Guns and More Guns – Murder Statistics January to October 2022

Acting Commissioner of Police Erwin Boyce

The young and the reckless are having access to guns at an “unprecedented” level, with police admitting they have “not yet touched the surface” on the issue.

Attributed to Assistant Commissioner of Police Erwin Boyce
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Barbados Murders Continue to Climb, Civil Society Clueless

BU’s projection is that the number of murders for 2022 will exceed 2021 – See BU Murder Tracker. Have we done enough to identify and address the underlying factors driving gun violence in Barbados? Obviously there is need to improve enforcement measures but what about the pressing need to also address social behavioural factors? We must do better.

BU Murder Tracker

See for the latest update to the Barbados Murder Database (2022) and Barbados Murder Statistics January to September 2022.

There have been at least 29 murders between January and September 2022 (up from 26 last month). The steps involved in the following analysis are similar to my 2020 analysis.

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Number of Murders On-track to Surpass 2021

The following was submitted by Amit from The number of murders increased from 26 to 28 since the submission – Blogmaster


Richard Ricardo Jordan, 51, charged with the July murder of 86-year-old Gloria Leacock (Image Source: Barbados Today)

There have been at least 26 murders between January and August 2022. The steps involved in the following analysis are similar to my 2020 analysis.

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Barbados: Murder Rate Worry

We had a double murder this week and last night quickly added another to the number of murders for 2022. It must be obvious there is a positive relationship to increase economic activity and other factors the analysts peddle.

What the blogmaster fears is that we mirror the US and other developed societies by becoming desensitized to the horrible act of murder. Another worry is that many seem happy to allocate the problem to the government and Barbados Police Service. We forget that the perpetrators of the crime were raised by Barbadian families. 

In other words, it calls for a collective effort from our little society to arrest the situation. Isn’t obvious that politicizing this and every problem will not solve?

Here is the latest murder stats from

July 1, 2022by Amit Uttamchandani

Barbados Murder Statistics January to June 2022

Orange Cottage, Horse Hill, St. Joseph. Scene of a double-murder on June 29 (Image Source: NationNews)

There have been at least 15 murders for the year so far. The data presented below is from January to June 2022. The steps involved in this analysis are similar to my 2020 analysis.

Table 1 - Murders Jan to Jun 2022
Table 1 – Murders in Barbados January to June 2022.

Note to Table 1: Data extracted from The NationNews and Barbados Today website (click to enlarge).

Death + Murder = Case of DIMINISHING Return on ROE

One of the many discussion points COVID 19 pandemic has generated is the ‘Covid 19 dashboard’. The ‘dashboard’ highlights a running number of daily, cumulative infections, active cases, number of people vaccinated, DEATHS and other information public health officials deem to be pertinent. Last evening the recent ‘dashboard’ showed the number of deaths attributed to COVID 19 had surpassed 42 for 2020 – see BU’s Murder Tracker.

An unwelcome characteristic demonstrated by Barbadians in recent years is a numbness shown to death. In 2019 the number of murders was an unprecedented 49. It was not that long ago Barbadians expressed horror at a single unnatural death on the island. The blogmaster anticipates the counter perspective will be that per thousand- Barbados despite the high number of reported murders in the last 2 years- is removed from several other countries in the region. Why then is the blogmaster consumed by an overwhelming sense of despair at the current situation? A glimmer of hope- we have passed the first quarter of 2021 with a single murder reported. Will the trend continue? The blogmaster is not optimistic.

The government is understandably consumed by the economic and COVID 19 challenges of the day. However, we must not forget the social issues we have to also manage that determine the quality of society we aspire to maintain. Although Barbados’ human development index continues to be relatively well reported, it has fallen from high of the 1990s.

An overdue discussion in the country is the causal factors driving the apathetic attitude to the rising number of murders and death in general.

There is also the sub story revealed by rising COVID 19 deaths that confirms the vulnerability of individuals afflicted with comorbidities in Barbados. It is no secret Barbados has earned the label NCD Capital of the world. It is no secret the COVID 19 virus has been unkind to this group. PAHO reports that people with underlying health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer have a higher risk of severe COVID 19 disease and are more likely to die.

Although fighting the pandemic has been elevated to number one priority health issue by the global community, the enduring issue for Barbados of the high incidence of NCDs must not see this issue being subsumed and ‘deprioritized’ by the pandemic. Should the health authorities be using the opportunity to coopt simultaneous approaches to fight both health issues?

The blogmaster wants to see a greater proactive and holistic approach to managing the people’s business by government and NGO stakeholders. There is a reason funding for education is consistently in the top two allocations of the national budget. The high incidence of NCDs in Barbados and the apathy to murder and death suggest we must see a greater rate of return on education (ROE). This dysfunctional behaviour if allowed to be unrestrained does not bode well for a future Barbados.

Covid 19 Dashboard

Stemming the Murder Rate – June 2019 Versus June 2020


At June 30, 2019 the murder rate was 30.

At June 2020 the murder rate is 22.

Although simple analysis support a conclusion the 2020 murder rate will not hit the unprecedented number of 49 achieved in 2019, Barbadians must continue to be concerned we have been unable to influence the landscape to positively impact violent crime.

The blogmaster is concerned we have permitted the usual political rhetoric to overwhelm the national conversation. Why is the government not doting this. Why is Dale Marshall not being held accountable. Adriel Brathwaite was right. Obviously there is an important role for policymakers. Obvious;y there is an important role for the Police to efficiently enforce the laws. Obviously there is an important role for the Courts to deliver justice.

