Stemming the Murder Rate – June 2019 Versus June 2020


At June 30, 2019 the murder rate was 30.

At June 2020 the murder rate is 22.

Although simple analysis support a conclusion the 2020 murder rate will not hit the unprecedented number of 49 achieved in 2019, Barbadians must continue to be concerned we have been unable to influence the landscape to positively impact violent crime.

The blogmaster is concerned we have permitted the usual political rhetoric to overwhelm the national conversation. Why is the government not doting this. Why is Dale Marshall not being held accountable. Adriel Brathwaite was right. Obviously there is an important role for policymakers. Obvious;y there is an important role for the Police to efficiently enforce the laws. Obviously there is an important role for the Courts to deliver justice.

The role of parents in this blogmaster’s view has not been given sufficient focus. As a society how are we able to favourably influence delinquent households. What about households where parents do not exist? In other words – how do we strategise to tackle the problem of deviance at the root by adopting a holistic approach to the problem.

We may feel comfortable writing off 2019 as an aberration but realistically we know the causal factors have not changed. We have a problem that needs to be solved.

62 thoughts on “Stemming the Murder Rate – June 2019 Versus June 2020

  1. @David

    “Although simple analysis support a conclusion the 2020 murder rate will not hit the unprecedented number of 49 achieved in 2019, ”

    SIMPLE is indeed is appropriate, 30 in 6 months simply would suggest 60 in 12 months, which to Wily is significantly more than 49. Barbados highly touted education system at work.

    • @Wily

      The graphic is for 2019. Let us see if a label will prevent others from making your mistake.

      Ooop, it is already has a label.

  2. How do you sit down and compose such Unmitigated shy$e in one sitting?

    “…Although simple analysis support a conclusion the 2020 murder rate will not hit the unprecedented number of 49 achieved in 2019, Barbadians must continue to be concerned we have been unable to influence the landscape to positively impact violent crime…”

    How do you arrive at this conclusion?

    You have a crystal ball?

    The only reason the deaths have not exceeded last years deaths are because of Covid-19

    That has been the worldwide experience

    Nothing else!

    And what is a delinquent family?

    Is that something that arises when you elect an incompetent government which does nothing to enable realistic opportunities for it’s people and in fact tries to ensure that its 95% black population suffer?

    Do you think that I’d I cant get a job LEGALLY dat I ent going do something illegal?

    You got RH teachers at BCC showing me how to steal in my exams?

    You got lawyers stealing client funds and de RH Prime Minister saying get a lawyer

    You got other ministers stealing money and only getting lock up by external law courts while RH CLICO CRIMINALS free as shy$e

    And you talking bout delinquent households?

    But you keep talking your silliness it makes a good blog topic to attract hits.

    AS SOON AS THE COVID LOCKDOWN IS OVER the death count going back up.

    I Piece the Prophet so prophesy

  3. How do you sit down and compose such Unmitigated shy$e in one sitting? How do you arrive at this conclusion? You have a crystal ball? {Quote}

    @ Piece the False Prophet

    Funny uh nuff, you know dat is the same thing I does say whenever I read the childish shyte you does write for a big hard back old man? A lot uh foolish conspiracy shyte theories and shyte talk bout Mugabe.

    I does say to myself this man ain’t no Prophet or even Profit, he is a blinking POPPET.

    Wait, you feel he mussy use the SAME CRYSTAL BALL YOU USE to tell we that 6 BLP parliamentarians gine cross de floor and dat duh gine got over 100 murders this year?

    Uh dun know wuh yuh gine say. So uh here waiting pun yuh old @$$..


  4. @David

    I would not draw that conclusion based on straight line analysis and this is why I say that.

    Lets assume in the absence of cropover and tourism, easy money gets scarce for some. For instance lets assume that with these out of the picture drug money between now and december dries up, that could cause increased crime and murders between rivals for business. If the same causes increased home invasions, here again murders could rise. For that matter domestic murders in homes could also increase due to financial strain and other issues. Plus dont forget for 2 months we were all in the covid lockdown.

    Dont get me wrong i hope you are right but we have too many factors in play to draw that conclusion so early in the year in my opinion.

    • @John A

      The blogmaster clearly stated it was a simple conclusion. Clearly the objective of the blog is to return attention to a serious matter? Not sure why some of you like to dive to the trivial aspect of the point being made. Shame on you John A!

