The Gay Agenda Threatens To Destablize Modern Societies

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Last night, I finally had a chance to respond to an email I received from Dan Savage, the editor of The Stranger – wittingly described by a friend as “the alternative” paper to Seattle’s alternative newspaper [Seattle Weekly]. As readers of this blog know, he authored what I thought to be a witty review of Quest Church in the paper’s last edition. I was surprised that he posted my personal email and his response on The Stranger blog for the rest of the world to see. Oh well. My intent is not to engage in battle. That is the farthest thing from my heart. Most that know me will attest to this… While many have assumptions that Christians are hate filled, bigoted and ignorant, it’s my hope that more will realize that issues of justice, compassion, and mercy are dear to the heart of Christians – because they are near to the heart of God.

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For those of you interested in the gay debate the quote above is from a fellow wordpress blogger; it makes for interesting gay conversation. At BU we think that the developed world has gone totally haywire over the issue of gays in our societies. It is a lifestyle issue; in the same way we have alcoholics and other conditions which influence lifestyles, so too we feel the same way of the gay lifestyle. As a society we are encouraged to rehabilitate those afflicted with the non gay lifestyles, not so the gays. The gay lobby is so thick and has gathered so much momentum, how dare the rest of the society to openly disagree!

BU say if that is your wish to be gay so be it but you must expect some consequence to practicing a homosexual lifestyle!

A couple weeks ago Janet Layne-Clarke wrote an article in her inimitable style which blasted the bulling which the hypocritical Barbados society of Christians know to occur within the bosom of the Church__especially the traditional Church, but mainly the Catholics__ but are satisfied to look the other way and say nothing. Last week we listened to a caller to one of the many radio programs indicating that “because it is written in the bible it does not mean that it has to be accepted as the gospel by the public.” The gist of what he meant referred to the time when the written word was practiced in the daily lifes of the majority of the population. As a small society our Christian values was the glue which made us strong. Now as our society has become cosmopolitan our core values have been diluted. The need to satisfy the spiritual hunger has fallen by the wayside. The passivity of Barbadians to absorb a way of thinking practiced by the developed world concerns BU. We have not seen any philosophy which has emerged to fill the vacuum left by the exit of religion.

Ok, we know that this is backward thinking. At least we are thinking!

People who would not have read our previous articles on the gay lobby or agenda, call it what you want, we do not believe that gay priests should be advocating the Christian doctrines in our Churches. BU do not feel qualified to use academic or theological arguments to refute the gay argument. What we know is that our sense of common decency, biological and social efficiency screams-out WRONG, WRONG!

The position of our modern society regarding the homosexual lobby to live and let live is a cop-out.


If Barbados is suppose to be a Christian society let us fight to run our society the way the majority of us would prefer. Those Barbadians who wish to live or accommodate that lifestyle can do so fully knowing that there are certain consequential actions. The priesthood and the teaching and mentoring of our children are two such vocations where homosexuals should steer away.

BU refuse to be cowered by the gay lobbyists like Peter Wickham, who uses our airwaves at prime time to flood our eardrums with the rhetoric which translates to we are people too… ladeeladeedaa. BU know that most Barbadians feel appalled at the idea of gay priests leading our churches. Let them sit in the congregation and seek to change their lifestyle, but for God sakes how can they preach the word! Let us not forget Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley who is known to espouse the gay rhetoric as well. What is it about gays that they always seem to have the most powerful voices in the society pushing their agenda. If only the poor and impoverish could attract an equally strong voice, Barbados and the world would be better for it.

A homosexual is a human being. Let us extend a helping hand.

It seems to BU that those of us who prefer a society which subscribes to wholesome and traditional values, we appear to be the bad guys. Hell no! If you are a homosexual that is fine, but you know what, you can’t teach my child at Sunday school. Is that too difficult to understand? There is always a consequential result to any action taken, good or bad. If you want to be a homosexual that is your business but you know what, the society BU prefer will impose some strictures. Let it not be said that BU see a homosexual as less than a human being. A homosexual is a human being with a lifestyle problem and BU also feel that a thief, adulterer, and other transgressors should have to suffer a consequence for their actions as well.

