The Grenville Phillips Column – A Special Place in Heaven

Grenville Phillips II, Leader of Solutions Barbados

It is well known that worldwide, corruption is normally associated with Government’s procurement (purchasing) of products (goods and services). In its crudest form, Ministers of Government will tell businesses (including consultants) to increase their bills, and to secretly pay them the increase if they want the job.

Businesses that participate in corruption tend to be too badly managed to successfully compete with their peers. Since Ministers shield them from competition, they tend to charge excessive profits for poor quality products. Their goods are normally substandard requiring excessive maintenance and premature replacement, and their advice normally results in unnecessary austerity for citizens.

The public must pay for all of the costs of corruption, including the excessive profits paid to businesses, the over invoiced amounts paid to Ministers, the maintenance and replacement costs of substandard goods, and the austerity costs. The Government contemptibly extracts these additional costs from the public by increasing taxes.

To get the public to willingly pay these additional taxes, and to provide enough ammunition to extreme political supporters to shame those who do not want to pay, the Government will normally tell the public that the additional amounts are required for things like health-care and education. After the additional taxes have been collected, these services normally do not improve, but get progressively worse.

To avoid accusations of corruption, many Governments allow competitive tendering. However, Ministers can still overrule a committee evaluating the tenders, and demand that their protected businesses receive the contracts. These businesses typically submit the highest prices and are the least qualified to do the work.

It is not uncommon for the public to be made to pay ten times the actual value of the work when there is no tendering, and twice the average of all other tenderers when there is tendering. The cumulative bribes that the public is made to pay is at least 10% of a developing country’s Gross Domestic Product.

It should be clarified that there are two types of tendering. When Ministers provide the oversight, corruption is almost inevitable. When an external development bank (eg CDB or IDB) is providing the oversight, then the risk of corruption is low.

The public does not normally get the opportunity to tolerate or object to corrupt practises, because of the sworn secrecy among those who give and receive bribes. The Ministers protect the corrupt businesses, the corrupt businesses protect the corrupt Ministers, the Ministers of each of the two dominant political parties protect each-other, and the corrupt businesses who belong to the same industry associations protect each-other.

Whistle-blowers are normally discredited with false accusations, imprisoned on false charges, or do not live long enough to tell the tale. Therefore, the public keeps paying the additional taxes, convinced that they are dutifully contributing to the care of their fellow citizens, but oblivious to the fact that they are actually paying the excessive profits of corrupt business persons, and the bribes of corrupt politicians.

There are two critical components that sustain a culture of Ministerial corruption in a country. The first is an agreement between the two established political parties not to prosecute any current or past politician. They are free to accuse each-other of corruption in order to excite the public and convince them that there is no such agreement, but there must be no meaningful consequences.

The second critical component is a politically compromised news media, whose main role is to silence and discredit any credible third party that plans to effectively address corruption.

Barbados is fortunate to be mostly free of corruption. For over 50 years, we have elected honourable Ministers who were fully aware that facilitating a culture of corruption would only economically ruin Barbados, and chose to reject bribes. We have received excellent advice from highly competent consultants, that Barbadians should be surrendered to the severe austerity of an IMF program.

Barbados’ unbiased news media declare that our politicians: are right and honourable, only walk the straight and narrow, and are cut from the same cloth as Jesus. They give Solutions Barbados, which is the only political party promising to effectively address corruption, the same coverage as other political parties. Surely there is a special place in Heaven reserved for those who practise such honourable and righteous acts.


Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Maripoki

    The last time you made an asinine statement about Stoopid Cartoons you know how that turned out.

    You just made another similar comment so de ole man going show you, and others viewing, a response to that idiocy.

    I now predict the rise of a third party in Barbados which WILL FOLLOW THE CONSTRUCT OF BUSH TEA and will break the BDLP DUOPOLY

    That is a 4 year prediction right?

    Enjoy the ride


  • @ Mariposa,

    The Barbadian personality is an authoritarian one. Just listen to the voices on BU.


  • Not all of us, Hal. But most.


  • Hal absolutely correct


  • I have been pondering on the direction this government is taking this country and I must admit there seems to be no clear path that could be discerned.

    I ask myself:

    What is Mia Mottley’s governing philosophy?

    What is the economic blueprint that she is setting out for Barbados ?

