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Gays Are People Too

Senator Hillary Clinton’s Conclusion About Gays

Reading Jake Tapper’s Political Punch on ABC News – we find that Senator Hillary Clinton has no “verbal” commitment about gays. This morning on Good Morning, America, Senator Clinton was asked about the comments by General Peter Pace that homosexuality is “immoral.” Clinton has opposed the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, so I asked her if that law — signed by her husband in 1993 — was a mistake, and if homosexuality is “immoral.”

Senator Clinton said:
“General Pace has clarified his remarks, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is not working,” she said. “We are being deprived of thousands of patriotic men and women who want to serve their country who are bringing skills into the armed services that we disparately need, like translation skills. And one can argue whether it was a good idea when it was first implemented, but we know have evidence as to the fact that we are in a time of war — when we really need as many people as we can to recruit and retain in an all-volunteer army — we are turning people away or discharging them not because of what they’ve done but because of who they are.”

Then she was asked, “But is it immoral?”

Senator Clinton replied:
“Well I’m going to leave that to others to conclude,” she said. “I’m very proud of the gays and lesbians I know who perform work that is essential to our country, who want to serve their country and I want make sure they can.”

Now there’s a woman who has no balls…oh, no I mean no tits! Hmmm, well you get the picture. I know our X isn’t going next to her name!

If we wanted to examine a glaring example of what is wrong with the world we live in today, it can be seen by examining the statement by USA Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. This public display of vacillating on an issue which has the potential to destroy the world is endemic of the modern day politician. The discussions will continue on how homosexuality will be integrated into our societies. One thing is certain, when we fuse the modern day lifestyle which is devoid of the traditional value systems previously shaped by religion and traditions, the prognosis appears to be that the tensions will continue.

Does Your Mama Know?: 4 in 10 Americans Have Gay Family/Friend


The Pew Research Center just released a new study showing 4 in 10 people in America has a gay or lesbian family member or close friend. So you’re asking “so what?”

Look children. This blog can’t be all shits and giggles. Sometimes I gotta give you the news.

From Pew: In the past four decades, growing numbers of gays have come out of the closet and into the mainstream of American life. As a consequence, 4-in-10 Americans now report that some of their close friends or family members are gays or lesbians, according to a recent national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

About half of all women, young people, college graduates, political liberals and mainline Protestants say that someone close to them is gay, the survey found. But significantly fewer men, conservative Republicans and older Americans report that a good friend or family member is homosexual.

An analysis of survey results suggests that familiarity is closely linked to tolerance. People who have a close gay friend or family member are more likely to support gay marriage and they are also significantly less likely to favor allowing schools to fire gay teachers than are those with little or no personal contact with gays, the poll found.

What was interesting to me also was that the numbers seemed to be about the same across race, geographic region, and religion. The biggest disparities were across age, and religious affiliation–younger heteros knew more queers (excuse me. GAYS and LESBIANS), and Conservatives knew fewer.

The second quote provides an insight into what our “liberal” societies will evolve to. The US society is renown as one of the most liberal in the world, with laws that support the rights of individuals to do all manner of things. The big question is if a Barbadian society would want to mirror what we are witnessing in the USA?

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12 thoughts on “Gays Are People Too

  1. What then do you propose to do with Homosexual men and women??
    Burn them at the stake??Banish them all to another world?? I do not think, given the”intolerable climate” here and elsewhere that anyone would “choose” such a lifestyle??
    If since time eternal homosexuals chose to stay “in the closet” straight people would be non the wiser (or holier for that matter).
    AND….Why is it that ADULTERY seems to be a “non issue”?
    Guess that is too much of a valued tradition to break!!

  2. Personally I hope we do evolve to a society where we can accept people for what they are, as long as they are doing no harm to others.
    I think Barbados will get there eventually.

  3. I agree with both comments above. Barbados may be a conservative society, and that’s fine, but what exactly do you suggest we do with the estimated 5% plus of people who are homosexual and it’s not a choice, it’s genetic. Ensure that they spend miserable lives in hiding by legislating against tolerance ? Every time I hear about the pictures of underaged girls and older men on cell phones I think that there’s a bunch wrong with society including serial adultery, outside women and AIDS which is increasing among younger women and older men. But it ain’t homosexuality.

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  7. T.D Allamby~we have had no complaints from others and further we have several readers who log on from your country with apparently no difficulty. Feel free to check your local system and or ISP.

  8. David I find computers like most of todays technology. When they are working as they should they are awesome but when problems arise few seem to be able to pinpoint the cause with any certainty.

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