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Two Questions For Peter Boos, Former Chairman Of Legacy Barbados Inc – Freedom Of Information Act Needed Now More Than Ever

Peter Boos

Freedom of information legislation are rules that guarantee access to data held by the state. They establish a “right-to-know” legal process by which requests may be made for government-held information, to be received freely or at minimal cost, barring standard exceptions Wikipedia

The excuse can be made that Integrity Legislation (IL) is a hard nut for the Barbados government to crack. The smooth implementation of IL is regarded as challenging for small countries like Barbados where nobody is a stranger. The same can’t be said for implementing Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation. Three years into its term the government of Barbados needs to deliver on FOI to be assured of some credibility before entering the gearing-up period for the next general election.

The benefit when FOI is implemented will be to arm the general public with the right of access to state data/information. There is an urgent need to replace vacuous commentary on the Internet, radio and wider society in Barbados. The cynics among us may hold the view that enforcing the legislation will prove to be another hurdle to overcome given the lousy track record of archive management in the public service. Last week BU was able to publish the list of entities who received monies from the Tourism Investment Relief Fund (TIRF). By making the names public some Barbadians were able to ask pertinent questions about the closure of the Silver Sands Hotel. Unfortunately the traditional media has not been able to determine whether the TIRF List is newsworthy.


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A Matter Of National Security

Auditor General Leigh Trotman

In  his 2009 report Auditor General (AG) Leigh Trotman listed several findings which not only exposed the inefficiency in many government departments but sadly exposed obvious cases of corruption. One such finding was in the Customs Department. He purports in his 2009 report on page 64 the following:

The audit tests showed that for the financial years 2007-09, in a sample of 67 vehicles, about 41 consigned to individuals were listed in the Customs computerised system ASYCUDA as having been released without the payment of duties.

This action would have resulted in a revenue loss of approximately $447 699 in taxes and would have shown a weakness in the controls established by the department to prevent such activity from occurring.

The finding refers to the Auditor General’s investigation using a sample of 67 cars. Was the AG tipped off which might explain the high number of vehicles in such a small sample found to have been released without duty paid? The AG was interviewed by the local media and assured Barbadians that his investigation will soon be completed and all evidence collected by his department will be handed over to the police if it supports further action.

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Jackasses All Braying In Unison

The failure of the West Indies cricket team to make it through to the semi final stage of the ICC T20 tournament appears to have caught West Indian supporters by surprise. One would have thought a team with the track record of the West Indies cricket team in the last 12 years would  NOT have provoked such an uproar. Surprisingly even the unperturbed Captain of the West Indies Chris Gayle was driven to apologize to the West Indian people. Bear in mind, Mr. Duckworth Lewis was very generous to the West Indies in the preliminary game against England. Does anyone believe the West Indies would have scored 190+ to win that game?

As expected the region’s media has been having a field day carrying several opinions of regional cricket commentators echoing the plight of the West Indies team and offering the usual feeble suggestions to the way forward. In a nutshell, much of the outpouring of opinions and commentaries in the various media can only be described as high order flatulence aka bovine excrement.

BU was reminded to check the International Cricket Council (ICC) website to seek confirmation of the West Indies cricket team’s current world ranking. To no great surprise there was confirmation that of the 12 teams with ICC rankings, the West Indies occupies a distant number 8 position behind Pakistan with Bangladesh in tow.  To paint the picture, the four teams which trail the West Indies cricket team in the ICC Rankings are: Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Kenya. Again, did we reasonably expect West Indies to win the ICC T20 competition?

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International Cricket Council (ICC) Boots Barbados Craft Vendors Out Of Kensington Oval At T20 2010

Kensington Oval Barbados

There is a situation which is brewing at Kensington Oval involving craft vendors. Today, an ICC lawyer before he could get a tan made all the craft vendors dismantle their stalls on the grounds that they were not permitted to sell craft items. This is after the Craft Vendors paid a contract fee to ICC some months ago, in order to secure a space to sell their craft and the money was taken, knowing that these people were going to sell craft. The vendors were allocated space by Kensington Oval but this morning as soon as they set up, the ICC lawyer came and ordered them to remove their craft and leave.

Apparently, the craft vendors were given the same contract as the food vendors. This is what happened at CWC 2007 as well, except that a separate negotiation went on for the craft; even though the contracts were the same. All that happened is that the criteria for the craft were inserted into the vendors contract… but all this happened long before the matches started.

This time around, ICC (through their legal representative) waited until the first day to tell the vendors they can’t sell craft. Douglas Trotman, Attorney-at-law, has taken up the case for the vendors. Up to late this evening, the vendors were still awaiting word of negotiations between their lawyer, ICC and Kensington.

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wi-cricketThe stories breaking around West Indies and world cricket continues to make for interesting reading. It is apparent even as India, South Africa and Australia gallop ahead on the field of play and in the boardroom conversely the West Indies has become stuck in the mud.

It is less than three years since the impoverished governments of the region made the decision to mortgage future generations. Reports suggest hundreds of millions of dollars to build stadia and infrastructure was spent to host CWC 2007. Respective governments including Barbados promised that the legacy value from the event would reap untold economic benefits, this was used to justify the huge expense. It is unfortunate the current global crisis has derailed any immediate prospect of a return on the legacy investment. To compound the issue, the relationship between the management of West Indies cricket and players representative has soured.

Of interest in the sorry mess has been the decision by respective Caribbean governments to invest heavily, disproportionately so, in a sport which is managed by an autonomous body.  Good example of the impotence of the Caribbean governments in influencing West Indies cricket was demonstrated in their inability to resolve the recent impasse between WIBC and WIPA. The biggest irony must have been the appearance of President Bharat Jagdeo of Guyana, in his capacity as current Chairman of CARICOM, who defaulted to be the one to bring calm to the turmoil in West Indies cricket when the feuding parties turned to CARICOM. Bear in mind Jagdeo is the head of what many consider a failed state. His decision to recommend and appoint Sonny Ramphall as mediator, who a short time before had insulted the people of Barbados by his use of ‘ethnic cleansing’ further adds to the mire WI cricket finds itself.

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Barbadians Can’t Be This Stupid

blueconnectHistorically Barbados has been a most profitable market for LIME formerly Cable & Wireless. It should concern Barbadians how LIME has betrayed the willingness of Barbadian consumers to stupidly buy its high priced products and services over the years. It should concern Barbadians how the relevant regulatory agency, the Fair Trading Commission has ruled on policy which facilitates the perpetual raping of Barbadian consumers, namely the Price Cap Mechanism by LIME.

