Increase in the Murder Rate

Blogger at doesn’t only track the movement in the petrol price. Although it is early days to push the panic button the early trending is a worrying sign.
– David, Barbados Underground

There has been a 60% increase in the number of murders between January and March 2018 compared with the same time frame last year. Jan to March 2017 saw at least 5 murders versus 8 for 2018. The number of murders recorded during March 2018 was four. The victims are:

56-year-old Laura Springer (Female)
25-year-old Jakeil Jaden Pierre Small (Male)
31-year-old Shayne Welch (Male)
23-year-old Kemar Gooding (Male)

The number of murders during the same period in 2017 was two. NOTE: I have not included Linda Atwell as media reports have, so far, been treating her death as un-natural and/or suspicious.

Read full text HERE


  • @David of BU, the road at White Hill is still in a mess, I doubt it will be repaired any time soon. Matter of fact, I think it might be cost effective to relocate the folks. look here, I had many days playing cricket on that stretch of road using only a bat made from a coconut palm and a ball from a bicycle inner tube.


  • @miller etc “Wouldn’t you, shoot at monkeys-your cousins on the evolutionary ladder- for pulling up your healthy crop of vegetables after months of hard work and financial expense?”

    No Sir. I’ve thought of it but I have never actually done it.


  • @whiteHill April 7, 2018 9:02 AM “a number of them went about fooping idiots and jackasses.”

    Ya mudda.


  • @Kickbacks and Corruption in High Places April 7, 2018 9:18 AM

    Below I will provide a list of well known drug lords and their associates who works with the Barbados Police in a criminal gang and conspiracy.

    Drug Lord alias Rat, Drug Lord alias Fox.a golden boy, Drug Lord Nigel Pinder alias Bounty, Alias Rubberguts, Alias Rossi
    Alias Cook Food. All the owners of the Strip Clubs in Barbados are involved in drugs, smuggling and trafficking with Barbados Police being their joint criminal partners.

    All I can say is that these ah! [gentlemen?] have some real-realinteresting distinctively Bajan nicknames.

    But I am sure that every man of them were taken by their mummies to some Christian church, and given a real-real name.

    So tell we the real-real names nuh. And to to the Electoral and Boundaries Commission or a public library and find us their address and ID numbers as well.

    Then ya would be cooking.

    And since my head ain’t too good I don’t put drugs or alcohol in it, so I not too into the drug culture, so can you tell me pleas what is a “golden boy?”

    Does it mean that the named gentlemen? are so extra ordinarily well endowed that they put ordinary men to shame and that ladies consider them to be as good as gold?


  • @Kickbacks and Corruption in High Places April 7, 2018 9:40 AM “I believe in the dismissed MURDER case that money passed hands.”

    It is more likely that witnesses are afraid to testify.

    No witnesses.

    No case.

    Money need not have passed hands.

    FEAR is a powerful motivator.


  • By the way, I did not call your name, but I see you know the the cap fit. Others were just as nasty.

    Black Bajan or white Bajan, what you said was despicable. Your color does not give you a pass to talk shit. Show some respect for your mother and your sisters or are they magically exempt.

    It is amusing that some men only find their balls when pulling women down. I see other trying to engage you on a higher level, all they are doing is giving your nastiness credibility.


    “Murders that are drug related AS IN TERRITORY DEFINING HOMICIDES

    Murders which are acts of passion, which are related to and generated through incidents of domestic violence and altercations where a feller GOTS TO SHOW HE ENT NO ONE’S BITCH

    and (accidental) manslaughter”

    Yes the writer did not give us this breakout.. If you horning a man for five years, the murder will only happen when he finds out. You could have been a 2013, -14, -15, -16, or -17 statistics,


  • Kickbacks and Corruption in High Places

    @ Simple Simon

    You could be right that fear could be a factor or the other alternative which I suggested money passing hands.

    Secondly I have given one real name with Alias.

    The Police and the people living in each Area I identified with an Alias are well known in their local arena.

