Barbados Murder Statistics July 2019

July 2019 saw at least two murders taking place in Barbados (32 for the year so far). Both of them took place in in St. Michael. The victims were male and died as a result of gun and knife related violence. The data was collected and compiled based on available media reports at the time. See below charts for additional details and analysis.

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205 thoughts on “Barbados Murder Statistics July 2019

  1. I do not want to be critical of young untrained reporters, the faults are with the executives. But it is bad journalism. Stop trying to justify a badly written report. If you do not know anything about news reporting then put your hands up and cut out the BU know all rubbish. Stop settling for mediocrity.
    Neither story should have been published as it is. If a sixth former had written that story for me I would have sat them down and gone through it line by line. Read them again. But if this passes as ‘good’ journalism in Barbados, who am I to criticise it.

    • Coming out of the press conference the COP confirmed evidence collected so far indicates the fire was concentrated in the kitchen and the decease was not doused with kerosene.

      Another bit of interesting info, local press inquired of the police everyday from the day of the incidence until death the status of the health of Crichlow. The police for reasons the COP could not explain refusal sharing the info with the media.

  2. “Young untrained reporters,” ” bad journalism,” “neither stories should have been published as is,” or what “passes as good journalism in Barbados” were NEVER the ORIGINAL “bone of contention.” Those are TOPICS for a DIFFERENT discussion.

    NOR was any ATTEMPT made to suggest one “knows anything about news reporting.” Such things should be left to the “BU know all” experts.

    However, one does not have to “know about news reporting” to UNDERSTAND the INITIAL discussion was based on the comment re: “one of our leading publications, (Barbados Today), re-wrote a story from a UK publication about that incident,” which is a bit misleading, especially when one reads the BT alluded to (August 15, 2019) ……….

    ………… and we have NOW gone in a “TOTALLY NEW and COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DIRECTION” by implying an attempt is being made to “justify a badly written report” and one should “stop settling for mediocrity,” which are totally irrelevant.

    Where is the evidence to support those accusations?

    According to one of BU’s experts, “I am out of the discussion.”

  3. @ Mariposa

    Baje u say 34.but if the two babies and the father and the mother and son also the lady found on the beach
    The now confirmed fiery death of the woman
    The count comes to a whopping 40


    • Is you head hard? The police have just made a statement about the lady who died as a result of the burns. The other m,tter is awaiting post mortem results.

  4. @Piece the Legend August 15, 2019 9:00 AM “The murders show a Piss Poor Police Force, a useless Commissuoner of Police and an incompetent Attorney General Teets Marshall!”

    For me the murders show the MALE love of violence.

    Notice that women live in this place too, and as far as we know not one woman has killed anybody this year, not a man, not a woman, not a child.

    We need to ask ourselves:


  5. A 2013 global study on homicide by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime found that men accounted for about 96 percent of all homicide perpetrators WORLDWIDE and 79% of the victims.

    The U.N, said so. Not me. Because when I draw the FACT of male violence to the largely male BU audience, I am accused of “hating men”

    Men need to fix themselves, and all will be well in our world.

  6. @ SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife,

    If we were to use your simple logic then women should not give birth to males. How about the females of this world making a pact to abort all male children. Problem solved. The murder rate would revert to zero.

  7. Don’t be silly TLSN. My logic is not simple. The worldwide MALE propensity for violence is something that must be discussed, and solutions must be found. Trying somehow to blame male violence of women giving birth to male babies is contemptible.

    Please note that male babies do not murder anyone.

    The questions should be, why to men between the ages of 18 and 50 committ so many of the world’s murders.

    But you can continue to hide your head in the sand, and continue to find ways to blame women for the murders committed by ADULT MEN.

    If men murdered at the same rate as women, the murder rate for Barbados this year would be zero


    Worldwide it is a problem created and sustained by MEN.

