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I must confess that the wife and I are still pissed in the aftermath of the CWC 2007 final. I do not blame the local organizers for the farcical end. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the match referee Jeff Crowe who in his infinite wisdom decreed that a 38 over per inning game could have been satisfactorily completed between 12.15PM and 5.30PM, with a 10 minute break between innings tossed in. Don’t you think that such a flawed decision should have been challenged by someone at the ground? Perhaps a Steve Bucknor, a product of the region, who was standing in his fifth consecutive final and who knew the conditions quite well. He might have suggested to Jeff Crowe the folly in his decision to play seventy six overs in five hours and 15 minutes; after all the Australians had three fast bowlers and could not reasonably be expected to bowl more than 13 overs per hour. The flawed decision is exposed even further when one considers that the game was played under overcast skies, fading light should have been anticipated by any official willing to exercise some basic cognitive skill level. After the game Jeff Crowe with the benefit of hindsight it seems declared that he was to blame. What is interesting is that he accepted blame but offered the following caveat:

The match referee Jeff Crowe took the blame for the farcical finish to the World Cup final which saw Australia celebrate victory twice and forced Sri Lanka to bat in pitch-black darkness. But he suggested the third umpire Rudi Koertzen may have initiated the process leading to chaotic scenes at the climax of the game.

Source: Cricinfo

As if to rub salt in the wounds of a worried public which has seen their respective governments spend over 1 billion dollars to build stadia and other infrastructure, the body which has oversight for the bizzare end to CWC 2007 had this to say:

CRICKET’S governing body has apologised for the bizarre ending to the World Cup final that was brought about by an elementary error from match officials.

International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive officer Malcolm Speed described the finish as the most farcical conclusion he had seen in a cricket match, but said the officials responsible still had a future at the highest level.

Source: Nation

It seems that even Crowe was uncertain as to what is fate should be, but after reading Speed’s response Crowe should not worry:

Asked if it was a resigning issue, Crowe said: “I’ll have to talk with my superiors on that. But I hope not.”

Source: Cricinfo

I guess by know that you get the thrust of my thoughts around who is to blame for the fiasco on Saturday evening. A lot has been written and said and no doubt history will have to allocate volumes to record events around CWC 2007. One thing is sure Jeff Crowe should not referee another major cricket game again given his poor judgement. My conclusion about Crowe’s match refereeing skills is that he was incredibly stupid or …. The other supporting ICC cast who officiated should have to suffer a price as well though not as draconian. It seems unjust that the ICC should walk away from CWC after pocketing millions from TV rights and they are only obligated to throw a few dollars at the island nations which have mortgage their souls for eternity to host CWC 2007.

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  1. I for one was not aware that Alleyne’s wife received a contract from CWC if this is the case it would have to be considered immoral and dishonest.
    From what you have said here it appears that there was a lot of work handed out to friends and politicians and their friends although this does not surprise me totally it sickens me to see it take place in such a blatant form I assume that these work contracts are just typicial of the mode that the gov’t operates in that being do as you like we are to powerful and so well liked by the voters that we steal from them amd shaft them and they say or do nothing but return them to office to do more of the same, shame on us if we have not yet learnt that 10 years is long enough for a party to get corrupt in power we gave this gang of crooks 15 years and look what we got in return multi million dollar stealing which involves nearly every minister but the prime one being Owing.
    We need to see where we are at in this country and to vote according to our hearts and if this is done we will remove these bastards from office and bring some honesty to public life again.

  2. Oh me oh my, when all is said and done, ‘a fool and his money is soon parted….’

    Did the ICC not recently grant something like 21 million dollars to the WICB leading to long squables about how it should be shared out?

    I wonder how this convenient grant could have impacted the approach of our representatives in ‘negotiating ‘ such issues as TV rights, security rules etc?

    Of course I am not saying that there was any bribery involved – we all know that sort of thing would not happen in cricket, even with billion dollar contracts at stake…. or would it?

    If this story is true they all involved at CWC ought to be fired instantly, this is really unbelieveable that we could this much money on something Trinidadian, this little seen presentation was strickly a Trinidadian presentation with nothing Barbadian in it other than Allison Hinds but yet we end up with a mammoth bill, as for the lightining their money should be withheld from payment as that to was a disaster.
    Maybe when Owing was quoted in the newspaper that this event was an outstanding success maybe he was talking about the world cup in South Africa surely he was not referring to last weekends fiasco or the past 6 weeks of low attendances or lack of attendances at most of these games or did he miss the fact that Bob Woolmer got murdered by someone?? I thought Mottley’s security arrangements would have eliminated those threats to safety, or did he miss Lynch’s comment about the 90,000 people coming and the 75,000 on the 28 cruise ships or the 700 yachts of which we saw 20 or that he knows nothing about a loan they the gov’t signed for US $ 15 mill of our taxpayers money just goes to show how much they all lied, lies lies and more lies is what this gov’t is about.

  4. Hold on. Mr. Wollmers death had nothing to do with “security” or lack there of! Somebody killed him, and that was that. It was unfortunate that it occured during the CWC20007, but he just as easily could have happend in the Hilton, at any other time. Clearly the CWC Regional Security should, nay must, indeed already has, disavowed any ties to involvement in the situation.

  5. Fil~true but when seen against all the incompetence encapsulated in the picture on this topic, it then shapes a certain perception which is hard to shake.

  6. Security as we know it for this world cup amounted to a whopping $ 50 mill surely some of this should have gone into keeping players, officials, management safe while on their tour thru the Carribean

  7. It has amazed me that we have not seen on this site the exchange that MM Lynch and a member of the public had while at cricket a few days ago, it went something like this while he Lynch was in the Party stand with a male friend of his, this male friend linked up with Marlyn Rice Bowen and they exchaged hugs etc meanwhile a male bajan passes by and said to Lynch that his ministry messed up the cup, low and behold if you had heard the response from Lynch a fish vendor would have learnt a thing or two about swearing from him he told the chap to go F__k himself what a C__T he was, and the cursing went on between the two of them for a long period.
    Now honestly this is a minister of the crown that we are talking about here that we pay to do our work and if he has messed up surely he should be man?? enough to take his licks and not blow his fuse in public as he did.
    It was in very poor taste and was done in front of Bajans and Tourist alike it was vile and disgusting to say the least and ought not to have happened in a public domain such as the CWC.
    Owing you need to sit Lynch down and have a chat with him and explain to him as a minister of the gov’t he will be faced with those challenges but how he handles them is more important than the challenge itself and his method of cursing and flying off the deep end at private citzens has no part to play in the politics of this land, then again Owing asking Lynch not to curse someone maybe hard to swallow coming from Owing as he to has the penchant for doing the same of cursing people when their views differ from his dictator style of gov’t.

  8. You want to know the true impact on the island ask Mr Dennis Roach at tall ships they said that the Jolly Roger an icon of the tourism plant in Barbados just recorded their worst April on record just think about how long they have been in service to have had the worst recorded April speaks volumes to the disaster that was CWC

  9. I heard that the capacity of the Destiny which the government commissioned is 2600. It means that for about 4 weeks those people went missing on Barbados so the trickle down affect must be measures. Why not get another boat?

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