Cricket World Cup 2007 Three Months Later~What Is The Final Tally? You Promised To Tell Us And We The People Have A Right To Know

$300M BILL

Date February 18, 2007



That is a conservative estimate of how much it will cost Barbados to host the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007.

Research done by the SUNDAY SUN has thus far unearthed BDS$316 326 183 worth of infrastructural improvements and projects related to the tournament which have been done, or are ongoing. This tally is based on adding up the cost of announced infrastructural projects, the completion deadlines of which have been set for before the CWC begins, or before the first matches are held in Barbados in mid-April.

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Immediately after the Cricket World Cup Final staged on the 28th April 2007, the officials of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) indicated to the Barbados press and public that tabulation of the final cost for hosting the Cricket World Cup would begin. There was an assurance from Mr. DeCaires (LOC Head) that the task of tallying the millions spent, and of course the revenues, would take about three months.

This is a reminder, the time is up!

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There is the belief this information would be made known to the public when the task is completed. BU appear skeptical because at that Press Conference delivered by Mr. DeCaires, he hinted that the government would have the final call. It is our view that the government will release financial information about CWC 2007 ONLY if it is “good” to do so on the eve of the General Election. Prime Minister Arthur should be aware that for such a significant expenditure the people of Barbados deserve to know how their tax dollars were spent. The expectation that it will happen however is slim. The St. Joseph Hospital Report which was used to banish Branford Taitt to Lala Land has worked, current and audited financial statements on HRL Ltd, AKA JAWS and full disclosure about many other deals over the years have served to numb a Barbadian public uncertain of where to turn turn for basic representation.

Has the time come when enough is enough?

It is alleged that the Caribbean as a whole spent close to 1 billion dollars; a huge sum by any measure if this number is accurate__but will we ever know? When we factor that the Caribbean are a collection of developing states and comparatively poor, the poorest of the Commonwealth playing countries, we shudder at how our leaders were duped into expending such a huge sum of money on a sport which is not universal by the International Cricket Council. Even after mortgaging our bodies and souls for the next 50 years the chaos continues within the respective jurisdictions at Board level and by extension the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

We were all fuh cup

Most Caribbean people are proud to have hosted the Cricket World Cup 2007. The idea that our small countries in the Caribbean, which are insignificant on the world stage, would be able to command the resources and implement plans to make CWC 2007 a reality swells our breasts with balloon popping pride. The many local people on the ground which have been educated by our region have demonstrated a level of professionalism which is on par with the developed world. We congratulate this group of people who we hope will now stay in the region and help to move us forward.

Our questions are directed to the politicians. Please tell us the tally for CWC 2007. We deserve to know. We have to repay it. You are the servants. We are the masters.

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7 thoughts on “Cricket World Cup 2007 Three Months Later~What Is The Final Tally? You Promised To Tell Us And We The People Have A Right To Know

  1. Well! in terms of long stay visitor arrivals.

    January, February and March were down.
    But, April was up.

    According to figures released by the CTO which are provided by the Barbados Statistical Service our net gain (after hosting ‘the world’s third largest sporting event’) was 44 extra visitors.

    Yes! That is correct – 44

    And that 44 maybe not a realistic figure due to certain arrivals (day trippers to St. Lucia) being counted twice.

  2. Remember that scam of the charter for US $ 15 million for the destiny ??
    Or the 90,000 visitors on the 700 yachts and 35 cruise ships in the port all lies, lies, lies and more lies.
    The only one to do well out of CWC will the elite bunch of Nicholls, Bannister, Arthur, and not fail to mention Noless Lynch.

  3. The truth is we are not big fans of how the stats are collated by the Statistical Department. It would create more confidence given the technology available to have the immigration forms micro encoded or some form of technology which inspires more confidence in the numbers and also would be more efficient. Seems to be a lot of double and triple dipping at play.

  4. It will not change in any hurry so long as it provides an avenue to alter and corrupt the figures that is the way Lynch will want it to be, even the arrival figures are crooked now what a place we live in.

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  6. that was a bluff by de big guy to get out of the pressure for accountability by the LOC at that time. if bajans think de getting final world cup figures, think again. the figures got to get doctored first to show it was our finest moment as MM barney said. when are gullible bajans going to realize that the big ups realize they are easily fooled by promises like what decaires make. statements like those are meant to keep bajans quiet

  7. Word is that Arthur has decreed that he will not spend another cent on Kensignton Oval until the issue of ownership is settled!

    In the meantime it will be ok for the mosquitoes to use it as their play pen!

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