In the current economic downturn which has seen many of the small islands in the Caribbean scurrying to the International Monetary Fund, and despite super profits, LIME continues to send home Barbadians under the guise of a restructure. A company has the right to act in the interest of its shareholder, it is acknowledged most companies recognize it has a social investment obligation. There is no commercial enterprise which can profitably exist in a market which collapses i.e.high unemployment.

magicjackfooterimageIt is time for stupid Barbadians to demonstrate that the investment in free education which previous governments have supported was not a wasted effort. The most profitable revenue centre of LIME is the revenues it generates from long distance calling. One way Barbadians can protest the inhumane management practices at LIME is to access the many alternatives available to facilitate long distance calling at super low prices.

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West Indies Cricket Mired In A Perpetual Crisis

Submitted by The Scout
Julian Hunte, West Indies Board Chairman

Julian Hunte, West Indies Board Chairman

It is often said that society today reflects what has been taught to the young generation, hence they only reproduce what is happening in society in general. We see this in the callous attitude of workers today, we also see it in the selfish, “don’t careish” attitude of our drivers, in fact this is demonstrated in almost every area of society today. It is therefore no surprise that our only unifying company in the Caribbean, namely West Indies cricket, is now about to fall victim to the cancer of arrogance that has been engrained in this selfish Caribbean region.

There is this belief within the region that some groups of people have the right to invade other countries and demand even more rights than citizens of the very country, while at home they have little or no such privileges. Even though it is absolutely obvious that they are causing disruptions, they selfish attitude has prevented them from seeing rationally, even at the expense of causing a serious demise of the entire region.

The same thing has been plaguing West Indies cricket for some time and it, like the regional countries, has the potential to permanently damage the Caribbean reputation globally. Both the WICB and the WIPA are behaving like gods unto themselves, at the expense of the Caribbean cricket  fans. Both sides have got many skeletons in their closet, as we all know yet neither side seem willing to come off their “high horse” positions.

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Black Is Beautiful, Beautiful Like A Black Woman

A morning with stylish legends, wannabee legends and styless hats. Diana Ross (blue hat, yellow ribbon), Leontine Price, Patti LaBelle, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Della Reese, Yolanda Adams, Maya Angelou, Denetria Champ, Shirley Caesar, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan, Ashford & Simpson, Tyra Banks, Usher, Iman, Sidney Poitier, Ashanti, Alicia Keys, Tyler Perry, Angela Bassett, The Edwin Hawkins Singers. Although I miss some essential legends

This week we have pummeled the BU family with our views on the need for our authorities to retrieve our open door immigration policy. More prudence and foresight MUST be exercised given the several indicators which have raised concerns in many quarters. We wish to reiterate that this is not an issue to pussyfoot around because it has deep rooted implications for the future of our proud nation which has navigated many world’s challenges over the years, even to this day we basked with pride at what we have been able to achieve.

It seems appropriate that in the month of February we should remember that this is Black History Month which is celebrated in the United States. Unlike the former Prime Minister Owen Arthur who attempted to use symbolism to raise black consciousness in Barbados, we believe in focusing on those things which people can reach-out and touch and leave nebulous behaviour to the academics.

Of course Arthur’s experiment failed miserably. He created Heroes Square but left Admiral Nelson ‘smack dab’ at the centre of things, he created thirteen National Heroes but agreed to host CWC 2007 on dates which clashed with National Heroes Day and consequently cricket lovely cricket won out over any joyous celebrations caused by National heroes Day. To bring it home, he created the Pan African Commission and somehow was able to appoint Ikael Tafari to be its Head, a man who by his pigmentation appears at more than a glance to be Caucasian even if his lineage says differently. Remember that Arthur was into symbolism.

So on this first day of February, Black History Month, the matriarch in the BU household insisted that we use this medium to remember the role of the Black Woman as the underpinning force who is responsible for where we are today as a Black race. Although many Blacks remain psychological scared, caused by our links to our time in bondage, many of us have taken strength from our fallen Black soldiers who have sought by their struggle to take us back to the pinnacle which we once occupied in our Mother Lands. Do you remember Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to name two?

Watch the video, let it remind those who rush headlong to wallow in relativism and materialism and sinfully abandon the struggle.


We Shall Continue To Over Come!

Do You Remember All Those Promises That Intra Caribbean Airfares Would Come Down?

Well! What has happened?

Here we are almost at the end of 2007 and not only have intra Caribbean airfares climbed to the highest ever recorded, but travel within the region has fallen dramatically by an estimated 30 per cent. LIAT’s response is to cancel a number of flights, rather than making it more affordable to travel, and one is left to ponder exactly what benefits the ordinary Caribbean taxpayer has reaped from the millions of dollars in subsidies the airline has received. According to the Barbados Statistical Service, we lost a total of 11,928 Trinidad and Tobago and other CariCom long stay visitors during the first six months of 2007 alone.

Up until the merger of LIAT and Caribbean Star, the Caribbean represented Barbados’s third largest market for long stay visitors. Not only did Intra Caribbean travel supply a lifeline for many of our smaller hotels but even more important that that, it filled rooms during the critical summer months, when we most needed the business. A loss of nearly 12,000 visitors based on average stay and spend represents nearly $30 million in tourism earnings. And what we have to take into account is that this happened during a period that we were hosting the Cricket World Cup when additional intra regional traffic was generated.

What if anything has been the net benefits to the travelling public from the merger?

It is difficult to identify any!
Historically highest airfares!
Reduced traveller’s choice!
A grossly overstaffed airline operating from an illogical base!

Is this really the legacy benefit we were looking for?

Adrian Loveridge

10 November 2007

Will CARICOM Governments Have To Spend More Money On The Recently Constructed Cricket World Cup 2007 Venues?



Recently, the International Cricket Council (ICC) which is the governing body for World Cricket, instituted some changes to the playing conditions, effective 29 September 2007. The BU household, like most West Indians, was concerned about the huge sums of money which the region spent to support CWC 2007. Six months later, we remain steadfast in our view that money which were spent to prepare for CWC 2007 does not match a realistic expectation of returns. The much touted legacy benefits are yet to be realized. We hope, for our children’s sake, that we are wrong and the debt created by CWC 2007 is not recorded as the biggest white elephant the region has ever seen.

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Cricket World Cup 2007 Three Months Later~What Is The Final Tally? You Promised To Tell Us And We The People Have A Right To Know

$300M BILL

Date February 18, 2007



That is a conservative estimate of how much it will cost Barbados to host the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007.

Research done by the SUNDAY SUN has thus far unearthed BDS$316 326 183 worth of infrastructural improvements and projects related to the tournament which have been done, or are ongoing. This tally is based on adding up the cost of announced infrastructural projects, the completion deadlines of which have been set for before the CWC begins, or before the first matches are held in Barbados in mid-April.