  5. @ Willy Coyote at 7:38 AM

    Could dear,Willy. Do not blame the “touted education system.” It is the same one that enabled you to spot the logical fallacy. But thanks for pointing it out to the BU Household.

  6. @ Robert Boring

    Why you dont left de ole man alone?

    Why you stalking me doah?

    You ent frighten I call up a couple she bears to devour you?

    Are you not afraid of prophets?

    Look how already de she bear from de BLP Mugabe Mottley devouring your RH!

    And did not Piece the Prophet “call all 30 of dem up?”

    Do not fear the crossing over dat de ole man has spoken


    It is just that you were never too bright at school and still are not, to be able to see it!

    Time poochlicker in the fullness of time!

  7. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You really think that people foolish?

    What label what?

    Here is what you wrote

    “…Although simple analysis support a conclusion the 2020 murder rate will not hit the unprecedented number of 49 achieved in 2019, Barbadians must continue to be concerned we have been unable to influence the landscape to positively impact violent crime…”

    To what year are you referring?


    Is that what you wrote?

    Are you discussing 2020 or 2019?

    Why would you wish to discuss 2019 then?

    You really think people stoopid like 2 thirds of you with this silly walkback of the illogical

  8. JohnJuly 6, 2020 10:04 PM

    EnuffJuly 6, 2020 8:25 PM

    Go read the comments on trini newspaper pages to see how Indian supporters of the UNC see black people.


    … or go to Chicago and see how black people see other black people.


    Of course you don’t have to go anywhere to appreciate how black people see other black people.

    Just look at the murder stats here … or … read BU!!

  9. @Mr Blogmaster, you unfortunately created your own predicament…

    Pushing for a serious discussion or as u said to “…return attention to a serious matter” by it’s own logic demands that the starting point provides more grist than “simple” maths analysis… not so 😄!

    Just saying bro, but it’s beyond non-serious (quite laughable really) to repeatedly look at murder stats based simply on year over year increases … so if u start wrong …den as they say u must end WRONG!

    May be a tad more research needed but as the. Blogger JohnA highlights some references to the myriad other factors would be useful to really propel a solid debate…

    So I offer that u lulled the Willy fellow into his moment of supposed fallacious correction with your simplifications… 😂…. there was nothing fallacious in what you said … it was just …well… mundanely uninformative … as raw stats ALWAYS are!

    • @Dee Word

      You may enter the rabbit hole your dug by yourself. Even if the 2020 number is flat compared to 2019 or decreased by 20% compared to prior year the point stands we have a serious problem to solve regarding crime, especially violent crime.

      Further, IF the blogmaster erred in how he crafted this content please share what has prevented so called intelligent BU commenters from lifting the discussion?


  10. In short he talking 🤬🤬🤬 de Ingrunt Word right?

    Which is whu Wily E Coyote dun tell he!

    And i seconded

    And you now have thirded

  11. You asked this question

    “…Further, IF the blogmaster erred in how he crafted this content please share what has prevented so called intelligent BU commenters from lifting the discussion?…”

    De ole man will answer you being wisened by my old age and now a Prophet heheheheh

    People perceive you to be a part of the mechanism that has bought these murders here in Barbados

    Let me explain before you get vex and say STEUPSE!

    97% of dese murders are drug related!

    Or nuff of dem at least, de ole man ent need to be accurate in that statistic

    Mugabe Amin Mottley brought 2 drug dealers to Parliament!

    Mugabe Amin Mottley is seen as part of the drug ecosystem by this action of bringing druglords to Parliament!

    Mugabe Amin Mottley has 4 people running the ROYAL BAYGON POLICE FORCE!

    Yet not a druglord has been arrested!

    Lord Evil free!

    But no case being heard against him but Parris, de DLP financier get arrested!

    And since all these murders you have pencilled zero articles about this Prime Minister Mugabe David!

    So people feel that you only trying to bait contributors to get their opinion

    So that Mugabe Mottley knows where her opposition is.

    There is NO OTHER REASON and you are not seen to be a genuine unbiased Blogmaster

    I hope that I Piece the Prophet have put this in context for you

  12. Oh dear @Pieces…no bro… I ain’t attacking the blogmaster down that road … nope… You may have evidence (or not) of that accusation … I do NOT so I defer.

