No Tears for the Central Bank Governor

Submitted by Heather Cole

Submitted by Heather Cole

Don’t cry for him Barbados

The truth is he never loved you

During these wild years

He kept his promises to the DEMS

So you keep your distance!”

Perhaps a rewrite of the famous song about Eva Peron is in order with the above sentiments expressed by Barbadians. Clearly the bromance that never was, between the Minister of Finance of Barbados and the Governor of the Central Bank of plotting and overseeing the economic demise of Barbados is over.

Barbados Today reported that the fall out between the Governor and the Minister of Finance was with regards to the Governor’s inability to explain the country’s diminishing economic fortunes and rising administrative tensions within the Central Bank.

Again perhaps the economy has taken its final turn for the worse and is on its official death bed and the dreaded devaluation near. The blame game is underway with the Minister of Finance trying to squarely push the responsibility for failure of the economy on the Governor. The Governor clearly does not wish to be the fall guy. His strange action to avert blame from himself by appealing to the Court of Law against his dismissal is indeed cause for comment.

On one hand we had a governor who was a willing accomplice of this administration at every turn for the last 8 years producing alternate facts in speech, actions and data in support of the policies of the government. It is not that some of his economic policies were successful. He has a long list failures and unethical practices. He sold junk bonds to an unsuspecting public, scrubbed the Central Banks website of data and frequently produced data to paint the economy in a positive light. His action of holding $5 million in the Central Bank for Leroy Parris was illegal. He incessantly printed money, offloaded funds to Bjorn Bjerkham who should never have been appointed to any public board in Barbados. Let us also not forget his attempt to practice nepotism. Then it was the matter of the many economic downgrades that affected the country’s credit rating.

He supported and never admonished the Minister of Finance for his reckless economic onslaught against the people of Barbados. The Governor’s actions not only affected the economy but in extension endangered the livelihood of many Barbadians as it was also indirectly responsible for job loss. He did not perform as a Governor of a Central Bank but as a piggy bank for the Minister of Finance. His actions created capital flight and a scarcity in foreign exchange. Our currency has already been devalued in the eyes of our eastern Caribbean neighbours’ and Guyana.

In another place and another time his actions against the state would be tantamount to treason. This now reminds one of Cardinal Wolsey’s fall from grace when he failed to secure the kings wishes. So what did Mr. Sinckler so desperately want that the Governor could not provide that led to his firing? Was it more than what was stated above?

He has damaged his credibility as a practicing economist and brought shame to the title of Governor of a Central Bank. He sold out the livelihood of the people of Barbados and on reflection the People of Barbados should be taking him to court. His actions are at loggerheads with his profession he has not provided sound economic advice to support the economic growth of Barbados through monetary policy. That is the sole purpose of his job.

No one should be even a bit unhappy to see him removed as Governor of the Central Bank. He is now like a product on the shelf that is long past its expiry date. It will be a sad day if the Court rules in favour of the Governor of the Central Bank as it would be, even at this late stage legalizing the economic death of the island of Barbados by giving an unfit Governor the right to continue to destroy the economy.


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  • Some time back de grandson did this and he send de ole man dis update today.

    A few have shared here and elsewhere that “there is a likkle truth” in the Stoopid Cartoon posters.

    He is a good feller, if you call mekking stoopid cartoons “ggod” heheheheheheheh or i should say useful, to give a visual interpretation to these things ecclesiastical, and i hope de peeple where he working doan find out who he is and mek he loss he pick.


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  • @Hal, Re your February 16 post at 1:18pm. I am dead serious with regards to my response. I am employed at a bank and under no circumstances would the Feds keep money for a private individual.


  • @ PUDR, Can you share the article that you inferred that I lifted information from?


  • @SSS I was MIA lol. That was funny. My father took ill and died last month. I could not think clearly so I stayed away.


  • @ Ms Cole


    I did not say that you lifted anything, I refer to the article where you promised to write the constitution yourself

    @ All

    This is compliments of the UK feller who say that there can be no run because we have no stock market

    This DLP Government MUST GO


  • Heather

    I am sorry for your loss. I did not know him but from your writings, I can say that he raised a remarkable daughter which is probably the best legacy of a parent.

    Sent from my iPad

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  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    I hope he was a man who enjoyed a full life. Sounds to me like he did. Sorry to hear about your loss, but you are strong woman, and that could have only come from having a remarkable father. Nice to see you back ma girl. Stay strong!