    Whose interests is paramount as she goes helter skelter towards building the largest National debt

    We understood Barrow’s developmental vision with the accompanying post independence burdens that had to be surgically dealt with;

    Same with Tom Adams – whose singular focus seems to be a developmental plan with wealth creation at the top of the pyramid;

    Bernard St john and Freundel Stuart were mere caretakers and would leave no outstanding national legacy other than they were decent men whose main aim seem to be ensuring that the ship (Barbados) was kept afloat as they maintained the status quo – so that – Barbados treasured reputation as a Country who paid their debt and never defaulted on their loans was maintained.

    Sir Lloyd Sandiford’s personal characteristics seemed particularly suited for the leadership style needed for the time – that is, dogged and determined with Barbados best interest (and not the merchant’s) at the centre of his plan – so that in the crucible of the economic fires he was plunged in – he emerged purified as pure gold – to the extent that those who vilified him and cried – “give us Barabas ” – later shouted Hosanna and exalted him even as they placed the robe of knighthood around him and repeatedly reminded us of his sayings;

    Owen Arthur was a son of the soil with great potential but got entangled with hubris and the belief in his own greatness.However at the heart of his reign was a love of country which could not be questioned’

    Yet he would be remembered as a leader who was willing to try new things,and big things.

    Thompson’s short time created more problems than benefits – and is best left for historians to dissect and analyse

    And then we come to Mia – From her days as Opposition leader to date – she has demonstrated a dangerous tendency to burn down the whole house – in order to get at her prize;

    She has demonstrated a ruthlessness that saw human concerns e.g. the Maria Agards of this world,or the slap-dash manner in which households were thrown on the breadline – as well as the seemingly lack of empathy for the cries of the working and middle class against the new measures being imposed – as mere collateral damage. A means to an end.

    I noted with horror that despite Mia’s claim that the economic situation forced her to lay off workers and restructure the Public Service – yet in Today’s newspapers we were told that right after the May 24th election while she was decrying the DLP for their late pre elections hirings – yet Mottley was bringing in new workers in the public service – even as others were going home – and although agreeing with the last in – first out policy – this government was yet insisting that those who they brought in – in June and July 2018 – be allowed to remain ahead of those who had many years of service.

    Look also at the imposition of the Sewage & garbage tax on the water bill – placed there because Mia understood that bajans especially the pensioners would seek to pay their water bill to ensure that their water supply was not cut off – so she so deliberately affixed the Garbage & Sewage tax on the water bill to ensure that persons must pay that tax – or faced having no water supply..

    The imposition of a gasoline tax which would hit middle income householders and micro and small businesses the hardest.

    Look at the auctioning of properties for lack of payment of land tax – or the demand that persons must pay one third of the principal up front even they were suffering financial lack.However compare that to the tax write offs for businesses,the reduction of Corporation tax from 25 % to 1 % – 5% tax now to be paid by businesses.Then too,the removal of the NISRL.

    What really is Mottley’s plan for Barbados ?

    And whose interest does she have at heart ?

    Where will be Barbados be at the end of her 5 year run.


  • The Truth Shall Set You Free

    Why it is that when I read “The Barbadian personality is an authoritarian one. Just listen to the voices on BU,” Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the mirror” came to my mind? Must be because Hal had to be looking into his mirror when he wrote it, because he is the most authoritarian voice on BU.


  • Wait…!!!??
    Don’t wunna people LISTEN to Bushie?
    The Bushman has been saying it now for a while…
    By now, ANYONE with eyes to see MUST be able to see this …

    In sum….
    HMBS Barbados was fatally wounded by the idiocy of Froon, Stinkliar, and their associated band of idiots –
    While brass bowls stood around doing NOTHING…
    …or Marched around …and then did NOTHING…
    This after being captained in a slip-shod manner by one Owen – the economist (whatever the Hell THAT is) Arthur…
    Which is what led to the idiots being elected….

    Mia has taken up captaincy of a mortally wounded vessel …
    and she will have the unenviable role of giving the order of “every man for himself”
    (she will look after the women…)

    Mia does NOT have the capacity, the people, the vision, OR the wherewithal …to save HMBS Titanic..
    The LAST chance for that …was with one ‘Caswell’
    …who SHOULD have BUPped…

    Bushie tell wunna EVERY SINCE…
    Look for the lifeboats…


  • Far bigger and better ships are already scuttled on the rocks of misfortune… To name just a few,…Afghanistan, Argentina, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Egypt, Greece, Venezuela, almost all of Africa, – having fallen victim to the albino-centric curse that ‘catspradles’ us…
    We have seen shipwrecks happening around us in the Caribbean now for DECADES…. while we sail along with gay abandon… following the VERY SAME albino-centric courses that caused these wrecks…

    Our turn has come.

