Remembering What Politicians Do

What about the law suits?

What about the law suits?

Are we not a little ticked off at the lack of respect elected politicians and others have for us, the electorate? Why do many of us allow political partisanship to influence good reason and in the process give politicians especially a free pass.

BU recalls when the Eager 11 story broke a few government members of parliament claim the article damaged their reputation and promised to sue the Nation newspaper. To quote Minister David Estwick, “this is innuendo and is defamatory in law. Pleased be advised that I have given my lawyers the instruction to see that my integrity in public and private advocation remains untarnished and unsullied”. Dr. Estwick went on to indicate there are one or two other members who have been implied to be part of that 11 who will take similar action.

What happened Dr. David Estwick?

In the build up to the last general election there was the hot issue of the Democratic Labour Party accusing the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) of  retrenching “10,000’’ public servants if they were voted to office. In response Opposition Leader at the time threatened to sue Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler.

What happened Owen Arthur?

Again in the lead up to the last general election two BLP candidates and lawyers Kerri Symmonds and Gregory Nicholls filed an injunction in the High Court on behalf of  six residents requesting a judicial review of Cabinet’s decision to allow B’s Recycling to operate a recycling plant at the St. Thomas location. It is ironic two years after the injunction was filed the Bynoes are embroiled in a disagreement with government and the Town Planning Office over the length of time it is taking to to erect a recycling plant Bennetts in St. Thomas.

What happened Messrs Symmonds and Nicholls?

Engaging in frivolous law suits is not the preserve of politicians, a suit filed by local undertaker James Wilson versus Rihanna comes to mind.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ CHAUCER | October 6, 2014 at 12:07 PM |
    “The IMF team advised the MoF to accelerate the sale of a number of Govt assets ; address the dissolution of state corporations and draft the 2014 Budget.”

    Such drastic demands might just see the beginning of the end of the current administration.
    Can poor Fumble handle the pressure involved in such a large-scale dislocation of the public service and the removal of power from the hands of politicians?
    Expect to see many top civil servants and members of the cabinet to go on regular sick leave.


  • Miller

    ………….but we love our monopolies in Barbados.

    Listen to Dr. David Estwich M.P. at minute 7.25 talking about OSA’s logic in wanting to sell the BNTCL.


  • Miller
    It started with Fumble.He went off to Canada just before the IMF was due to conduct their forensic audit and recognising how bad things are,having had to arrange a delay in NIS pensions due to lack of cash for other considerations and their over exposure at the Central Bank,which cannot any longer print money,Fumble call in sick with a diabetic attack and sent a message to the IMF telling them he will be back to answer all their questions and to carry out all their instructions upon his return.
    Now bajans have been used to tightening their belts in the past and those administrations clamped down on conspicuous spending,so that motor vehicles,refrigerators,stoves etc above a certain dollar value were limited or banned for a specific period.DeLisle,Jepter,Darcy,Fumble and Chris need to get on board and bite the blinking bullet.If any of Dem reading BU they ought to have done the right thing long ago.They were told but they went with ac!


  • “Are we not a little ticked off at the lack of respect elected politicians and others have for us, the electorate? Why do many of us allow political partisanship to influence good reason and in the process give politicians especially a free pass….”

    I read in today’s Daily Nation that “The Fruendel Stuart Government has decided it wants to sell the $75M Barbados National Terminal Company Limited (BNTCL) in Fairy Valley, Christ Church.”

    On the evening of Saturday January 5, 2013, Dr. David Estwick addressed the gathering in attendance at the launch of the DLP’s St. Joseph’s constituency office for candidate Dennis Holder.
    The following is an excerpt from what Estwick had to say in response to Owen Arthur’s suggestion of privatizing the BNTCL:

    “I question then the logic of attempting to sell the BNOC and the BNTCL. The reason why I’m going to continue to hammer this is because every single country in the world, maintains what yuh call their national strategic reserves of oil…… gasoline….. diesel….. etc. It is… it is owned by the country to protect energy security for all of us. And any… AND ANY PRIME MINISTER THAT IS PREPARED TO GIVE AWAY AND SELL OFF A COMPANY THAT MAINTAINS THE NATIONAL OIL RESERVES OF BARBADOS HAS TO BE HALF A MADMAN.”