We have become passionate about this issue for a reason which we prefer not to divulge at this time. Why are we so afraid to tell homosexuals to get some help in the same way we tell others who ail with other lifestyle problems. Homosexuality is mushrooming as one of the single biggest social issues which is set to destabilize our orderly societies. By all means come out of the closet but also be responsible enough to know that the society will have to work with you to help you overcome the problem.

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  2. You speak as if homosexuality is a choice. Homosexual behaviour may be a choice. Homosexuality is not.

    We would not accept the same arguments on the basis of race so why accept them on the grounds of sexual orientation?

    And what exactly do you mean by a homosexual life style?

    And by what mechanism do you propose for homosexuals or homosexuality to disrupt an organized society?

  3. Listen man, I was just about to have my lunch when I see da picture – now I caan eat anymo! Cha man!!! Lord!!!! 🙂

  4. So let me get this straight. On the basis of recent posts, BU appears to be against homsexuality (sorry, you’re fine with it as long as they don’t come anywhere near you and are restricted in what they do and the jobs they have), against the Guyanese and Chinese and distrustful of White Barbadians. What are you for ? Some sort of warped religious state where only black Barbadians are welcome ? Enough of this sort of bigotry. ?x? is absolutely right, homosexuality is not a choice. And don’t even go near the religious argument against homsexuality. I am a practicing christian but, amazingly enough, I do not stone to death adulterers (read your old testament), nor do I believe that homsexuality is evil. What do you propose to do with the gay population in Barbados ? Make them wear tags ? Come on, this is the 21st century not the 1930’s.

  5. Barbados Undeground

    I notice from remarks like those of ‘fed-up’ and ‘brown skin’ – that you seem to be rubbing up some people the wrong way.

    Guess what – you must be hitting a raw nerve – the truth hurts – they tell me.

    Note carefully,that whenever black people start to discuss race – every race including some black ones who are really ‘gray’ like Courtenay Blackman – get highly offended.

    Really what the mulattoes,and the middle class professionals who have finally arrived out of the village want is to talk about more ‘happy,light stuff’ – like what band yuh jumping in for crop over,or where in america yuh going for the summer vacation,or the latest shopping spree etc.

    Even if the black people cuss and talk about their politicians – that’s fine – once they don’t start discussing the predicament of the black race – and the way out of it.

    Don’t mention ‘blacks supporting and buying from blacks’ – because that will upset the applecart for the other races who depend on the blacks as their consumers.

    Now unto the homosexual agenda – you see how the long arm of this lobbying group has reached to us here in the caribbean – where they threaten to encourage boycott of our tourism destinations if we don’t accept their ‘sick,unnatural behaviour’.

    They are also targetting Buju banton for a song he sung about 15 years ago – against homosexuality.

    Tolerance – of course – means only that you must be tolerant of the gay agenda – and not that gays must be tolerant of the christian beliefs and the biblical viewpoint -which condemns homosexuality.

    Listen to people like peter wickham and other academics and so called human rights activists – who seem to want to push their pro gay agenda down our throats;but


    Even in liberal america the majority of persons -note – not only rebublicans are against the homosexual lifestlye – and the push to equate it with hetrosexuality.

    I see Fed up is campaigning against you over at BFP.

    This is why I am getting more and more tired of these blogs which are so necessary for us here in Barbados.

    A few people (not necessarily fed-up) seem to want to hijack these blogs,and speak on every subject whether they are knowledgeable or not – with little thought going into what they are saying.

    I believe that these blogs are very different from the average chat rooms – these are really our ‘unofficial’ newspapers,our ‘unofficial’ talk shows.

    That’s why we must use it responsibly.

  6. Being gay is not a disease, but diarrhoea of the mouth of certain so called Barbadian “Christains” is.

    Oh, in case you have not heard, BARBADOS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN SOCIETY!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of you people going on with this stupid drivel, every time you want to justify something.

    There are so many ails in this country, rape, murder, incest, drug use, paedophilia, racism, adultery the list goes on. Yet B.U. can’t have a topic dealing with the disgusting practice of outside men and women, but find it okay to bash gays under the guise of Christianity.

    Christains my @#*

    That is just messed up.

