VECO And Barbados Leader Of The Opposition David Thompson Named In Law Suit In Ontario Canada!

Barbados Free Press must be given credit for breaking the story of a law suit filed in Canada by Nelson Barbados Group Ltd (Plaintiff) which named defendants Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons, Mark Cummins (Chief Town Planner), David Shorey (Prime Minister’s close friend and confidant) and many other prominent individuals and companies. BU have followed this case with great interest given the implications if this matter is allowed to play out in the court. We do not intend to rehash the story but BU readers who wish to familiarized themselves with the original Barbados Free Press story can do so here or visit .

A BU visit to the website today confirmed that the original Statement of Claim was amended and filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on the 13 August 2007. We did a quick scan; correct us if we are wrong, but do we see David Thompson, Commonwealth Construction and its subsidiary VECO and some other interesting names added to the law suit?

It is time that we start to connect the dots!

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8 thoughts on “VECO And Barbados Leader Of The Opposition David Thompson Named In Law Suit In Ontario Canada!

  1. why dont yall go find some real news to post and not rubbish with no proof to it is it not innocent until to proven guilty ,,,,no proof to these crap accusations go find some real news

  2. Anonymous~all we have done is to disseminate news which is out there. It is news and people are entitled to know about it. Time will tell how it shakes out.

  3. If these allegations are true, this is very newsworthy.
    Talk. Listen. Think cotton, prison, dirty real estate deals…..
    Is Barbados squeaky clean? Hash it out, don’t hide it. In my conversations, I have heard many horror stories from Barbadians that make these allegations believeable. The defendants should be able to post here and correct any inaccuracies.
    Think! Next time it may be either you or me being squeezed!

  4. To name so many defendants seems a little over the top but why would the plaintiff risk embarrassment and damage to credibility by lodging this suit? And what is the VECO connection? Is it a case of wanting to open a pandora’s box?

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