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Barbados Murder Statistics June 2019

The murder count has moved to 32, there was a stabbing in Bridgetown last night – Blogmaster June 2019 saw four murders taking place in Barbados (30 for the year so far). Two of them took place in in St. Michael, while the remaining two took place in St. Philip and Christ Church respectively. The four victims were all male and died as a

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April 2019 Murder Stats

here have been at least two deaths associated with violence in April. This is based on data obtained from reports in the media. March 2019 saw six deaths. Total for the year thus far is 22. The table below lists the two individuals. Full details posted on caribbeansignal.com.

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Increase in the Murder Rate

Blogger at Caribbeansignal.com doesn’t only track the movement in the petrol price. Although it is early days to push the panic button the early trending is a worrying sign. – David, Barbados Underground There has been a 60% increase in the number of murders between January and March 2018 compared with the same time frame last year. Jan to March

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