Barbados: Murder Rate Worry

We had a double murder this week and last night quickly added another to the number of murders for 2022. It must be obvious there is a positive relationship to increase economic activity and other factors the analysts peddle.

What the blogmaster fears is that we mirror the US and other developed societies by becoming desensitized to the horrible act of murder. Another worry is that many seem happy to allocate the problem to the government and Barbados Police Service. We forget that the perpetrators of the crime were raised by Barbadian families. 

In other words, it calls for a collective effort from our little society to arrest the situation. Isn’t obvious that politicizing this and every problem will not solve?

Here is the latest murder stats from

July 1, 2022by Amit Uttamchandani

Barbados Murder Statistics January to June 2022

Orange Cottage, Horse Hill, St. Joseph. Scene of a double-murder on June 29 (Image Source: NationNews)

There have been at least 15 murders for the year so far. The data presented below is from January to June 2022. The steps involved in this analysis are similar to my 2020 analysis.

Table 1 - Murders Jan to Jun 2022
Table 1 – Murders in Barbados January to June 2022.

Note to Table 1: Data extracted from The NationNews and Barbados Today website (click to enlarge).

110 thoughts on “Barbados: Murder Rate Worry

  1. “ What the blogmaster fears is that we mirror the US and other developed societies by becoming desensitized to the horrible act of murder. “

    This is how we continue to look at issues. Within two seconds we introduce the USA or some other country. Barbadians are not becoming “ desensitized “ to murder. An early caller to LarryMayers this morning expressed the concern we all share.
    Yesterday, a caller to Brasstacks also expressed his deep concerns about the murders. Barbadians are very concerned. We are not desensitized. Barbados is not America. Get over it !!
    It’s nonsense to talk about the USA. In such a large country there are murders almost every minute but the outcry and coverage will be localized in that state only and others may never hear of it. It may never reach CNN outside of the state where it actually happened.
    We have a problem in Bim ; it’s a serious proliferation of apparently easy to obtain firearms. It’s also important that we look at the reasons for the troubling gun related murders. Almost none are the result of domestic violence.
    We don’t want to accept what’s driving the crimes.
    We need to stop this nonsense about mirroring the USA . It’s a blasted cop out.

    • @Wiliam

      You refer to two callers to support your position from over in away? The blogmaster is on the ground and repeat, we are becoming numb to murder occurring in the country. Now continue.

  2. @ David
    Stick to the point. You live in Barbados, I presume and you speak about the Ukraine. Are you on the “ground” there ?
    Do you live there ? Do you live in America? You seem to know a whole lot about it !
    Topless and bottoms out. ( Seranader)

    • Some of you on the blog, including you are of the view the blogmaster is not entitled to an opinion. You are rh wrong!

      Then again Maurice King did say there were no gangs here all those years ago. He has departed this mortal coil since.

  3. Exactly my point David these don’t seem to crimes of passion but more preplanned or drug /alcohol related total indifference to life

  4. @ David
    This is your blog. Nobody can stop you from having an opinion but apparently when a Bajan who no longer lives there try to make a contribution, he or she has to be reminded they live “ over and away “.
    Why the hell where I live has anything to do with how I feel about anything in my country.
    You may have the last word ,
    hopefully without the RH.

  5. Where is the AG
    What is he being paid to do
    Last time I heR him speak was about a Constitutional committe

  6. What on earth is wrong with some of you overseas guys. You want to vote and don’t live here. You want to comment on things and don’t live here. Instead of bigging up the island, you are always pulling it down. We are punching well above our weight and you are criticizing

    What the hell do you think the I in IMF stands for. We are making deals with international bodies/organizations. We are in deals with China and with the USA, the two powerhouses in the world.

    Our PM making trotting the globe and making ‘brilliant’ speeches and you are criticizing. I hear she is off to SA next and I know she will stun then with her oratory skills. She was in Times magazine.

    You overseas guys need to get on-board or just shut up.

    I have just one question for Mia “Do you keep the frequent flier miles or does the country gets them?”

    Unable to contribute after this.

  7. Please note the average/modal age. Please note the gender. Please note the parish/geographical locations.Is there a pattern emerging? What meaningful inferences should the average Barbadian draw? Certainly not the style of parenting/training /education.
    @ David Bu ,
    You are usually good at connecting the dots. What happen? Of course correlation is not necessarily causation.

    • @Vincent

      The blogmaster has offered an opinion on this matter many times. Our standards or lack of are channeling a breakdown in family, change in physical family units re how we live, mirroring foreign lifestyle/tastes, living above our means, the void created by growing secular space etc etc etc. many factors coming together to create the dysfunction we are witnessing. Note a government reflects the people it leads hence it was not named as a factor although it is obviously.

  8. THEO






  9. I don’t know about becoming numb, more like feeling helpless and deliberately tuning out to ease the pain and frustration

    We all know that the bulk of these murders are gang related.

    Gangs culture is entrenched in Barbados. As long as there is a market for drugs, there will be unscrupulous (and apparently untouchable) people to bring the drugs in. And as long as we have disenfranchised, marginalised, disenchanted and disengaged young men, there will be someone to sell them.

