Make Legal (Professional) Fees Paid by Former DLP Government Public!

There is a culture of secrecy in Barbados when it comes to explaining how taxpayers dollars are spent. The blogmaster listened to retired Director of Finance William Layne in a radio interview recently when he shared a view that much of government’s business can be made public except in a few cases where security considerations apply.

The Trinidad government took a decision in 2015 to inform parliament the amount of fees paid to lawyers and other entities for professional services rendered to government. By recording the names in the people’s parliament they were published in the media for the public’s information.   Although reports confirm some attorneys and others objected for fear of concerns  of personal and family safety, the practice continues.

One of many concerns for Barbadians were the outrageous legal fees charged by a select few lawyers for services rendered to government during the last administration.  Top of mind is the 1.5 million paid to Hal Gollop to review the BWA headquarters agreement. There the payment to Richard Byer of $766,855 to review a standard agreement by order of Caves Barbados. Guyson Mayers was paid $300,000 for fifteen months work to prepare a nondescript report supported by technical tools costing $224,000. Other lawyers like Michael Yearwood and Adrian King come to mind who have risen to millionaire status as a result of sweetheart deals at the behest of the last government.

The blogmaster does not advocate practicing long-knive politics, however, if Prime Minister Mia Mottley wants to send a loud message to the bevy of ministers et al she leads- many are lawyers- here is an opportunity to share with the public all legal fees and professional fees paid to individuals and firms that rendered services to the former government. It is our money, we have the right to know how it was spent.

In the not so eloquent words of the former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, Prime Minister Mottley must show the country that her mice are not without balls!



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ My dearest SSS

    Walk with me a little bit here so that you understand where I am coming from as far as the DLP is concerned

    De ole man made it my business to go the the Facebook Page where that video of Fumbles concessionary speech is and wish him a good retirement.

    Euphemism for my unflattering comments of his dreadful stewardship

    Maybe that confirms my commitment to “not one effing seat” to you my darling but if it does not just know that I have a bag of 4 inch nails and a wooden stake in my belt for each of these demons and political vampires

    But dat is de ole man personal conviction and it formed the basis of the Stoopid Cartoons campaign de grandson launched which reaped over 100,000 views collectively

    Here is the conundrum facing the BLP administration

    It has this constitutional Crisis of there being no opposition and must secure one.

    It reasons that such may arise from the persons with the highest votes that opposed them

    Unfortunately when you Check those names and you see Names like Estwick Sinckler and Kellman jobbyites surfacing to the top like faeces you get afraid

    Look at how the vomit returns

    So how do you operationalize this opposition in such a manner that ensures the placement of these extra nails and the stake my sweet one?

    Through the follow through investigations dat de ole man mentioned with the AUDITS and the AMNESTY and whistleblower legislation.

    I am just working my way through their decimation.

    They have almost destroyed Barbados almost killed a nation SSS

    They are no less a scourge than Ebola and while we might not die as graphically it was death nonetheless in the middle of swan street and elsewhere.

    Not one effing seat was emotive and designed to appeal to its audiences when they saw it.

    This is a different dimension to contend with and countenances a magnanimity which de ole man IS NOT DISPOSED TO ENTERTAIN

    BUT I ENT NUH BODY and the decisions lie elsewhere

    Check that Caribbean Elections website wid Bascombe ting and you get to see the fall of the land as to the rankings of the defeated.

    Then just overlay that info with the infelicity matrix and you’ll see who is left


  • In the interest of transparency, the vacant seats provided for the opposition can be filled with representatives of the critical civic / private bodies which can be observers, offer views, professional advice or suggestions and act as a conduit for highlighting public calls and concerns. Further, all Parliamentary sessions must be televise in real time, with a network of media platforms as monitors and reporters of the peoples business.


  • @ Mariposa

    I said before on BU that the minds of the DLP PM, Ministers and yard-fowls like you, resides under David Thompson in St. John Church yard


  • What would DLP senators offer in the Senate that they could not offer in ten years of government? The BLP’s offer is not generosity, but contempt for the electorate. Voters are now useless having performed the only role they are useful for, electing a new government.
    Parliament needs, and badly, new ideas and a different form of scrutiny. Appoint UPP, Solutions Barbados and the real winner in this general election, Natalee Harewood, a woman who pulled herself off the floor and fought for a place at the top table. This is redemption and it should be rewarded.
    But, Barbados is an unforgiving society, even those who pretend to be Christians. They will never see the good in Natalee.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Well Well

    Can you believe Mottley want to offer them two Senate seats?”