    That the PM consorts with criminal types is obvious.. she does with those in the legal fraternity, executive suites and too with the drug leaders… that all the various types apparently can evade prosecution for their corrupt acts may be obvious too!

    However, that’s not my issue above… I offer that the Blogmaster’s essay was itself simply very “mundane”!

    And senor @David, wha rabbit hole dat be!!

    The blogger @Willy was incorrect re the numbers… I never said or suggested that YOU erred in logic… I questioned the gravity of the overall post.

    .. We have discussed these type stats AD NAUSEUM…. so respectfully bro if u want to return attention “to a serios matter” then the burden is on YOU as convener/editor to highlight a different angle every time and drive the debate … “intelligently”.

    Of course we bloggers can do same also but YOU introduced the moot and based on the exhaustive nature of past debates surely you can offer a tad more than the bland stats!

    No rabbit hole bro… a practical observation.

  13. Honorable Blogmaster:

    Kindly stand your ground notwithstanding the slashing attack by The Prophet. Do not be outflanked.

    Hal A and others have described Barbados as “a failed state”, and perhaps not without good reason.

    You may all be right, in your own way.

    One example The Prophet gave was … “You got lawyers stealing client funds and the RH Prime Minister saying get a lawyer. … You got other Ministers stealing money and only getting lock up by external law courts while RH CLICO Criminals free as shy$e”.

    I have always maintained that “a lawyer must never borrow his client’s money”. As with Shakespeare’s “neither a borrower or a lender be”.

    In terms of forward thinking, what happens now if or when some of the usual suspects present themselves as candidates in 2023?

    All this led me to dust off some ancient notes and tender the following for your edification and that of the BU Household..

    Consider … In 1695, the Speaker of the House of Commons, one Sir John Trevor was expelled from the Commons, your then mother Parliament, for taking a bribe. The following is adapted from E Cruickshanks, S Handley and D W Hayton (eds), The History of Parliament: The House of Commons 1690-1715 vol 5 Members O-Z, 2002:

    “Trevor’s Speakership came to an abrupt end in March 1695 when he found himself at the centre of a major inquiry into abuse and corruption. On 7 Mar a disorderly House heard that it ‘was said both public and private business came to market there and neither could be done unless paid for’. The accusations attracted particular attention amid fears and apprehensions about governmental expenditure on the war. At the heart of these concerns were mounting suspicions that certain MPs had received payments from the City of London and the East India Company in return for forwarding the progress of legislation sponsored or favoured by these two powerful groups. Trevor was implicated in the action on behalf of both, but it was the money he received from the City which led to his expulsion. …

    “In private conversation Trevor had admitted accepting the money from the City following the passage of the London orphans bill in 1694, but argued that his actions did not constitute impropriety of any kind. Indeed, there is no direct evidence that Trevor actually did anything to further progress of the orphans bill, although the City had no doubt been willing to pay handsomely, if only to ensure the Speaker’s goodwill in the Chamber.

    However, Trevor’s outward assurance soon began to crumble.

    On 12 Mar 1695 Paul Foley reported from the committee appointed to investigate the allegations that two years previously, on 12 Feb 1693, the Common Council of London had ordered that: ‘Mr Chamberlain [should] pay to the Hon Sir John Trevor … the sum of one thousand guineas as soon as a bill be passed into an Act of Parliament for satisfying the debts of the orphans and other creditors of the said City.’ The order was endorsed with the information that payment had indeed been made on 22 June 1694 in the presence of witnesses.”

    Honorable Blogmaster, such historical precedents seem to exist for your edification and for that of the BU Household.

    I would also direct your attention to the Commons Library briefing paper listing all known Speakers and Deputies from 1258 to 2015. (forwarded under separate cover).

    You may even find there, amid other infelicities, a number of (be)Knighted Speakers beheaded in more robust times.

    I make no such recommendation in this more gentle age.


    The CCJ confirms the verdict of our Most Honourable Prime Minister (MHPM) on the Guyana election. Once again, our leader, the MHPM, has shown a flawless legal mind. It is time for the inflammatory opposition on BU to apologize to our leader Mia Mottley personally. I also hope that our dear leader will remember who is always loyal in the social media… 😉

  15. The BLOGMASTER keeps referring to the RABBIT HOLE, possibly he’s got a rabbit hole confused with his head up his ASS hole, it’s dark, smelly and just plain shit. David are you stating to show TRUMPISM characteristics or is dementia creeping into the blog, if so Wily may have to join the confusion club.