Full Nation Article

Immediately after the Cricket World Cup Final staged on the 28th April 2007, the officials of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) indicated to the Barbados press and public that tabulation of the final cost for hosting the Cricket World Cup would begin. There was an assurance from Mr. DeCaires (LOC Head) that the task of tallying the millions spent, and of course the revenues, would take about three months.

This is a reminder, the time is up!

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Bob Woolmer Was Not Murdered~Jamaica Police Dropped The Ball

Source: Nation News

Jamaica police have scheduled a news conference for later today (Tuesday) in which it is expected they will confirm reports that Bob Woolmer died of natural causes and was not murdered.

The conference will be addressed by police commissioner Lucius Thomas, who will read a statement, outline toxicology results and give details of post-mortem examinations carried out on Woolmer’s body.

Read More: Cricinfo


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Barbados Spends Millions On CWC 2007 And Other Projects But Ordinary Workers With Children To Feed Continue To Wait Over Two Months For Wages

Bajan Government under fire

The Barbados opposition has accused the Government of neglecting the needs of Barbadian businesses that worked throughout the Cricket World Cup. Opposition Leader David Thompson highlighted the plight of School Meals staff who have not yet been paid for work done during CWC.

“They don’t factor the CWC horror stories of ordinary Barbadians into their analyses. The Democratic Labour Party is insisting that the true experiences of Barbadians from all walks of life should be factored into the analysis and not just the profits of those for whom the fatted calf was killed,” said Thompson.

Read More In The Voice Newspaper

The story quoted is about Leader of the Opposition of Barbados David Thompson lamenting the fact that the school meals workers who worked around the clock to ensure the “who is who” that attended the CWC 2007 were fed, HAVE NOT BEEN PAID! BU will not even bother to flog a dead horse on this issue except to say that the longer it persists it signifies a callousness on the part of the persons responsible to remedy the matter.

What we want to highlight is the fact that this negative story has been featured in The Voice newspaper which is a newspaper targeted to the black community in the United Kingdom. I suspect our many black family and friends who live in the UK, and who scour the newspapers for good news to derive comfort in a “foreign land” must be very disappointed at the bad press CWC 2007 continues to generate. Hopefully despite what the head of the local organizing committee for Barbados has hinted, that the final report for CWC may not be made public, at BU we fully expect that on the election trail the government will be hard pressed to suppress this information.

If we thought that the school meals workers not being paid was an isolated one, BU understands that workers at the half way house which provides support services to the Psychiatric Hospital of Barbados have not been paid for the past three months. Increasingly we are hearing stories of so many government workers not being paid for months. In a country which no one can deny as a high cost of living; BU fears the societal tensions which must be brewing given the bureaucratic bottlenecking which continues to prevent ordinary Barbadians from being timely paid. This is the same government which has admitted to paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in mobilization fees to bogus contractors.

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In The Aftermath Of Noel Lynch And David Ellis Getting Down To Brasstacks

Published on: 3/26/07.

AN ANGRY Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch abruptly pulled the plug during a live radio broadcast yesterday after a question was raised about his alleged rise from being a “virtual beggar” to millionaire status in recent years. Lynch told Starcom Network’s Sunday Brasstacks talk-show host David Ellis, who was putting the issue of the minister’s reported wealth accumulation after receiving an emailed query in the studio, that the question was “as disrespectful as you can get”.


BU reviews the highly publicized incident two months ago when Barbados leading journalist, David Ellis was involved in an unprecedented “on air” clash with Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch, on the popular call-in program Down to Brasstacks. To all those who were fortunate to listen to the program we are reminded by the adage, if yuh start wrong, yuh gine end wrong. It was revealed to listeners that Minister Lynch’s participation on the call-in program was preconditioned on tourism industry expert and hotel owner Adrian Loveridge having to suffer the ignominy of sitting in a different studio to enable his own participation on the same program. David Ellis clarified his decision in a subsequent program to agree to the unusual request from Minister Lynch by saying what amounted to the fact that the need to get Lynch on the program to discuss CWC 2007 justified having Adrian Loveridge’s watered downed participation from another area of the studio. To David Ellis and Starcom Network BU gives you a brick-bat on that one. No one person – and especially a servant of the people – should ever be allowed to feel that they can dictate to the media to the extent where they would participate in a public discourse which is designed to promote their interest over any citizen of Barbados. It is not BU’s intention to rehash all that has been said and written about that fateful show on the 25 March 2007, we prefer to focus on the bigger picture.

The question which begs to be asked is what prompted a veteran journalist like David Ellis to ask what he must have known would have been a controversial question. To offer a response we have to examine Ellis’s growing stature as the leading journalist in Barbados which has come coincidentally through the call-in programs and even before that the much listened to “Point at Issue” broadcasted on VOB on Sunday afternoons. The growing public perception appears to be that Ellis is well researched when conducting interviews and feeds the public perception of being knowledgeable on a wide range of issues. David Ellis is a journalist who enjoys public confidence but despite his best efforts is always casted in a “rubbish” light by Prime Minister Arthur. Several times the public has heard Arthur engage in “cat and mouse” exchanges when Ellis has sought to request one on one interviews. It seems logical that if David Ellis is regarded as our leading journalist, who happens to work at the leading radio station with the widest listenership, then Prime Minister Arthur should pay Ellis the professional courtesy by ensuring that there is good public dialogue between the two of them. Perhaps the fact that Ellis regards DLP Brandford Taitt as a mentor and friend could provide a clue. The fact that Arthur has been able to continue his estranged relationship with Ellis with little or no fall-out is worthy of analysis. BU will continue to discount the role of the Barbados Association of Journalists (BAJ) and the lack of feedback or support for Ellis of any kind regarding this matter.