    It will be worse for us now …due to our inexperience at handling misfortunes like hurricanes, earthquakes, currency shocks and social unrest…. our donkeys are soft…

    It will get EVEN WORSE when the very MOTHER of albino-centric demonistic culture reaches her OWN inevitable point of collapse -….as does all selfish, short-term pyramid schemes. That role has fallen to the Donald… just like our Froon had the role of crashing HMBS Titanic…

    The grass will be thick, and rough …with plenty plimplers…for those soft donkeys…


  • Not paying piece any attention he has bern trying to pistol whip my backside ever since i sank my teeth into Caswell backside
    What i said about Granville and his bunch of merry men members is not a secret
    In so much that Granville had to make a public statement in his defence
    What i detect from Granville is an sire of snobbery which can easily lead to dictatorship
    He absolutely belives all of what he says but pretends as if no one get it


  • There are certain leaders for certain times.

    Remember Queen Esther who the Jews venerate during the celebration of Purim. She was told by her Uncle Mordecai – ‘who knows if you have come into the Kingdom for such a time as this” .

    That is why I believe that this is the season for a Donald Trump Presidency which will send shock waves across America and the wider world.

    I sincerely don’t believe that Mia is the leader Barbados desperately needs at this time. Her actions in the past and her actions thus far – clearly demonstrates this.


  • Who is your preferred leader?


  • T.Inniss November 23, 2018 3:54 PM
    RE I sincerely don’t believe that Mia is the leader Barbados desperately needs at this time. Her actions in the past and her actions thus far – clearly demonstrates this.




  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Or a tsunami do not forget a tsunami


  • @ T Inniss
    I sincerely don’t believe that Mia is the leader Barbados desperately needs at this time.
    Pay CAREFUL attention… TI

    It does NOT matter what you believe….
    It does NOT matter what Barbados ‘needs’ at this time.

    The LAW (the REAL law that Jeff C ignores) SPECIFIES that…
    What DOES MATTER…..
    is what Barbados DESERVES at this time.

    As you well know…
    what you deserve (i.e. what you WILL REAP)
    depends on what you sowed…
    Can a man sow shiite ..and expect to reap honey?

    Did we sow the seeds of good, sound leadership
    – seeds like honesty, caring for others, COMMUNITY awareness, respect for God…?
    or did we sow seeds of brass bowlery – GREED, selfishness, spite and wickedness?

    Now tell us TI…. What problem do you have with Mia again?

    GP is 100% correct when he persists that…
    This simply means that GOD’s Law ALWAYS GUARANTEES that “the powers that be” WILL be those that we DESERVE..
    rather than those that we may need, or like, or prefer….

    In order to get the Leaders that we NEED
    we needed to sow the seeds of RIGHTEOUSNESS (doing the RIGHT things – as we best understand them)
    Rather than endorse bribery, corruption, dishonesty, spitefulness and graft that we KNOW to be shiite.

    Caswell exemplifies this predisposition to go by the book…., and he STANDS up for it…
    Most of the rest of us are willing to ‘play along with the shiite game of albino-centricity’… and to not rock the Titanic…

    See if you can figure out why grass is in our donkey’s future….


  • @Bush Tea

    T.Inniss is steeped in a partisan cloak and incapable of understanding you esoteric, philosophical and spiritual intervention.


  • LOL @ David
    No problem with that…
    Most are incapable… Parables were NEVER meant to be understood by the uninitiated.


  • Bush Tea @ 7:55 a.m.

    I understand perfectly and agree with a lot of what you have presented above.

    They were my sentiments too post elections.

    There are not enough Caswells of this world who could staunch the tide of avarice and hunger for power .That is,persons who will not allow themselves to be bought with 30 pieces of silver and will continue to call wrong – wrong – even if is their muddah.

    Sadly for me, I am beginning to accept Dr G.P.’s position of the law of diminishing returns of this blog.

    Imagine David who moderates this blog believes he has the authority to emphatically state what I am capable of understanding.Well,well.