  • Heather,

    Condolences about your father. The position in all western liberal democracies is that the state is banker/lender of last report. This can be done in a number of ways; the Fed may not have individual accounts, but it may order another retail bank to take over the account.
    I said this is what the central bank should have done. It is not rocket science. When Halifax, at the time Britain’ biggest mortgage lender, ran in to trouble, the Treasury and a number of leading lenders were locked down over the weekend to come to a solution. The announcement was made before the stock exchange opened that Monday morning.
    I had a view of what was going on because two people close to the talks were keeping me informed. Eventually Lloyds Bank were pressured in to taking over Halifax.
    The UK government also had to bail out Northern Rock and the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is still 70 per cent owned by the taxpayer.
    So, the Bank of England did not have to offer bank accounts to millions of people. Further, the Financial Services Compenstion Scheme guarantees savings up to £75000 – that too is a lender of last resort policy. But government had to act, it could not allow people to lose their savings.
    As I pointed out, that is why it is a policy that applies to retail banking, but not to investment banking.
    There are books a numerous reports on this, including a 2800 page report from the FCA.
    See also the Treasury Select Committee hearings and reports.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Condolences Heather.

    Hal….you outlined well how failing businesses are helped out by reserve banks….but Parris’ case does nip qualify….as a private citizen, CLICO had already been dissolved or dismantled, Parris had already been charged with relation to that money, which currently has an appeal hearing. ..this lodging money in central bank took place right in the middle of all of that…he has since had a judgement where outlined the money belongs to CLICO policyholders.

    I suspect because of privacy laws the local banks who refused Parris’ money for their own legal safety, did not make the reason public. Here is where the journalists on the island should have done a more indepth investigation.

    And should he lose his appeal, since he already has a judgement against him stating that the money belongs to CLICO policyholders….the money should be returned to the policyholders, it’s stolen money, it’s laundered money… would then be fair to see Parris charged for both theft and money laundering.


  • @ Heather

    My sincere condolences . All the best during this difficult time.


  • Well well,

    To be charged is not necessarily to be guilty. Innocent until proven guilty – although in Barbados to be accused means you should be hanged.
    The central bank stepped in because a the retail banks effectively banned Mr Parris. It was poor regulation. One of the bank ie Scotia, should have been ordered to accept Mr Parris’ account.
    Dr Worrell might be a good economist, but he is no doubt a poor regulator. He is not alone.


  • Well well,

    You talk of journalists doing in-depth investigations. First, Barbados has two newspapers, one TV station and a sort of online publication.
    For example, in Britain we have 18 national newspapers, hundreds of local papers, dozens of radio stations, the BBC, Sky, Chanel and ITN; foreign television stations advertise for staff in London; most US publication have a large number of UK journalists; there are 50000 journalists in the UK and even more PR people.
    So, that deals with the job insecurity. Let us now look at the news awareness: David Ames of Harlequin notoriety has been charged with fraud by the Serious Fraud Office, which only deals with cases of £1m or more. This allegation is major.
    Yet, not a single Barbados newspaper has been on to the attorney general asking if he is going to freeze Ames’ assets in Barbados, a natural course of action. The Nation published the charges.
    Further, I have been told that Ames allegedly tried to cut corners in Barbados. Why is it that professional people in Barbados felt confident enough to tell me that and not the local papers. It is a matter of trust.
    But can you trust newspapers that do not follow up stories, a basic of news reporting:
    Police officer Gittens out on bail for allegedly killing a neighbour;
    two Canadian tourists allegedly robbed by a housing agent;
    the wife of a prominent businessman dumping rubbish in a Speightstown boutique, while in the company of goons;
    Bjerkham’s accidental killing of his son;
    We can go on. Why are local journalists following up these stories?
    Why can’t we get a decent journalism course at the community college of UWI led by someone with the authority of Carl Moore.?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Hal…in UK…the population is around 67 million…give or take….

    St. Lucia has more than one station and their cable ststion has been free from the 1980s, so blame the petty nastiness of bith governments.

    Hal….are you the same Hal trying to get BU bloggers unmasked, something you can never attempt in the UK.

    And of all the wannabe journalists you can name……you name Carl Moore.

    Why not Timothy Slinger…a real journalist.