  8. The COP is misleading the people
    The lady spoke as to what happen before she died . The COP told a story that is in total contrast to what the lady said happen to her in a whats app video

  9. Why fid it take a British newspaper for thos govt to bring details of there version of what happened
    In any event the lady account speaks as to what happened on that fateful day to her
    How come police investigations never dispute {earlier) in the investigations what the lady said
    Isnt it interesting that now the lady is dead and cannot refute or challenge what the COP said about her being ablaze with fire..the COP after sitting on evidence for weeks now finds it plausible to bring to the public domain a story of a gas stove and an exploding pot

  10. The COP must take the british media for fools
    There is a very good possibility that the british news media did a background check of the deceased woman to see if she was credible before publishing the story
    The COP might just have done the justice system a disservice in his effort to cover for govt and lay blame on the victim
    Now the whole world gets to see hiw corrupt barbados can be

  11. @ SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife August 15, 2019 6:53 PM

    Simplistic Simon(e), why don’t you cut out the bullshi**t and address the rather pertinent query raised by TLSN?

    Wouldn’t the selective aborting of male f(o)etuses by female doctors under the Medical Termination of Pregnancies Act be the answer to the scourge of male violence in Bim?

    Would you agree that the high incidence of male violence carries a high correlation coefficient with the phenomenon where over 70% of babies born in matrifocal Barbados are birthed by single mothers where, in most cases, the ‘baby fadders’ are no where to be found; hence the need for a legally-imposed cock tax?

    Stop blaming men or males and blame Father Yahweh or the wuthless wo(e)man called Eve aka the murdering Mudder Nature.

  12. @Miller August 15, 2019 8:39 PM “Simplistic Simon(e), why don’t you cut out the bullshi**t and address the rather pertinent query raised by TLSN? Wouldn’t the selective aborting of male f(o)etuses by female doctors under the Medical Termination of Pregnancies Act be the answer to the scourge of male violence in Bim?”

    No. I don’t think so. The very serious question is, why is it that in every country of the world MEN kill at rates significantly higher than women.

    And is it necessary to do something about this?

    And if so what?

    I don’t see aborting male fetuses, who have never done any harm to anyone as any kind of solution. Why are you suggesting this instead of coming up with a sensible solution.? For the most part 10 year old boys do not kill, neither do 15 year old boys. So leave them alone please. And deal with the adult males, the real killers killers.

    Adult male violence as a Barbados thing. It is a worldwide thing.

  13. @ Mariposa
    I do not know if you are a journalist, but you are right in your submission. Ignore the cause of death of the British woman for the moment, the fact, which I raised originally, is that both stories published by Barbados Today should not have been published in their current form.
    They are badly written, badly sub-edited, badly reviewed by the news editor and the editor, the ultimate eyes, should have been disciplined for allowing such a poor news story to be published.
    But Barbados Today has form. I remember a couple years ago reading a story so badly written that I emailed the reporter and attempted to point out the shortcomings in the story and offered to privately assist if he wanted me to. He replied that he was a senior reporter and too busy to entertain me.
    Just close your eyes and imagine those two stories, in their current form, being published in the New York Times, the Sydney Herald, The Times, Daily Mail, or any other leading newspaper in the advanced world. In fact, they would not have been published in any British local newspaper.
    About the second story, it is clearly a follow up on the UK publications, just read it. To say otherwise is stupidity. Let me explain an elementary principle of journalism: the local paper and reporters (reporters on local papers have patches or geographical areas which they cover) are expected to know almost everything of news value on their patch. Clearly this was not the case with this story.
    As to the mention of the Stoebroek News, that is elementary as has been explained. If a newspaper 3000 miles away gets a story from a Caribbean newspaper (Guyana is part of the Caribbean) they naturally assumed (wrongly) that if the story was about Barbados then the paper reporting the story must be a local paper. They assumed local newspapers were on top of the story. That is the problem with Googling.
    But the fundamental shortcoming was that of the local papers; they were not on top of the story and then we had the ignominy of a leading local paper following up a story written from 3000 miles away about a local incident. Disgraceful. As to how the woman died etc those are matters for the investigators, not the press. Newspapers just report stories.
    I will end on two little tales: on May 24, 2018, we had a general election with 130 candidates, representing five political parties, vying for 30 seats. I have been waiting for a detailed report on the election since then. Nothing.
    The other is Rihanna, a local billionaire and international superstar who commands the press across the globe. Books have been written about her, which is fair enough, including one written by a Brit journalist which is no more than newspaper clipping stitched together.
    There is still a book to be written, which could best be done locally: Rihanna, the Early Years. Where is it? We get bad local journalism because the reading public do not care, or do not know any better.
    In the mid-1950s Barbados had seven newspapers which produced excellent journalists: Robert Best, Carlton Proute, Jimmy Cozier, et al. They had photographers like Gordon Brookes’ father. In those days people looked up to the Advocate. All we have left now is Gercine Carter, and even though she looks like a teenager, she is no spring chicken. And he was outstanding from her days at Foundation. We have gone backward.