    These young men KNOW that their lives will most likely be short. And apparently they decide that short and brutal is better than long and miserable.

    This problem calls for solutions beyond the scope of the average citizen.

  10. LOL
    What a ting!!!

    As Bushie has explained previously, you CANNOT send a boy to do a man’s job, and you are crazy to expect that job be done by persons not who are NOT even endowed with appropriate cojones AT ALL.
    The CREATOR (who designed this whole experience) gave CLEAR guidelines of how it was INTENDED to work… but brass bowls know better, we follow our albino-centric role models – and then we spend our whole lives bemoaning the shitty RESULTS that we are getting.

    The FACT of the matter is that these MALE CHILDREN are now setting the RULES of the shiite place….
    THEY are dispensing capital punishment with impunity – just look at them too hard and you are guilty and sentenced.

    ….meanwhile, our SELECTED shiite leaders cannot even resolve a simple GIS case with two little girls….
    … Our shiite leaders CANNOT bring order to the ZR bus stand – far less to the overall transport system
    … Our shiite leaders (in whom we have our FAITH) can’t survive without shady BRIBERY and BORROWING from local and global gangsters

    BOSS!! ….If you plant A you CANNOT reap B

    If you IGNORE the CREATOR’S rules, because you prefer to follow the ‘albino-centrics’ of this world with their WARPED predispositions, then your donkeys MUST prepare to reap accordingly….
    This is where we are….

  11. We have this nice clean word.. Tourism… We see sand, sunshine and natives with smiling faces

    See the ugly side and things may get better
    Drug tourism and drug trafficking (as the us is easing its drug policy, these two issues may go off the table,
    Sex tourism and sex trafficking will always be with us

    We like to compartmentalize issues and discuss (not address) them one at a time.

  12. David

    Is the de-sensitivity which you discern only to be raised when murders happen, when mainly poor people kill other poor people?

    Or do you see it throughout the society? Are doctors just as de-sensitized and committing equivalent professional crimes?

    More broadly, have you observed, for instance, a similarly declining attitude by politicians or doctors or lawyers?

    And if this de-sensitivity is generalized should the elites not be looked down upon in the same way?

    Better yet, should we not locate cause to the broader social ills?

    • @Pacha


      We don’t have that loving feeling that has historically characterized our small society.

  13. Skinner
    We tend to agree with David. His point does not fail to make sense. This writer sees this everywhere we travel. Within the social sciences we are seeing this Americanized culture of violence across the board. All kinds of violence.

    Currently in Mexico. A country which has 94 murders per day. When you talk to the social scientists, police, everybody they are saying exactly what David is.

    Is Mexico not like America?

  14. So what’s going on at QEH that patients are reportedly being denied discharge in

    Ward B6
    Ward A2
    Ward B5
    Wards C5, 6

    If there is a bacterial or other outbreak…..LET THE PUBLIC KNOW…

  15. @ Pacha
    “What the blogmaster fears is that we mirror the US and other developed societies by becoming desensitized to the horrible act of murder”.
    Pure nonsense. Are we speaking about Mexico or Barbados ? I’m speaking about Barbados.
    Ihave not read or heard anybody until now declare what the Blogmaster has said in relation to Barbados.
    Once more we. are attempting to put Barbados next to Mexico, America and others on this issue.
    The entire society is very concerned about the murders.

  16. Skinner
    The same way we watch American tv and eat American food and take their money from the IMF represents the exportation of culture.

    Right now a significant number of murders in Barbados and the Caribbean are committed by people, criminals, deported from the USA.

    Don’t you expect Bajans once China rises to world power to be trying to have eyes like Chinese or claiming to be Buddhists.

    These are all the dominant cultural norms associated with global influence.

    Behaviors in relation to crime and tolerance or sensitivity towards murder is no different than we see in American movies, where ever we are in the world.

    You may have the last word.

  17. @ Pacha
    Last question and perhaps last word:
    Are you saying that the vast majority of murders committed in Bim are done by deportees from America ?
    This has to be a very closely guarded secret. I’m certain Attorney General Dale Marshall has not been so informed.

  18. Skinner
    You put words in our mouths and then construct a false argument to justify the straw man thus built.

    We are saying that Bajans are influenced every minute of every day by American global culture. Part of that culture is violence.

    No. This writer is not given to such irrational claims. There is no one causal factor. There are many. But to deny that we are not desensitized to levels of violence is fanciful. Such a claim is tantamount to denial of the existence of the failing hyper-power.

    Surely nobody can deny that gang violence, drugs and criminality generally in the Caribbean are heavily influenced by the dominant American cultural norms.