In the aftermath of the Barney Lynch and David Ellis saga it has afforded a terrific insight – if it were not already known – regarding the effectiveness of the media practitioner in Barbados. This is what we know happened immediately after the event:

  • Ellis was forced to offer an on air apology to Lynch on behalf of his employer Starcom Network after pressure was received from the highest office in the land. He also offered his personal apology. BU believes that the “question” posed to Lynch was at worst poorly worded but one which John Public wants answered. The “question” must also be seen in the context of the behaviour Lynch exhibited towards Adrian Loveridge on the same program as truly one of being an obnoxious and spoil brat who should have received a good “cutarse” for the effort. Our sources suggest that he was also less than truthful on the issue of the true indebtedness of HRL Ltd, it is well known within the tourism ministry that Lynch has a hands-on approach and now that he has responsibility for HRL Ltd no doubt he would have become very familiar with the case. BU restates that Lynch lied in response to a question from Ellis that he did not know the debt number of HRL Ltd. Lynch is on public record before the Brasstacks program as stating that the HRL Ltd problem is currently occupying his attention and the public will be apprised of government’s action plan to restructure HRL Ltd very soon. Now tell us Minister Lynch, how could you have been actively engaged in finding a solution for HRL Ltd but significant knowledge regarding the debt burden of HRL Ltd you acknowledge that you are ignorant? You must take the Barbadian public for ignoramuses!
  • Ellis was removed from the hot seat for a while until the issue abated and functioned behind the scenes as producer of the call-in programs. BU will not accept the excuse that Dennis Johnson was on vacation and therefore Ellis was functioning as relief.
  • Sources within VOB reported that there was the suggestion tabled to change the current format of the call-in program to a tape delay format, the suggestion was vetoed by Vic Fernandez who thought that it would remove the spontaneity which gives the program its current high appeal and rating.
  • VOB has in recent weeks been advertising the post of a Legal Officer who must have the Bachelors of laws degree (LLB) qualification. It suggests to us that as a station it is not only aware of the injudicious comments which can come from callers but also the moderators because after all the Ellis “blunder” was the catalyst for advertising the position.

BU has has attempted to examine the wider implications of the treatment meted out to Ellis – who has become frustrated at his ineffectiveness within the political hierarchy of Barbados – and to have supported a conclusion that the media in Barbados is clearly not respected by a key Estate in Barbados, the government. The harsh reality is that the media practicioners in Barbados are controlled like puppets because the media houses are controlled by the commercial houses which in turn pander to political interest.

Searching Questions Listed In Anonymous Letter About CWC 2007 Making The Rounds

It has come to the attention of BU that an anonymous letter raising several concerns about how Barbados tax dollars were expended around CWC 2007 was sent to David Thompson MP, Richard Sealy MP, Denis Kellman MP, Austin Husbands, David Ellis and Adrian Loveridge.

A summary of the contents of the letter is as follows:

1) What was the expense to the taxpayers of Barbados for this charter out of India?

2) What was the role of the Director of Cruise Tourism that requested her to travel to India three times?

3) How many passengers eventually travelled to Barbados, and took cabins on the (Carnival) Destiny?

4) How many ICC tickets were purchased by the BTA to give away and at what cost?

5) How many certified travel agents and certified journalists from India did the BTA pay to travel to Barbados?

6) To sum it up, how many people in all did the BTA pay for?

The letter goes on to make some allegations which we can possibly explore with the help of our tourism guru Adrian Loveridge.

Source: Adrian Loveridge

Barbados Cricket Association Versus The Goverment Of Barbados~CWC 2007 Controversy Continues Unabated

The ownership issue has been making headlines, with Marshall quoted as saying the BCA owned the famous cricket ground and Government stating it was majority owner by virtue of its heavy investment (over $100 million) in the Oval for the recent Cricket World Cup (CWC).Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Clyde Mascoll said once the ownership issue was settled, the next step would be getting a company to “manage, market, promote” Kensington Oval.
Minister of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports Anthony Wood reported that Government wanted to speedily “bring closure” to the ownership negotiations so it could get on with its plans for the Oval.

Source: Nation

Just when we thought that enough had been said and written about CWC 2007, “bruggadung” another controversy erupts. Can anyone imagine that the government of Barbados expended over 125 million dollars to build Kensington Oval on land which belongs to the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA)? The public would have been in the dark about this matter if Tony Marshall while hosting Barbados favourite call-in program “Down to Brass Tacks” in response to a caller stated that the BCA owned the Oval. Truth be told now that the facts are in the public domain a lay person would have to admit that maybe legally Tony Marshall is correct. The fact that the government proceeded with haste to build the multi-million dollar complex on land owned by a private members club is incompetence of the highest magnitude. It goes without saying that in a private sector scenario “heads would be rolling”. Talking about heads did anyone hear our Minister of Sport speaking out during the CWC 2007? I must say that he is one of the most silent ministers we have had for a while. One would have thought that the CWC would have been the ideal stage for a Minister of Sport to step forward. Any way we will leave Minister Wood for another time.

After Tony Marshall made the pronouncement that the Oval is currently owned by the BCA, PM Arthur obviously took umbrage and launched a scathing attack on Tony Marshall and the BCA. Some might say that if by Arthur’s own admission the BCA and the Barbados Tourism Investment Incorporation (BTII) on behalf of government are currently negotiating a solution which involves jointly managing the Oval, then his public chiding of the BCA, and its visible president was unwarranted, and lacked a proper exercise in emotional intelligence. However BU understands that general elections is around the corner and most issues will be politicized to jockey for political advantage. Perhaps this is even more so in the aftermath of CWC 2007 which appears from general feedback not to have met the expectations of the Barbadian public.

The current state of this mess easily suggests that the government dropped the ball and a transaction which could have been closed with the BCA when the Oval was rubble and which would have forced the BCA to close the deal, now has the potential of being protracted. BU says protracted because we have attended BCA meetings in the past and know the characters who are bound to exit the wood work at the opportunity to grandstand and pontificate on this issue when it is eventually tabled; as it must at a BCA general meeting. For those who had the opportunity to hear David Thompson give his views on the CWC on the program “Opening Pair” this morning, it was very insightful indeed. By my timing the interview spanned about 15 minutes and provided for quality radio.

BU does not need a CADRES poll to indicate that the Barbadian public is concerned that CWC may not yield the expected benefits. What time will have to manifest is how the issue will translate in support for the upsurging DLP at the polls. For some though is will be whether Marshall’s gnashing of swords with Arthur will see is demise like many before who have done do.

DLP Version Or BLP Version~Take Your Pick

Well folks as a public service we bring to you the two contrasting blogs found on the DLP and BLP sites. If we are in any doubt that the spin masters are at please guess again. Now BU’s simple question is if the LOC has stated that it will take about three months to tally the Profit and Loss Account for CWC 2007 how credible is the talk we are hearing about the successes? The next question is when will the next CADRES Poll be conducted? It shall make for interesting reading.


‘Above our heads’



GOVERNMENT must listen to the cries of ordinary Barbadians about the Cricket World Cup (CWC) and stop beating its chest about profits from the just concluded event.

Opposition Leader David Thompson, in a release yesterday, said several Government officials giving “A” grades to CWC in Barbados were not among those who made the sacrifices and who also would be footing the final bill.

Last Saturday at a Press conference, Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch, and Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Clyde Mascoll, said there were mostly “A” grades associated with Barbados’ segment of the world’s third largest sporting event.