  16. @ Wily

    Wait Blogmaster got a tab somewhere! He so cheap he dont even like to ” giveway” at round abouts!

    Anyhow ket me get back to him now. Now old fellow every conclusion based on statistics must be supportable when scrutinized. Now for an example a conclusion that failed scrutiny was BERT. So sir before i decide to spend money fencing my shack i got to make sure the conclusion holds up to scrutiny with your crime theory.

    On another matter now where exactly is your bar tab being held? Vincent and me what to go down and order some long name drinks pun it then chase with little JW Blue.

    • @John A

      Do you agree the violent crime situation in Barbados is a big problem, one we have not seen a clear strategy how it is intended to solve?

      By the way, you and Vincent come see the blogmaster down Martins Bay. Unfortunately Wily has COVID 19 to blame for being able to attend.


  17. @David

    All jokes aside yes i agree that we have a problem with serious crime. I have a theory that most people start with small crime, but once they get away with it they then move up the chain to bigger crime. We need to deal with serious crime for sure but I would love to see a survey done on how these thugs graduated to where they are today. In other words go to Dodds and ask what was their first crime and how did they progress? If we can cut the progression off at the knees then we have a chance.

    • @John A

      Cannot agree with you. Crime has become more sophisticated. The criminal imports, the ease with which players can move across the region. The declining economic situation that will force youth to hop on the easy train as they see it. Lifestyle addiction influenced by the music, tV, social media etc.

  18. @ John A
    There is no need for a survey. In many cases, the criminal element is not graduating from or to anything. These are not shoplifters who “ graduate “ into drug pushers. These are youth recruited and properly trained to understand the industry. Shop lifting and other petty crimes would have never been attracted them. They learn how to handle guns not pick pockets or snatch purses. We need to recognize and accept that drugs are both a crime and a well organized industry.
    The petty offenders coming before the courts are former customers or managers in the industry who have become addicted. They are really Paros or close to that description.
    We need to come down from Mount Olympus. The drug industry is now almost sixty years old. It’s not new.
    I recall as one involved in community activity attending a presentation by a then Police inspector way back in the mid seventies. At that time , it was explained to us that the management structure is like a pyramid. We were told , it’s almost impossible to get to the real folks at the top because it gets smaller and smaller.
    Of course since then, fighting the industry has changed and sometimes some big fish are caught but ten bigger fish usually spring up. Law enforcement agencies have improved their techniques and those in the industry have improved theirs as well.
    BTW I totally support the legalization of marijuana since I firmly believe it would decrease criminal activity in that area.
    But we still need to come down from Mount Olympus or wherever we are hanging out.

  19. **Please tell the blog how a WordPress hosted blog is able to accomplish what you suggest. **

    Are you serious? You think being hosted by WordPress means that a website can not be unsafe?


  20. Yes Mr Blogmaster that’s likely the case … I too had that problem with some blogs when using one of my device: pdf files posted to that particular blog would auto down load whenever I logged to the blog.

    Didn’t happen on my phone … so I blamed my interface on the PC.. didn’t understand WHY but figured I should just not access using that device… it was annoying.

    Can u offer any tech based reason why it happens!


    • @Dee Word and Dullard

      The blogmaster cannot ignore two complaints. A review of comments to this blog suggest the pdf posted by cpilgrim is the likely source of the problem. The blogmaster will raise a ticket with WordPress. Dullard please accept the blogmaster’s apology. In the meantime the comment suspected to be the cause of the problem is now moderated.

  21. Must confess that I have not been always comfortable with WordPress, but I am no computer/IT Expert.

    Somehow less than half of the pdf file was downloaded…. the reason(s) I do not know.

  22. Despite the severe and endless barrage of bouncers to the Blogmaster batting at the Northern end, I will enter a comment.

    DavidJuly 8, 2020 2:26 PM Well defended.

    This may offend some, but so what. These fellows are doing the police and court work for them, no? Instead of wasting time on chasing these guys and going through weeks of drug cases, if they kill one another, that saves a lot of resources, right?

    By carrying an illegal weapon, they are criminals in any case, so why worry? Should the police issue an edict allowing them to kill one another, but please stay away from innocent people, or else they will be chased down?

    That would save a lot of time and assist in eliminating a lot of the criminal element?