  14. Hal
    The lady made it clear in a video stating publicly what happened to her and the cause
    The fact being that the lady was fully conscience when assisted by local people in the neighbourd after they heard her screams for help
    In this day of technology when everyone has a cell phone the lady in a conscious state of mind said that she was attacked by amake and doused with gasoline
    This video was on social media outlets showing the woman physically talking while being transported her face is in the picture for all to see while she is making the statements
    This story is not going to die a sudden death as the BBC news reuptation is now being called into question after barbados COP states a complete different version of what was said by the BBC news

    • Let the blogmaster understand what you are saying.

      It is alleged the decease was doused with an accelerant. The post mortem found no evidence this was the case. This is the public examiner NOT the government.

      It was alleged she was doused with the substance in the bedroom, the po;ice advises the kitchen is the only part of the house damaged by fire. This is evidence that can be corroborated by anybody visiting the scene including neighbours who rescued her from the fire.

      The other point is that the recording the COp reference was supplied by the neighbours, are they complicit?

      We are free to ask question and followup questions but be sensible doing so.

  15. @ Hal Austin

    It’s obvious why Bajan in NY says you’re a bullshiter from the Ivy.

    You believe you’re perfect and when proven wrong, you shift the conversation into something new and then explain it against old conversation to prove yourself right.

    It’s an old trick and you’re pretty good at it too. For a man who thinks he is above morality, can never be wrong and is infallible, I hope you know it’s dishonesty.

  16. The post mortem says one thing the woman says what happened to her it is all in video
    As a member of the fourth estate you ought be more diligent
    Go find the video and post it
    Enough bull shit has been coming from this govt

  17. David when are u going to post the deceased woman video so that all would recognize the stinking likes and cover up the COP told the people
    You cant comment that the video have no relevance to the case cause all and sundry knows that u have posted videos before that are irrelevant and has tarnished innocent people names

  18. Robert Goren u need to shut up u say u havent seen the video yet u have much to say
    There are two sides to every story

  19. Can help but remeber Shanique Myrie case when the story first broke govt officials and authorities were calling Shanique a liar
    It wasnt until the story went to the CCJ that the truth was told and govt officials were soon found out to be untruthful in their public utterances
    I hope family members find a lawyer who will sieve through all that the COP said and use legal avenues to take the blemish of tainted lies from the victim name
    The evidence of the woman statement before she died right after the incident is sufficient and enough to hold govt officials responsible for their damining and contradicted conclusions in the manner of the deceased death

  20. Robert Goren u need to shut up u say u havent seen the video yet u have much to say
    There are two sides to every story (Quote)

    Mariposa, what the hell are you talking about? You must be a real semi-illiterate jackass. Tell me where and when I wrote something about seeing or not seeing a video?

    Get ya facts right before coming to talk shyte. But hey, you don’t need facts, you duz talk shyte all de time.

    Useless yard fowl.

  21. I have my facts right
    The fact u have not seen the video
    Yet u say ther is two sides to a story
    Then bodly u give only one side

  22. @ SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife August 15, 2019 9:06 PM
    “I don’t see aborting male fetuses, who have never done any harm to anyone as any kind of solution. Why are you suggesting this instead of coming up with a sensible solution.? For the most part 10 year old boys do not kill, neither do 15 year old boys. So leave them alone please. And deal with the adult males, the real killers killers.”

