes, On a recent walk in London from Charing cross by way of the Strand to the Waterloo train station, I cross a bridge over the river thames where i saw a statue of a Naked brozne man facing the station, on passing him and looking back to see the face i realize that not only was he naked but penis was in state of rediness. I looked around to see if anyone was as startled as i was, but i was alone in that regard. Banks position is laughable inlight of the product they sell and that young girl promotes. It is known that achohol and Sex are a deadly concoctions, on the other hand confectionary such as milk, chocolate, and whip cream has complimented sex for many.

    What? have they never had a valentines night in which one of those dair/confectionary products was in use? Maybe they are still victorian. 😀

    Banks PR consultant Sofia Cambridge surely looks that part of a modern day victorian. 😀


  • Does the girl respect herself?
    Does she want to be respected?
    It’s her call.


  • Based on the watcher’s standards -Barbados could well become a nudist colony where we just all walk around naked and let it all hang out – literally speaking of course.

    Never mind – remember Rev. Massiah words:God getting ready to smite Barbados.


  • Doesnt she have rights? Who are we/you to say she should not be in chocolate? Trust Bajans to always react to “non-issues” but just sit back and watch all sort of “real” issues just pass by without a glance. Homosexuality is being belted down our throats as a “natural” form of life. Utter bull. Did any of you guys realise that your credit cards payments moved from end of month to mid-month to attract more late fees? doubt it. And those of you who did, did you comment publicly or even enquired why, or if the FTC can intervene in this matter? just food for thought. If you do not want to see a girl in chocolate do not go there. simple.


  • Who right minded person would dip Marshmellows in chocolate that someone is sitting in.

    I for one would be too scornful to do that, one might take out much more than one put in.


  • personally i dont care what saskia wears, i think it was a dumb idea on her part not to consult with banks breweries before she did it, buttttt ( lol . no puns intended) it is a bit hypocritical of banks to promote and support financially alcho holism, the fire saskia for sitting in chocolate ( hope she didnt do a ‘boo boo’ in it) . On a point of order… who would dip and eat out of the chocolate that she was SITTING in ? i mean there is sexxxy and then there is unhygenic …that was unhygenic !


  • personally i dont care what saskia wears, i think it was a dumb idea on her part not to consult with banks breweries before she did it, buttttt ( lol . no puns intended) it is a bit hypocritical of banks to promote and support financially alcho holism, the fire saskia for sitting in chocolate ( hope she didnt do a ‘boo boo’ in it) . On a point of order… who would dip and eat out of the chocolate that she was SITTING in ? i mean there is sexxxy and then there is unhygenic …that was unhygenic !


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  • YUM YUM I like it!

    Just wondering

    I agree with you whole-heartedly that people are missing the big issues with this trivial show of a bit of skin (actually not all that much skin!).

    However I do have a problem with your big issues! Using a discussion about public decency to propogate your own homophobic agenda is questionable.

    It may interest you to know that 1500 species of animal exhibit homosexual activity. Are they ‘un-natural’ nature??? AND who is pushing homosexuality down peoples throats exactly. Gay people in Barbados are very low key.

    Big issues are elsewhere.


  • I am no supporter of Banks or anyone using this old and cheap ploy of calendar girls to promote product, but haven’t comments been too quick to decide why the girl was fired.
    What makes you so sure that the artistic, chocolate covered nudity was the problem. Scantily clad women dipping their sticks in a female chocolate treat may just send a message that Banks, and some others of us find objectionable. May just be if she was a mermaid in a vat of beer and the guys were dipping, hmmm…


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  • Half full or Half empty

    Ok truthfully EVERYONE has the right to their own opinion that being said we all have the choice to do what we want to do. I agree with some persons on some points like what she did was wrong according to what we “Bajans” think is right from wrong, I would never be caught dead doing that and on the point of unhygienic TOTALLY did anyone stop and think umm…did she wear slippers on enclosed shoes and even if they were enclosed who knows how long they we at the back door or under a bed…come on girls THINK!! and a thong I mean really I’m not even going to comment on that one.

    Now I know that this has nothing to do with the Banks issue but understand this rihanna came back for a little holiday and wore a bathing suit to the beach and all hell broke lose and her comment to all of that was that us “Bajans” dont like her so really everyone will have an opinion on different things but will not stop to see their young daughters who sometime have on “Nothing” going out to parties who sometimes dress worse than Saskia so I think we need to take a step back and really analyze our society.

    Oh and one more question if it was a man would they be all of this drama or if she was not a Banks Calendar girl, totally unknown would there be all of this discussion? I mean i was not going to comment but just reminding you that everyone in the “spotlight” gets the bad and some of the girls just walking the road daily half naked get off scotch free.


  • Any female who would want to win the opportunity to pose partically nude on poster for men and some women to oogle is not someone i would want to associte the word respect to.


  • call_me_wat_u_want

    itz amazing that itz “ok” for banks to put these girls near-nude on calenders but let her go for something like this. WOW! look at the beer callin’ buckley”s bad tasting!


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  • Anonymous // Aug 14th 2007 at 10:45 am

    I don’t know if that is supposed to be a sexy look,but she does look high on something.
    I agree and think an investigation should be carried out. 🙂
    A lot worst happens in various public establishments across the island. It is sad but true, that some women will do and allow anything to be done to them for the right price.


  • i do agree that banks is hypocritical…yes half her ass was promoted on the calender, and let’s not forget other banks calender girls and the pictures they have taken. for example, there was the girl in the sea with her breast exposed through her wet white t-shirt. so now they fired saskia for this incident. oh plzzzzzz. they new the kind of attitude they were searching for in the first place, so they deserve what they got !!! their message was plain and simple, so permission my ass. i guess she thought it was ok since the costumes that banks had her posing in was ni better.

    as for saskia herself…yes she does look high in the pic. but as an individual she should set a limit for how far she should go. now her reputation is down the drain and that would be an issue if she wants to get serious with her career. so i think she had a really good opportunity, but i guess she was just caught up with the whole thing that flaunting her stuff was cool….so what the heck they expect


  • The point at contention here is whether Banks are within their right to cancel the contract. Whether they are hypocritical may not be the point. If Banks did not have grounds they would have been sure to have gotten a letter from a lawyer by now.

    Many women in our society see selling their bodies as a way to progress to economic success. As long as men exists women will always have the opportunity to peddle their wares. We know of many who routinely sleep with men to attract favors.


  • u truly desapoint me show some pride girl


  • Rhianna spreads her legs wide on stage to the point where you can actually see the sides of her vigina. When she comes to Barbados she’s treated like a queen or royality and to be honest she isn’t doing anything for the country.

    Alot of people in Europe thinks she’s American – She’s a Caribbean girl singing American music. How does that put Barbados on the map?

    People praise a leg spreading non-artist like Rhianna but yet they picked on this girl for having chocolate on her breasts.
    What a joke!


  • POOP————


  • She look like a real jackass sitting in a tub smothered in chocolate and the foolish bitches that eating de marshmallows look silly as shite too.’
    Most of these girls have a good body and that is all. There’s usualy a vacant lot where their brain is supposed to be.
    How ya like ma?


  • Join the Bajan Massive on


  • Politically Incorrect

    G. Hill

    You’re right on the money.

    Seems that Barbados has sold itself/its women out as whores.


  • That’ what i call HOT CHOCOLATE


  • She does not appear to be in her right mind. She never looks at the camera while the other girls are looking at the camera and modeling for the camera. I feel sorry for this young lady.


  • Dirty Hoes love rich pimp mack daddies
    like me


  • Dirty – That’s Dirty


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