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An Already Beleaguered CWC 2007 Continues To Get Negative PR. Will It Impact CWC Legacy? Remember That The Business Models Of The Region Are Built On Legacy Benefits

BU have made a decision not to be too crictical of CWC 2007 while it is ongoing. We intend to do a story after the final in Barbados on the 28 April 2007. However there are some peripheral stories which we still feel obligated to highlight; afterall the region is reputed to have spent one billion dollars to host CWC 2007. In light of the mentioned story we just wonder the effect an incident like this will have on legacy for the region. It seems to us at BU that is will feed the perception that we are a bunch of “backward” islands that allowed a world event to be foisted on us without a clear analysis of all the business requirements ~ risks associated with doing so. BU look forward to the final report for CWC 2007, it is a significant blocker which the nine participating countries will have to ruminate on; maybe not T&T!

Society accuses cricket authorities of exposing cricketers to Munich like danger

1 hour ago by Ranjith Wijewardene. Spam? Tags: World News, Sports News & Opinion, Cricket, World Cup, Sri Lanka, South Asia, ODI




By Walter Jayawardhana

SPUR has protested to International Cricket Committee (ICC) that a lax security at the Cricket World Cup at Granda National Stadium has exposed the Sri Lankan cricketers to Munich type terrorist attack by suicide bombers.



The photograph of LTTE supporter invading the cricket pitch with a red colored terrorist flag of the spring tiger has accused the world cricket cup organizers of a lax security arrangement where the London based Amnesty International aided by the LTTE also is allowing a cricket ball campaign against Sri Lanka.

Though Amnesty International says its campaign is not against the Sri Lankan cricket team who have entered the final round of the World Cricket Cup it had selected the cricket ground for a campaign against Sri Lanka.

When Sri Lanka was playing against Australia a supporter of the LTTE terrorist group invaded the cricket pitch exhibiting the terrorist group’s red colored flag that denotes a ferocious springing tiger framed by two bayonets.

LTTE is the world’s leading suicide bombers and sold its technology of suicide bombs to the Middle Eastern Al Queda group. Intelligence experts say the current suicide jackets used by Al Queda is a result of the technology sold to them.

The LTTE has increasingly used children and women wearing the suicide jackets targeting civilian and military in Sri Lanka and India. Former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is the most famous suicide bomb victim of the LTTE.

The website says due to the lax security situation at the World Cup tournament, the organizers have exposed the Sri Lankan team to a Munich type situation by allowing the terrorists to invade the pitch.

In a statement published in its website the man who invaded the cricket pitch with a terrorist flag said, “Even if he had been a suicide bomber or a gunman on a mission to create a ‘Munich’ type situation, there would have been very little that the security personnel on duty could do. For an outfit that has assassinated an incumbent President of Sri Lanka, made an attempt on the life of another President, killed a foreign minister and blown a former Prime Minister of India to bits, harming a team of cricketers is only child’s play.”

The website further said, “The raid comes against the backdrop of the London Headquartered Amnesty International launching a campaign styled as Sri Lanka: Play by the Rules. It is possible that these flags may be displayed by terrorists backed by pro-LTTE NGOs to demoralize the SriLankan cricket team and rob them of a possible World Cup victory”

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has announced that it is supporting the play by rule cricket ball campaign launched by the Amnesty International.

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