    I have given enough information for anyone who wanted to find out the real name and the Drug Lord behind the name easily could do so in a few minutes of visiting.

    It is not my job to provide more information it is easily obtainable.

    In the drug world the Dons in Barbados are known more by their Aliases.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ kickbacks and corruption in high places

    Had you been a policeman you would have been able to supply these correct names

    Had you been a smart policeman A VERITABLE OXYMORON TO BE SURE, you would have provided both the REAL NAME AS WELL AS THEIR AKAs and their addresses.

    Had you been a NON CORRUPT POLICEMAN, (a state that some say is the superlative oxymoron) you would have added the names of a number of so called respectable people and politicians who are ALSO on that list for public dissemination

    The thing about this battle that we are fighting is that the fear that you seem to be poleaxed by is rampant.

    You fear for your life, even with the anonymity of this site, you fear notwithstanding that it is appointed unto every man once to die, and then the reckoning

    But the psychology that must be used in this battle against drug lords and ladies, must be one akin to total obliteration upon realizing that, since they are killing us, our progeny and our nation, then we must, like the jihadists, commit to any act that will wipe them out.

    Wunna does play wid dese fellers but when they come up against you in your houses they do not play with you, they slaughter you and then share your videos on Facebook

    But we like um so…


  • Theophilius Gazerts 443 (second cousin of TheGazer- now TheoGazer)

    “You fear for your life, even with the anonymity of this site, you fear notwithstanding that it is appointed unto every man once to die, and then the reckoning”

    Is this fear justified?
    Where and how does he think his mask of anonymity will be exposed?
    What can be done on his/her end to neutralize most of this fear?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ TheoGazer lololol, your handle has given me the genealogy of your name so I am sure to whom I speaketh lololol.

    In answer to your questions

    Is this fear justified?

    Yes and No.

    Before Barbados Underground there was another entity called Barbados Free Press which the ole man is reliably informed “conveyed the names of posters to the POWERS THAT BE prior to their demise’

    So as to the justification of the fear one either has to have confidence in the Honourable Blogmaster and His BU Family or not.

    One needs to be mindful of three things “…and there arose a king that know not Joseph…” makes one cognizant of the fact that kings change and things “aforetimes are forgotten” simply by the effluxion of time “may olde acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind..”

    Where and how does he think his mask of anonymity will be exposed?

    The source of disclosure need not be from the Blogmaster in these times, given the various state players who wish to know the identities of all bloggers and cyberspace dissenters and free thinkers euphemism for “formenters of social disorder”.

    THe thing is that Barbados Underground has a massive following both locally and abroad. The thing is that most of its audience, like global audiences ARE NOT IT SAVVY to know what preventative measures they need to and can implement to safeguard their machines.

    The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal is an example to show how state and quasi state actors are capable of monitoring you an your internet usage

    What can be done [BY BU AND] on his/her end to neutralize most of this fear?

    The brackets and caps are mine.

    What can be done on BU’s side is to create a video/animation or subscribe to an online video/blog which carries the most up to date YET SIMPLEST VIDEO that will assist the average reader in an idiot proof process to guard one’s machine.

    De grandson for example has told the old man to use the Latest Tor Browser to access BU and many of the other sites that the old man visits that are watched by third parties.

    Then, if you are really paranoid you can install VMWARE and other OSes that create virtual instances that isolate your machine completely at the time you interact with BU in particular OR THE INTERNET in general.

    One further step in limiting all outgoing and incoming traffic and outgoing to/from your computer are things like Hands Off and Glow Worm

    Again the issue is simplicity of the tools since too simplistic a tool does nothing AND YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING or it can badword your machine into the need for a total wipe for it to work again GIVEN THE RULE IMPLEMENTED and how you might have INADVERTENTLY locked down your machine


  • Today’s Barbados Today is scathing in its comment on the decision by the DPP to drop the charges against Lord Evil and his henchmen. If for no other reason that it took 4 years.


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