Barbados Murder Statistics for February 2019

Based on the data I collected (via media reports), there have been at least five deaths associated with violence for the month of February 2019. The table below lists six individuals, however, Kadeem Ifill’s death – highlighted in yellow – involved the local authorities, as such, I did not include him in my count.

February 2019 Murders

Full details posted to


  • Is the media under a gag order not to release editorials pertaining to the high rise of Crime
    In attempting to retrieve articles on crime (one ) an editorial commenting on Barbados crime statics january through present
    The other on the rise in crime in barbados
    One which were editorialized and the other an article stating crime in barbados rose 200percent
    Both articles for what ever reason after released was remove
    Is this the new form of reporting by media heads to ” cover up” instead of inform
    Or is there a vivid attempt to put the brakes on the media by the powers that be in high places on articles that shed light on those bad occurences being repeated in barbados


  • David

    If violent crimes associated with gang activity is threatening the public safety … then law enforcement in Barbados need to step their game …

    To keep up the heat on these young gang members … law enforcement in Barbados must first formulate a Gang Taskforce which specifically deals with gang activity in Barbados …

    Moreover, law enforcement need to identify the areas the young people operate and set up surveillance…as well as the general public must play a big role in informing police of any illegal activity involving the youngster associated with these gangs in Barbados..


  • @Lexicon

    Connect the DOTS, law enforcement appear to be a major player in the “gang violence” that has overtaken the nation. No task force coordinated or controlled by local law enforcement or government WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE, what Barbados needs is an out if country law enforcement agencie with no ties to government.


  • Wily Coyote


    On the one hand y’all are crying that Barbados is steadily becoming a police state … While on the other hand y’all are claiming that law enforcement is complicit with the senseless gun violence in Barbados … which one is it?


  • Any article that state crime is up over 200% is wrong.

    Voilent crime is down over all.

    MURDERS are up 200 %

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  • @John2

    We know what they are saying. This is a case where sensationalizing the matter may help people to appreciate the seriousness of the situation we find ourselves.


  • John

    Isn’t murder a violent crime too? Given the nature of violence in Barbados…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


    You have an impaired reasoning skill

    Here is the deal

    1.Mugabe is the epitome of corruption as was evidenced by the Dottin Wiretapping Affair

    2.That she has no intention to change is evidenced by her acolyte appointments particularly the rehiring of the man Dottin.

    3.The fact is that no real drug lords have ever been caught in Barbados. This suggests ejther we have brilliant drug dealers, like the fellow who brought in all those devalued drugs on the launch and got released or collusion with the Police.

    4.Only an idiot, of whom you lead the pack of buhkvunts, would not understand that police are complicit in crime and this is why criminals feel empowered and will kill more than 50 citizens this year.

    Not all policemen are thieves and crooks but there is a growing lot of criminals in the Royal Baygon Police Force

    Why de ef you don’t shut up about what you know nothing about doah?

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  • Piece

    I got yah old … rogue members of the Royal Barbados Police Force are responsible for the escalation of violent crime in Barbados right?

    Old Man, it is best I informed you that as far back as I was a small boys in Barbados police have been fired for corruption, sexual crimes, unpaid child support, spousal abuse etc … and this isn’t unlike most organization in Barbados and today… Old some you does behave like aa reall Johnnie fah real …

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  • Piece

    Listen! Old man, a very good mounted police friend of mine was sentenced to one month at the Mental for beating his wife.

    And you ought to know Old Man, that when Mr. Bridgeman was the Warden at Glendairy his son Bumpie…
    who was a know criminal was sentenced to the Mental … and just because his father was Warden he sent to the Mental.

    Why I am I saying the above? Tah let you know that corruption has always been part and parcel of the Barbadian cultural ethos…


  • William Skinner

    Is murder considered a violent crime? If murders are up by 200 percent. How can violent crimes be down????
    Just asking.


  • Any country that allows underage children to purchase alcohol and cigarettes are destined for failure. We have a society that allows this unfortunately.
    Prosecute the shop owners and the entertainment venues. Revenue for the government.
    Its not the kids that are the problem, its the adults.


  • Do we prosecute anybody in Barbados outside of the traditional infractions?


  • @Lexicon

    You obviously do not understand the term POLICE STATE, as I said putting the Police(law enforcement) in charge is the same as letting the fox guard the hen house, won’t work.


  • AG Marshall revealed that there has been a drastic increase in gun crime in the last decade. It begs the question why have we had the Port operating with 1 or zero scanners.



  • piece of the rock….”criminals will kill over 50 people this year, ” black ones or should we be worried


  • No scanning of containers at the Port in 2017 and only 50% in 2018. What does it say DLPites?

