Minister Lynette Eastmond And William Duguid MP Under Gag Order

Over the past months readers to Barbados Free Press have read the comments of Minister Lynette Eastmond and William Duguid MP. In fact William Duguid unlike his colleague has put in an appearance on BU! Many of us who read the Barbados blogs have commended the two for their willingness to communicate with Barbadians in the virtual world. We commend them because it is not easy facing a barrage of comments from people who operate from a position of anonymity. It is with regret that we have learned from a source that a gag order has been imposed on the two. Is this action familiar? Do you remember when David Thompson picked up the ruins of the DLP, the remnant of a leadership fight with Clyde “Malik with teeth” Mascoll? He was vilified and ridiculed for imposing strictures on the many DLPites who suffered from bouts of verbal diarrhea at the time, for example Estwick and Kellman.

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The fact that the Minister and her colleague Duguid have disappeared from the web is understandably not making a news spalsh in Barbados because the traditional press is comfortable with being traditional! Maybe the day will come soon when David Ellis, Roy Morris and company will realize that the blogs can be a friend. They need to survey the North American scene to understand how we can disseminate certain types of information in a more effective manner. An example is the Chefette story which is spreading across Barbados like a tidal wave. The politics and the agendas at play in Barbados make it impossible for the Nation newspaper, Voice of Barbados and CBC 900 to cover this story. Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press can fill the vacuum to make sure the concerns of the people are heard.

Minister Eastmond and William Duguid, if our source is wrong please show us a sign!

9 thoughts on “Minister Lynette Eastmond And William Duguid MP Under Gag Order

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  3. I would not loose any sleep over this development as Eastmond only used this site as an arm of her campaign and Duguid is a proven liar with no opinion of his own on anything remember his non comittal on the nature reserve ?
    Not an awful lot of substance has ever come from either one of them so my verdict there is nothing loss here

  4. Hi Barbados Underground,

    I have aleady responded at BFP and you are free to copy my response ( errors and all) over here.

    I am not under any gag order whatsoever.

    Just have been out of the country on Government business quite a bit recently.

    Please see Duguid’s post on BFP

    william duguid
    July 19th, 2007 at 11:53 pm
    My Friends,

    The only person that can gag me is my wife.
    At no time can any person think, expect or dream that it would possible to gag an independent person like myself.

    I have been out of the country from time to time but I have followed the various conversations. but I was not moved to comment. First because no matter what I say people try to turn it around and secondly some people use this blog to be abusive and I will not sink to those levels.

    I came into public life with integrity and I will leave whenever the people no longer want me to represent them with my integrity intact.

    I appreciate this forum and I am encouraged with the posts that the people at BFP put up. Often very thoughtful and extremely entertaining.

    Unfortunately from time to time operatives of the DLP try to hijack the site and use it for their own propaganda. I think that should be left for the DLP Blog.

  5. William Duguid~thanks for response, we read it with interest and query why you would not ignore those who you believe high jack the blogs and respond to others who may want to engage you on legitimate issues? Another question would be that it seems a strange coincidence that Minister Eastmond has disappeared as well!

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  7. A total waste of space Duguid he is, hopeless ask him his opinion on the nature reserve he has none because he too is awaiting a bidder to decide what his verdict is but trust me me he is not with the people of the swamp he is with big money luike Owing and company.

  8. We have had earlier exchanges on other blogs with this clown and trust me based on those exchanges he is nothing more than a liar and a stranger to the truth.
    I have absolutely no time for this clown and cannot pretend to be favourable to him when you know that he lies as does.
    We are still waiting to hear his vote on the Water park which Keirns has paid a few of them to process quietly and swiftly, sadly the residents got wind of their scam now Duguid has said nothing about if he would vote for it or against it, must be hard to vote against something when you are paid to vote for it ?

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