  7. Anonymous, I disagreee with you but I’m not trying to campaign for anything here or on BFP – I’m just quite literally Fed Up with all this stuff.

  8. BU i know you are not bashing a person’s right to live the life of their choosing, what i believe you are taking issue with the concerted effort of groups and organization to ram their acceptance and agendas down the throats of others.

    ……So BU i guess if someone is fedup with your right to opinion-ate as you choose you should stop immediately. I will note that you have not call for anyone to stop practicing their chosen lifestyle. 😀

  9. “There is a way that seems right to a man,
    but in the end it leads to death.
    Even in laughter the heart may ache,
    and joy may end in grief”.
    Proverbs 14:12-13.

    In driving around Barbados you will see many no-entry signs erected, to go through them means that you are breaking the law and subject to the penalties of that law.

    The anus was not made or designed to receive a penis rather it was designed to expel waste from the body.

    How pleasant and how meaningful can it be for a man to push his penis in an dead end, no life can come from it.

    Instead the Vagina was made to receive and accomodate a penis, life comes from it.

    Many things in this society have gone wrong because those who know and witness the devestation first hand remain silent.

    Maybe if those healthcare professionals could tell you the damage to those young men admitted to the hospital and the items that they have to remove from them, you would understand that homosexuality and the sexual act in the homosexual relationship is as unnatural as you can ever get.

    Rape, murder, incest, drug use, pedophilia, racism, adultery are all wrong.
    When the church and Christians speak against these vices they are effectively told to shut up.

    But the world screams, – “Protect your wicket”, “a man is not a man if he got one woman”, the minibus men tell you “anything after twelve is lunch” and this is referring to our young daughters on their buses. What do you expect.

    If you keep lying down with dogs it is natural that you will get up with fleas

    Lisalight no amount of screaming and cussing on your part will change the fact that BARBADOS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION.
    Your lifetime will not be enough to see that change.

  10. Folks BU thank you for your remarks. Let us put something on the table. This is a blog which holds the views of the BU household and those who do not agree can rebut, read in silence or move on. There are some hard issues which in our short existence we have tried to confront. homosexuality, immigration, freedom of the press, ethics in business, local politics and one or two others. The issue of homosexuality the last time we checked is neither black or white. We don’t intend to tell what people should do in the privacy of their bedrooms but as a citizen of the world we have a right as part of the majority to paint the kind of world we want our children to grow-up in.

    We read the following in the daily which we agree with 100%:

    Golding: Do not legalise gay lifestyle
    Published on: 7/9/07.

    KINGSTON, Jamaica – Opposition leader Bruce Golding has come out strongly against any change in legislation to sanction homosexuality in Jamaica, even as members of that community are moving for greater acceptance among locals.

    According to Golding, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) of which he is president, is not prepared to go against the cultural norms of the Jamaican society, which are largely anti-same sex relationships.

    Full Article

  11. I am often amazed at person who say they are ” Christian”, but see nothing wrong with the gay life style. Homosexuality in any form is wrong, simliar, to adultery, fornication, stealing etc.
    There seem to be this ever growing type of “Christain “, that think because we are modernising or globilising that are Christian values and beliefs need an overhaul. we have been warned about this in the teaching of the bible. Whenever Christains speak about homosexuality they are criticised called haters etc. What we disagree with is the lifestyle, not the person. NO ONE IS BORN THAT WAY, it is a lifestyle. It is easy to walk with the multitude, there is comfort in numbers, however Christians are called to speak the truth, regardless of whom it may offend.

  12. Lisalight said : “There are so many ails in this country, rape, murder, incest, drug use, paedophilia, racism, adultery the list goes on.”

    I ask: How many rapist, murderers, etc. do you see campaigning for equal rights and acceptance as alternative lifestyle behaviours. Get real; sin is sin, wrong is wrong. Homosexuality is not akin to race, ethnicity, or any other naturally occuring human distinction. Homosexuals need help like all the other deviants, not acceptance. Nobody is stoning anybody here, at least not in Barbados, but neither are we prepared to accept and tolerate foolishness. And yes, not only homosexuality undermines a stable society, all the other deviant behaviours (rape, incest, adultery etc.) also contribute to decay, none of them are right or GODLY.