  19. The face of crime and poverty raising it’s ugly head
    What is happening is a result of govt policies bloody intent on paying their paymasters instead of paying an abundance of interest on the social and economic progress to it’s people
    Jamaica should have been the lessons small island nations should have learned before jumping in bed with the iMF

  20. @ Pacha
    Cultural penetration has been onour front burner for the last half century.
    I thought we were dealing with the obvious violent fire arm murders in Bim.
    Why introduce a red herring that cannot be defended.
    There is no evidence that the spate of fire arm / gun murders are being committed by deportees.
    You introduced this into the discussion. I am just debunking it because there is no evidence.
    Now, if you want to posit that crime is on the increase in the region and that it is a direct/ indirect link to cultural penetration mostly driven from the fascination with America , we can agree.
    I am speaking directly to gun crimes/ murders in Bim.
    Your statement about deportees , in such incidents, will simply not hold water. At least two of the youth gunned down in recent times were making preparations to visit America. They certainly were not deportees.
    It will take extremely strong and focused leadership to halt these crimes to some impressive level. We are simply not going to get the political directorate to do it. There are several undercurrents here and nobody is going to or want to touch this issue.
    They are banking on mutual destruction or to put it more bluntly ,they want those with guns to cancel / kill out each other.

  21. Skinner
    Even as we tried to clarify our meaning as asked for by you, you proceeded to construct the staw man.

    Is gang violence in Barbados not influenced by American culture? Are there not thousands of gang members and criminals being deported to the Caribbean every year?

    How do you know that none of them are involved in murders in Batbados when the general tendency almost everywhere else is that they are?

    Skinner, this has always been your problem.

    On the one hand we are citing a general tendency. On the other you want to basically suggest that Barbados is an island incapable of being influence by factors driving crime in the entire Western hemisphere.

    Admittedly, we have no specific scuentific evidence, except anecdotal. which shows that any of the murders ever committed in Barbados were by deportees.. But that was never our point.

    Our point was the general tendency of American culture to promote violence and desensitize populations to it. This is not merely about deportees. This is about everything else.

    What difference does it make if not one deportee killed a single Bajan but all the other facts of American cultural exportation acting together killed them all?

    The general tendency, not the atomization like you are always want to do. But since you argue that no deportees have killed anybody then the onus is on you to prove it.

    Where would you presume Bajan learnt about gun crimes?

    Again, all the countries in Central and South America this writer must visit have a crime problem made worse by deportees from the USA.

    What is your evidence to support a claim that there is a conspiracy, our words not yours. we are merely interpreting meaning, yuh know this will be your next argument, that yuh ain’t say do, for gun men to kill each other? Is this not an oft repeated logically fallacy?

    Finally, we consider that you are sometimes toooo blinded by an irrational need to criticize this government even when the murder rate is not likely to be much more than 30 this year, as about the average. And given the obvious economic difficulties crime generally can be anticipated to rise.

    Have the last. We done!


    More pedantic deckieee in dey crotch!

    When these cowards and their masters have lost not sa word is uttered in their propaganda media.

    But even in loss they want to talk about Snake Island. a one square island of no strategic importance which the Russians withdrew from, they claim a Ukrainian tactical victory, but can’t enter for Rus has fire control ever Snake Island still.

    More big pedantic deckie!

  23. @ Pacha
    That you will now follow the Kool-aid drinkers and introduce some desire on my part to criticize this government does not even reach the level of disappointment it is really more like poor comedy!
    You have chosen to broaden the argument which is understandable but I am telling you that there is no evidence to suggest that the gun murders in Bim are being committed by deportees.
    You asked me for evidence that there is none . I ask you for evidence that there is!
    On this one Pacha , you are out to sea without a paddle and observing you sinking to the level of attempting to draw me into some anti- BLP/ government stance means that you are preparing for some Clown Prince role in Crop Over.
    Please inform of the tent.

  24. When you are cornered you instinctively resort to the absurd.

    Up to now you have not made contact with our thesis, That thousand of criminals are deported to the wider region every year and that there is overwhelming evidence that these are central to serious crime.

    For the Caribbean subregion 2000 deportees was the last yearly number seen.

    That that deportation policy has been central to the American culture. Just like their TV and so on. A culture of violence informing crime in Barbados and everywhere else.

    You may say there is no evidence that deportees have not been connected to crime in Barbados, this is your preoccupation not ours.

    Our rejoinder is that it makes no difference to this writer whether deportees are doing all the killing or none. The abundance of evidence throughout the hemisphere indicts American culture for making serious crimes far worse.

    You are a bits and pieces man uninterested in large trends, central causes, etc. whereas this writer cares not for the atomization you always try to reduce things to.

    This writer genuinely cares not about the bees or the dees or the people pretending not to be either. They are largely irrelevant to our way of seeing reality. We’re not committed to either cussing or praising but intend to call things as seen. And we’ve done that this eve.

  25. Here is an act of violence at Walmart in the USA where one man beat another with a shovel.

    Here is an incident in Barbados where a man also beat another man with a shovel.

    Both are acts of violence.

    Do you notice any other similarities?