Thumbs-up were given for visitors arrivals, spectator support at Kensington Oval, cruise ship passengers and foreign reserves. Mascoll added the Oval had earned back, in less than a year, almost 30 per cent of the more than $100 million spent on its redevelopment.

However, Thompson was not impressed.

“It is amazing how ministers of this Government could so easily go against the tide of public opinion. Barbadians are counting losses and their ministers are counting profits. Nowhere else in the world could this be taking place.

“For all right-thinking Barbadians, Cricket World Cup was a disappointment.

“It did not deliver one-quarter of what it promised and if our leaders find cause to beat their chests, they are truly disconnected from reality,” he said.

The Democratic Labour Party leader accused Mascoll of “insulting the intelligence of Barbadians” by pointing to gross possible gate receipts as indicative of net earnings from CWC.

“First, the minister must tell the nation how much money was spent. Secondly, how much of what was collected goes into the public purse.

“Interesting also, he must tell us who actually owns the redeveloped Kensington Oval. I do not want to believe what I am hearing about Kensington, $150 million later, not belonging to all Barbadian taxpayers.”

He said while his party had done its part to facilitate a smooth tournament, now the dust was settling, certain truths needed to be set out.

“The Minister of Tourism must not just tell us about the huge numbers that attended games in Barbados. He must . . . tell us the number of complimentary and ‘throw-back’ tickets that made up those full houses.

“Sponsors’ tickets are not quantified in dollar terms. Neither should those that were made available to schoolchildren after the Pakistanis and Indians went home. Barbados did not collect that money and the ministers know this.”

Thompson said he found it interesting no other Caribbean leader or government minister had hailed CWC as anything other than a let-down.

“Barbados spent more than any other country. We probably spent more than all the other countries put together, because if you observe carefully you would see that most of the stadiums in the other countries were gifts and grants from China and Taiwan.

“In the case of Barbados, Barbadian taxpayers had to pull their pockets and will be saddled with that debt for the rest of their working lives and you have a minister of Government beating his chest talking about how this has helped to transform the game in the Caribbean,” he said. (PR/BW)

Now here is the BLP’s version of events:


David Thompson and his cronies are out of step with the rest of Barbados with regards to Cricket World Cup. The overwhelming majority of persons, including overseas observers, have heaped tremendous praise on this country for its excellent performance. Many knowledgeable local observers with no political axes to grind have testified that we are truly the benefactors of CWC 2007. This country has gained priceless exposure and those who read the overseas press will readily agree that Barbados has come out well from staging the extravaganza.Thompson and the Dems are now saying that the cost of staging the event was too high. They have been using the figure of $500 million, a ludicrous exaggeration which is most self-serving and untrue. Perhaps they should tell us how they arrived at that figure, do they have information that is unknown to the rest of us? No, they are just flying a kite, but we are prepared to cut the cord. Do they figures include money spent of the roads and will the roads cease to exist after CWC? Do they include improvements to the health infrastructure which in any case will serve us well after the event?

Of course, all of the success would have choked the Dems who were looking for the event to be less than successful so that they could heap blame on the Government. It is therefore to be expected that Thompson would behave as he is now doing. After all elections are one year away and Thompson knows that his very political existence is at stake. Thus as a drowning man, he will clutch at any straw.

We recall the President of the local Hotel Association on many previous occasions expressing some reticence about the expected success of the event from a hotel�s point of view. Now that the event has concluded he is singing the praises of the event, noting the fact that occupancy levels in the hotels are well above that for the previous years. Many small hotels on the South Coast have been the beneficiaries of the wise decision to host CWC. That would give the lie to those Dems, who are expressing a different view, obviously based on their own warped wishes.

Many taxi operators have done very well during the World Cup period and they have been prepared to express that view. We are told of the vastly improved numbers visiting places like St. Lawrence and Oistins and this meant that a lot of ordinary Barbadians have benefited from the large numbers present on the island. The fisherfolk in the temporary Bay Gardens have been delighted at the increase in business over the period. Those persons who have borrowed funds to renovate their homes are now in a better position to become involved in the growing bed and breakfast activity, an important part of our tourism offering. Contrary to what the Dems are saying, ordinary folk have benefited from our staging CWC.

The legacy benefits are there for all to see and indeed to take advantage of Kensington Oval has been transformed from a run down exhausted stadium to one of the best in the world. It has become the place befitting some of the best cricketers the world has ever seen. We all can be extremely proud of it and what it represents in the psyche of all Barbadians.

The Dems will continue on its nit-picking path, they have nothing else to offer. The public is satisfied that the country has done well out of CWC and will continue to bask in the success of the event.

What is the DLP hinting at here? Can we have specifics please? Email us with the info then.


1 hour ago by dlpbarbados.

There are always persons who encourage the staging of big events, since they put themselves in the position where they can benefit substantially. The Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean can therefore be tested against this kind of analysis. It is already stated that more than 500 million united states dollars were spent in delivering the Cricket World Cup. That is a major amount of money for small emerging economies to commit to one event.

Barbados spent as much money as all of the other territories combine. The Redevelopment of Kensington Oval will surely cost more than the hitherto stated $135 million. Then all of the other associated costs must be placed before the public. We are therefore asserting that projects done in the name of cricket world cup would have costs the taxpayers of Barbados over $400 million.

Were millionaires created as a result of the spending of so much money in such a short period of time? The public should know who were the major beneficiaries of the various contracts and who were pain large sums of money under dubious areas of responsibility. Citizens have a right to know. The obvious spin which government officials are putting on the Cricket World Cup would suggest that their is more in mortar than you can see on the pestle.

Prime Minister Arthur The Master Of Spin~Does Anyone Feel Dizzy?

Last week BU posted a blog which had the head line Caricom Heads Of Government Should All Resign Over CWC 2007 ~ Just A Bunch Of Fuddy Duddies. We know that our call is probably viewed as extreme but we stand by it. We reiterate that the decision making process which the Heads Of Government engaged in was flawed. We maintain that there is sufficient evidence to show that cricket is dying in the Caribbean, and within the current structure West Indies cricket teams of the foreseeable future will find it difficult to compete successfully on the world stage. Certainly even the cricket sentimentalist must admit that many of our youth are gaining scholarships from the other minor sports like basketball, volleyball, golf, athletics and others when compared to king cricket. Just imagine if the government would allocate a fraction of the monies it has on cricket the opportunities that would further accrue to our youth. It was interesting to hear Rudy Webster admit last week that West Indies is about 10 years behind Australia if we compare the infrastructural development in the two countries.


We revisited the topic in light of recent comments by Tony Greig who is one of the world’s most famous commentators on cricket and Prime Minister Arthur of Barbados.