    SSS…she did so out of a respect for and adherence to the constitution that requires there be an oppostion, she requested the GG amend the constitution to include 2 sitting senators on their end, it was pure courtesy….

    …I would much rather they not be there given their destructive track records, but just refusing it says more about their selfish, self serving histories.

    They did not win then, they cannot win, they don’t deserve it.


  • @T.Inniss

    Yes, the point has been made on the blog many times. The politicians are friends, it is the yardfowls who are rabid, they are easy to manipulate.


  • The DLP occupying the two opposition seats in Parliament is logical, and I have no problem with the proposal. After all, they got the second largest number of votes. I would expect the DLP to send fresh faces. We can’t paint the entire party with the brush used on the 30 candidates.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I am very concerned that in 52 years of pledging allegiance to a monarchy and “faux” independence, just using the electorate as a catalyst to propel both parties to leadership roles, insulting and disrespecting the majority population and leaving them stagnant with only voting rights. pisses me off to no end to realize from one blog post yesterday that neither political party ever ADOPTED the protocols of good governance that can be found in the UK to whom they all pledge allegiance and practice that could governance to benefit the entire population.

    They refuse to recognize the human rights of EVERY CITIZEN on the island, protecting every citizen on the island, never compromising the supreme court and choosing corruption over the best interests of the population who elected them….and arresting and imprisoning lawyers who are hell bent on destroying the island’s reputation and image home and abroad….with their criminal behaviours toward the society….because of their continuing bar association cabal.

    They pledge allegiance and then with their heads filled with power and very little else…thesevministers proceed to do as they like to benefit themselves those who are close to them and a small number of the minority only….everyone else has to be seen as begging them.

    Both political parties barely cracked the minimum progress that could have been achieved in 52 years because of their narrow vision, small mindedness and arrogance.

    That is an extremely bitter pill to swallow.

    None of them should be surprised that the population turned militant jn 2018 and destroyed one political party…. I would be surprised if going forward the electorate allows any political party to serve longer than 5 years at a time, particularly if the required changes are not made to benefit the POPULATION who were only seen by both political parties for 52 years as deserving nothing more but voting rights.


  • When Mia deal with George Payne. Then i would believe every word she says
    Yesterday meeting of the Social Partnership reminds me of Trump first day after being elected those officials and representatives that bow at the knee of Trump when they had their first meeting at Trump tower came out laughing and full of good sounding words until reality came flying out the closet to show the “real Trump
    I notice Mia new word has gone from promises to ” stability”


  • David BU

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I read an article in today’s Nation in which Lynette Eastmond is quoted as saying there is already a provision in the Constitution that, allows the GG to appoint Opposition members to the Senate when there isn’t any Opposition Leader.


  • @Artax

    The crux of Eastmond’s position is that Section 75. (a) and (b) gives the GG the powers to act in the absence of an elected Opposition.


  • @ ac
    What you want Mia to do?
    Advise Payne to get a lawyer? seemed quite happy when YOUR JA dealt thusly with the same situation.

    Do your self a favour and hibernate do…!!


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright

    De old boy still have some positive reasoning. However, you can manipulate a mp4 video. How can you reach such a conclusion that she is a non-professional. I disagree, she was calling out GP’s name without a problem. Based on the alleged seriousness as purported by the lady. An individual with such emotion would pause and cry out and will take a while to compose herself. I might be wrong, but I feel that this is a setup to destroy GP at any cost. I will await the individual present herself to the courts with all documents and await the court’s verdict.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Lol..don’t know why the yardfowl keeps wearing herself out, she gotta stop the ranting some time and cannot rant for 5 straight years..the matter will be dealth with, it is a much different era.


  • Who in there right mind would post such a damming video and called names without having evidence to support their claims.
    The lady was upfront in George Payne face and spelled out his name many times over without fear of being sued.


  • The yard-fowl is obviously hurting from that 30 love whipping, so she is grabbing at straws in an effort to “save face.”

    So….”give her a break.”

    Rather than griping about Payne and give Mottley time to address the issue………..

    …………perhaps she could tell us the whereabouts of Denis Lowe, Chris Sinckler, Ronald Jones and the other former DLP parliamentarians that did not attend yesterday’s meeting at DLP headquarters……..

