Searching Questions Listed In Anonymous Letter About CWC 2007 Making The Rounds

It has come to the attention of BU that an anonymous letter raising several concerns about how Barbados tax dollars were expended around CWC 2007 was sent to David Thompson MP, Richard Sealy MP, Denis Kellman MP, Austin Husbands, David Ellis and Adrian Loveridge.

A summary of the contents of the letter is as follows:

1) What was the expense to the taxpayers of Barbados for this charter out of India?

2) What was the role of the Director of Cruise Tourism that requested her to travel to India three times?

3) How many passengers eventually travelled to Barbados, and took cabins on the (Carnival) Destiny?

4) How many ICC tickets were purchased by the BTA to give away and at what cost?

5) How many certified travel agents and certified journalists from India did the BTA pay to travel to Barbados?

6) To sum it up, how many people in all did the BTA pay for?

The letter goes on to make some allegations which we can possibly explore with the help of our tourism guru Adrian Loveridge.

Source: Adrian Loveridge

2 thoughts on “Searching Questions Listed In Anonymous Letter About CWC 2007 Making The Rounds

  1. I have sent a copy of the letter I personally received to both Peter Odle, chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority and Sue Springer, the EVP of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association.

    Even though the letter writer has not been identified, I hope they will respond to the comments.

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