    Your ‘reasoning’ lacks logic.

    What do you think distinguishes “10 year old boys” from “adult males the real killers”?

    Is it nothing but a surge in the levels of testosterone in the endocrine system of the ‘innocent’ “15 year old boys”?

    So why not nip in the bud this inevitable surge of testosterone leading to adult male violence?

    Would you recommend a programme of family planning to turn Barbados into a ‘virgin’ land called New Lesbos by castrating the majority of young studding males before they turn into wild raging bulls on the female-controlled dairy farm?

    Why are you trying to mess with your Yahweh’s creation called “Man”?

    ‘The fault, dear [Simplistic Simone], is not in the heart of men (adult males)

    But in the Star which created men [and woes to men] as mere underlings.’

  23. @ David August 16, 2019 5:24 AM

    Maybe this is just an inevitable consequence of Lady Karma at work.

    Maybe this is kind of negative press is just what Barbados, the failing state, justly deserves for having “Two Barbadoes”.

    A two-state social system in which the Law can come down heavily one ‘common’ man for cultivating marijuana to save forex or for another living on skid row to find himself incarcerated for stealing a nail clipper for 7 Mickey mouse dollars whereas big-able-well-connected men like Greenverbs and Pornville can steal thousands and millions while the same Law twiddle his thumbs awaiting complainants to knock at the station door.

    Don’t be surprised, too, when the same Lady Karma comes knocking at the door of Public Hygiene for the country’s blatant refusal to enforce the laws regulating public health and safety.

    It would take just one outbreak of some known preventable disease or a party of ‘white’ tourists attacked by an army of ‘brown’ rats for the sh**t to hit the international fan of mass media reporting.

    You just cannot invite people to your home to stay at a rather high price and then not be prepared to keep your premises hygienically clean and environmentally appealing to the eye.

  24. I have my facts right
    The fact u have not seen the video
    Yet u say ther is two sides to a story
    Then bodly u give only one side(Quote)


    Once again, I don’t what the hell are you talking about.

    Please refresh my memory by posting the contributions in which you say I talked about not seeing the video and there are two sides to a story, but gave only one side.

    Because as far as I remember, I posted no comments about a video or whatever else you’re talking about.

    As I said, post the comments that contain what you are falsely accusing me of saying. That would settle it.

    • The blogmaster’s position was stated on the other blog, the commissioner of police has reported on the matter.

  25. Yeap the commissioner made a conclusion
    However absent of that conclusion were the deceased words
    In any investigation the deceased words are if importance and for whatever reason the police report does not include any of the deceased words

  26. @ Mariposa


  27. Baje
    And they are not hidding that fact
    Yet they are morons believing that officials and authorities are not capable of protecting the status quo
    My question to them.. how can they be saying that they have completed the investigation but have nothing of concrete substance or evidence that can refute what the deceased said in the video
    The deceased words implement a male was the cause of her injuries and gave detail as to what happened
    Unless the Keystone cops were the investigators

  28. Mariposa

    Where did the original story come from? It would be interesting to find out. Was it fabricated by the British journalists or the alleged eye-witnesses? Have these eye witnesses been interviewed by the investigating officers? Was the victim unconscious while in hospital? If not, what did she say to the doctor and nurses? Who spoke to the Stoebroek News?
    Have they been interviewed by the investigating officers? Why was the commissioner so ill prepared for the press briefing, did he talk to his senior command team and the press officers before the briefing?
    Who wrote his prepared statement? Why did the attorney general monopolise the questions when it was an operational matter? Why was the commissioner left silent like a naughty school boy? Why was he alone? Wasn’t police HQ the right place for the commissioner’s briefing?

  29. @ Hal

    They will call you a Bufoon and an idiot for asking such pertinent questions.

    Living in BIM so many inept people who take joy in wallowing in their ignorance.

    BU is a true reflection.

  30. Baje,

    That is fine. I do not come on BU for validation or to be popular. I just think that future generations of young Barbadians should know that we were not all a nation of fools.