    …………as well as the whereabouts of Maureen Holder, Carson C. Cadogan, John “Bombastic” Lovell and Jeff “The Broomer” Broomes.


  • Maybe you can tell us why is Mottley hiding from the people the assests of the ministers in an envelope when she promised transparency
    It would be interesting to see jow much George Payne has and by want means and methods he obtained them especially after listening to that video


  • Mariposa

    And “while we are at it,” perhaps we should not end our queries at lawyers……. but also ask for a public disclosure of fees paid to all consultants……including Hugh Foster (Ministry of Tourism) and Maureen Holder (CBC).

    On another note……..I’m sure you attended the Friday, January 26, 2018, Astor B Watts Lunchtime Lecture, delivered by Maureen Holder, at the DLP’s George Street headquarters.

    During the lecture, Holder said: “So I ask the question, is the nation seriously ready for a female prime minister? Has this nation given it any serious thought, or is it a case that people are so fed up with the DLP that they feel they have no other choice but to accept the next best alternative?”

    Mariposa, since Maureen apparently did not report for duty at CBC and seems to have gone into hiding, post the May 24 general elections, perhaps you may have knowledge of her sentiments relative to the DLP losing the election 30-o and Mottley being PM?


  • Mottley clearly stated that the information would be made public when integrity legislation is passed. All we have to do is “wait and see” what she does from here on and hold her accountable if the promise is not delivered.

    However, I am always forced to remind you that the DLP’s 2008 election campaign mantra was corruption, transparency and accountability.

    On page 48 of their 2008 election manifesto, the DLP promised that their parliamentarians would sign on to a code of good conduct and declare their assets IMMEDIATELY after winning the 2008 general elections.

    Additionally, rather than address the issue of integrity legislation, Freundel Stuart basically implied there wasn’t a need to haste such legislation, while referring to a 1929 Prevention of Corruption Bill.

    As you are aware, as at May 23, 2018, no DLP parliamentarian has either SIGNED the code of good conduct or DECLARED his or her assets.

    Your griping now, about transparency is very disingenuous and hypocritical. Why??

    After promising to publicly declare their assets in January 2008, you were WILLING to WAIT 10 years and 3 months for the DEMS to undertake this task…to no avail…

    ………but you are now unwilling to give a 2 day old administration at chance to observe the direction they are going to proceed with the issue.

    But, you must admit that, unlike the DLP, the BLP parliamentarians declared their assets on their first working day, even if you agree with their method or not.

    Stop griping and give the people a chance……yuh loss….chin up…..get over it.


  • @ Mariposa May 29, 2018 11:58 AM

    I thought the old lady was Gorgeous Pilgrim in a Sissy dress … 😉


  • lol…sour grapes are real sour.


  • Me griping
    Just asking the obvious about the leper George Payne questions that seems to have the blp all rattled
    You would never ever see me take anyone to task about the dlp lost.
    To me a lost is a lost
    The dlp had ten years of goverance so i would not be eating anything sour or shedding no tears
    Those tears i will reserve for the time when Mottley cannot deliver on all those freebies


  • “Those tears i will reserve for the time when Mottley cannot deliver on all those freebies”

    Please list “all those freebies”. You gine dead from hearing PM Mottley and 30-0 over the next couple of years.


  • This yardfowl is so blind that she does not realize the DLP Manifesto has in ‘freebies’ as well. It is what political parties do and which prompted the debate whether a manifesto is a social contract.


  • The dlp is no power not even as an opposition so the focus would be on who…You got it
    The envelope please BLP
    DUNNO why you blp yardfowls getting so upset when Mottley and George Payne name is mentioned


  • This is how you treat your senior citizens, with the utmost care.


  • Mariposa Dems had 10 years to put the economy on track – they were unable to do so – Blp have been the Govt for 4 days give them a chance to work. With regards to “the sealed envelopes” if the BLP do not live up to their word/promise they too will be dealt with.
    It is rather ironic to hear DEMS questioning about Integrity legislation the first politician who ever published integrity legislation in the newspapers of Barbados was……………. DENIS LOWE . These were based on the Canadian model as given to him by ………… PETER ALLARD. Who was the first DEM one started to hear “Allegations” about……. DENIS LOWE.

    PS anyone knows the owner of the “Sandy style house” up by Ruby in St. Philip ?


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