  13. This is food for thought and would appreciate your opinions. Since the disestablishment of the church in Barbados would we say that the moral compass reading which a majority of Barbadians would prefer has been going South? BU is not using this thought to promote the religious argument.

  14. Well said, Warrior, don’t take any notice of the minibus men and I’m pleased to hear that Bim is still a christian society! Such an intelligent post that I wish the whole of Bim could read it!

    But don’t think that the homosexuals will give-up. No, they’re just as fanatical, determined and vindictive as the muslims and in the end, we’re going to lose-out to both. Just wait until we get a homosexual PM, or one who is sympathetic to their cause, or a muslim PM – you see what I mean, then we’ll be finished! Might as well start to prepare yourselves from now. It’s only a matter of time! Such are the horrors awaiting us/our children/grand-children!

  15. I am still curious about what these horrible consequences are that will result if homosexuality is accepted. What are they exactly? A few men allowing other men to bugger them and a few women who refuse the attention of men? Is that such a big deal?

    As long as it is consensual what exactly is the problem?

  16. The problem is ‘x’ that the dogs insist on pushing it down our throats, if you see what I mean. I, personally, don’t mind what they get up to, IN PRIVATE, but they can’t resist wanting to FORCE it on the rest of us to which I tell them what to do with themselves!

    David, or somebody else, could you please tell me a little more about ‘the disestablishment of the churd in Bim!’ Has this officially, happened and what was perceived to be the anticipated gain from such action!

  17. How are they forcing it on you? are they demanding that you participate?

    The only way that they could be forcing it on anyway is the same way some people forced their views on ethnic equality by sitting in the front of buses.

    We live in a democratic society and people ave a right to advocate their case, just as you have a right to advocate yours.

    It would be unreasonable to get upset with them for simply advocating their case.

  18. Bimbro: The Anglican Church was disestablished and dis-endowed on April 1st, 1969 by an Act of Parliament, known as the Anglican Church Act, 1969. Therefore the Anglican Church in Barbados ceased to be established by law. The church is now completely self-supporting.

  19. ?x?~we all agree that what gays do in the privacy of their bedrooms is fine. Did you see the image of the two men kissing? Can you visualize being in Church one Sunday with your children and two men sit net to you holding hands and offering the occasional demonstration of affection? Can you picture your children watching cartoons and in the same way heterosexual behavior is displayed so too homosexual behavior is included? Our picture does not include these images for our children but if it is fine with you that is your entitlement.

  20. I admit that I am uncomfortable with the idea of public affection between two men, but my personal discomfort at that behaviour is not reason enough for me to advocate for it being prohibited.

    I do not think that children will be harmed by seeing affection, to use your word, between members of the same sex.

    Will this likely result in more homosexual people, probably not. Will it result in more homosexual people being open about what they are, yes. And I think that’s a good thing.

  21. Why is it that Bajans are fasinated with Homosexuality and not with all of the other SINS of the world. In Barbados it is OK to have as many women as possible and outside children while still being married or single, women in the CHURCH fighting over the Priest and having affairs with them too, some even children. I do hope that this is not ok for our children to see and think that it is right to do as long as they do not become GAY. As someone said SIN is SIN but it appears that some SINS in Barbados carry more WEIGHT than other SINS, so they are OK and NORMAL to do.
    Does Fornication and Adultry ever become a HOT topic in Barbados, which SIN breaks up and threatens to destabilize the FAMILY HOME ???

  22. LookingON~are you serious? Homosexulaity is an issue which is being grappled with all over the world. Many courts in the US continue to battle with cased forwarded to further the gay lobby.The quote from Jamaica shows Jamaica is equally concerned and it continues. The fact that we live in a promiscuous society does not mean that it is a behavior that is condoned. The argument put forward by BU was not supported by a religious argument, however yours is.

  23. Looking On.. I hate to say it but you seem to be blind in one eye and unable to see out of the other.

    Where did you see someone here saying that adultery and fornication is okay.

    You people who want to lobby for this and lobby for that seem to have your knickers in a a knot.

