Chris Sinckler, Is It True?

Submitted by Sunshine Sunny Shine (SSS)Rumour has it, or should I say, it is alleged, that the minister of finance, Barbados, the honourable Chris Sinckler, might be involved, I repeat, might be involved in a shady deal concerning the purchasing of an expensive Range Rover. Let me say here that the source of this information is currently making the rounds on social media, Whatsapp, having originated from Naked Departures. I think. Now the SSS is not in the habit of addressing information that cannot be substantiated, but because the DLP have shown themselves to be a shady bunch, I AM GOING TO MAKE AN EXCEPTION.

Chris, the allegation against you is that you got accounts in the UK. Now, for all intents, purposes, verifications and understandings, we want to know what work or business you do in the UK that you have accounts there. Not that it is any of our business, but we still want to know. We also want to know this as well. If you are not operating, I mean working in the UK, or running a business, how are you able to cart money out of Barbados into a UK account or accounts. You got some special arrangement with a bank or banks in Barbados permitting this or is there some consortium establish to take care of these things without a trace?

The other rumour is that your account(s) in the UK are under investigation. Chris, if your hands are clean and your business is legit, what reasons do the UK authorities have to investigate you and your accounts? We understand that the white man that went missing turned up dead, dead, dead, and police in investigating his demise has come up with a series of cheques in your name re the purchasing of one Range Rover. Chris, a Range Rover, ain’t cheap; you really was planning to bring that in Barbados or leave it up there in the UK. So when you visit you can drive around in style? Also, was this white man your contact for these vehicles and a legitimate business person that you a finance minister felt it prudent to do business with him? I am not even going to bother about the part where you told the now dead white man about making sure the cheques do not trace back to you because there is no way in the world that you could be that foolish.

However, what is of interest is the fact that some of these expensive UK luxury vehicles went missing in the UK, now in Barbados, according to the allegation. Chris, this is only a rumour that I repeating but if there is any truth to them, your involvement makes you an accessory to a crime. And, the fact that the white man ended up dead, Lord have mercy, makes you also a prime suspect. Was MICHAEL LASHELY INVOLVED?

Chris, what got me dumbfounded, though, is that you put cheques in your name and expect that they are not going to leave a trail. Well, Well, Well, all I can say is that this tells me that you had a lot of confidence in your business arrangement with this now end up dead white man. But, look, to be honest, none of this cannot be true, you are minister of finance, an honest, upright son of Barbadian soil. Many Barbadians think that you tell a lot of lies. It is not like you did not say that the reason you must raise bus fares some few years ago is because young girls were being ferried out of Barbados into prostitution rings. Oops sorry has no baring on this matter. Please strike from the record.

Chris, even if you tell lies them is only Barbadians lies; so, them there lies only count in the context of things bajan. Chris, I am asking you to be called to account because in the interest of you and the Democratic Labour Party, we know that you have already damaged your credibility and DEM ain’t got none at all.  Come clean and dispel this nonsense.

We call you to account.

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  1. SSS….that is why I dont play with them, they are a nasty bunch of pimps, thieves and criminals.

    Expose them, they are the ones went breaking into ya system. …make them feel it.

  2. If they would do the people’s work instead of pimping around on BU and Naked Departure all day long, everyday, to see who is saying what about them….and that is when they are not doing something dirty and corrupt with those who bribe them, no wonder they cant find the time to fix the economy…

    And ni6w with the Yard in their faces….they can’t work at all…lol

  3. What work. How can you be working on behalf of the country and it ain’t getting any better? All of a sudden you got some serious weapons coming in under Freundel Stuarts watch. All sorts of horrible things happening under this Prime Minister. Show in any history of Barbados governance where there were so many charges meted to one administration. Show me how could the DLP score more controversies than the BLP, who had 14 years of doing shite. These shites come in less than 10 years and outdo all the wrongs of the BLP. No respect for none of them. And, until Stuart and all of them walk the plank, the DLP is dead to me.

    • In simple terms then, we have a declining economic and social environment. The political class has aptly demonstrated its incompetence to lead the fight back, BOTH political parties. Clearly we need to disrupt the establishment / status quo to improve. The fact that despite the evidence we are a society in a perpetual state of decline yet the duopoly remains entrenched is the jumpoff point of the discussion we should be having 24/7. There is a disconnect between the reality and the established mindset.

  4. mother sally September 21, 2017 at 2:28 PM #
    I keep asking don’t yuh all know that Angela Skeete and Carson Cadogan are the same person and a politician at that?

    Ya lie!

    I always thought ac/Angela Skeete was a semi-literate yardfowl.

    Please, please tell me that ac/Anglea Skeete ain’t no Cabinet Minister

  5. There is no difference between the semi-literate yard-fowls and Cabinet Ministers of this DLP Government. ask Stuart to Explain them.

  6. Simple….the only thing most cabinet ministers excel in is thiefing, bribery and corruption, they are basic in everything else, so no surprise that Angela Yardfowl and Carson Yardgowl Lashley as I been saying all along…..are the spokepersons for the minority gunrunning, drug trafficking criminal networks andc for the Kutuppa-Harris’ and other destructive organizations….that must be dismantled on the island forthwith. .

    ….with every post their stench is overpowering. …big clue.

