More & More Men Are Becoming The Victims, More & More Women Are Becoming The Predators

It was only on July 22, 2007 that BU published a piece entitled~The Family Law Council, Long In Coming But Will It Work?For so long so many men have had to raise children who biologically don’t belong to them. For so long the system in Barbados has made it such an onerous exercise for a man to prove paternity. By our estimation it cost approximately $2000.00 dollars (inclusive of lawyer fees) to solicit a paternity test. The process must be managed through a lawyer; there is no escaping the fees to be paid. Can you imagine the large number of men from the low working class who cannot muster that amount of money to get a paternity test? Now we have these women with “dicks” who sit on the Family Law Council who are making pronouncements which bear no relevance to the problem at hand.

There is a saying that any idiot can use statistics to sound good!


The letter below was submitted to BU and the sender requested that we publish it. When we read the letter we felt the pain and frustration of a man’s concern at the way our society has turned its back on those men who are every day being victimized by women and the court system. The old saying that men are dogs appear to be a perception which has become irreversible.

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Dear BU

Please make an available list of places or institutions where fathers can go an be tested for the answer to whether or not they are truly the father of a particular child, and not wait on the courts to prove this.

This a deep social issue. Furthermore, they are those men who are supporting children and they have some reasonable doubt in their minds as to whether or not the children are theirs. There are many men out there who are bursting their bellies to support children that have been “jacketed” upon them. This is a fact. Many men are categorized as “dogs” when they win certain pursuits but women are always classed as “victims” as an excuse for their behaviours or demise.

Even some churches have classed men as a reproach and women are embraced as “weaker vessels”. See the reality of it in the MOTHERS DAY church services. When FATHERS DAY come around, the service is a shabby event. Ministry to the TOTAL person means the human race….not re-creating a total woman only or total man only. Some churches need to re-visit their ministry programs and objectives.

What a shame!

I am a divorced person and during that process I came to realized that while women and organizations are making a fanfare about domestic violence and abuse to women, many men are verbally and emotionally abused daily by their female counterparts. I dare not speak of the physical abuse that is hidden because of the “macho-man” image. But there are women who inflict all kinds of blows on men and it is not reported by these men because the police would laugh at them.

So much for a social equality and justice.

This is just my observation and recommendation and plea. Publish the list, please.


Dr A

5 thoughts on “More & More Men Are Becoming The Victims, More & More Women Are Becoming The Predators

  1. I will comment.

    I think that the problem under discussion might be more prevalent in third world Nations more so that Developed ones. And I will tell you why!

    Personally I see few cases where the legitimacy of whose child it is appearing in news articles in the press abroad. I suspect that might be due to the fact most cases abroad deal with marriages that have been dissolved. And the children are obviously the husbands children.

    However the determination of who is the father in one night stands, and frivolous relationships that last a week or two is a much different and very difficult matter because it involves “he said she said”.

    However, I agree that no man should be arbitrarily made to pay paternity compensation unless that man can be shown to be the legal father of the child. As a matter of fact I suggest given the decades of promiscuity in the Caribbean and other regions where historically women fathered children from different men on a regular basis that the legal system itself should dictate that DNA testing be done before any paternity liability is assessed against any man.

    Unless of course the two partners mutually agree that the child is theirs.

    The matter of how and who pays for the testing can be worked out by the Government, Attorney General etc.

    What is becoming a serious problem in overseas destinations especially against wealthy men and in particular sports professionals by women and which has been well documented is an increase of false accusation of sexual assault, rape etc. And this situation is also being perpetrated on men by some spiteful women to get back at them

    Having said all of that and to be fair women have over the years been victimized by unscrupolous men, taken advantage of and in many cases brutalized. They have also been treated very shabbiliy until recently in the employment field so I can also understand why many women are bitter because they have just cause. But most men and women today respect each other for what they are treat each other as equals etc and this is due in a large part to women finally standing up for their rights and like men they too have rights. Let us not forget that!

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