    Let’s state the obvious. Accordingly to God’s Word written in the Bible, according to moral law Adultery is wrong (7th Commandment) Fornication is wrong. But it is the “liberals” and the “free-thinkers” and “lobbyist” who effectively say that they are are okay.

    Many of us have grown up with the understanding that we were not men unless we were village rams, we have made a point to tell our children that we can’t stop them from having sex so we going to give them a condom or birth control, or worst yet if they get pregnant an abortion.

    The Word of God speaks clearly without compromise on these issues, yet you don’t want to know or don’t want to hear because it is old timish and only for those days.

    We went and fed the gremlins now they all over town.

  24. Looking On. I hope that you don’t think that by saying that women in the church are fighting for the priest that it would stop the Christians and right thinking Barbadians from dealing with this issue of homosexuality.

    I for one will not shy away from it. I take my stance. It is wrong; DEAD wrong. I take my stance on any other issue of vice and sin and also tell you that it is also wrong.

    As a Christian, when any one asks me how to deal with a homosexual, I tell them. Love the sinner and hate the sin. Let them know that that you appreciate them as a person bu their lifestyle is one of death.

    As a man I cringe to see my young sons who have moved away from their original intent and purpose and have taken an effeminate look. I cringe when I see my daughters looking butch.

    This issue is not only social it is spiritual.

    Sorry David if I upset the apple cart but that is MY stance.

  25. Aha David, at last we have an issue on which I disagree with you and Warrior.
    Why don’t you leave the Gay people alone? They interfere with you?
    I feel that we should decriminalize the whole thing. In fact I feel we should have a law that ALL such persons should have full rights to live their lives exactly as they wish.
    My man, this is a free country (well not tax free but you know what I mean)
    Look David, you have a problem with asthmatics? Or with Downs syndrome victims? How about epileptics or polio victims?
    This is EXACTLY the same condition.
    As a result of some environmental or biological factors, some people inevitably become infected with some type of affliction and we accept this as unfortunate but normal. The only difference here is that the factors are nor environmental but SPIRITUAL. Just like there is a price for environmental slackness – sickness and disease usually; there is also a price to be paid for SPIRITUAL slackness – them!
    ….Men will become lovers of themselves
    ….Women shall lead you (,,if the men ain’t real men what are they to do??)
    ….Your young people will terrorize you
    But wait – this ain’t what Jesus tell the disciples when they ask about the signs of the last days?!?
    Anyhow, David, leave the poor people – they are just victims. Try to love them – but not the way they may wish…

  26. ?x? // Jul 11th 2007 at 5:02 am

    I admit that I am uncomfortable with the idea of public affection between two men, but my personal discomfort at that behaviour is not reason enough for me to advocate for it being prohibited.

    I do not think that children will be harmed by seeing affection, to use your word, between members of the same sex.

    Will this likely result in more homosexual people, probably not. Will it result in more homosexual people being open about what they are, yes. And I think that’s a good thing.


    Have you heard a bigger load of filth for a long time????

  27. ?x? // Jul 10th 2007 at 5:37 am

    How are they forcing it on you? are they demanding that you participate?

    The only way that they could be forcing it on anyway is the same way some people forced their views on ethnic equality by sitting in the front of buses.

    We live in a democratic society and people ave a right to advocate their case, just as you have a right to advocate yours.

    It would be unreasonable to get upset with them for simply advocating their case.


    Yes, they DO force it on us, or certainly try very hard to. My instance of how a recent attempt to force it on me has been cut by BU. It seems that they just can’t get enough homosexual sex and trying to entice others into their filthy web!

  28. Bimbro, women have been dealing with unwanted advances for years, having said that that dosn’t mean it is right. That you feel you have had unwanted attentions is unfortunate, but that’s not something about gay people, that’s just something about people in general not taking no for an answer.

    I hardly think propositioning can be called forcing.

  29. Bush Tea~it is good that we disagree now let me see if we can tick you off like we did Fed up 😆

    Do you accept that we live in a society where the collective values of that society conspire to create a value system which Barbados has become famous? Only yesterday we read the lament of Jamaican girl over at BFP who linked the foolishness going on in Jamaica to the lack of good values when compared to Barbados. A live and let live policy is a recipe for chaos. A prevailing body of views must congeal as one to take charge in a society which will represent how that society will deal with issues efficiently.