    Carl Moore would leave things as they are and take money to shut up.

    Timothy Slinger has proven…he is a real journalist.

    Do you remenber how long I spent unmasking Peter Harris, a hell of a job because bajans can be treacherous hand to mouth lackeys and pimps. Until others, unknown to me and for their own reasons, totally unrelated to mine, took a hatchet to him and brought him to his knees and from a really great distance too..

    Imagine trying to take down those beasts you mentioned. ..with so many treacherous hungry black people, who are always victimized by the same animals..trying to stop your every move.

    In saying that…like you I am now totally retired and since my job on BU is done, just an observing blogger, as a matter of fact, let me add that to my user name…lol

    Ya gine have to ask someone else those questions Hal….I am so sorry.


  • Is the governor of the central bank still going in to work?


  • @HalAustin, you prosecute an interesting case re the Parris millions. As WW&C noted there is no valid comparison between Parris’ situation and your extensive review of banking regs per the UK examples.

    What I also find amazing for a man of your obvious fin industry knowledge is the assertion that Worrell displayed poor regulatory acumen in accepting the funds and not ordering a local bank to take the funds.

    Why would ANY bank refuse the interest gain of such a large sum of money unless they feared some ramification?

    On what basis legal or regulatory would he have ORDERED a bank to accept the funds of an individual depositor?

    Simply stated Mr Parris could have used a safety deposit vault or large safe to harbour the physical cash if it came to that; converted some to other financial instruments or to T&T retail banks or managed the funds in myriad other ways

    However, whatever ramifications gave the local banks pause certainly did not seem to affect the CB Gov.

    I would completely agree with you that this story and many others – we still have no further details of Mrs. Smith’s death – need better and detailed follow through but for you to offer such strange and misdirected front end analysis is quite troubling to a discerning reader.

    And at no time has the governor or his PR team given even a modicum of details to the public on this matter.

    Frankly, for a man with your contacts you would do BUians and Bajans a wonderful service to ‘go undercover’ for the true story on this rather interesting DLP-gang story!


  • Over two sentences…boingg. Never fails. LOLL.


  • @Well Well & Consequences February 20, 2017 at 6:39 AM “it’s laundered money”

    Are you sure that it has been laundered.

    What if it hasn’t been laundered?

    What if it smells like a lazy student’s end of semester laundry basket?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Lol….Simple…I just hope the CLICO policyholders get back that money….your tax dollars, all 56 million would have to pay for the CLICO theft, no guarantee you will get any of it back in your lifetime….while Parris is fighting to get back, what he stole.

    Obviously none of these people ever take a good look at themselves.


  • Hearing both Dr Don Marshall and former AG Dale Marshall speaking on the impasse between the Governor and the Minister,it is obvious that neither Marshall understands the difference between fiscal and monetary policies and the relationship of the role of either to the other.


  • We will Flagg you moderate that way BU is alerted to your post until the problem corrects.


  • @Hal Austin February 20, 2017 at 11:34 AM “Why can’t we get a decent journalism course at the community college of UWI led by someone with the authority of Carl Moore?”

    The Barbados Community College and the University of the West Indies (UWI) are two different institutions.

    UWI’s journalism programs are located at the University of the West Indies’ campus at Mona Jamaica.

    Carl Moore is an elderly man. If he wanted to teach in UWI’s journalism program in Jamaica he would be required to move himself and his family to Jamaica. We don’t know that he wants to do that.

    That said I expect that the journalism program at UWI has more that enought competent, well educated, experienced journalists/teachers.

    As usual a part of the problem is geography and money.

    I am sure that there are a number of people practicing journalists in Barbados who for money reasons have not been able to participate in UWI’s program. It is not cheap to move from island to island. It is not like in the U.K or the U.S. where you can jump in your car to attend a university that is 100 miles or two hundred miles away.

    May be a man of your experience and contacts can assist in this situation. How about getting some of your contacts to contribute to a scholarship fund for journalists? A fund which will at a minimum take care of air transportation and housing for journalists to wish to further their educations and can’t because they don’t have the money.

    And some of your British contacts can call this scholarship fund reparations.


  • Heather
    Condolences on the loss of your Dad.Surely you know that the Federal is a private bank,completely autonomous and not answerable to the Federal Government of the USA.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    I keep telling Hal to use his past contacts to do something for people on the island, the cows and bizzys ans bjerkhams and parris’ along with the ministers who collude with them to keep generation after generstion of bajans stagnated will die of…those useless, archaic parliamentary laws will change.