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Caricom Heads Of Government Should All Resign Over CWC 2007~ Just A Bunch Of "Fuddy Duddies"

BU stated previously that we would wait until after the CWC final before commenting in any serious way about CWC 2007. The truth is that so much has been said already that to rehash would be a bit boring. For example here is what the BBC blog had to say, see if you can detect the feeling that the writer is glad that the show is over:

BBC Blog Site ~ written by Martin Gough

Many Barbadians I spoke to when the news broke a few years ago that the region had successfully negotiated to host the CWC 2007 were happy at the idea. Of course this was before any number crunching was presented to a trusting public around the cost that would be required to host the event. In fact to this day I have not been able to find any business model which was used to cost justify the reported 1 billion plus dollars spent by the region so far. If we read between the lines from the sound bites which our Prime Minister has given us it seems to is here at BU that the decision to buy into Pat Rousseau’s aka Chris Dehring’s cricket vision for the Caribbean was predicated on a healthy dose of sentimentality. Here is a sound bite to demonstrate our point:

PRIME MINISTER OWEN ARTHUR hopes that the legacy of the Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 will be a brand new generation of cricket lovers in the Caribbean, and with it a regeneration of the sport.

He made his comments at a reception at his official residence, Ilaro Court, on Thursday, to thank all those involved in the Barbados World Cup effort.

The Prime Minister called the CWC a “memorable event in the lives of Caribbean people”, and spoke of its effect on his own family.

“I have a seven-year-old daughter who now knows about Sir Everton Weekes and Sir Garfield Sobers.

“I hope that this tournament will leave behind a new generation of Caribbean people who are as enthusiastic about cricket as I was at eight years old when I witnessed my first Test match in 1958,” Arthur stated.

Source: Nation

Now the PM must be out of his cotton picking mind! We don’t need to employ any pollster to determine that the emotional attachment which we once had for cricket is rapidly being diluted by the plethora of options which generation X and Y now have before them. We will not even bother to list them. PM Arthur should not ask his 7 year old daughter but instead his 21 year old daughter what is the interest in cricket in her peer group. I suspect that he will get a response which is consistent with what we all know. King cricket is dying! Blogs around the Caribbean have been discussing this issue for some time; the consensus it seems to us is the same across the Caribbean.

Let us examine the key consideration which appears to have influence the decision for the region to host CWC 2007-THE LEGACY BENEFIT which has been discussed at length over at Barbados Free Press. At BU we have declared our hand that Messrs Owen Arthur, George Mitchell, PJ Patterson et al, the baby boomers who would have experienced the value which cricket brought to an oppressed Caribbean people of the 60s and onwards no doubt allowed that to distort their thinking when agreeing to host CWC 2007. To think that Mitchell is a mathematician and Arthur an Economist!

At BU we tried to do some back of the envelope analysis to satisfy this topic. We selected the countries that participated in CWC 2007, listed their populations and graded them based on what we think is their market potential. A quick and dirty criteria was if the potential traveller had to journey more than 10 hours to get to the Caribbean. I am sure that our good friend Adrian Loveridge can offer the technical knowledge missing to beef-up the criteria. Readers to BU can make their own judgment call on what we think is an investment which was made on flawed business logic. The conclusion which can be immediately drawn is that with the exception of England, Canada and to a lesser extent Ireland none of the other countries that participated in CWC 2007 offer any significant value-added to increasing our tourist traffic.

Is it conceivable that the majority of our leaders committed to the CWC 2007 undertaking to pad their legacies by stoking that sentimentality we referred to earlier? No, No…what a stupid idea on my part.

CWC 2007~The Final Minutes

I must confess that the wife and I are still pissed in the aftermath of the CWC 2007 final. I do not blame the local organizers for the farcical end. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the match referee Jeff Crowe who in his infinite wisdom decreed that a 38 over per inning game could have been satisfactorily completed between 12.15PM and 5.30PM, with a 10 minute break between innings tossed in. Don’t you think that such a flawed decision should have been challenged by someone at the ground? Perhaps a Steve Bucknor, a product of the region, who was standing in his fifth consecutive final and who knew the conditions quite well. He might have suggested to Jeff Crowe the folly in his decision to play seventy six overs in five hours and 15 minutes; after all the Australians had three fast bowlers and could not reasonably be expected to bowl more than 13 overs per hour. The flawed decision is exposed even further when one considers that the game was played under overcast skies, fading light should have been anticipated by any official willing to exercise some basic cognitive skill level. After the game Jeff Crowe with the benefit of hindsight it seems declared that he was to blame. What is interesting is that he accepted blame but offered the following caveat:

The match referee Jeff Crowe took the blame for the farcical finish to the World Cup final which saw Australia celebrate victory twice and forced Sri Lanka to bat in pitch-black darkness. But he suggested the third umpire Rudi Koertzen may have initiated the process leading to chaotic scenes at the climax of the game.

Source: Cricinfo

As if to rub salt in the wounds of a worried public which has seen their respective governments spend over 1 billion dollars to build stadia and other infrastructure, the body which has oversight for the bizzare end to CWC 2007 had this to say:

CRICKET’S governing body has apologised for the bizarre ending to the World Cup final that was brought about by an elementary error from match officials.

International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive officer Malcolm Speed described the finish as the most farcical conclusion he had seen in a cricket match, but said the officials responsible still had a future at the highest level.

Source: Nation

It seems that even Crowe was uncertain as to what is fate should be, but after reading Speed’s response Crowe should not worry:

Asked if it was a resigning issue, Crowe said: “I’ll have to talk with my superiors on that. But I hope not.”

Source: Cricinfo

I guess by know that you get the thrust of my thoughts around who is to blame for the fiasco on Saturday evening. A lot has been written and said and no doubt history will have to allocate volumes to record events around CWC 2007. One thing is sure Jeff Crowe should not referee another major cricket game again given his poor judgement. My conclusion about Crowe’s match refereeing skills is that he was incredibly stupid or …. The other supporting ICC cast who officiated should have to suffer a price as well though not as draconian. It seems unjust that the ICC should walk away from CWC after pocketing millions from TV rights and they are only obligated to throw a few dollars at the island nations which have mortgage their souls for eternity to host CWC 2007.

Cricket World Cup (CWC2007) At The Kensington Oval In Barbados~Australia Win Final!


It is the start of CWC 2007 and despite all that has been said and things that have gone wrong there is a sense of pride that Barbados of all the venues to date has delivered big time! We have visited the stadium and it is a world class facility, the volunteers and security have been wonderful. BU hopes that it will be a great final.

From BU to the many thousands to our shores we say WELCOME!