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  • Marshall is not a Johnny come lately however his mouthings of late undoubtedly make a good case for him being a Johnny
    His mouthings subliminally crafted to place blame on past govt makes a good case for questioning Marshall as to why a 14 year blp govt to which he was minister
    A blp govt who boasted of having all the financial resources at hand did not secure our ports
    It also gives reason for him to rewind on important issues left undone and overlook by the blp govt at that time and were passed on to a newer govt who was caught in the cross fires of a global meltdown


  • Now this govt proceeds to extend a form of political gratitude to extended Caricom members
    Certainly every one derseves their fair share of human rights dignity
    But at present time given our social and economic hurdles to overcome
    Should govt not have given a temporary pause to signing the ammendment and take into consideration first and foremost our debt profile commitments and ways forward towards resolution
    What point does it make for govt to add biilions of dollars to debt which would be pass on to other generations


  • Please tell Attorney General Dale Marshall and Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith that guns are not vegetables that rot after a week or two.

    Guns smuggled into Barbados over the last 20 years are still in possession of criminals and gang members.

    Yes you should install more scanners and increase security at the ports but you have to find the guns that are already in Barbados..

    The Attorney General is reported to have said ” the calibre of illegal weapons being found on teenagers as young as 15 was alarming.”

    Well what are you going to do other than smile ?

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  • millerthe anunnaki

    @ Hants March 5, 2019 9:13 AM

    Some well ‘aimed’ barbs there, Hants!

    The blind hypocrisy of politicians has no limits.

    First he has to take away any licensed weapon from the mad gun-toting pit-bull politician who failed to shoot and ask questions later at the OK Palmetto Square in a previous life of parliament.

    Where are those guns which came through the port(s)? Stashed in the handy commercial containers of the ‘Wild’ East Indians?

    Children learn what they see. And the gunslingers of today were the innocent children of yesteryear. They are simply aping their political masters like monkeys handling guns.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother Hants

    You ent get ban yet heheheh

    You is making some very indicting 4 line submissions heah on BU dat points fingers at the agents of the Mugabe regime.

    You need banning for inciting people to seditious acts with your brief facts and pointed links to internet tracts which point to the ogre of despotism on bajans’ backs


    @ Lawson

    You is another one who is preaching sedition of another type heheheheh

    And no.

    The answer to your two liner is no.

    You asked and I quote

    “…piece of the rock….”criminals will kill over 50 people this year, ” black ones or should we be worried?…”

    Not one white bajan WILL BE KILLED!!


    But as it relates to local bajan whites, NO not one fellow will be harmed


  • @Hants

    The hole has to be plugged and the guns on island have to be found. When you stop and search citizens cry foul; infringement of personal liberties. When you cordon bad boy districts we hear residents are being labeled.


  • Piece i am worried about every death just threw in a little sarcasm


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Lawson

    I know you are, we all are

    But even in your remark THERE IS MUCH TRUTH

    AND that is the saddest thing about this killing and chopping up and stabbings and drug dealing AND ALL THE REST OF IT

    None of the perpetrators nor the victims are white

    Maloney is gifted a whole Mercedes without taxes and nothing gine happen bout that, he will never be asked to pay any taxes.

    ButJerkaMan will his son and de former DPP, now a resident in Hell, leh he go

    And finally a nex white DrugLord get caught importing a ton of drugs and he has been given a pass

    So, my no stands and I thank you for your comment because it gave a different perspective to the matter



    Point to where a White person was given a pass?



  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    “Given a pass” a figure of speech regarding the get out of jail free card awarded Charles

    And the fact the case will never be called

    Does he still report to a police station once a week? That is if he come back to Bim (I will ask Mr Austin)

    The “pass” in the case of ButtjerkHam, was his ability to leave the bajan jurisdiction to fly Miami after killing his son Luke.


  • ” Police Commissioner Gary Griffith was out and about with his elite Special Operations Response Team (SORT), ensuring j’ouvert and Carnival revellers enjoyed a safe Carnival Monday. ”


  • There are many things that can be suggested to address and be done for the Drugland Shootings, in general, and address the concerns that youth have regarding EMPLOYMENT OPTIONS and the general hopelessness that many of them feel

    I am a simple ole man who is of the misguided? belief that we HAVE TO create a new ethos where these disenfranchised denizens become excited to see and invigorated to be a part of community and nation building


    And this is what the E-Platform will present “OPTIONS FOR THE OPTIONLESS”


  • Travel advisory specficially mentioning high crime arrears issued for Barbados


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