    Our theory 🙂

  30. ?x? // Jul 12th 2007 at 5:08 am

    Bimbro, women have been dealing with unwanted advances for years, having said that that dosn’t mean it is right. That you feel you have had unwanted attentions is unfortunate, but that’s not something about gay people, that’s just something about people in general not taking no for an answer.

    I hardly think propositioning can be called forcing.


    ?x?, you, gutlessly, still have n’t had the courage to tell us whether you’re gay?


    Bimbro, women have been dealing with unwanted advances for years, having said that that dosn’t mean it is right.


    A typical, excuse advanced by homosexuals for their sordid practices, as if there’s any comparison between a man making advances to a woman and a man to a man. I feel like puking!


    I hardly think propositioning can be called forcing.


    I said, TRYING TO FORCE, and when it’s same sex and as persistent and unexpected as they can be then what’s the difference!

    Keep making the excuses for the homosexuals ‘x’!

  31. Bimbro. predictable you are attempt to make the arugment personal and calling anyone that disagrees with you homosexual.

    It is the typical response of someone who can not debate the facts. If you can’t destroy the argument, destroy the person making it.

    I would say that I think any persistent, unwanted advance is wrong, no matter from who and who it is.

  32. David
    You cannot tick me off – you got sense.
    But take a step back for a moment and forget the emotions…
    These are SICK people we are talking about. VICTIMS of spiritual pollution (the Jamaican girl calls it ‘lack of good moral values’.)
    This is a direct parallel with -let us say asthmatics.
    In this world, we have created a situation (by playing around with chemicals, biology etc) where an increasing number of children are born with asthma or where persons develop this condition. Now THIS IS NOT GOOD. It is NOT NORMAL. it is NOT desirable. What do we do with these people?
    We provide inhalers, create special provisions in QEH, make allowances in school etc.
    Do we hate them? do we blame them for their illness? NO! but also we do not all go around with inhalers because they have to, and if we are smart – we will CLEAN UP OUR ENVIRONMENT.

    David -it is the same thing.

    Because we have (all) created a spiritual situation (by ignoring God’s spiritual laws –like NOT doing unto others as we would like to be done unto, like NOT being HONEST and RIGHTEOUS in our dealings etc etc), we are seeing an increasing number of our children being born DEFORMED in this and other ways (How do you explain our educated, intelligent young men all being content to lime on the block, with attitudes and hairstyles like animals?)

    THIS IS NOT GOOD, IT IS NOT NORMAL. What do we do with these people? Hate them?

    Where the problem arises, is that these ‘victims’ are (understandably) reluctant to accept that they are victims in the same way that asthmatics obviously do. They prefer to think that they are ‘normal’ and cannot understand or accept any argument to the contrary –thus they seek to promote their lifestyles as ‘NORMAL’ (an expectable human behaviour I would think).

    The real problem then is SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS. The existence of ‘these people’ is just a SYMPTOM. The solution is to clean up our nation with a general PUBLIC desire and DRIVE for RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE, FAIRNESS and GODLINESS.
    I tell you again David – YOU AND BU and people like you- are our last hope….

  33. David-
    Do you think that seeing a man kiss another man, or woman kiss another woman will result in a youth feeling attracted to their own gender?
    I don’t think people are so easily influenced.

  34. ?x? // Jul 12th 2007 at 5:43 am

    Bimbro. predictable you are attempt to make the arugment personal and calling anyone that disagrees with you homosexual.


    When did I say that you’re a homosexual! I simply asked you whether you are or not which clearly, you’re not prepared to confirm. The audience will make their own minds up!

    I’m clearly, heterosexual AND PROUD OF IT!


    The real problem then is SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS. The existence of ‘these people’ is just a SYMPTOM. The solution is to clean up our nation with a general PUBLIC desire and DRIVE for RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE, FAIRNESS and GODLINESS.


    I agree with that!!!!


    ?x? // Jul 12th 2007 at 11:16 am

    Do you think that seeing a man kiss another man, or woman kiss another woman will result in a youth feeling attracted to their own gender?
    I don’t think people are so easily influenced.