  7. so no surprise that Angela Yardfowl and Carson Yardfowl IS Lashley, as I been saying all along…

  8. @ David September 21, 2017 at 1:23 PM
    “In simple terms then, we have a declining economic and social environment. The political class has aptly demonstrated its incompetence to lead the fight back, BOTH political parties. Clearly we need to disrupt the establishment / status quo to improve.”

    That is why those conditions are creating the ideal climate for the perfect storm to be unleashed on the economic landscape of Barbados to make Maria look like a virgin.

    Ask Charles Herbert if you doubt the miller!

    The forex tap is being fed by a massive burst main.

    But the wild boys in charge would use the devastating impact of the German goddess of war (Irma) and Maria the Spanish mother figure of birth and renewal in the Sagrada Familia (both appearing as Acts of God) to not only deny the proposed award of a coping subsidy to public sector workers and to forcibly impose harsher fiscal measures designed abroad but also to release a bombshell of ‘across-the-board’ monetary significance as to make the Bajan dollar worth less that the currency ‘currently’ used in Dominica.

    Immature Kim Jong Un might be a madman like the senile Trumpete(e)r of Destiny but together they make the perfect alibi to do what is absolutely necessary for the great wheel to turn full circle and start all over again.

  9. Given everything that wunuh does talk bout here and elsewhere, it is even more clear to me that in politics the time has come to “fire the bums”, disengage the incumbents, turn a page, throw out the garbage and start fresh with new faces and new ideas.

    What I mean is, next election shut out BOTH the DLP AND the BLP. They were originally created as “Labour” parties to protect the working people, Stinkliar stealing or LandRovering or not, none of either Party give a damn any more about working or poor people,

    The invividuals of BOTH Parties are in it to WIN it, to stuff their own pockets while sucking mightily at the public trough, nothing less than increasing their own personal wealth at the expense of the taxpayer and the pensioner (emptying the NIS).

    We are now dealing with people who have loaded up every single resident Bajan from now until their great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren with debt. Do you have ANY idea now much $14 BILLION dollars can buy? If an average house cost $500,000, that is 28,000 houses. And if an average house cost a million dollars, that is 14,000 houses.

    Yet these nasty pigs are still printing money and adding to that debt.

    To add insult tio injury, they say there is nothing wrong with that.

    Yes, I live abroad, but I was forced to find work elsewhere way back in the 1970s when the DLP made sure that there was no work for me in Barbados. Between the DLP and the BLP they have steadily degraded and screwed up my country to a point where I no longer want to retire to live at home.

    Daily I see advertisements for foreigners to come and buy property in Barbados… I said it back then, and I will say it again: we Bajans cannot go to a developed country and just live and buy property. We Bajans cannot even go to Trinidad and just live and buy property.

    The wealth of foreigners pumping up the prices has ALREADY made it almost impossible for a Bajan to buy property AT HOME. Add on the myriad of local taxes compliments of His Excellency Smirker Stinkliar, and there is the final push that takes it out of reach.

    I want to start a large business, and I would love to include Barbados in that plan. But the bureaucracy, politics, theifing, time-weasting and sheer BS make that impossible. So some other country will benefit – and I know some yard fowl jackass will accuse me of treason.

    But Barbados made the choice, not me. I am not forced to invest anything in Barbados, and the way things are now I will continue just being an occasional visitor and buying my beloved pudding & souse “long distance overseas abroad”.

    When I left school about 1968, Barbados was #2 in the world as the most heavily traxed country. What are we now? Did we make #1 yet?

  10. @ Overtaxed Bajan
    Boss, if something like that was EVER to start bout here, we would have to put the honest people in Dodds …and lock OUT the lotta crooks, cheats, scumbags and their facilitators on the outside, based solely on the NUMBERS involved.

    When you see a society where CLEARLY wicked, dishonest, demonic persons are ELECTED to high office, it is a CLEAR sign that the society as a whole, has passed the point of no return.

    Can you imagine the challenges then faced by a single honest person seeking to do the right things? ..such as the Auditor General?

    Can you imagine how the ‘judicial system’ could conspire to frustrate truth and justice?

    Can you imagine the scams that the political leaders would get up to…?

    Can you see the VALUE of lawyers in such a system? – with their ability to frustrate and obfuscate even the most simple and clear issue of a shiite LEC?

    Barbados HAS passed that tipping point……
    Our asses are headed collectively for the grass…
    …and we are not even smart enough to feel the rising heat.

  11. @Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim. September 20, 2017 10:48 AM “Overseers on horses with whips is the only way this country ever produced anything.”

    I thought to remind you just in case you have forgotten, or in case you never knew, that those overseers on horses weilding whips on the backs of my fore-parents [if not your fore-parents] were complicit in the stealing of the labour of hundreds of thousands of 17th, 18th and 19th century Barbadians. And that they wielded such whips to enrich those Englishmen and women who sat all day in their manor houses and did nothing while my ancestors [if not yours] suffered and died..

    I will not let you get away with untruths.

  12. You may wish for a return to slavery, but I do not, not for me, not for my children, not for my grandchildren.

  13. I expect the DLP YARDFOWLS to start their campaign of defending the wickedness of their party with all types of justifications and rationalizations.

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