  • Here are some questions for Dr. Estwick:

    1) Do you still believe the purpose of the BNTCL is to protect Barbados’ energy security?

    2) Are you in agreement with the proposed sale of the BNTCL?

    3) Do you believe Fruendel Stuart is “half a madman” for wanting to “sell off a company that maintains the national oil reserves of Barbados”?

    4) Have you shared you concerns with your cabinet colleagues that if the BNTCL is sold to the private sector, the prices of gasoline, diesel and kerosene will rise, since the new owners will be looking for the highest returns for their shareholders?


  • This is what else Estwick had to say at the meeting pertaining to the BNTCL privatization issue:

    “You understand….. and what is even more ridiculous about the discussion is this……… right now….. the BNTC imports diesel, kerosene…… we sell any oil that we produce locally….. we send that oil to Petrotrin in Trinidad, and it comes back….. the BNTCL gets a rate of return on investment of 1%……. and that 1%, is so as to keep prices down. You tell me any business man in Barbados that is going to take over the BNTCL and get 1% rate of return on his investment. You tell me…. show me any of them…….. right. And what it means is that from the time those companies are put in private sector people hands, that they will be looking for highest returns for their shareholders, and you can rest assured that what would end up happening, is (1) diesel prices gine straight up in the air, as well as gasoline prices, as well as kerosene, etc. And it bothers me that an individual, who is supposed to be an economist, does not seem to understand how inflationary that would be in a small economy that imports majority of its inflation via oil and other products.”

    These politicians think many of us do not remember anything.


  • These politicians know full well that Bajans have very convenient memories. If we support one side ,we are able to repeat every negative statement that came out of the mouths of those on the other side ,and vise versa.
    These politicians also know that regardless of which side of the politician fence that we are perched ,when something happens that we do not necessarily agree with, we Bajan Paling Cocks and Hens will stay on the fence, flap our wings and crow, until some scratch grain is thrown our way.


  • @ Artaxerxes | October 6, 2014 at 3:53 PM |

    What a good thing that we have you tube!

    This is evidence that this crop of dems will say and do anything. I hope that all those who are on this tape laughing will still be laughing when the diesel and gas prices go through the roof. This government was warned not to sell the NIS shares in BL&P but they did and see where we are today.

    David Estwick needs to come to Barbadians and explain if he has changed his views from what he said here. Bloody nasty liars!


  • Talk to the people straight, do not lie to them…was Estwick’s closing comment on this you tube clip………..pity they say one thing and do another……………liars!


  • Prodigal Son | October 6, 2014 at 4:07 PM |

    “This is evidence that this crop of dems will say and do anything. I hope that all those who are on this tape laughing will still be laughing when the diesel and gas prices go through the roof.”

    Good point, Prodigal.


  • Caswell Franklyn


    Most so you know, hens don’t crow. LOL!



  • There was a big hullabuloo some months ago when Minister of Agriculture David Estwick , let it be known that the tax payers of this country were funding to the tune of $12 Million, 3 new concrete molasses tanks to be constructed by Preconco. And at a time when we have a half- dead, and dying sugar industry.
    Now the storage tanks and infrastructure that was built by the same taxpayers money,to stock the islands supply and reserve of fuel products is about to be offered on a plate to either SOL,or Petrotrin.
    Looks like we are making a big return to the old Vestry and Legislature system of government, because if we as a people do not own anything in Barbados, there is no need for an elected parliament, as we have today. But then again, many decisions on the future of this country have been made at Cattlewash, and passed on to our puppet government.

                        We ain't piss when de gully out.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Prodigal Son | October 6, 2014 at 4:09 PM

    Whenever the restructuring and rationalization exercise of the public service and State-owned corporations is carried out can we expect the existing Cabinet to remain at its present size?
    What justification would Fumble have to retain so many blind mice for men running behind a miniaturized black cat in a black shoebox instead of a dark room?

    Don’t you think it’s time the current DLP administration take off the blinkers and turn the switch on in the dark room and at least see the light? The game of lies and deceit is up.
    Why not go back to the electorate to get a mandate of confidence for their complete 180 degrees volte-face from the platform of no layoffs, no privatization and no UWI tuition fees? We are sure Bajans wouldn’t mind paying a special one-off levy to fund such an election? What is Fumble & Co waiting for? Dr Estwick’s rejected plan with UAE money?


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