The role of parents in this blogmaster’s view has not been given sufficient focus. As a society how are we able to favourably influence delinquent households. What about households where parents do not exist? In other words – how do we strategise to tackle the problem of deviance at the root by adopting a holistic approach to the problem.

We may feel comfortable writing off 2019 as an aberration but realistically we know the causal factors have not changed. We have a problem that needs to be solved.

Barbados Murder Statistics February 2020

Reproduced from

Based on data collected at the time of this post, February 2020 saw at least two murders taking place in Barbados. The victims were Shakeem Holder and Keron Howell, ages 22 and 26 respectively. Holder was stabbed in the parish of St. Michael while Howell was shot in St. John. The total murder count for the year thus far is five persons.

Information was collected during the month of February and compiled based on the following online sources: Nation News, Barbados Today and Loop Barbados.

Barbados Murder Map Jan to Feb 2020
Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to February 2020
Barbados Murders February 2020 Table

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Barbados Murder Statistics January 2020

The first month of the new year saw at least three murders taking place. The victims were David Bedford (44), Marlon Holder (38) and Jason Hobbs (35). Bedford and Holder died in St. Michael and St. James respectively. In the case of Hobbs, his body was found at the bottom of a cliff in St. Philip. During the same period last year, i.e. January 2019, (at least) 9 murders took place.

Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January 2020
 Table of Murders in Barbados – January 2020
Table of Murders in Barbados – January 2020


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Barbados Murder Statistics November 2019

The following is the monthly report tracking murders committed on the island compiled by Amit – David, blogmaster

November 2019 saw six murders taking place across Barbados. The victims were: Temario Holder (16), Denzil Obed Scarboro (29), Ken McDonald Yearwood (39), Cecil Webb (49), Lennox Jeffneil Browne (48) and Terry Small (late 40s).

Two deaths were shooting related (Scarboro and Yearwood), while the other four were stabbing/cutlass related. Three of the six murders took place on the same day in Walker’s St. Andrew (Webb, Browne, and Small). The other three took place in St. Lucy (Yearwood), St. Philip (Scarboro) and St. James (Holder) respectively.

With at least one murder in eight out of the eleven parishes, the total murder count for the year, up to the end of November, is at least 47 persons.


Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to November 2019
Table of Murders in Barbados – November 2019

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Barbados Murder Statistics October 2019

October 2019 saw at least four murders taking place in Barbados. The victims were: Leandrew Sharvar Coward (33), Keron Anthony Hodge (44), Stephen McDonald Cadogan (60) and Jamar Omar Haynes (32). The victims were all attacked in the parish of St. Michael. Three of the four were gun-related deaths (the other, knife-related). The total count for the year, up to the end of October, stands at 41.

NOTE: The data presented below was collected and compiled based on available media and press reports at the time.

Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to October 2019


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Barbados Murder Statistics September 2019

September 2019 saw at least one murder taking place in Barbados. Kevin Atherley, 25, was killed in a stabbing incident in the parish of St. Philip. For the year so far (January to September) there have been at least 37 murders.

Previous reports have the shown number of murders per parish. Based on this information, one could say that St. Michael – from Jan to Sep 2019 – had the highest number of murders. From September, and going forward, per capita values will also be included. This will allow comparison of murders with parishes of different sizes. Taking this into account, it appears that St. Philip has the highest number of murders (29.35) per 100,000 people, followed by St. Lucy (20.50) and then St. Michael (16.94). Note however that there was one murder – of the 37 as at September – that I am unable to pin to a particular parish (that of Rahim Ward). Not knowing this will have an effect on per capita values.

NOTE: The data presented below was collected and compiled based on available media and press reports at the time.

Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to September 2019

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Barbados 2017 Murders Revisited – Who Was Charged?

For 2017, I counted a total of at least 31 murders for the year. In my previous posts, the focus has always been on that of the victim and included details such as their name, age, location where it happened, how and their gender. This post will shift the focus to those who have been charged with the murder of the victims.


The methodology employed is fairly simple:

  1. Choose the time period (2017).
  2. Run a Google search for the victim’s name.
  3. Collect and compile details (name, address, age, date charged) on those charged based on media reports found in Google search results.

A point worth noting is that for victims searched and with zero results of person/persons being charged, it could mean one of at least two things: either no one has been charged (as yet) or a person(s) were charged, but for whatever reason, news of it was not found at the time of my Google query.

Another point worth noting is that the results do not speak to motive, or relationship between murderer and victim, nor the details around the murderers socio-economic circumstances, et cetera.


Of the 31 murders recorded, I found reports of murder charges, via Google, for 14 victims. For the remainder 17, I could find no reports of any charges.

Multiple persons (2 in one murder to as much as 6 in another) were charged in 5 of the 14 murders.

A total of 28 persons were charged for the 14 murders. Those charged were as young as 17 years old while the eldest was 47 years old. The average age of those charged was 27 years old.

Read full text @caribbeansignal.comBarbados 2017 Murders Revisited – Who Was Charged?

Barbados Murder Statistics August 2019

August 2019 saw at least two murders taking place in Barbados (34 for the year so far). One took place in the parish of St. Michael, while the other took place in St. Philip. The victims were both male and died as a result of knife and gun related violence respectively. The data was collected and compiled based on available media reports at the time. See below charts for additional details and analysis.

Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to August 2019