    It’s filth and not to be condoned!

    When I survey, the wondrous cross………………..

  35. ?x?

    That chosen tag tells me a lot – question marks by two (?x?) – is it that you have question marks about who or what you are?

  36. Bimbro~We think that you know the answer to that question after reading BU. We would not feel comfortable with our children witnessing homosexual behavior, and that is despite the Bush Tea theory 🙂

  37. David, I am not comfortable either. in fact I am more worried than you are- because i recognise that this problem is a SIGN of much worst things to come. I am more worried about the ROOT CAUSES… it is not that i have a lot of time for them. By the way, how do you know that your children are healthy?!? (not afflicted?) If you know this for sure – just thank God for your luck.

  38. Thanks for that David. I’m afraid I’m going to leave YOU in the hands of the homosexuals. I’ve had enough of them. Good luck doah! 🙂

  39. laurine.i donot know why people have to be gay when there are alot of beatuiful womna out there .

  40. The last time I got into a discussion like this a commentator asked BFP to stop my comments and BFP not only did but have continued to deride me with their article “DLP hires new wrter who heads straight for the gutter”. And that is alright with me because I couldn’t care less what BFP says, but I am trying to make a point here based on the principle of what went on so that minds maybe be opened.

    In spite of that I will have the guts to enter this debate and no doubt will be castigated AGAIN. I would also like to draw another comparison to show how some commentators not so much on this BLOG but the BLOG of the BFP comes in for special criticism while others doing the same thing are not equally castigated.

    The late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau once said “The Government of Canada has no right in the bedrooms of the people” I agree.

    I personally do not condone homosexuality that is my opinion and I think I have a right to it. Having said that if homosexuals want to go that route do not push it down my and the throats of others like me who do not condone that sexual conduct. I also feel that same sex marriages is wrong and to let homosexuals especially like Rosie O’Donnel and others adopt children is wrong.

    Canada in my mind made a very poor political decision to legalize same sex marriages and homsexuality. This has emboldened these people to now have annually a
    “Gay” Parade where thousands march on Yonge and other streets in Toronto in the most vulgar costumes with half of their anatomies out and kissing and embracing. And politicians attend and is a part of it. What message is this sending to our children seeing that type of nonsense.

    Do we see straight people having to put on such an exhibition of their sexual orientation? Why then can’t homosexuals practice their sexual preference more discreetly. If I am not mistaken “Homosexuality” is illegal in Barbados and they might well want to keep it that way judging from what legalizing it in Canada has done to divide peoples and cultures!

    My final point about my comments in other Blogs which were singled out by a few people as vulgar in the DLP Blog and agreed as being BLOG unacceptable by BFP let me show you the double standards. But before I do let me make it explicitly clear I am an adult and I see these things in BLOGS about what I write in this sense and I do not complain about them. And this example is by no means limited to the BU because everyone knows the BFP is equally prone to it. It is up to them without comment or judgement to print it or not print it or edit it whatever is their policy.

    This past weekend commentators on this blog responding under the Rayside Construction Controversy were talking about Lesbians, their genitalia, panties being left on a desk etc. No one to my knowledge condemned these commentators like I was condemned for far more innocent and less vulgar comments. I think that discretion has to be used on blogs and some slack cut people without them being judged as harshly as I was. That is my point!

  41. Remember when I said, “Watch and Wait”? Well the post above reveals exactly what I meant. It has started.

  42. T.D Allamby~We have read your comment and take it under advisement. As we have previously advised please restrict your submissions to one USER NAME.

  43. Eagle Eye please make your point we live in a free country and no one knows you so feel free to elaborate on what you mean! Anything I said you find a lie then tell me about it.

    I thought issues like these were helpful in being ventilated I guess I was wrong!

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  45. David I do not know what you are talking about so help me God. I have posted nothing other than on this particular site and under “No Name” and that is the truth.

    However I am finished posting anywhere because not only do people lie about me but they obviously want me to cease and desist. So be it!