  26. Most Barbadians rather look at problems in other people’s back yard than deal with the that needs cleaning up in there own
    Crime levels have been climbing steadily in the last four years
    The rallying cry is to focus solely on the underground world of drug
    Yet govt has not been able to implement policies strong and harsh to keep the high level of ammunition that is prevalent amongst those allegedly committing these gawdawful crime out of these criminal hands
    Added to the fact that poverty aids and abet those needing a quick buck for day to day livelihood turning to illicit ways and manner for resources

  27. Gentlemen ,it is the breakdown of social and cultural norms. We took corporal punishment from the school’s,lack of parental guidance, Sunday school and grace . One memory that is indelibly etched in my mind over forty years ,a mature elderly villager,scolded me and firmly told me to put my shirt tail in my pant and pull up my stockings. ” A whole village depending on you as the first boy gine to The Lodge School.” That was a life changing experience! A village shall raise a child. We must respect the elders in the society,who are the builders of this nation,we are beholden to them. I have seen it in my most recent travels to South America.

  28. @ Pacha
    You are again missing my point. Here we have one deportee. I remain steadfast that there is no evidence that deportees are responsible for the spate of gun crimes/murders in Bim.
    . So, one Bajan kill somebody in Brooklyn and suddenly all Bajans in Brooklyn responsible for the murders in Brooklynor are driving murders in Brooklyn?
    I can’t buy into such .

  29. “Crime levels have been climbing steadily in the last four years……”

    I know it would an extremely difficult task for you to resist the temptation of politicizing Barbados’ crime situation, while being honest at the same time.

    The records would indicate that ‘crime levels,’ especially gun related, were PROGRESSIVELY RISING long BEFORE 2018.
    I’ve presented the necessary information to BU on several occasions that would substantiate that fact.

    And, it doesn’t surprise me that you’re NOW seeing a correlation between poverty and crime, but DID NOT RECOGNISE such correlation during the last financial crisis, when thousands of Barbadians lost their jobs……. and poverty levels were also high as well.

    A period of time you and your beloved political party described as the ‘worse recession in a 100 years,’…… and used as your MAIN EXCUSE when responding to criticism.

  30. NY mayor, Caribbean to crack down on firearms
    By Tony Best It’s being called the “iron pipeline” of guns that is fueling escalating rates of serious gun violence along America’s east coast and eventually ending up in Caribbean countries like Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and some of their neighbours.
    New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams has announced that his administration was dedicated to fighting the perpetrators of gun trafficking and violence wherever they were.
    “We want to open up a relationship with the Caribbean community (in New York and elsewhere because) the problems you are finding back home, many of them are being fed by this country (US). Gun violence that is born here finds its way to Trinidad, Jamaica, Haiti, St Vincent (and) Barbados). Those are the same guns (seen in the City.) We are talking about ending gun violence. We are talking about guns that are manufactured in America and find their way to your home island and your home country,” Adams told those present from the region.
    The mayor, who assumed office in January after being elected last November by voters in the City’s five boroughs, made the commitment recently while addressing the West Indian guests at a large reception held for the first time at Gracie Mansion, the official residence of the City’s political leader.
    He said his administration was “fighting hard to stop this oversaturation and fixation with guns because the bullets were not only taking the lives of children on Jamaica Avenue [in Queens] but in Jamaica’s Montego Bay, Barbados, St Vincent and Trinidad. “They are the same weapons” being seen across the city and New York State.
    “It is an international battle and we can do it here in New York City,” added Adams, who until recently was the Borough President of Brooklyn, the largest county in the City.
    Adams vowed to crack down and disrupt the flood
    of guns which the criminal justice authorities are calling the “Iron Pipeline”, a steady flow of mostly handguns which were being bought in states south of New York, taken along the Inter-state I95 corridor and sold in Pennsylvania and other places along the east coast.
    According to the New York Police Department, shooting incidents in the city have skyrocketed in recent years by an alarming 97 per cent. The guns were being made in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Florida. A published report indicated that Virginia supplied almost 20 per cent of the guns sold in New York with Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Georgia accounting for 13 per cent. North Carolina and Florida were the sources of much of the remainder.
    Criminal justice authorities have said they were fighting to disrupt the pipeline and reduce the killings and injuries in places like Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.
    The mayor made his remarks to guests at a reception that was part of the Caribbean Heritage Month celebrations across the US that recognised “the immense” economic, political, religious, and other contributions of West Indians to America’s prosperity.

    Source: Nation

  31. ArtaxJuly 3, 2022 7:44 AM

    “Crime levels have been climbing steadily in the last four years……”

    I know it would an extremely difficult task for you to resist the temptation of politicizing Barbados’ crime situation, while being honest at the same time.

    The records would indicate that ‘crime levels,’ especially gun related, were PROGRESSIVELY RISING long BEFORE 2018.
    I’ve presented the necessary information to BU on several occasions that would substantiate that fact.

    And, it doesn’t surprise me that you’re NOW seeing a correlation between poverty and crime, but DID NOT RECOGNISE such correlation during the last financial crisis, when thousands of Barbadians lost their jobs……. and poverty levels were also high as well.

