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Fathers Being Stiffed by Barbados Courts

The following cry was posted to the blogmaster’s Facebook timeline by indefatigable citizen advocate Kammie Holder – Blogmaster Dear David King I may not be an officer of the court but it pains me to have to publicly condemn our court system. The selection process of judges and magistrates must undergo greater scrutiny to assure they are fit for purpose

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A Father’s Role, PRICELESS!

Submitted by Charles Knighton “Marriage key for black family” page 21 article, Daily Nation Sept. 20, “Former magistrate: Break single-parent mould” page 5 article, Barbados Advocate Sept. 20 Local pundits, letter-writers and talk-radio hosts, singularly myopic in their quest to ferret out any word or phrase which might connote some underlying racial animus in the American presidential campaign have, in

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Housework By Men Leads To Good Sex!

Submitted by islandgal246 A 2003 study by Scott Coltrane, a sociology professor at the University of California, Riverside, linked fathers’ housework to more feelings of warmth and affection in their wives. And a survey of 288 husbands, reported in Neil Chethik’s 2006 book “VoiceMale,” linked a wife’s satisfaction with the division of household duties with her husband’s satisfaction with their

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Barbados Heroines

Submitted by Yardbroom We celebrate Heroes Day, honouring those men and women who by great achievements have made us proud to be Bajans.  Their acts recorded, names well known and images in some instances, adorn the bank notes we spend in our daily lives; a constant reminder of the contribution they made to our society.  In some instances their names

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A Mother’s Role, Priceless!

There is the saying teach a man and you teach an individual, teach a women and you teach a generation. Whether religious minded, atheist or agnostic there is the appreciation by most men that a woman as the procreator and nurturer among us, she must be treasured and honoured. Although it is redundant to state that a mother’s role cannot

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Is Black Still Beautiful?

Submitted by Charles Knighton   I had hoped that the advent of March would have put an end to the tedious recitation of the numerous accomplishments  of Black people that have brought change to our lives. Alas, Corey Worrell “In the black” (Nation March 03rd) has now disabused me of that notion. Once again, Blacks have spent a few weeks

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