Barbados Spends Millions On CWC 2007 And Other Projects But Ordinary Workers With Children To Feed Continue To Wait Over Two Months For Wages

Bajan Government under fire

The Barbados opposition has accused the Government of neglecting the needs of Barbadian businesses that worked throughout the Cricket World Cup. Opposition Leader David Thompson highlighted the plight of School Meals staff who have not yet been paid for work done during CWC.

“They don’t factor the CWC horror stories of ordinary Barbadians into their analyses. The Democratic Labour Party is insisting that the true experiences of Barbadians from all walks of life should be factored into the analysis and not just the profits of those for whom the fatted calf was killed,” said Thompson.

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The story quoted is about Leader of the Opposition of Barbados David Thompson lamenting the fact that the school meals workers who worked around the clock to ensure the “who is who” that attended the CWC 2007 were fed, HAVE NOT BEEN PAID! BU will not even bother to flog a dead horse on this issue except to say that the longer it persists it signifies a callousness on the part of the persons responsible to remedy the matter.

What we want to highlight is the fact that this negative story has been featured in The Voice newspaper which is a newspaper targeted to the black community in the United Kingdom. I suspect our many black family and friends who live in the UK, and who scour the newspapers for good news to derive comfort in a “foreign land” must be very disappointed at the bad press CWC 2007 continues to generate. Hopefully despite what the head of the local organizing committee for Barbados has hinted, that the final report for CWC may not be made public, at BU we fully expect that on the election trail the government will be hard pressed to suppress this information.

If we thought that the school meals workers not being paid was an isolated one, BU understands that workers at the half way house which provides support services to the Psychiatric Hospital of Barbados have not been paid for the past three months. Increasingly we are hearing stories of so many government workers not being paid for months. In a country which no one can deny as a high cost of living; BU fears the societal tensions which must be brewing given the bureaucratic bottlenecking which continues to prevent ordinary Barbadians from being timely paid. This is the same government which has admitted to paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in mobilization fees to bogus contractors.

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12 thoughts on “Barbados Spends Millions On CWC 2007 And Other Projects But Ordinary Workers With Children To Feed Continue To Wait Over Two Months For Wages

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  2. We are peace-loving people on the whole, but for how long? I can’t even begin to imagine what must be going through the minds of the Government workers who have not been paid for months, when they look around and see the wholesale thievery of their Lords and Masters/Mistresses; when they see the mansions going up in Apes Hill/Gregg Farm and other areas; when they see the heavy gold chains choking the necks and wrists of the politicians. It must be absolutely gut-wrenching for these poor people. How long will they wait patiently?

  3. BU source confirmed tonight that many government workers with tenure of up to 10 years have been resigning to take up jobs in the private sector as travel agents and other junior jobs just to guarantee a regular food check.

  4. The DLP cut salaries by 8 % for a limited time frame but now the BLP have laboured us with not 8 % but 15 % VAT with an unlimited period, which is the lesser of the two evils???
    And now they cannot afford to pay their workers Owing should be ashamed of himself and his party having presided over the waste of taxpayers monies to the tune of multi millions of dollars being funnelled into their personal bank accounts but yet now cannot find money to pay the hardworking citizens of this country shame on you Arthur.

  5. WiV~surely you are stretching the comparison of the VAT to the 8%? As far as we are aware the VAT represents a composite of taxes which were replaced with the lower VAT.
    Is this not your understanding?

  6. The VAT was sold to Barbadians as a replacement tax for nearly all the levies, stamp duties, consumption tax, and what ever else you can name, however no sooner than it was added the same taxes it was meant to eliminate started to roll out again the form of Envir levy tax you name it they slipped them back in and we are still paying them up to this day.
    The reference to the 8 % cut was basically to state that at least we knew it had a given period of operation and it would dissappear at the end of the appointed period, whereas we are now facing the real likelyhood that VAT will maybe go to 17 1/2 % to cover their wastage at the jail, the flyovers, the airport, the Carnival Destruction, the closing ceremony, the CWC in general.
    And not knowing who the rightful owners of oval are, the ticket sales may well be deposited with the WICB charming just flipping charming Owing, Mottley, Lynch take a bow not only are you a corrupt lot, not only are you dishonest as ever you are also the most ingnorant bunch of clowns ever gather in the house of assembly!!!! sad but true.

  7. And to top it off, the 15% VAT replaced 60% duties. So one would have expected prices to fall by a good 25% or so.

    In fact prices went up?

    No explaining the food providers. Maybe we are better in T&T merged form, so we can fight something that is not ouselves in other ways?

  8. And now we have form this new merger( takeover) to create a new nation called TriTobBim and all is now well we are now second class citizens in our nation eating the Trini foods drinking the Trini drinks and living and working for the Trinis great work Arthur, Allan Fields and company.

  9. But in every defeat there is victory, is what I’m saying. For years we have opaid through the noses for our food, and it (in my opinion) is price gouging.

    Now we fight the enemy, united as Bajans; rather than a cancer of Barbados.

    Then again, Trini money just as good to buy the politician, so we have to set up the measures, the integrity, the price controls, the corruption law, the integrity law, to deal with this multi-headed monster.

  10. WiV~I know that you are aware that the Barbados dollar is stronger against TT dollar and most Caribbean islands.

    What is stopping Barbadian companies from investing abroad?

  11. Remember the only perks to a government job are the tremendous amount of days you can stay home without getting fired and that you can bring to work your nasty attitude and display it to the public… other than that I will keep my private sector job.

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