    A period of time you and your beloved political party described as the ‘worse recession in a 100 years,’…… and used as your MAIN EXCUSE when responding to criticism.
    See what is meant by the words exercise in futility
    Or maybe an example of punching above its weight

  32. The US was built on violence…

    so too all these Caribbean islands….


    and ya PORTS are open to GUNS and DRUGS..

    .did they not just bust on the UK coastline..nearly 3 TONS OF COCAINE that not one armed force in Barbados saw when it arrived or left…

    …..ya have PRIVATE PORTS that are NOT policed./..becaiuse the government is not allowed to police them……so a SHIPLOAD of GUNS can enter at any time and no one will know the difference…wuh ya had CONTAINERS of guns coming in through the ports and the police could NOT TOUCH THEM…

    as one minority boasted to a senior police officer…”that shipment of guns is mine, and YOU CAN’T TOUCH THEM…”

  33. Then ya had some little scummy dudes living in US, with island heritage, buying new guns and shipping to Barbados…..hopefully they all got 25 years in prison for it by now, they were found guilty but did not hear how many years they got in sentencing…

    every lowlife looking for a buck at the expense of the society..

  34. “See what is meant by the words exercise in futility
    Or maybe an example of punching above its weight…”

    What????? 🤔

    Seems as though English is your SECOND language. 🤣

    Lisa’s comments immediately comes to mind.

    THINK FIRST, then let’s DISCUSS the facts.

  35. Pacha…i asked you a question on the Debts thread..

  36. Frank most noted is the similarity in content the urge to attack HA HA a similarity which one Artax has done relentlessly
    Makes the mind to think as the two as of the same person Artax

    • We have a serious topic up and what some of your prefer to do? Engage in nonsense exchanges. Yet always on the blog braying about the need for change and within yourself continuing with the same old same old.

  37. DavidJuly 3, 2022 8:59 AM

    We have a serious topic up and what some of your prefer to do? Engage in nonsense exchanges. Yet always on the blog braying about the need for change and within yourself continuing with the same old same old.
    On July 1st the topic of senseless murder and gun violence which cost another youth their life was brought by ac to BU
    This was David respond

    DavidJuly 1, 2022 9:26 AM

    Continue to scour local news for every rh negative story.

  38. as one minority boasted to a senior police officer…”that shipment of guns is mine, and YOU CAN’T TOUCH THEM…”
    Why did you think they fund the political parties?
    ….to support their beloved black brothers and sisters?

    Our society in no more violent than it has ever been.
    Barbados in particular has been home to the very worse possible kind of violence for centuries now…
    …Violence against the human spirit and against self-actualization.

    This has also included extensive physical violence which, for eons, was LEGALLY dispensed by a minority at will, against Blacks.
    Why is it now surprising that, having been educated in the VERY WAYS of the white oppressors, our Black youth are expected to reject the very violence which worked for the albinos?
    ….in favor of what exactly?
    …..the Court system?
    …..The political leaders – who are owned by their white benefactors?
    …. the shiite church?
    …. hiding under the skirts of the lotta women who supposed to be running things?

    Amazing how we continually INSIST on doing shiite, and then pretending to be surprised that it smells…

    @ Pacha
    You are VERY right about the impact of the deportees influencing local criminal habits. Bajan criminal youths would ‘pelt a big rock at your donkey’ when he get vex.
    But when we allow the American albinos to take our very best youth who graduate, and to forcibly deport the vicious deviants that they THEY engendered, then we make ourselves into jackasses, where our brilliant youth end up working for Apple, and THEIR dangerous deviants end up wrecking havoc on our streets.

    The free movement of deviants across the region is also a big contributor to the new culture of gun violence. We can thank the inept politicians there too….especially Owen.

    Anyway, as Bushie tried to explain when the whacker get tek way, we are now well past the tipping point, so this is all water under the bridge.
    Time now to lay down in the bed that we have made for ourselves.

  39. About 40 years ago, I watched a businessman told a future commissioner of police (then a Sargeant) … You cannot touch me. One call to the station and you would be in trouble..

    40 year ago.. welcome 2062.

  40. The stats speak for themselves.

    The rise in violent crime in the US is mainly in the black community.

    There the black community is a minority, like the Asian and Hispanic yet these communities are not affected to the same extent.

    Being a minority does not fit the observation.

    Here, in Barbados, it is again the black community that is affected most by violent crime.

    However, the black community is not in the minority, it is the majority.

    There is something that is far more specific and a generalization that Barbados is copying America cannot hold water.

    Is the rise in violent crime particular to the black community?

    If so, what is the cause?

  41. @ The Flaming Troll

    You need to dig deeper as there are smaller communities within “black communities” to uncover root causes

  42. Also.we have a society built on political favors and entitlements
    In so much that when favored citizens alleged be dealing in criminal.activity can be given passes to Parliament to attend ceremonial duties
    As well as call for the PM intervention when a call.of police action to intervene against certain citizens is necessary
    This is the kind of Barbados being exemplified as crime levels rise

  43. Simple generic answer is murders are related to crime
    USA leads general world trends by 10-30 years

  44. “Frank most noted is the similarity in content the urge to attack HA HA a similarity which one Artax has done relentlessly..”

    angela cox

    I’m not going to engage you in any ‘tit for tats’ today, but let me set the record straight.