    They are all being exposed everywhere, they cannot stop it.

    The time to show ya have done something to help the country or people is now….we all know who the problems are, no more need to ask why they do the nasty corrupt criminal things they do, just put a stop to them….do your part.

    I am so glad mine is done.


  • @Hal

    He is still employed, that is the point of the court battle isn’t it?


  • And I’m sure he will be paid to the end of his contract so what is his beef


  • Gabriel

    Of course he will be paid for the unexpired portion of his contract. But it is plain to see that Worrell is not interested in money. He is on a mission to salvage his reputation since Sinckler can say, when Worrell demit office, that he was only acting on the advice of the Governor. That will mean that the blame for the 17 downgrades and everything else could be placed at Worrell’s feet. He does not want that to be his legacy as Governor – to hell with the money; he doesn’t need it to live comfortably in retirement. His only problem is that he wants to leave the scene as a credible economist. But from where I sit – too late!

    Sent from my iPad

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    This is the information circulating everywhere.

    “Frustrated Businessman aka ‘Nation of Laws’ my ass. February 20, 2017 at 2:56 PM #
    Most of these comments prove that Bajans don’t understand our real issues or the current situation.

    Worrell has been printing BDS$50m per month in order for gov’t to pay BDS$72m in civil servant salaries and wages each month.

    He refused to continue doing it. He was told do it or be fired.

    He called an emergency staff meeting and explained to the entire BCB staff that BDS was not in a financial crisis, our crisis was one of management and governance and the symptom both display as lack of business facilitation which has failed to get various projects started and chased away numerous investors. He did not mention the blatant bribery extortion that has had the same effect but it was implied. He demonstrated his position with the usual grafts, figures etc. He told everyone in the meeting to tell all their family and friends so they would know how to vote in the next election.

    He was unofficially fired by Stinkliar. He knows that if he drags out his dismissal in the High Court past the end of the month, there will be no money to pay gov’t workers and parliament will have to do something radical. Hence the legal action he has taken to stay in position at BCB to choke the system.

    I have typed here for years that this inept gov’t would fall when they could no longer pay civil servants. That time is upon us.

    I have typed here for years that the only problem BDS has in an inept civil service that has been ineptly managed by an inept gov’t. Private enterprise will not invest one cent in a BDS run by these clowns. Just like last time.

    There will be no economic recovery under Fumble’s Fools.

    I hope there is enough rum in Bim for the day they are gone.”

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    And Caswell is also right,

    Frustrated is right, same information I am getting. No use Worrell just implying about the extortion and bribery….it should be made public by him, if he wants back his credibility….and by those negatively impacted and who have also engaged in it…if they want it to end. It has been going on for decades.

    Have yall any clue how many of us have stocked up on the popcorn, alcohol and various delicacies, just to see this unfold in grand style.


  • de pedantic

    One reason for not wanting to do business with Parris, and a very important one, is the dark and threatening shadow of the US. They do not want to tempt fate. And as a branch/subsidiary of a Canadian bank the proverbial will fly all over North America putting the very existence of the parent company in danger.
    The governor is on record as praising Canadian regulation as I wrote at the time and since, does this mean light-touch regulation of Canadian banks? I think so.
    Subsidiaries and branches are regulated differently. The reasons are long and complex, but capital adequacy is one important reason. If a local branch is having liquidity problems and they tell the central bank they are covered by the parent company, what would Worrell and his team do? I suggest nothing. The proper course is to force them to improve their capital adequacy.
    I suggest the central bank carries out fake stress tests since we never get the results and our media do not press them to make the results public.
    It is this flaw in our regulation that posed a major problem throughout Worrell’s governorship and has meant in reality that Bajan taxpayers have been underwriting Trinidadian and Canadian banks for reasons I have explained elsewhere.

    @ Well well,

    Why are we not told of the alleged Bds$7m paid to the people involved in the Four Seasons debacle? The rumour is that some of that money was to fund a new political party involving Chris Sinckler. Was that fake news or Sinckler got cold feet?
    Who are the senior civil servants who report to top business people and to some embassies? That is why I say it should be make sackable offence for senor civil servants, police and military to attend social gatherings at the embassies or attend so-called training courses in the US and Canada. Check out the re-positioning of the RSS. It poses a threat to our democracy and is behind the militarisation of civil policing.

