So We Have A State Of The Art Prison__ Can We Lock-Up Some "Quality Thieves" Now?

BU hope that its viewpoints on the vexing issue of immigration and the attendant issues are enlightening to all. It is an important issue and only through dispassionate discussion the fears of Barbadians can be addressed, We hope that our policymakers will take heed.


As the news on the radio was played in the BU household this morning (21 June 2007) the report of a senior policeman in one of the Dutch islands being arrested triggered me to think the unthinkable. Do we imagine that such can ever occur in Barbados? It interest us that Barbados for all the frailties that we know mankind possesses; politicians and the upper crust of our society never seem to break the law. Although a few may become ensnared in the court system from time to time, it appears that manipulation can occur with such ease so as to allow their cases to quietly fade away.


A read of the newspaper today reports that the Auditor General in Bermuda was detained on a matter to do with leaking information. Frederick, a minister in the St. Lucian government was detained for questioning this week, something about tax evasion. We all know of the many senior politicians and judicial figures who are currently battling to avoid prison in the Trinidad courts. Five Bahamian ministers were brought before the court and had to defend their honor recently. Again we are curious why in Barbados our public officials appear to be so pristine in behavior that none of them ever have to appear before the law courts. Barbados is such a small place yet the “big boys” continue to be ignored__why the silence?. How many of us have heard about the mini-buses owned by Ministers and big-ups in Barbados which are not harassed like others on our roads by the men in blue__accident or design? I think we know the answer.


Do we really believe our Barbadian politicians and upper crust citizens do no wrong?


We all know of the “pretty boy” whose family is from the North who is currently walking about Barbados scotts free, after scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars from Sagicor. There is a top Barbadian businessman who owns a furniture company who is accused of scamming Inland Revenue, the case continues to languish in the court system. By the way, a BU source has confirmed that this case will fade away also. We can return to the bowels of our history and read about the Pele case which epitomizes how the Barbados system of justice was taken for a ride by the political elite in this country. By the way, does the Pele case classify as a cold case?


BU believes that if we could get a Police Commissioner with balls it could make a difference as far as the high profile cases go. The biggest shame is our Prime Minister Arthur who can admit in the august and venerable lower house that he received a significant sum of money which was deposited to his personal account. It is our understanding that the funds were to be placed to the party account. Can a lawyer who visit BU tell us if there is not sufficient grounds to question Prime Minister Arthur on this matter?


The question BU wish to pose to Arthur is how long did he leave the cheque in his personal account before transfer to the BLP party account?

During the time it was on his personal account did the money receive interest from FCIB and if so was the interest received transferred to the party account as well?

Just asking.

The sad thing is that his other political colleagues currently engage in the same practice. They place donations to their personal accounts and transfer to the party account when they are good and ready. Does this fall under the ambit of the Auditor General? Again, can’t the Police question these people? I suppose it is no different to the lawyers in Barbados who many of them deposit the client’s monies to interest bearing accounts and pocket the interest. But then many of our politicians are lawyers…hmmmmm.

My Lord, what are we to do? It seems to me that Barbadians are locked in a den of inequity!


BU ask all Barbadians, as a sign of your patriotism, to email this story to at least two friends. The idea is to sensitize all Barbadians to be on the look-out for wrong doing and to forward any information to the authorities, blogs or any person of repute. A democracy is a very fragile thing and must be protected!

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23 thoughts on “So We Have A State Of The Art Prison__ Can We Lock-Up Some "Quality Thieves" Now?

  1. Just wondering if anyone else knows that the PM and the Commissioner of Police are first cousins. I heard this yesterday from a reliable source. So, where does that leave us?? I see this business of opening old murder cases as reading “the canefield murders”. As regards the Pele case, no way! That one will be stone cold dead in the market.

  2. Did the Pele case make the history books, or made it on the Best Sellers’ Hardcover? If not, someone is loosing some gud $$. lol

  3. The Pele Parris murder needs to be resolved and the guilty ones be brought to justice or formally named.
    Why should Bryte St.John walk around free having been involved a such a serious matter?
    Why because his father had politicial clout and he used that clout to avoid having his son face the gallows and to discredit he Bree?
    No it is time that this nonsense comes to an end, I have the greatest respect for Mr Dottin and I honestly hope that he will do the right thing and finally charge Bryte St.John and what Delise Bradshaws role in this matter we need to know that as well.
    As for the first residents of Dodds my suggestion would be for them to lock up Owing, Mottley for steling millions from us with this same project, Lynch for his corruption and deals with Carnival, Liz Thompson and her husband for raping us with that bath contract, Clarke for taking bribes.
    Then all those involved in the flyovers, the prision, the buliding that has taking 6 years to build and still not finished at Newton,Walcott for loitering in the ministry of health while collecting a healthy salary( pardon the pun), Dale Marshall for gross mismanaghement of public funds and you want more reasons for putting this gang of crooks behind bars?

  4. Wishing In Vain:

    When you lock up all these people…tell me where are you going to put the other criminals who are down at the point.
    From your count,the new place like it would be filled with these people.
    Then we would have to build all over again.

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  6. Having listen to the accusation (Thompy) and the reply by Owen, any layman reading of the Barbados corruption act would suggest cause for at least an investigation, but Barbados is no longer a nation of Laws. Laws, adhearance and enforcement is a thing of the past. Right now we have a situation in Barbados where over 100 non-nationals are working in Barbados without the necessary documents, contrary to LAW. You cannot make the case that Barbados is not a LAWLESS country.

  7. Chase, We would build it again but this time the locals would get the contract, and would not be paying Hallam Nicholls, Glyne Bannister and Mr EASF White the commission that they have collected from VECO not one red cent to none of them.Because they would all be behind bars already.
    It is quite real that this lot have skimmed $ 100 million of this contract you think that they could really want more?