  31. Hal i saw a video where the deceased was fully conscience at the scene right after she was set on fire
    This video was not a recreation of a story
    The woman face is being shown and she specifically states what happen to her
    My question bodes well to ask why was the video used as evidence to confirm the deceased story

  32. @ Hal

    At this point, the Barbados Police Force is not interested in the video of the now-deceased woman actually telling what happened.

    Dead people tell no tales.

    This is being covered up from the top.

    The COP Griffith was outed years ago by other officers as being involved in a UK Barbados STOLEN car racket many years ago and being investigated whilst he was at Holetown Station, he refused to speak to Scotland Yard Detectives involved in the investigation of that car racket after they had travelled to Barbados to do the investigation and he was one of the main suspects involved.

    This is well known.

    So now you would know what devils you are dealing with.


  33. @ David August 16, 2019 12:31 PM

    Maybe, like the ghost of Banquo, the spectre of the Bjerkham kid and that of spirit of Abijah Holder have twinned to bring a curse on the Justice system in Bim.

    As Piece the Legend would agree, the innocent spirit of Abijah hovers like the sword of Damocles over the millstone which surrounds the neck of the Bajan justice system.

    How the dead boy’s mother could have been charged for ‘child-slaughter’ because of the willful negligence of a ‘building’ maguffy carrying the Mark of the Beast called Mal Money while another construction magnate was able to avoid such charges for “accidentally” shooting to death his own kin?

    The evil that wicked men do lives after them; the bad is interred with their bones like those in the St. John Parish Church yard’.

  34. What role is the British high commission playing in all this? Afterall, the dead woman was a Brit – a black Brit. Have they asked any questions? Have local journalists talked to the high commission? Her UK MP was Matthew Offord, tel 44 (0) 7219 7083. Is he going to raise the issue in parliament when it returns? How about Scotland Yard? They have a brief to take an interest in the suspicious death of Brits abroad.

    • If she is a Brit the UK Embassy if they are on top of things would have sent a message to their counterpart and in all likelihood be briefed on the matter. Based on what they know proactive steps would have been taken already including a statement to the media.

  35. @ Mariposa

    Afterall, the dead woman was a Brit – a black Brit. Have they asked any questions? Have local journalists talked to the high commission? Her UK MP was Matthew Offord, tel 44 (0) 7219 7083.

    If you have a copy of the video I implore you to contact and send him a copy.

    @ Waru you can also get the information to Jackie Stewart to ensure this will not be buried.

    I don’t know the deceased woman but if she was my relative I would want the truth to be known.

    We need to start taking care of our people.

  36. Cant say if the police saw the video or not
    But what i can say is that the deceased woman stated in the video that a man schackled her and tried to choke her then douse her with gasoline and set her on fire

  37. I bet a weeks pay David saw and in posession of the video
    But would not release as all well know he is one of them stool pigeons who build nest only to protect this govt
    Cant forget when he posted a picture of a supposed house belonging to Sinckler which was an untruth
    However with a video which would bring truth to the light he plays uncaring and stupid
    What a thing doah

  38. ‘Nothing to indicate’ British woman was killed by intruder in Barbados
    Barbados police say nearby CCTV shows nobody entering house before death of Natalie Crichlow in fire

  39. British mother who was ‘set alight’ in Barbados house not attacked by intruder, police say
    Gas canisters were found in the kitchen, police say

    The Royal Barbados Police Force is still conducting investigations into the fire at Sargeants Village which led to the death of British national Natalie Crichlow.

    However, with the assistance of CCTV footage from an adjacent house and statements from members in the community, including those who rushed to the aid of Crichlow when the flames engulfed her, there are no signs supporting the story in British media about her being doused with an accelerant and set on fire.

  40. All and sundry knows what the COP stated no need to repeat
    But what no one knows.. is why the police investigators have not included in the investigation footage of the victim statement

  41. @Baje

    There are more questions to be asked. Is there going to be an inquest? What about the burns unit at the hospital? Will the consultant speak to the press and explain the so-called infection the woman died from? Are the hospital records gong to be made public? Where is the body now? There is an organisation called Inquest in the UK which should take an interest in this case. They are experts. Call them on 44 (0)207 263 1111.
    You can write to the MP at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

  42. @ Hal Austin

    Thanks for the info.