    What Piece said in his barrage had some truth however. If evabody doing it, why not the lil fellow who ent got no job?

    Yuh going crucify a man fuh selling a lil spliff and shooting at another dealer, when yuh ent even gone after de money dat get tief from de country?

    Huh hoy……you is foolish or whuh?

  23. @ John A
    @ David BU
    Thanks for the invitation to these big mout drinks. Mine is Tanquray gin with 7up or sprite. I have not drunk it for so long I do not remember how to spell the brand name. My folks in St. John will appreciate the patronage.
    I think those in charge of crime control know the source ;and parents and teachers know the causes. Talk with the perpetrators parents.

  24. @ David BU
    Not at all. Crime is about values and the protection of society from those with deviant behaviour. Environmental factors are common to the law- abiding and the lawless. The police , parents and schools are charged with the responsibility of teaching and enforcing the values of society. I do not buy into these vague notions of environmental factors.

    • @Vincent

      Is there an opportunity to address ‘decadent’ values fueling counter-culture? Parental abuse/delinquency?


  25. By definition if something is of value ,it cannot be decadent. It is the counter culture that is destroying and needs to be obliterated. Parental abuse and delinquency have been addressed by the law and in our social welfare ministries. Maybe they need to be more effectively propagated and applied. These are perennials which need constant applications of weedicides.

  26. @ John A
    Do not wear those ancient Bata” go forwards” to Martin’s Bay. I believe David sequestered those from the Museum. We pay strict attention to quality. Do you recall what happened when you wore them to Cheap Side Market? LoL!!.

  27. “At June 30, 2019 the murder rate was 30”

    That is not a rate, that is a total
    While I understand the attempted aim of the submission, the use of the total murders is not analysis just reporting.

    “We may feel comfortable writing off 2019 as an aberration but realistically we know the causal factors have not changed. We have a problem that needs to be solved”

    But by admitting 2019 was an aberration aren’t you conceding then that the casual factors do not have an effect and changing the casual factors will not address the root cause.

    This submission looks like a solution looking for a problem to me. This happens way too much in Barbados. The WTE is an example of a solution looking for a problem.
    Analysis requires looking at data in its entirety not just the sample that fits the narrative.

    Problem solving requires an unbiased analysis and a commitment to go where the process leads. In this case there are likely many root causes but none are supported here, just speculation

  28. CrusoeJuly 9, 2020 4:28 AM
    This may offend some, but so what. These fellows are doing the police and court work for them, no? Instead of wasting time on chasing these guys and going through weeks of drug cases, if they kill one another, that saves a lot of resources, right?


    Put another way, BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER.

    So what was all the fuss and palaver over these past few weeks?

    Don’t need to go to Chicago, read BU and it is apparent.

    But you know something Crusoe … you may have a good point!!



  30. @David
    “Have a drink on the blogmasters tab.”

    Thanks for the offer, I have to agree that during the last 2 to 3 years Barbados has had an increasing Crime situation, from petty to murder. This is no doubt resulting from the country’s financial economic failures and the insecurity it’s causing within a significant number of the populace. If Wily’ s correct in this assumption, then the future regressive economy which is resulting from the COVID 19 should see a significant uptake in crime as individual finances continue to degrade. Its further likely that Barbados government will find it necessary to make major reductions to its employee base, reduce social programs and finances, cut it’s base expenditures by some 40% in order to get it’s day to day finances down to a more sustainable negative cash flow levels. Government has zero financial room to increase revenue, taxation avenue is at a dead end, production is non existant and this is further compounded that the world economy is floundering. Tourism of which Barbados relies is likely to be hit EXTREMELY HARD on an international basis as travel and tourism is generally a non esstential expenditure. Business travel will also suffer as COVID has taught business that travel is not a necessity for a functional business, media can provide a reason facsimile at reduced costs.

    A WORLD RECESSION is in the offing, how long will it last is the big question.

  31. @ Wily Coyote July 9, 2020 6:19 PM


    It is not the government’s fault, but the wildness of the environment.

    We are here in the Caribbean on the Pepper and Pirate Islands, not in church. Everyone knows the real and fictitious horror stories about the golden age of the pirates, about the demonic ghosts of former plantation owners, about Guyana Jones and the Temple of Doom, about Burnham the Butcher and his thousand tribal man-eaters.

