When Water Turned To Wine At The Barbados Water Authority~Part 2


No water, but who cares?

For a while now the authorities knew that water was very, very scarce in some St Thomas districts. A reservoir is empty. Yet for the past week or more the precious commodity has literally been pouring
from two showers at the changing facilities at Worthing Beach, Christ Church.

The authorities seem not to care. Why? They have water home at them, while others are crying out for water.


Source: Nation News

BU wish to thank all those who have been submitting emails concerning other inequities at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA). We have tried to substantiate as many of the issues as we can and those which are 50:50 we have exercised good judgment in what has been published. To say that we have been amazed at the “goings-on” at the BWA would be understating the issue. Let us all remember that this is the same BWA which perennially will ask the people of Barbados to conserve water, however an IADB Report can confirm that 50% of the country’s water is being leaked from a rusty pipe network or unmetered consumption.

“Despite the near-universal coverage of the public water system, about half of all water production is classified as “unaccounted for,” meaning that it is lost through leakage of aging pipes and other defective equipment, or through unmetered consumption”

There is obviously a relationship between our high standard of living and the increase in the use of water. There is also the cruise ship industry which Barbados is required to supply with water. Barbadians expect that our water management must be led by an efficient BWA which must lead the charge to find creative solutions to sustain the water supply of Barbados. It concerns BU that in 2004 when the Sandy Lane Hotel spent 10 million to build a desalination plant to cater to its golf courses, they indicated that they had the capacity to supply the needs of the hotel, the BWA refused their request to disconnect from the public supply of water.

BU does not understand the logic in the BWA decision.

“Michael Davern, Sandy Lane general manager, says it would have been cheaper for the hotel complex to buy all of its water from the Water Authority, but “[the authority] could not guarantee an uninterrupted supply, and we needed to be assured of supply to irrigate the golf course.” Golf courses need daily irrigation year around, he says, so it made sense to build a desalination plant to protect an overall investment of around $500 million.

Davern added that it would also be economical for Sandy Lane to produce the hotel’s drinking water from the desalination plant, as the additional cost of making the irrigation water fit for human consumption would have been minimal. But the government requires that the hotel purchase all potable water from the Water Authority. “That makes me wonder whether there really is a water crisis,” says Davern”

BU is not happy with the stone-aged management approach which is being used to manage this important mineral resource. All Barbadians should sit-up and take note.

In closing BU wishes to ask the General Manager of the BWA the following questions:

  1. Why is it that a “woman” who worked on a project and was assigned the same tasks as others was the only person paid a $900.00 per month allowance?
  2. Why was Stephen Lindo transferred after an investigation into the building of reservoirs and his house?
  3. What is the status of the investigation into Charlie Marville, Project Manager of the Bowmanstan project?
  4. What is BWA’s policy regarding a senior Board Member having a relationship with a senior staff member?

BU expect answers to our questions!

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10 thoughts on “When Water Turned To Wine At The Barbados Water Authority~Part 2

  1. So many rumours, so much gossip. What does one acheive by crying down the senior staff of bwa. Seems like u are out to ruin these people. Remember Carma, and what aint pass yah aint miss yah. So who are we to judge. Beloved judge not least ye be judged. Just do the right thing and stop slandering the people.

  2. Fed~you just have to trust us that our sources are impeccable. Do you not want unexplained decisions and behaviour explained? Or do you prefer to remain docile while your tax dollars are tossed around?

  3. Speachless, these individuals were doing this for a long time but I guess it is an old boys club….But you should ask Denis why the woman was paid and the Chairman about the relationship

  4. well david I hope that u do nothing wrong or to damage your character so that you can be exposed to nasty rumours and gossip. give me a break about tax dollars. we both know that this is just a malicious act to damage people characters. what can u acheive by this. we have to know where to draw the lines, the name printing method stinks big time.

  5. Fed~BU wants you to read the following lines very carefully.
    If we come across information which points to wrong doing by anyone in Barbados and we can cross check it and become satisfied of its authenticity we will publish it. If we publish information that turns out to be erroneous then our credibility becomes an issue and we loose.

  6. While being able to hide your identity and that of your informants, you have no problem with openly publishing with impunity the names of innocent people, maligning their character and credibility as well as their family’s; they loose, not you. When or if you loose, what debt will you pay and to whom?

  7. Kid and Fed, why don’t you two come out and admit that you are scared stiff that your turns will come when your dirty linen will be on line?
    You two are demonstrating EXACTLY why this country is full of bribery, thieving and scams. You are so comfortable with the situation that you sympathize with criminal behaviors.
    It is difficult to be hard or other crooks when we KNOW that we are just as guilty… not true?
    HOWEVER, the only way that this country will turn around, is if some level of public outrage and outcry rise up and set some standards of HONESTY and ACCOUNTABILITY especially in public office.
    These blogs are introducing a whole new era in public accountability. LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT. And Thank God.
    Obviously there will be drawbacks as persons could post incorrect and malicious gossip and accusations. But responses can also be quick, incisive and effective. This is why those who occupy high positions and who think that they can simple ignore this new technology will be in for a RUDE awakening shortly…
    What maligning innocent people what?!
    Wake up to reality…. stop theifing, and learn to communicate.

  8. Give me a break, just like anything else people would realise that your stories are just used to hurt people, remember the investigator newspaper. After a while most of the this published in it became a big joke. Mind u I have not prob with u printing stuff it is the name printing that is bothering me. All u have to tell me is what satisfaction r u acheiving from it. Why are u hiding your identity then, publish your names and the names of the editors on the site. Seems like u are the ones afraid. And PS I dont have any dirty linen that u would be interested in anyway. Besides I am not trying to turn over a government with a malicious website. Get Real Bush.

  9. Fed,

    My Grandmother always told me “guilty conscience stew Eddoes white”. You ppl want to keep every thing secret and yuh get so cocky now that wunna don’t want nuh body call wunna tuh account. What you telling me atall

    In other words, you seem afraid that somehow the BU will pull the rug from under you or a couple of your friends.

    Remember it is you all who committing the crimes not BU, doing as wunna like bout hey man, now wunna eating wunna fine clothes. If you din’ dey nuh body cuh’ call yuh name.

    Get what ah mean?
    If not then just keep stewing.

  10. Well, I can honestly say …. thank goodness for an intelligent candid approach to the underbelly of Barbados’ hypocracy. I firmly believe in ‘naming and shaming’. For too long those individuals who believe ‘getting caught for crimes’ are only for the little people, are now well served by this communication. If people who committed white/blue coloured crime are so concerned with their family and friends reputation, then why did they not think of this before they dipped their fingers in the ’till’. I am not sorry for them, I do not shed a tear for the shame they have brought on their family – I am not responsible for that shame, they are -TOTALLY!!!! I live within my means and will strive constantly to lead a life of integrity, respect and decency. Please note, I am not talking from a reglious prospective, but simply one of being aware of what is right and what is ‘wrong’. Remember, whatever you do, it will eventually catch up with you. Be warned…

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