Morality and Politics:Mia Mottley in Focus

A nation’s political trends are governed by several factors–the state of the economy, the vested interests of politicians and bureaucrats, the attitudes of the media, and many others. But the fundamental factor is moral: the beliefs people have about right and wrong, good and bad; their aspirations for their lives; the virtues they practice and vices they denounce; the responsibilities and obligations they accept; the things they feel entitled to; the standards that govern their sense of fair play; the ideals that shape their sense of what is worthy.

Source: David Kelley

Mia MotleyIn Barbados there is a lifestyle that represents a counter culture which is starting to pervade the island. It is a lifestyle which says that morality can be separated from politics. The schooled among us will table arguments which make sense in theory but then there is the intuition and the culture of our people which often times must be interwoven to represent the beliefs of a nation. All too often nowadays our politicians by their behaviour are not representing the standards of a majority Barbadian society which are still rooted in traditional values in the main.

In recent days and months the debate around the BLP leader in waiting Mia Mottley has had to suffer many knocks as a result of her much public lifestyle, and many Barbadians do not support her elevation to the highest office in the land. We subscribe to the view that our leaders must be people who project an image of stability and hold sacred to what the majority of our society wants.

Homosexuality and the liberal approach to how this group is embraced by Mia Mottley leaves an uncomfortable feeling among most Barbadians. The haste with which the Prime Minister relegated her to the background in recent months can be seen not so much as an attempt to protect her popularity but more so the BLP’s attempt to win the next general election. The Prime Minister has already indicated his strong interest to face the electorate for a fourth term, he knows very well that Mia Mottley is young and therefore expendable at this time. The recent Peter Wickham poll has provided Mia Mottley’s sagging popularity as fuel to many debates in rum shops as to whether her pre-determined track to be the first female Prime Minister has been compromised by her much vaunted lifestyle. We are of the view that the Prime Minister has allowed Mia Mottley to hang herself after giving her a very long rope.

His recent and passionate defense of Mia Mottley during the recent Budget debate appeared to be disingenuous at best.

The reality is that should the BLP win a fifth term, which is the time Mia Mottley will have to wait her opportunity will ultimately be determined by the parliamentary majority of the party she represents. By that time her colleagues may very well think that she is a liability which the party may feel inclined not to carry on its back. Barbadians in the main continue to be a conservative people and any leader must appear to conform to those expectations. It is interesting to juxtapose the Prime Minister’s recent change in his image which seeks to place family first because the savvy political strategist that he is, he knows that the popularity which he enjoyed before has to be reinforced given the tenuous state of the Barbados economy at this time which can impact his political aspirations at anytime.

If I were Mia Mottley I would seek to do the same.

11 thoughts on “Morality and Politics:Mia Mottley in Focus

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  3. It is nice to know that it is ok to tell the truth about people, even if the content is tough to hear. I hope that the truth will be the driving force from here onwards. I hope that we will not miss the light by focusing on the darkness.

  4. Its amazing to read what is written about Mia Mottley and her sexual preference openly as an issue. For God sake it is 2008. Barbados main source of income is touriism. Which mean all kinds of people would be visitng your country. Get a grip!!!!!

  5. Mia is a very intelligent woman and barbados should be grateful for her…Her sexuality is he business and it is not affecting the service she gives to her u mia

  6. I do not know the writer, but the source is a D. Kelly and the submission is Dixxie.
    This is the nasty type of politics that makes sordid all the things that can lead to a fair and just society. Poisonous statements like these happen to be gaining a niche in Barbados, and this writer seems bent on exploiting those who fall for the gutter rather than try to reach the head-row.
    Please tell me, how does this piece of mischievous trash enhance the livelihoods or prospects of Barbadians given the crisis proportions that the country is facing?
    People have opinions and I will respect although they would differ from mine; however the piece of ‘crap’ writing the nasty entry should invest in toilet paper.
    In the same way that we reserve a modicum of respect for the Prime Minister of Barbados given his office, I think we can do much better regarding the constitutional position of Leader of the Opposition.
    Does the writer seriously believe that persons will reject Mia Mottley on the basis of unfounded rumours, innuendo, and rampant malice? Is the writer not aware that if one is going to take a moral position then one cannot live in a glass house and throw stones as dastardly as is now the case?
    With no apology, I can discern that this person is a vile and nasty person that would do anything to destroy any good prospects for Barbados. This person has absolutely no respect for Barbadian women folk, and far less for his family of the feminine gender.
    Let us talk about credibility, ethics, and legitimacy in the current administration; and the rules that should govern those who seek to gain office in the future. Let us bring all politicians and political parties under an umbrella of ethical behaviour that is consistent with what the society as a whole wants to accept.
    And please remember that all 30 MPs are drawn from within the society and hence the persons that voted for them ought to be respected.
    However, do not be a serpent with twisted mind and tongue while lashing out at one political leader and ignoring the questionable things that abide in your glass house!
    The possible writer ‘Dixxie’ is nothing but vermin that needs a good bush bath and exorcism from the political annals of Barbados. Go back to your hole you squeamish piece of crap!

  7. All these side attractions hoping to divert Barbadians from the financial Tsunami of taxes that will push us to mere beggars.

  8. So GB wher is your condemnation of those who say the nastiest and most vile things here on BU about David Thompson and PM STUART< you too need to go back to your political hole . How dare You, condemn who ! condem What! all should be condemn. Hypocrite!

  9. I am not in favour of homosexuality, bestiality, lesbianism or any of the other unnatural or nonconformist sexual behaviours. In addition I am further of the view that homosexuality is unhygienic; but I also feel that what consenting adults do in the confines of their bedrooms is their business.

    Why continue to harass Miss Mottley on an issue which has been practised by a former deputy prime minister held in high esteem in the hierarchy of the DLP and the country as well as DLP kingmaker, and they were others so inclined as well holding high office in the country as well.

    Only yesterday we witnessed the sad in my view but now universally accepted spectacle of a marriage between two males performed by none other than a justice of the supreme court of the United States of America.

    I continue to hope that no Government in my time or thereafter legalises this sordid practice but I also recognize that it is only a matter of time unless before international pressure under the auspices of the united nations bring pressure to bear.

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