    @ David,

    I know he is still employed, thus the court case, but does he go in to the office? That is another question.

    @ Simple Simon,

    I do know the community college and the UWI are different institutions. As a boy I used to set fly sticks in the Eerie and Ilaro Court.


  • Carl;

    Prove to us that you can meaningfully contribute to BU with a post of at least 4 paragraphs.

    A post on your anonymouse bete noir will not count. Perhaps you could do one on the current GoCB and MoF debacle. I think you know both of the protagonists. You worked with one of them for a few years.

    I think the BU anonymice would look forward to an example of how you would treat a real life situation with someone you know well.

    Use your real name and say something useful about the situation that would break new ground on an overworked topic, if you dare.

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Hal….good information as I am observing.

    Carl Moore should be able to get nationnews to print it, what do you think.


  • @Hal Austin February 20, 2017 at 4:12 PM “One reason for not wanting to do business with Parris, and a very important one, is the dark and threatening shadow of the US. They do not want to tempt fate. And as a branch/subsidiary of a Canadian bank the proverbial will fly all over North America putting the very existence of the parent company in danger.

    It is not just a matter of the parent company being in danger. Both the American and Canadian governments have become very serious about their companies paying or taking bribes overseas. It is not just that the companies will be punished, but the companies executives WILL GO TO PRISON. Nobody wants to go to prison. The Canadian executives at banks in Barbados have to go home to Canada at some time. They don’t want the RCMP or the OPP or the local police to meet them when they arrive at Pearson and other Canadian airports.

    Didn’t the Americans lock up Lord Black of Crossharbour?

    Didn’t the British revoke his British citizenship?

    Didn’t the Canadians refuse to give him back his Canadian citizenship?

    The days of executives engaging in criminal behaviour and not being sent to prison are coming to an end.

    Isn’t Bernie Madoff in prison?

    Isn’t Allen Stanford in prison?

    Nobody wants to lose his liberty for 24 pieces of silver, nor for 2.4 million pieces.


  • @Hal Austin February 20, 2017 at 4:12 PM “Who are the senior civil servants who report to top business people and to some embassies? That is why I say it should be make sackable offence for senor civil servants, police and military to attend social gatherings at the embassies or attend so-called training courses in the US and Canada. ”

    Why just the U.S. and Canada. Are you implying that the U.K. diplomats are squeeky clean?

    And I think that you have forgotten how small Barbados is. There is no diplomatic enclave with a cordon sanitaire.

    One does not have to go to an embassy to meet a diplomat. In fact it is better NOT TO GO TO EMBASSIES.

    Where do you think the diplomats shop? worship? recreate?

    I know that I have seen diplomats at my church, fast food restaurant, supermarket, beach etc. and I am not even a very social person.

    Where do you think diplomats go to fire one? Where do you think that their children go to school, or to summer camp, or to swimming, dancing, or tennis lessons?

    If a person wants to pass information it is easy enough to do so without ever going to a diplomatic reception,as a matter of fact it is better NOT TO GO to diplomatic receptions.


  • And what you have also forgotten is that diplomats marry into local communities, hire from within local communities, and have sex with the people in the local communities.

    You may remember the old Bajan saying “a hard d!ck@y ain’t got no conscience”


  • @ Simple Simon February 20, 2017 at 10:09 PM
    “You may remember the old Bajan saying “a hard d!ck@y ain’t got no conscience”.”

    Simple S, you must be an “Equal Opportunity ‘ critic’ and don’t discriminate on the basis of ‘sex’.

    In addition to what you wrote above you should have recalled also the saying:

    ‘A wet pussy (cat) could never say No to feeling a warm wood’.


  • I didn’t mean to be gender biased.

    Human beings, male and female, will always do what human beings have always done.

    And this includes diplomats.


  • @Heather

    May it comfort you to now that we are so sorry to hear of your loss. I thought something was wrong not seeing you on BU for a while. Condolences, hang in there, only time will ease your pain.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Simple…what Hal may not know is that all the government ministers and public servants who are snitches for the minority business people to whom they give away taxpayer’s pension money and contracts to facilitate their kickbacks and bribes…..that too is well known to the US Embassy, they are all well known……as snitches, snitching to the Embassy ans snitching to minorities.