    I NEVER “attacked Austin relentlessly.”

    Visit to the archives……read his contributions, which will clearly indicate that the goodly gentleman used every opportunity afforded him or those he created, to ATTACK ME…… ESPECIALLY AFTER EACH TIME I responded to YOUR comments.
    I’m sure you remember him accusing me of ‘cyberbullying and cyberstalking’ you, for which I ‘needed psychiatric help.’

    But, let’s assume ‘Frank’ is ‘Artax.’

    What the hell could you do about it?

    Will you be rewarded a year’s supply of free groceries?

  45. “About 40 years ago, I watched a businessman told a future commissioner of police (then a Sargeant) … You cannot touch me. One call to the station and you would be in trouble..”

    they graduated that threat…”one call to the PM” or some other parliament squatter and ya fired or moved…and they don’t just threaten to do it, by the time they tell you that, call already made….co-conspirators and collaborators against Afrikan people…

  46. Artax@ac

    But, let’s assume ‘Frank’ is ‘Artax.’

    What the hell could you do about it?
    Hit dog barks

  47. David

    I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but, according to certain information, a ‘hit’ has been ordered on a drug lord or gang leader known as ‘Sass.’

    Since he has so far been able to avoid his pursuers, they have decided to target his associates.

  48. I’m wondering of what relevance the “BLM riots and insurrections and the Democrat party in America” are to a discussion about the crime situation in Barbados?

  49. JULY 3, 2022
    UNITED FORCE Police, BDF teaming up to deal with gun crime

    By Colville Mounsey
    The Barbados Police Service will be joining forces with the Barbados Defence Force as lawmen are determined to get a handle on a recent spate of brazen shootings, two of which occurred in the last 24 hours.
    This was disclosed by Commissioner of Police Richard Boyce who told the Sunday Sun that this was one of the plans that will be immediately pressed into action, assuring the public that their safety was the number one priority of the police.
    There will also be a ramping up of police patrols in some areas, especially with the country heading into the high point of Crop Over activities.
    While he did not want to divulge the areas in which police patrols would be increased, he put the public on notice to expect to see a general stepping up in the presence of law enforcement.
    The top cop also revealed that lawmen had already
    made headway in solving the double homicide in St Joseph last Wednesday. He also said the shooting at Blackwoods Screw Dock in Cavans Lane, The City, which resulted in one dead and three others injured as well as the shooting incident at Cave Hill, St Michael, had the full attention of the police.
    Yesterday, social media was abuzz with sentiments of fear, as a video, which is purported to show the shooting at the Screw Dock made the rounds. During the day rumours of shootings in St John and St Lucy surfaced, which turned out to be untrue, added to the atmosphere of fear throughout the day.
    “Working with the Barbados Defence Force is one of the things that we discussed with the Prime Minister [Mia Amor Mottley] and Attorney General Dale Marshall. Very often the BDF has worked with us in the past, so doing it on this occasion as a strategy is expected to be an asset. It is good that we have all of these resources at our disposal to bring this matter under control. The aspect of visibility of police officers in various districts and not just where the incidents occurred, is needed to ensure that persons can feel secure,” explained Boyce.
    “We want to go into Crop Over with these things behind us having put all of the police resources behind these activities. We will be targeting our resources in certain areas; I don’t want to identify the specific areas but suffice to say there are certain areas that we have flagged, and we would put out major resources in those areas. However, we must broaden our focus beyond the hotspots so that we have complete police presence and persons can see and feel the presence of the officers and know that we have their interest at heart,” he said.
    Boyce said that it was too early to state whether the spate of shootings were gang-related, noting that investigators were still in the process of gathering the intelligence and that such a determination would be made public at a later date.
    Attorney General Dale Marshall yesterday expressed full confidence in the police service, assuring the country that everything was being done to bring the situation under control.
    “The fact of the matter is that there is a criminal element out there, who are intent on doing each other harm without recognising that they are retarding the society in a very serious way. It is early days yet, the investigation into these offences are ongoing but I can assure the public that the Barbados Police Service is on the job to keep our streets safe,” said Marshall.
    The Commissioner assured Barbadians that the police were taking a zero-tolerance approach in handling these matters, making it clear that the peace of mind of the public would not be held to ransom by a few rogue elements.
    “The immediate concern for us is the whole aspect of public safety. What we saw played out at the Screw Dock, what we saw played out
    in St Joseph and what happened at Cave Hill, is something that we will not countenance. We will prefer these things not to happen but now that they have, it means that the police will now have to get out there and bring this situation under control,” said Boyce.
    He added: “If we want the public to feel safe and secure then we have to ensure that we provide that level of security for them. We must say up front that the police officers are on the job and we are doing everything possible to bring this situation to a level of calmness so that persons can move about Barbados without any fear whatsoever.”

    Source: Nation

  50. David
    Does not the history of state sponsored violence in Barbados show that escalation on the government,’s side leads to escalation on the criminal side?