Australia wins in what ends in a farce! BU is currently too embarrass to report on the final hour of the final : – ( but I found a fellow blogger who encapsulated BU’s feelings 100%!

Cricket World Cup 2007 Final

11 minutes ago by hankypanky. Spam? Tags: Cricket


The final of World Cup cricket played was the worst example of the farcical duckworth lewis method. This stupid rule has ruined quite a few number of important world cup matches and now including the Final.

Cricket Management including the ICC council president and chief executive should resign over this amusing state of affairs. For so many years, cricket enthusiasts and followers have been complaining about DL method. … Can someone tell me when was the last time when the team batting second had won under DL method… perhaps never..

And why could the world cup final be not played over two days to give both teams a fair chance to win. I am not saying that Australia did not deserve to win .. kuddos to them for showing how quality side they are but I am sorry to say Sri Lanka were not given a fair chance to compete and hence this game was biased in favour of Australia from the time DL method was activated.

With clouds looming over and the required run rate jumping from 8 to 10 with a short rain drizzle made the picture clear of SriLankans… either slog everyting and lose… or not slog and lose… sorry but its true… there was no way on earth they could pull them out of this farcical statistical chase.

It is such a shame that the World Cup Final had to end in a way when the batsmen were playing in total darkness with no lights because… the stupid ICC would not allow the game to run over two days…

World cricket need new thinking and new managers. It is time the old thinking go and retire….. The way the whole world cup was played with half the matches involving cricket minnows made a mockery of the whole challenge which is supposed to bring the top cricketing nations against each other…. ( I am sorry but whatever brave show those nations like Ireland and Bermuda etc. put did not add to the quality of the game).

Shame on ICC and its management…

Source: hankypanky

Here is another blog I found which seems to be Australian in flavour : – )

Gilchrist blazes in Barbados gloom to win World Cup

The only thing worse than sacrificing a night’s sleep to watch Australia thrash a depleted Sri Lanka is to lose a night’s sleep watching rain interruptions. To add insult to injury, I was forced to listen to country music on ABC radio while waiting for play to commence. Apologies to any country music fans but it truly was excruciating. When the game finally began (at 2.15am Brisbane time!), the match had been reduced to 38 overs per innings.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

AFTERMATH – A shot in the dark? Clearly Wasted Cricket: CWC 2007, OITC!


Source: Bajan Reporter 

The Sri Lankan President Is Coming For the CWC 2007 Final In Barbados~Let Us Beef Up Our Security!

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa departed Thursday to witness the Saturday’s World Cup final Cricket match between Sri Lanka and Australia in Bridgetown, Barbados.Rajapaksa had departed heading for Barbados in the Caribbean islands to witness the final match, said Chandrapala Liyanage, a senior Presidential Secretariat official, adding that the president was invited by the Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Arthur.”The president’s visit indicates his appreciation of efforts of the national cricket team in reaching the world cup final,” Liyanage said.

Cricket, a legacy of Sri Lanka’s colonization of Britain is the island’ most popular sport.

The island enjoys a top position among the cricket playing nations in the world and was one of the 16 nations participating in the World Cup which began on March 13.

Sri Lankan government has plans for an elaborate welcome ceremony for the cricketers when they return home irrespective of the outcome of the World Cup final.

Source: Xinhua

Adrian Loveridge Should We Not Wait Awhile Before We Do The CWC 2007 Post Mortem?

BU have been monitoring Adrian’s contribution – especially of late on BFP – in the tourism area for awhile and give respect. Of late though one senses that Adrian has taken the fight a little too personally. We suspect his assertion that the public is blinded by the rhetoric is off target; BU suspects that the media finds itself in the position of us all where full disclosure after 28th will allow the media to critique from an informed position.So Adrian my friend we say to you, hold strain and when the time comes we will join you in waging a war when post CWC is being evaluated, at such time our strategies may be for efficiently formulated!

clipped from
Summing Up Cricket World Cup In Barbados


As the 2007 Cricket World Cup (CWC) event draws to a close, with the hosting of the final in Barbados on 28th April, it is perhaps now time to analyse in-depth, exactly what economic benefits it has brought to the nine hosting countries.

Of course, any informed tourism player, knew these very speculative figures of ’90,000’ long stay visitors and ’75,000 cruise ship passengers’ were totally unrealistic and some of us have been saying so for months.But the media and the general public seem to have blinded by the rhetoric and not stopped to question, that even filling all our various land based accommodation options, Barbados is only actually capable of housing about 17,000 persons.Over the next few weeks, I am sure much finger-pointing will be going on to see exactly what the negative financial implications are.Let us hope we can learn from our mistakes.

Adrian Loveridge

  powered by clipmarks blog it

Source: Barbados Free Press

Read The Two Versions Written About CWC 2007 On The BLP And DLP Blog Sites

Is it a case that the two positions are correct? Is it a case that one is correct? Is it a combo of the two? At BU we say take your pick!

DLP Version of CWC 2007



As the ICC Cricket World Cup winds down in the Caribbean and the various persons try to find cover for the appalling disaster that it really was. The media will not assist us in any way. They too will become caught up in the grand finale, which will mostly be a success. Barbados learned from the mistakes all around and is trying to portray to the world we did it better. There is nothing wrong with that, but we have to join the others in the Caribbean for a thorough post-Morten of this event. Surely no amount of celebration after the event in one territory can wipe away the shame, embarrassment, scandal and disgrace that CWC brought to the Caribbean. The citizens of Barbados and the wider Caribbean must demand a transparent and authentic report of CWC. Anything less will be a tragedy.


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April 22nd, 2007


From the Nation

Kensington Oval was packed – barely a spare seat could be seen in the stands as 22 000 people came out to see Lara for the very last time.

Full house at the Oval a World Class facility.

Surely this is what the LOC had in mind when they redeveloped the Oval. They must be congratulated.

One can only imagine what the semi-final and final will be like.

Many Hoteliers reporting increased occupancy.

Those hoteliers who stuck to the contract were fully paid even if the Indians and Pakistanis did not come and they now have the opportunity to sell those rooms again. They have done very well.

The vendors and Taxi drivers are reporting good bussiness over the last few days and we have not even got into the semi-final and finals week.

Restaurants ,clubs and attractions having increased sales.