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  47. The Nazi movement & Muslims have few things right, but the extermindation of fags is definately one of the things that they get right. The fewer fags there are in the world, the better the world would be. Is it any wonder that the scourge of Crystal Meth comes from where…? Homo’s. Well, all I can say is…in the same way that I thank god for rust on Nissans & Toyotas, I thank god for AIDS. Shame they invented something that kills anyone & everything though… I hope they all die from it- slowly. To see 2 men doing what only a man & a woman do is something that makes me wanna’ be sick- literally. Whenever I see it & cannot help but make a sarcastic derision at them. Filthy, lowly scum.

  48. I am appalled at the response to homosexuality here in barbados. Some of you claim that homosexuality is a choice. Correction … the homosexual lifestyle is a choice, but homosexuality is not. My friend is homosexual, and imagine his suprise when he finds himself looking at other guys, checking them out, feeling things for people that have the same things he has … He did not choose to look at them, He did not choose to feel attracted to them, but he chose not to act on his feelings.

    I believe that society needs to accept that the problem does exist. mind you, Accepting and Condoning are two completely different things.

    Its hard enough having an emotional struggle wondering why you have these feelings. Wondering, how to tell your parents, how is society going to view you. That coupled with the insults, the ostracisation, the discrimination had driven countless homosexual males and females to suicide.

    that is the reality of the situation. THey don’t choose to look at guys, but they can choose not to have sex with them. Maybe you should think about that.

    Additionally, Yes the bible says homosexuality is wrong … Prostitution is wrong, don’t hear much fuss about that. Gambling is wrong and that is one of the highlights of barbadia society. Alot of things are biblically wrong and yet are not only occurring but publicly advertised as normal in our “Christian Society”

  49. WTF?!?!

    SMALL MINDED PEOPLE! USA, CANADA AND EUROPE very sucessfull countries have millions of ”christians” but they accept homosexuality…why? beacause they are educated and we are all gods creatures arent we? dont be so small minded and gulible to beleive everything you read from some book? Have a little faith in science, for example science tells us the world is bilions of years old, while that book you preach your life on tells us it is thousands? And the list goes on and on of all the erros that book preaches to you. Bajans only hate homosexuals beacuse they dont understand it have not been educated about it, they live on some isalnd 166sq miles, open your eyes people, learn to love and repect everyone, they are not harming you, they are not doing you no wrong. My advise stop behaiving like the 3rd world country you are and mayb you wont be a 3rd world country anymore. Stop discriminating against something you dont want to understand, its not killing you so just relaxx chill and dont worry about homosexuals.

  50. When a nation or people are asked to accept something they do not want it is called ‘bullying’. Homosexuals forget the fact that they are human beings first and choose with whom they partner (same sex). I am a human being first – I choose Christianity – I state very clearly my choice – I don’t bully anyone to accept me for my christian virtues. My fight is for a better standard and quality of living for all mankind and my pray is that all men everywhere accept the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour.

    Am I forcing anyone to become a Christian? No. or to accept Christianity it’s your indvidualy choice. So why then should a world be forced to accept homosexuality. Homosexuals have the same rights as muslim, christian, non-christian. Christianity promote marriage, where can you prove to me that marriage is a part of homosexuality? Is homosexuality a religion?

    Is being a Eunuch a religion? Why are homosexuals asking a nation to convert to instead of being law abiding in the respective country. Barbados is Christian. We do not add to it and we shall not take from. The Almighty God is our Lord. We allow religious denominations to practice their faith.

    Is criminality a religion? Again I ask, why do homosexuals want religious ceremonies when they cannot find any religious origin for their lifestyle?
    Leave the church out of your dealings – if men in the church practice homosexuality does that make it religious?

    I said in another post this issue will continue to come up and discused. Christians and those of like minds will condemn homosexuality with the grace, power and support of the Almighty God through His Son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

  51. Home | December 9, 2011 at 12:31 PM |
    “Barbados is Christian.”

    Don’t make us laugh! Since when? Between 1627 and 1840?.
    Is it enshrined in our Constitution?
    Do you count the presence of legalised gambling and alcohol consumption as part of the Christian tapestry? What about the high incidence of children born out of wedlock (no sex before marriage, etc)?
    Barbados is a political democracy (not theocracy) that tolerates the practice of faith irrespective of religious persuasion.

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