Bob Woolmer Was Not Murdered~Jamaica Police Dropped The Ball

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Jamaica police have scheduled a news conference for later today (Tuesday) in which it is expected they will confirm reports that Bob Woolmer died of natural causes and was not murdered.

The conference will be addressed by police commissioner Lucius Thomas, who will read a statement, outline toxicology results and give details of post-mortem examinations carried out on Woolmer’s body.

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Enough has been written on this issue. BU want to comment though that it has found the handling of the Woolmer case to be highly incompetent given the information which has been made public so far. It is interesting that senior police officials in the Jamaica Police Force are calling for the former Scotland Yard Mark Shields top Cop who headed the Woolmer probe to resign. The international event CWC 2007 did not deserve to be tainted by the inept detecting effort of this Jamaican Police Force.

It is always easy to get it right with hindsight but in the absence of “firm” data Mr. Woolmer could have been sent to the great beyond with dignity without the attempt by playboy Mark Shields to hunt for what was obvious to all even without the evidence. In is generally accepted by West Indies around the world the strong brand of the global Jamaica brand often touches the other Caribbean islands. It stands to reason that the perception in the global arena of the Caribbean has dipped.

10 thoughts on “Bob Woolmer Was Not Murdered~Jamaica Police Dropped The Ball

  1. It is my humble opinion that this is a cover up of mega proportions by the authorites involved and an attempt to cover the inept policing done by the Jamaicians.
    There is little doubt in my mind that Bob Woolmer was in actual fact murdered in Jamaica however the stain that something such as this would leave on Jamaica and even more importantly the ICC and the cricketing world leaves me to wonder if the outcome of this investigation has not been manipulated and massaged so as to avoid the stains.
    The likelyhood of the police ever charging anyone with murder in this case was slim or next to nothing hence the outcome of this probe.

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  4. BU: I would like to know your thoughts on the devastating news about Graeme Hall. It has angered and saddened me.

    Thistle~I too read the story with great sadness. My only hope is that there is some inaccuracy in the reporting and the matter will end well. We would have thought that given the big master plan for tourism which Minister Barney revealed at Sherbourne recently there would have been a declared strategy which targets Heritage and Environmental Tourism. The plan could have looked at Graeme Hall, Harrison’s Cave, Animal Flower Cave, Andromeda Gardens and others and with government’s support it could have been branded to appeal to the nature lovers both local and tourist alike. As we said BU hopes this matter ends well and we don’t see mock sport being played with such an important natural resource.

  5. Ian~Nice coverage man!
    Sunday, June 17, 2007
    Bob Woolmer Mystery – Silence On The Lam: Were you, weren’t you, were you, weren’t you, were you bumped off?
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    That comes from a film about guns, no murder but there was a debate as to who gets it right… Kinda like how ppl are still debating if Bob Woolmer was choked, poisoned or none of the above? Poor Windies cricket, no Lara, crumpled against England and now allegations of sexual misconduct? All this and Woolmer too!


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