    Therefore, anyone who walks around Barbados without a bulletproof and puncture-proof vest is to blame. The government should make it compulsory for all residents to wear such vests together with a Kevlar helmet.

    But I agree with you that the crime rate will rise sharply due to robbery and burglary. Without tourists, the drug soldiers can’t sell drugs anymore, because the locals can’t even afford bread. In addition, there are now around 40 percent unemployed. A highly explosive mixture.

    I think the government should ask Charles Jong to plant a tracking chip under the skin of all the locals and install special software on their mobile phones so that our government can even better care of our citizens. This would quickly reduce crime to zero. Well, in the case of drug soldiers, we would have to plant the chip directly into their brain so that they don’t cut off each other’s hands. But it’s all technically viable. Charles could ask the Chinese for details …

  32. Since we discussing crime, Interesting :
    A black Barbadian is hit with $500 for throwing a piece of paper out a moving vehicle.
    A black and white Barbadian are told to do community service for illegally dumping a truckload of coconut shells on a beach ………..
    Ah wonduh why ?
    My advice to anybody intending to dump illegally is to mek sure you know who yuh dumping with.
    Three men two white and one black are caught on a yacht with illegal drugs. So far one of the whites has been declared innocent and is back to his high powered corporate position.
    One black and one white are still on bail………….
    Things get curiouser and curiouser.
    ( Alice in Wonderland)

  33. Quite frankly, I find greater delight in watching him getting a public dressing down and shamefaced, bend his back to clean up other people’s mess for five days. Maybe he’ll have some spectators for good measure.

    I bet he would prefer the fine.7

  34. @WS

    You like you is a trouble tree and we don’t like trouble trees, you gotta look further than de fine for dumping a piece of paper yuh gotta wonder what was on de piece of paper maybe he had a cartoon drawing of the PM and de Police was hoping for a promotion so he arrest de guy looka I just mekking up sumting to explain de difference in de application of justice.

    But you left out this piece about a previous dumping when the de authorities confronted the scofflaws that dumped animal offal, they said looka why wunnah don’t behave? Be good boys and don’t do um again yuh hear?

  35. “A black and a white Barbadian are told to do community service for illegally dumping a truckload of coconut shells on a beach”

    Who imposed the sentence ?

  36. @ Sargeant
    My advice:
    When illegally dumping entrails kindly mek sure you got a proper co- dumper.
    In the meantime if you’re caught black of course , outside of the COVID-19 curfew yuh arse in jail the next morning.
    Things get curiouser and curiouser.
    ( Alice in Wonderland)
    Another crime:
    I would politely inform @ PLT that the next time he come up with an idea to mek sure he copyright um first. Ah notice he ideas all over the press and I ain’t see he getting any credit yet. Maybe he did privately but …………
    We got copyright laws too.
    @ Sarge : One time a white Bajan shot a black Bajan and said he thought the man was a monkey. A prominent black lawyer took that defense to the courts and the white Bajan got off.
    Of course the black lawyer went on to great political heights ………..
    Maybe that might be just folklore and never happened. Maybe , maybe not.

  37. @ William

    Spot on. I noticed that @PLT is left out of the loop. But I am not surprised. This is very Barbadian. It is one of the reasons why I could not engage with a bunch of dishonest politicians and academics.
    Like most things, we have dealt with this on BU before. It is not unusual to have your ideas coming back at you without the slightest recognition. It is off-putting.

  38. @Tron

    “wildness of the environment”

    The environment is NOT WILD, its the supposed intelligent various government economic/planning management throughout this socialistic leaning world.

    Wily’s glad he’s OLD and not in the dating game NOW, as he’d find it very confusing as a MALE and FEMALE with established attributes were easily identifiable in his day, today not so easily ascertained.

  39. Do not make this dumping case about black and white. Hundreds of dumpers have been caught red handed and gone away after cleaning up.