  51. David

    Are you aware Barbadian youths are heavily influenced by the Jamaican dance hall/dub culture?

    What about ‘fears of mirroring Jamaica by becoming desensitized to the horrible act of murder?’

  52. “Does not the history of state sponsored violence in Barbados show that escalation on the government,’s side leads to escalation on the criminal side?”

    let them keep pretending that the violence is NOT HISTORICAL….long before spouge, reggae, dance hall, rap this and that came around…they are trying to comfort themselves that this is not the KNOCK ON EFFECT…

    .the island has ALWAYS BEEN VIOLENT…..built on violence..

    don’t know how a people could waste so much precious time fooling themselves…

  53. Hants

    I agree that “poverty and unemployed youth leads to crime.”
    They are two of several factors that influence crime, but cannot be generally applied to the overall crime situation.

    There are persons who society considers to be ‘gainfully employed’ that are involved in crime.

    Yes, violence has always been us. But, it is okay for the usual suspects to ‘mount their daily soap boxes’ to spew shiite with monotonous regularity, without taking certain factors into consideration, because they seem to believe they ‘know everything,’ when, in actuality, the evidence suggests otherwise.

  54. know more than enuff to know that if you DON’T DEAL WITH THE ROOT CASE….10 years from now ya will still be blaming EVERYONE ELSE EXCEPT FOR WHERE THE BLAME SHOULD BE PLACED…

    and even blame innocent people too…anything to NOT FACE REALITY…

    Even Hal saw the mess for what it really is….others are PRETENDING NOT TO…

  55. A lot of that information can still be found on (BFP) Barbados Free Press..

    ..all the criminals syndicates and cartel members are identified…

  56. William…i came to find out that there are multiple books in circulation on the topic, just read 3 OF THEM…..and apparently, from information also circulating,it’s alleged that the same can be said of the guns as already said about the drugs…

    ..don’t know how the BUers missed all THAT INFORMATION for the length of time they have hung out in cyberspace..

    “This is a realist’s view of the drug war. The final irony is that the police, the party and the judiciary, the joint enforcers of the drug war, are the ultimate facilitators of the trade and Barbados is now a text-book Caribbean narco-democracy.”

    i did not even know that information was out there….

  57. “Who are the white collar criminals importing weapons and drugs?”

    me thinks those accused are the best people to ask…”facilitators” is a very powerful word..

  58. The pressures of a society looking for help and ways out

    Four bodies die in a house explosion in St . Phillip
    Police are asking for assistance from people in finding causes

  59. or we can ask the FOWLS IN POWER…….they should at least know a few names and CAN SHARE…

  60. David

    Some people have a habit of readily accepting any information that’s shared across social media platforms, simply because it confirms their particular biases.
    As such, there aren’t any attempts to verify the authenticity of the information or credibility of its source.

    I’ve seen people use the directorship flowcharts from the ICIJ database, for example, to maliciously imply directors of companies listed thereon, have offshore bank accounts as a result of being involved in illegal activities.
    However, ICIJ issued a disclaimer, which contains the following statement:
    “The inclusion of a person or entity in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database is not intended to suggest or imply that they have engaged in illegal or improper conduct.”

    • @Artax

      The offshore leak was a dump of CAIPO’s database. As you correctly opined it does not mean anything illegal has occurred.

  61. Deeper trouble than that…

    but the limited in intellect will LOOK FOR ALL TYPES OF EXCUSES to hide the crimes committed on the island AGAINST THE PEOPLE…….and tink dey fooling sumbody

    wen dat same information has been WELL KNOWN SINCE THE 1990s..

    everyone running in those circles know….and even those who don’t, but have every detail of what transpired from the 70s-80s..simply because IT’S NO SECRET…

    problem for them…..can’t hide anything anymore…

  62. It’s the all-knowing Fowls who need to give up a list of names…

  63. What was also found in the ICJ CAIPO DUMP……that many, many ARE ALSO INVOLVED IN MONEY LAUNDERING…and other schemes and scams….hence a worldwide investigation that STILL NAMES AND SHAMES…EVERYWHERE..

    from Panama Papers, to Paradise Papers to the latest one that called evabody and got many still RUNNING FOR COVER…

    can’t change REALITY…no matter how HARD YA TRY…

  64. It’s a good thing certain individuals ‘said’ they DON’T READ my contributions and they would NEVER RESPOND to them.

    Yet, they come out ‘swiping.’

    Only people with ‘limited intellect’ would ‘copy and paste’ malicious or unsubstantiated information from gossip sites such as ‘Naked Departure’ and attempt to pass it off on BU as TRUTH.

    But, I’ll take someone’s advice not ‘to feed the animals,’ because they have a tendency to go on, and on, and on, perhaps not knowing when to stop.

  65. Yall too DECEITFUL…got to keep an eye on ya…lol

  66. SILLY excuse.

    Some sources define DECEITFULNESS as ‘having a tendency or disposition to deceive or give false impressions,’…… for which you’re well known.