    Adrian2, When in this life are we going to open our eyes and see that corruption is now legal in Barbados ?

  8. I watched a picture a few years ago where a man was going about his life as normal then one day he realised that is was all a TV show.

    We are being fed bits and pieces, does anyone here really think that Mr. Dottin would reopen any of those cold cases?

    If he open the Pele Case then he has to open the ones of those two police officers who met their death, one up St. Phillip and the other in St. James.

    Investigations will have to be carried out to deal with corruption in the said police force.

    All this cold case talk is just that – talk, only for political milage.

  9. The one I really wish they would reopen is the case of the little girl from Kirtons, St. Philip, who was thrown into a well. Murder is horrible, no matter who the victim, but when its a child, to me it seems a lot worse. At the time of that murder I had heard a rumour (and you know Barbados is famous for them!) that a policeman was involved, or had connections with the culprit in some form or fashion. Did anyone else hear that?

  10. Instead of wasting time on trivial issues can somone respond to the real issues and those being what really is the story with-: the cost and alleged corruption involved with building of the prison,the same is also true about the flyovers,the slot machines, the status of the either legal or illegal Chinese workers at the Paradise project, the whole story about this cheque that Mr Thompson refered to in his budget reply was there such a situation that happened or not, the position with regards to the barrier at Colony Club, the whole story in relation to public accesses to our beaches.
    These are more pressing issues to us the general public that this trivia as to who or how many will win seats in the next election.
    Thank you an undecided voter.

  11. Are you leaving Liz Thompson out of this band of mega crooks and what about Mr ESAF See thru Arthur out of this band as well?
    After all he has to be the composer and director of this group.
    When he can arrange to buy land for the gov’t for twice the stated price on the land tax bill under the condition the difference is paid back to him to fund an election campaign or put into his personal bank account as we know he is know to do $ 5 million is not a bad pay day.

  12. For Dottin to open any of the cold cases, death would have to warm over; I am serious!! Dottin plays the game like any other politician and probably plays it better. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY HIS TITLE!! HE WEARS A PANTS LIKE ANY OTHER CITIZEN; HIS DOINGS, INCLUDING PULLING THE WOOL OVER THE EYES OF MANY IS HUMAN NATURE.

    To boot, for Dottin to open any of the notorious cold cases , he would need to implement a task force strictly for these purposes, selecting the best of the crop to focus on the subject matter from the beginning to the end; AND, Dottin is not going to open a can o worms being afraid some might get up in his ass****and he doesn’t have the tool(s) to pluck them out.

    While I’m at it, Bim is NOT about equality and justice.

  13. Well said, Sapidillo. A policeman in Ohio just got arrested for the (alleged) murder of his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn baby. Think that could happen here? NEVER.

  14. As seen on the blp site below is a classic example of the level of fustration being seen around this island towards this gang of crooks when someone is prepared to blast the ruling party as this person is doing it speaks volumes as to level of fustration that exist in this island.

    I need answers Please // Jun 24th 2007 at 11:36 pm

    Prime Minister; Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs; and Minister for the Civil Service and Culture, AND TELL ME WHAT THE @!&%$&@ WANNA PLAN TO DO ABOUT THE MANNY QUESTION ME AND THE ENTIRE BARBADIAN PUBLIC HAVE BEEN ASKING TO HAVE ANSWER?????????

    1- Will We Ever Have A Police Commissioner With The Courage To Arrest A Politician? Or Is Lack Of Courage Not The Problem?

    2- VECO Wouldn’t Do Anything Like THIS In Barbados, Would They?

    3- Does Barbados Chief Justice Simmons Own Shares In The Country’s Largest Newspaper?

    4- What Happened To The Money From Hotel and Resorts Ltd’s Assets Sale? How Much Went Into David Shorey’s Pocket?

    5- Assets And Integrity Legislation?

    6- We Want Audited GEMS Hotel Financials From Prime Minister Owen Arthur? It Will Never Happen… Never.

    7- Which Barbados Resorts Are For Sale?

    8- How Long To Pay Back $51 Million Barbados “Investment” In Harrison’s Cave?

    9- Barbados GEMS Hotel Scandal Still Costing Big Time Tax Dollars – Will It Never End?

    10- Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur: His Secret Bank Accounts, Stock Portfolios

    11- Government Claims $90 Million A Year In Departure Tax Revenues… Where Is The Money?

    12- Will We Ever Have A Police Commissioner With The Courage To Arrest A Politician? Or Is Lack Of Courage Not The Problem?


    Note am not associated with BFP “Barbados Free Press” as you might notice that some of the question came from they BLOG AS THEY HAVE THE MEANS AND WAYS TO ASK YOU ALL WHAT I NEVER HAD THE COURAGE TO AS WANNA TIFFING @!&%$&@ BEFORE UNTIL SEEING WHAT THE @!&%$&@ WANNA WROTE ON THIS RSOLE BLOG

  15. I see the abovementioned comment was quickly withdrawn from the Blasted Lying People’s website.

  16. It was obviously written with a certain amount of built up passion and anger.
    I wonder are they getting the message as yet that we have had enough of their nonsense and dishonesty.

  17. If Barney Lynch is any indication of their getting the message. I would have to deduce that they do not.

  18. Blatanly stupid man he is, my worry is where that $ 100 million went and into who’s bank account it was deposited?
    Or do we know if these Chinese workers are legal or illegal our traditional press are weak in the following up of stories like this that is why polticians know to give them a few days and the story will die a natural death, no more questions will be asked and all will be well.

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