    He must be a special brand of fella.

    I understand how the criticisms and analysis of Mia Amor Mottley hurt the accolytes.Too bad.

    I will reserve further comments.

    Some seeds which are planted into the ground – and have the potential to be massive trees – remain stillborn – and we wonder why.Hmmm.

    Nevertheless – looking at the direction Mia is taking this country – and unless some new righteous men and women emerge – my bet is on a gradually improving Grenville Phillips and a new and improved team.

    Right now I wish we can have a team of advisors rather than these crop of politicians we keep getting .


  • C’est La Vie @ 9:21 a.m.

    Sometime it is advisable not to cast your pearls among the swine.


  • Was looking for a snippet where the people of Heywoods would be permitted limited and guarded access to the beach.

    I wonder if it will be an armed guard

    This is not a B thing or a D thing, but represent a threat to every citizen of Barbados. This is a major problem in how our tourism business is conducted. It is based on making our citizens second class citizens in their homeland. Are we evolving to the place which South Africa departed form? Will we reach Bantustan? Soon, where they can go and when they can go will be restricted whilst and the tourists will roam the island like an invading force with the ability to travel anywhere, without any restraints.

    Do we all benefit from tourism or do just a select few get the cream and sugar, whilst others get only the inconvenience of being a second class citizen? One day, money will pass into the hand of a minister and the laws of beach use on Barbados will be ignored. Private beaches will pop up here and there.

    We have already seen non-national testing and probing the creation of private beaches.

    The silly policy of allowing foreigners to own land has the potential to pit loyal/local citizens against the very richest of the world.. the Oprahs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos … Given the very small size of the island, we will have the very rich buying large tracts of land in the heart of the island; building mansion in the heart of the island; gettting into their air-conditioned chauffeured luxury cars and in a few minutes go through gates of some private property and have access to a private beach.

    But we like it so… and the richest can buy large tracts of land in the US, Canada …

    Liked by 1 person

  • Posted to the Adrian Loveridge blog.


  • This guy T Inniss like he was born recently.He spoke of Mr Adams perhaps the greatest visionary we have had lead Barbados,with his ideas of a highway from the airport to the north in Speightstown as he forsaw the increasing traffic etc and the 10 cents sq foot deal in land for poor people,all outstanding ideas.Then for Mr Thompson he stated his time was short,maybe so but could not itemize one thing he did during his tenure.Perhaps he should ask Bush Tea who was promoting him as being so bright,as all I remember was free bus fare for school children ,and constituency councils which in my view served no real purpose and of course taxing the hell out of bajans in his first budget.As for Mr Stuart being a caretaker,really after eight years?T Inniss if you cannot see his acomplishments say so but to call Mr Stuart a caretaker, you cannot be serious.As far as Sir Lloyd is concern I remember him being advised by several economist not to back pay senior civil servants which he proceeded to do which help worsen the economy at the time with several of his own Ministers voting against him.Therefore if in my view your actions created a problem your subsequent action to prevent a crisis is expected since your actions would have helped create it.Therefore I can concur with the blog master,s opinion of you ,that you are nothing more than a Dem looking to nitpick and bellyache about everything this Government does,but we have gotten an upgrade in less than six months ,something the Dems were incapable of getting in 10 years and 90 days put that in your pipe and smoke it.


  • I get sidetracked often.. Here is such a case

    This guy Lorenzo has real punching power…
    This is not a few words thrown together and then a hasty retreat behind silly hashtags
    A very good defense


  • So Lorenzo what defense do u have for this lying govt who used a campagain strategy of lying to win the election
    Hence today we have govt minister in charge of enviroment singing a differenr tune about the Sewer System and need to build a new plant
    Has this govt have no shame after weeks of polluting the environment and wasting tax payers money to fix a pit toilet now have to admit they do not have the solutions


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Maripoki

    Are you some sort of an idiot?

    That was a rhetorical question you do not needs to answer it.

    There are two topics that you must stay away from here on BU

    Mismanagement of the Economy and government finances AND SEWAGE.

    And in order to remind you of the latter here is one of de Stoopid Cartoons that you respect so much


  • Piece there is one word you should absolutely not utter
    My words are mine unlike you nit running to the head of the line to kiss anybody
    Rhetorical or otherwise those are my words and i stand by every one of them
    Yuh need to mind yuh own business ole man


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