    I don’t have a copy of the video if not I would send on info.

    I hope Mariposa and or Waru can do so since they have seen on Whatsapp.

  43. A couple days ago the COP and AG said that violent crime was under control
    But once a again up to yesterday their was another report of gun violence
    When i make mention of the austerity plans as a catalyst which is causing hardship in the country especially when so many are unemployed
    I am hollered and called a liar
    The words A hungry man is an angry man are true words
    This govt hit the road with promises for better so far all that have been given is a harsh reality of a bitter pill for the people to swallow
    Reserves increase doesn’t mean a damn thing to the person having no job but who still has bills and a family to feed
    Mia needs to get that point woven into her nappy hair

  44. A Foreign Office spokesman said: “Our staff are supporting the family of a British woman following her death in Barbados, and are in contact with the Barbados police force.” (Quote)

  45. A blessed and happy “Good Morning” to all of Barbados.

    I am back at home and can now fully participate in the discussion that goes on in my favorite place I am starting fresh from today, so I will not return to any “old” skirmishes…

    Have a “Great Day”, Barbados.

  46. The media do not ‘balance’ anything. In this case they report what the police have said. It is called news reporting. Journalism has no truth-testing mechanism.

  47. @Hal Austin August 17, 2019 2:19 AM “What about the burns unit at the hospital? Will the consultant speak to the press and explain the so-called infection the woman died from? ”

    Our skin prevents all sorts of infectious substances from entering our bodies. if the skin is removed, as happens when a person (or animal) is badly burned, death often follows from infection.

    I have severe doubts about how this death has been handled. But the death from infection subsequent to severe burns is a reality. In this case, maybe the ONLY reality.

  48. @David August 17, 2019 3:40 AM “What is the difference between a High Commission and an Embassy?”


    Except that among Commonwealth countries the head of a diplomatic mission is called a High Commissioner, and the office is called a High Commission. Among non-Commonwealth countries the terms Embassy and Ambassador are used. But the functions are IDENTICAL.

  49. I coming home as a lawyer….
    I will provide reason for bail ( your fine c haracter) and you will bawl; that you are “neah dead”
    (It seems to work)
    Two excerpts from the story
    (1) “Mr Nelson is the textbook candidate for bail,” she added.
    (2) “She went on to say that he would comply with any conditions the court saw fit to impose even as she alluded to his health status revealing that he was a diabetic.”

    Note the similarity of these twod different cases
    (1) Unable to find why this character initially granted bail..
    (2) “Dr Carlisle Goddard took the stand today and informed Justice Randall Worrell through questions by Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim that the 57-year-old was suffering from hypertensive heart disease, generalised anxiety disorder, and was in the care of a cardiologist.”

    I love this phrase ” He revealed that given Arthur’s medical challenges, “It is not in [his] best interest to be incarcerated at this time.”

  50. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    De ole man have uh complaint

    About one Brother Hants

    Dis has gone too far now and I am goining with Hee Hee and Hee Haw to axe dat he be banned forthwith

    Let de ole man say why

    “…Hants August 17, 2019 8:12 AM

    Rememba wha dey said…”

    I invite wunna to go back to August 17th at 8.12 am to Exhibit A.

    Wunna unnerstand whu sort of man going go through de Nation News annals (not anals) AND FIND THIS DAMNING EVIDENCE BOUT MUGABE?

    Diz man is a seditionist!!!

    Instead uh he going and finding links to Glennis or Fleur Or BLUE BIX CART he spending he time finding incriminating evidence pun Mugabe!!

    You know how long it tek to find dat url?

    Man even effin you doan ban he, MEK HE FIND SOME BLUE BOX CART LINKS for a week at least!!

    Look how he expose de Big Boxcart dat we got for a PM as a big liar!

    Time to lik he up Honourable Blogmaster.

    He and all dem Salemites including dat one Piece oh dear dat is me.

    I was fine delete dat sentence but I had was dun hit the send button.

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