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April 24th, 2007 · 1 Comment

An Already Beleaguered CWC 2007 Continues To Get Negative PR. Will It Impact CWC Legacy? Remember That The Business Models Of The Region Are Built On Legacy Benefits

BU have made a decision not to be too crictical of CWC 2007 while it is ongoing. We intend to do a story after the final in Barbados on the 28 April 2007. However there are some peripheral stories which we still feel obligated to highlight; afterall the region is reputed to have spent one billion dollars to host CWC 2007. In light of the mentioned story we just wonder the effect an incident like this will have on legacy for the region. It seems to us at BU that is will feed the perception that we are a bunch of “backward” islands that allowed a world event to be foisted on us without a clear analysis of all the business requirements ~ risks associated with doing so. BU look forward to the final report for CWC 2007, it is a significant blocker which the nine participating countries will have to ruminate on; maybe not T&T!

Society accuses cricket authorities of exposing cricketers to Munich like danger

1 hour ago by Ranjith Wijewardene. Spam? Tags: World News, Sports News & Opinion, Cricket, World Cup, Sri Lanka, South Asia, ODI




By Walter Jayawardhana

SPUR has protested to International Cricket Committee (ICC) that a lax security at the Cricket World Cup at Granda National Stadium has exposed the Sri Lankan cricketers to Munich type terrorist attack by suicide bombers.



The photograph of LTTE supporter invading the cricket pitch with a red colored terrorist flag of the spring tiger has accused the world cricket cup organizers of a lax security arrangement where the London based Amnesty International aided by the LTTE also is allowing a cricket ball campaign against Sri Lanka.

Though Amnesty International says its campaign is not against the Sri Lankan cricket team who have entered the final round of the World Cricket Cup it had selected the cricket ground for a campaign against Sri Lanka.

When Sri Lanka was playing against Australia a supporter of the LTTE terrorist group invaded the cricket pitch exhibiting the terrorist group’s red colored flag that denotes a ferocious springing tiger framed by two bayonets.

LTTE is the world’s leading suicide bombers and sold its technology of suicide bombs to the Middle Eastern Al Queda group. Intelligence experts say the current suicide jackets used by Al Queda is a result of the technology sold to them.

The LTTE has increasingly used children and women wearing the suicide jackets targeting civilian and military in Sri Lanka and India. Former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is the most famous suicide bomb victim of the LTTE.

The website says due to the lax security situation at the World Cup tournament, the organizers have exposed the Sri Lankan team to a Munich type situation by allowing the terrorists to invade the pitch.

In a statement published in its website the man who invaded the cricket pitch with a terrorist flag said, “Even if he had been a suicide bomber or a gunman on a mission to create a ‘Munich’ type situation, there would have been very little that the security personnel on duty could do. For an outfit that has assassinated an incumbent President of Sri Lanka, made an attempt on the life of another President, killed a foreign minister and blown a former Prime Minister of India to bits, harming a team of cricketers is only child’s play.”

The website further said, “The raid comes against the backdrop of the London Headquartered Amnesty International launching a campaign styled as Sri Lanka: Play by the Rules. It is possible that these flags may be displayed by terrorists backed by pro-LTTE NGOs to demoralize the SriLankan cricket team and rob them of a possible World Cup victory”

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has announced that it is supporting the play by rule cricket ball campaign launched by the Amnesty International.

Adrian Loveridge Continues To Hit CWC 2007 For Six By Asking Pertinent Questions


We have been told that the reason, prior to offering free entrance to Kensington Oval, why the attendance to the CWC matches so far have been so low is due to the elimination of India and Pakistan.

As these countries participation could in no fair way be guaranteed, it seems strange there appeared to be no plan B in place to minimise the financial damage.

The quoted ’75,000 cruise ships passengers’ did not require a Caricom visa, so let us concentrate of the land based visitors.

The last media reference to the Caricom visa I can find is in a Melissa Wickham article entitled ‘Lets check it out’ which appeared in the Nation on 1st April 2007.

Ms Wickham stated ’30,000 have already been issued with an estimated 5,000 more to be issued before the end of CWC’.

Deputy Prime Minister, Mia Motley is the chairperson of the Caricom Committee for CWC 2007 security, and as such had overall responsibility for the visa implementation.

Ms Motley, can therefore easily state exactly how many visas were issued to Indian and Pakistani nations.

And then give the public a breakdown of how many of the total was issued to cricket teams and their support staff, members of the media and all other groups that would not necessarily fall under the description of visiting cricket fans.

Of course, it wasn’t just Indian and Pakistani nationals who required the CariCom visas.

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand and any others I have not mentioned also required them.

So if you add up the cricket fans from all the other countries who required visas, then it should not be difficult to quantify the negative effective the loss of India and Pakistan had on attendance.

With the financial implications to our tourism industry still to be evaluated, I am sure putting this information into the public (taxpayers) domain would go a long way to pacify concerned citizens.

Adrian Loveridge

16 April 2007



After reading the BLP blog tonight I think I now know why the Caribbean governments became sold on the idea of CWC by Chris Dehring.



Lessons from Cricket

April 18th, 2007 · 7 Comments


In all this we have a West Indies team to rebuild. In fact we have to put in place a plan for the full usage of the region�s newest assets, our stadiums. We must now zero in on all our sportsmen and sportswomen to ensure that they are included in a development programme to maximize the use of these facilities for their social and economic benefit. The world is in our grasp, let�s reach out and hold it.



More Questions Than Answers About The Man Behind CWC 2007

Christopher DehringAlso a founding partner, Mr. Dehring has extensive experience in the financial services industry, ranging from credit financial analysis to investment management, with a particular specialization in corporate finance. His financial advisory and fund raising assignments have spanned several sectors of the Jamaican economy including insurance and financial services, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and government. He was a licensed securities dealer in the Jamaican capital market and has acted as an advisor to several agencies of the government on capital issues. Mr. Dehring has also advised private companies on their raising of capital, financial structuring, mergers, acquisitions and corporate strategy. He was CEO at DB&G until 1996 when he was seconded to the West Indies Cricket Board. Mr. Dehring has taken a leave of absence from the Board of Directors until June 2007. He is the CEO and Managing Director of ICC Cricket World Cup and he will be extremely busy preparing for Cricket World Cup 2007

Who is Christopher Dehring and what recommended him to the position as Czar of CWC 2007. His mentor appears to be past president of the WICB Pat Rousseau a Jamaican lawyer who has done very well financially. It is rumoured that several of the deals around West Indian cricket in recent years have involved these two Jamaicans. How is it that this man was able to persuade Caribbean governments in nine countries to spend millions to ensure that CWC 2007 became a reality?Perhaps the burning question is to what extent has Chris Dehring directly profited from his association with CWC 2007? Is it unethical if he has profited? As CWC 2007 continues to unfold and respective governments ask the questions which should have been tabled from the outset perhaps Dr. Davies threat to take ICC to court will open the proverbial can of worms. Up to now Chris Dehring has been making all the right utterances even in the face of a CWC 2007 which is very low on the totem pole of being successful.

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