  40. 34% crime drop, says top cop
    Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith is reporting that major crime declined by 34 per cent over the past six months compared with the same period last year.
    Though not giving a breakdown in a press release Friday, he lauded his officers for their efforts but urged them not to become complacent even as they faced new challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic.
    “To each and every police officer across all uniform and plain-clothes sections of the force, I say thanks for a job well done so far. Special mention must

    be made of those members of the police band who set aside their instruments to join hands with their colleagues in the regular force during this rather challenging period. That being said, it would be remiss of me if I did not mention that corps of civilian members of staff, who must be commended for their supporting roles as well,” Griffith said.
    The commissioner told his officers not to lose sight of the challenges presented as they continued their work with strategic partners to create an environment where all felt safe.
    “We are indeed grateful to those non-governmental

    organisations which demonstrated their care and concern for us by contributing significantly towards the provision of personal protective equipment and sanitising materials,” he said.
    He commended Barbadians for adhering to the curfews that were in place, wearing their masks and adhering to social distancing protocols.
    “Let us all hold each other’s hands, if only virtually at this time, and work together as we strive to become better individuals, a more efficient police force and ultimately to ensure a greater Barbados.”
    Source: Nation Newspaper

  41. In the dark!
    Abrahams wants answers on soldier’s death
    THE DEATH of soldier Pablo Kinch is getting the attention of Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams.
    Yesterday, two days after Kinch was buried following his shooting in April, Abrahams said he was not impressed with the state of the investigation into the death of the lance corporal.
    Police launched an investigation into the death of 26-year-old Kinch while he was on the compound of the District “A” Police Station on April 6 with three colleagues from the Barbados Defence Force after returning from a joint patrol.
    He was buried on Friday.
    During the annual general meeting of the Barbados Labour Party’s Christ Church East branch yesterday, Abrahams said he was going to do everything in his power to expedite the investigation and bring closure to Kinch’s family.
    “Pablo lost his life in circumstances yet to be explained. I don’t want to prejudice the investigation but at some point an investigation needs to come to an end and a family needs to have answers.
    “This investigation needs to close and the family needs to know what happened. Justice has to mean justice; there must be no one beyond reproach,” he said.
    Abrahams said he attended the former top recruit’s funeral and was impressed by the tributes, marvelling at the depths of the young man’s heart. He said it had been months since Kinch was killed and yet no one was any closer to an answer.
    “There are a lot more questions than answers and that must not be the way things are done in Barbados. Months later and we do not know what happened. That cannot be the standard we hold ourselves to. I am going to do what I can to bring

    closure to Pablo’s family.
    “I do not know what evidence the police has. I cannot tell them if charges should be brought against anybody. I don’t know; I was not there. But what I can say is, this needs to be brought to a close and the family needs to get a report of what transpired. Until that happens, what happened to Pablo is an open wound which will not close,” he said.
    On the day Kinch died, the soldiers were awaiting transportation back to their base when he was shot in the right sternum, dying despite efforts to resuscitate him.
    Assistant Superintendent of Police David Wiltshire, of the Criminal Investigations Division, was assigned to investigate the matter.
    Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith was quoted in the July 21 edition of the DAILY NATION as saying that the investigation was at “an extremely delicate stage” and lawmen were still actively investigating the death.(CA)

    Source: Nation

  42. @David
    Wuh Abrahams isn’t just an ordinary backbencher mekking noise he is a Minister. If I wuz at that meeting I would ask him how come he can’t pick up de phone and ask his friend the AG what is going on with this investigation. Insteadh e at a Branch meeting pretending that he looking fuh answers.
    One thing I notice is dat whenever there is an investigation involving possible wrong doing by de Police de facts take a lot of time to come out, in that they are like their brothers all ovuh de world.

    • @Sargeant

      It is optics. A 101 tactic by a politician to feed off public concern and at the same time attempt to choke the newsfeed post Denis Kellman announcement.

  43. Murder accused sent up till November
    THE MAN ACCUSED of murdering 41-year-old optometrist Tanya Greenidge has been remanded to HMP Dodds until November 2.
    Corey Orlando Gill, 36, of No. 36 Croton Drive, Husbands, St James, appeared in the District “C” Magistrates’ Court, St Matthias, Christ Church, before Magistrate Elwood Watts yesterday. He was not required to plead to the capital charge, that on August 28 he murdered Greenidge, the mother of a six-year-old.
    The accused businessman consented to the extended remand rather than the usual 28 days before another court appearance is required.
    Gill was represented by attorney Martie Garnes.
    Greenidge, daughter of Barbados’ Consul General in Miami, Neval Greenidge, and pastor Wendy Greenidge of the Holy Ghost Power Anointed Church in St George, was found dead at her Green Point, St Philip home.
    Gill was also found unresponsive at the residence after he allegedly ingested a substance. ( RA)

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