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Adrian Loveridge Should We Not Wait Awhile Before We Do The CWC 2007 Post Mortem?

BU have been monitoring Adrian’s contribution – especially of late on BFP – in the tourism area for awhile and give respect. Of late though one senses that Adrian has taken the fight a little too personally. We suspect his assertion that the public is blinded by the rhetoric is off target; BU suspects that the media finds itself in the position of us all where full disclosure after 28th will allow the media to critique from an informed position.So Adrian my friend we say to you, hold strain and when the time comes we will join you in waging a war when post CWC is being evaluated, at such time our strategies may be for efficiently formulated!

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Summing Up Cricket World Cup In Barbados


As the 2007 Cricket World Cup (CWC) event draws to a close, with the hosting of the final in Barbados on 28th April, it is perhaps now time to analyse in-depth, exactly what economic benefits it has brought to the nine hosting countries.

Of course, any informed tourism player, knew these very speculative figures of ’90,000’ long stay visitors and ’75,000 cruise ship passengers’ were totally unrealistic and some of us have been saying so for months.But the media and the general public seem to have blinded by the rhetoric and not stopped to question, that even filling all our various land based accommodation options, Barbados is only actually capable of housing about 17,000 persons.Over the next few weeks, I am sure much finger-pointing will be going on to see exactly what the negative financial implications are.Let us hope we can learn from our mistakes.

Adrian Loveridge

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Source: Barbados Free Press

5 thoughts on “Adrian Loveridge Should We Not Wait Awhile Before We Do The CWC 2007 Post Mortem?

  1. BU…

    You could well be right.
    My concern is that after Saturday’s final and a big jump-up, that all the financial ramifications will be forgotten.
    I personally would like to see an independent group of analysts sit down and systematically go through the actual CWC costs and realistic potential legacy
    benefits that might accrue over time.
    Regarding the media comments.

    When respected publications carry headlines like ‘6,000 cruise ship passengers sail in’ and the factual number turns out to be less than 2,000.
    I think we all have to be concerned.

    The media seemingly accepted the ridiculous numbers uttered by Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch including ‘90,000’ long stay visitors here for the CWC final Week plus another ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’.

    This is the CWC Final Week and do we have ‘90,000’ long stay visitors and another ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’?

    If so, why are there still seats available for the final?

  2. Even with a full stadium the CWC will still be a failure overall and it will be a failure in Barbados due to our excessive spending levels and false promises made by Mottley, Lynch and Owing there is no success story about to jump out and hit you with this fiasco.

  3. Wishing in Vain~we do not hold any brief for the parties you named but in a project of this magnitude with so many variable to factor some things will go wrong. We see it even in the private sector on large projects where there must always be constant re-evaluation to ensure efficient implementation. At BU we think some mistakes have been made but we also say that the CWC 2007 has been politicized.


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