    Posting UNSUBSTANTIATED information about people to maliciously and intentionally sully their reputations, simply because it satisfies your particular agenda and to give people the false impression you’re in possession of news that was somehow conveniently ‘hidden from the public,’…… is a perfect example.

    Yes it may be true that many persons listed on the ICIJ database were involved in illegal activities.

    But, unfortunately, some people have a PROPENSITY for MISUSING information.

    That’s why there’s a Computer Misuse Act.

    Based on how the ICIJ flowcharts were presented on BU and the ensuing comments, would’ve lead anyone to believe the people mentioned were guilty of committing a crime, thereby casting aspersions on their characters.

    Listing the NAMES of THOSE PERSONS who ‘are on the run,’ would have given CREDIBILITY to the process…….

    ……rather than the names of persons against whom evidence was NOT presented to indicate they were actually involved in scams, money laundering or other financial improprieties.

    For example, someone posted a directorship flowchart of a construction company that listed Caswell Franklyn as a director…… and then implied he had an offshore account, for which he was asked to explain.

    That, my friend, is deceiving the forum by misrepresenting the truth.

  67. really expect me to read that junk…bring something useful…

  68. HantsJuly 4, 2022 8:31 AM

    Poverty and unemployed youth leads to crime.


    Does poverty on its own lead to crime?

    Ca you be employed and yet poor?

    How do you explain white collar crime by those are not poor or we assume employed but should know better.

    Were the attorneys at law who stole from their clients poor and unemployed?

    Something is obviously wrong in the world.

    It is a malaise being spread by the media and its glorification of various causes which involve criminality.

    Thus, all countries have the problem.

  69. Artax…i really did not read it…only scanned, not the same as reading, the only word i saw was Caswell and construction……i don’t read everything, only look for key words…

  70. The ones whose hands are SOAKED IN THE BLOOD of our young people….wonder what they will do when there is A RECKONING, an ACCOUNTING…

  71. I disagree with the premise that pinpointing the crime hotspots does not provide useful insight.

    This actually is profound as it highlights what Pacha is saying most well.

    The areas so pinpointed have long been areas of concern, from the 1970s.

    Crime has been hand in hand with poverty and a lack of true social developmental policies, particularly for these areas.

    While it is true that the island is small and such violence affects all of us, these districts are really the test of whether social change has taken place, to benefit all.

    It has clearly not. And yes, that the problems will spread is of huge concern.

    That policies have failed to improve the outlook for these areas, over forty years, speaks to the failure of successive governments.

    Read again what Pacha wrote.

    Artax is correct in his assessment of the use of the BDF.

    Such is an emergency measure and does not address long term social change, as is needed.

    The matter also has deep economic ties, the word poverty oversimplifies what is a complex structural matter.

  72. “The areas so pinpointed have long been areas of concern, from the 1970s.”

    as designated…AS SETUP..

    how many representatives these areas had since 1966…..and they keep degrading and not improving…the city looks like A DUMP..

    “Crime has been hand in hand with poverty and a lack of true social developmental policies, particularly for these areas.”

    there is irrefutable evidence that these depressed areas are deliberately PAUPERIZED to get the effect that we still see decades later…all in a bid to ENRICH THE GREEDY AND CORRUPT..

  73. Murder Murder Murder
    Kill Kill Kill
    If bulk of shootings and killings are in St Michael
    Do you think they might be the same shotters in some kind of war with tit for tat revenge beefs

  74. “Who are the white collar criminals importing weapons and drugs?”

    am beginning to think that was a TRICK QUESTION….but it did not really go as planned..

  75. Speaking of the MURDER RATE…..

    is that an alleged accusation of MURDER and A MAYBE COVERUP (another one??????) am seeing on other platforms…

  76. TLSN….me thinks that COLD BLOODED MURDERERS….are not finding it as easy to escape like before…people are waiting patiently for arrests in this one.

    “A firestorm of fear ignited in Malta this week, when one of the admitted conspirators in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, George Degiorgio, told Reuters that he intends to spill the proverbial beans, regarding who was behind the murder, to reduce the long prison sentence he expects to receive. Whilst he did not specify whom he intends to name and shame, the consensus of opinion centers around three prominent individuals.”

  77. RE So what’s going on at QEH that patients are reportedly being denied discharge in

    Ward B6
    Ward A2
    Ward B5
    Wards C5, 6

    If there is a bacterial or other outbreak…..LET THE PUBLIC KNOW…









  78. Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred in the carpark of Chefette Restaurant on Black Rock Main Road, St Michael around 3:40 p.m.

    According to lawmen, a masked man who was riding a bicycle opened fire on three men who were sitting in a motorcar. The driver drove off and went to the Black Rock Police Station and reported the matter.

  79. @ African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved,

    A critic of yours lamented the unfair twinning of Barbados and South Africa.. Pethaps Malta wpuld be a fairer comparison. A country which is hideously more corrupted than Batbados-only by a small measure!

    Daphne Caruana Galizia’s spirit remains a beacon in a world that has lost its soul.

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