    That is why I suggested to Hal to have Carl put the info in the Nationnews or even barbadostoday.

    None if this is secret, packets of information is given to or sent directly to the appropriate agencies on all these nasty players who stagnate the people on the island to maintain their greed and corruption. .if only they knew the extent.

    Trying to keep the people backward and not able to access infirmation so that the 5% can continue their decades old criminal practices of enriching themselves has in recent days seen the lid blown off the old nasty pit of vipers…, they have no more secrets…everyone now knows worldwide.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    And to make the situation comical, I understand they were told to……TEK DAH!!!!!…….

    Lol, lol, hahaha.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Hal….I saw on the barbadostoday thread a comment where you rightfully accused the newspaper of political bias, the owner has no choice but to kiss political ass, he has been dislodged from CGI Towers, now it’s time to make his play to help deceive the public with misinformation to get his hands in taxpayer’s money or NIS pension money, he has a multiple of idiots in government to choose from and use like Dumbville and Sealey and when they are kicked to the curb by the electorate…..Mia, Jerome Walcott…..he has to play his dirty game….he has done it before, but this time, it’s very likely to bite him…lol, lol.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    And that’s my good deed for the day…lol


  • @ Hal,
    According to Jeff the journalists hiding behind the libel laws saying that the laws too archaic. According to Jeff , we have some of the most advanced libel laws in the region. So we will have to conclude that they just frighten. Ah mean some of those bloggers who don,t give their names on BU , say the reason is to protect them from harm. so we like we all scared.
    Now on the CLICO affair: the company was allowed to operate without paying the treasury(Supervisor of Insurance) the necessary monies that by law all insurance companies should deposit. Even that they did not pay. Guess whose Ministry that fell under-Ministry of Finance , now guess who was the Minister of Finance at that time: one Owen Arthur. so yuh see um ain’t journalists alone ….high win know whey old house live . Our journalist main delight is showing old people dilapidated houses, accident and murder victims bodies, etc.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    “so we like we all scared.”

    That’s a very narrow view William, some people on here, dont know if you are one, use their real names, they are the ones in real danger, some bloggers who dont use their real names but are known and live on the island have to also be protected, but bloggers like myself who have freedom to land anywhere and know where all the vicious culprits live on the island….could care less, other than to protect those who are not in my position.

    Ya can always test the theory on yourself though.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    It would be nice to know if the former owner of CGI Towers paid any deposits after his first insurance deposit…, seeing as he too used to have a bromance with Owen Arthur.

    Are the prime ministers in Barbados only good at disadvantaging the majority population to advance the greed of others….while still needing said majority population to be reelected.


  • I tried to ask some simple question here and elsewhere, for it was clear the we would whip ourselves into a frenzy as we advance our numerous theories to explain these happenings.

    Here was a situation with only two possible outcomes, but so far I have not seen an attempt to address the possible outcomes. Instead of just two tracks I have seen numerous tracks; some going nowhere, some ending before they started, some going in circles and I suspect we may also have a few hidden ones.

    Hopefully, when this is finally decided we are able to bring our atention to the single track and not be distracted by what could have been.

    Some have called this drama and few have even mentioned theater. It has been a good distraction.


  • Ignore the excess, take only what you need.

    As I read these posts, I saw the governor being cast in the role of villain, victim, reluctant participant, and as a man who found a backbone when it mattered (some would say, at this time it no longer matters).

    Let’s wait and see if the governor had a Damascene moment or was worried about his legacy.

    Perhaps when forced to the door, he realized that ‘going along to get along’ put him in a bad light. He didn’t mind being seen as a boot-licker, but did not want to be remembered as a screw-up.

    There may be no Machiavellian plots….

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  • Thrown from the top floor of the Central Bank of Barbados,

    pushed in front of a Transport Board Bus,

    tied to the railway tracks in front of a Freight train from the Ministry of Finance Trains Station at Bay street,

    Stabbed in the Back by the same board he would have “approved”,

    Shot by Sharpshooter and Liar Chris Decimals Bonds fondly known as Stink Liar,

    De-Liar is still alive and kicking though lesser men would have perished…

    History will record that your unceremonious dismissal from the position of Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados will have done more to remove this Government the worst political party this country has ever known

    THe Demonic Lying Party

    Well Done


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