Another Heather Cole Column – Bajan Monopoly

Submitted by Heather Cole

House located in Rolling Hills alleged to be owned by Chris Sinckler.

In the original game of monopoly, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game-board buying and trading properties, developing them with houses and hotels. Players also collect rent from their opponents, with the goal being to drive them into bankruptcy. Lots of money is available but the stakes are high and players can end up in jail, which they cannot move from until they have met some specified condition.

While Bajans suck salt, under 9 years of harsh economic conditions, the current DLP Administration has committed numerous acts for personal benefit that are not aligned with the plight that majority of persons now find themselves in. The ruling Administration appear to be playing a corrupt version of the famous authentic board game. We have Ministers buying expensive properties, giving away land to their friends for housing developments and hotels while collecting superfluous taxes from the people of Barbados. They have also been borrowing extensively on the international market at exorbitant interest rates; an act that can potentially drive the country to bankruptcy if unable to meet their repayment obligations and into to the arms of the International Monetary Fund.

When many persons lost their jobs , in response the government raised [reinstated] the salaries of the Ministers. This can only be described as a slap in the face especially after hearing the Prime Minister justify raising the salaries.

While many cannot afford cars, cannot afford to repair their cars due to damages caused by pot hole in the roads, or can even get reliable service from the government operated Transport Board, Ministers are now driving luxury vehicles that cost in excess of $ BDS 150,000.00. These vehicles are not even within the means of their income.

With death of the middle-class on the horizon due to the fact that hundreds of persons have lost the homes which was their only investment for decades and the rise in homelessness and vagrancy, Ministers of Government are building mansions as though they are living in Victorian England where the peerage built massive mansions as though they planned to live forever. The government has not even bothered to look into the mortgage crisis, not even said a word or acknowledgement that the archaic CAP 236 is need of change. It has in is possession about 15,000 empty houses that were built and never occupied that are in some state of decay. With such a housing stock no one on the island should be homeless. The Ministers of Government have been busy rolling the dice and playing monopoly to notice.

There is an old saying that “yah can hide and buy land but yah cahn hide and wuk um.” The latest possession revealed is a house that sits at 91 Rolling Hills St. George. It is owned by none other than the Minister of Finance. The lot on 17, 551 sq. ft. was put up for sale at US$ 177, 900.00. Unconfirmed reports now value the house and land at US$ 2,500,000.00. From the exterior, it is a charming house pleasing to the eye.

However, according to SI 2016, signed by Christopher Sinckler, Minister of Finance on April 15th 2016, The annual salary of a Government Minister is BDS$152,382.00, with an entertainment allowance of BDS$ 24, 170.28 and travelling allowance 0f BDS$23, 773.93. There is no housing allowance. The combination of 9 years of salary plus benefits amounted to BDS $1,802,935.89. So where did he obtain the money to purchase this land and build this mansion plus the luxury vehicles that he owns? Where does he keep his stash of monopoly money?

At writing it has not been ascertained that any bank or financial institution has financed the mortgage for this property. However, if indeed one of them has, it is hoped that they undertook the due diligence regarding the source of the funds and that they can show a paper trail.

It appears that the DLP Administration have become monopoly professionals. From “go” they have been spending freely as though they each owned an unlimited supply of money, beyond what the public purse pays them. They are also living the life styles of the rich and famous. No one knows for sure where their taxes go. Ultimately, one expects that the inevitable will occur and a throw of the dice lands them all in jail and that no amount of money is allowed to be paid to get those corrupt politicians out. Adding another insult to injury today, the Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, who lives like a king in olden days, off the fat of the land, had the gall to blame the commoners who are “sucking salt,”‘ for living lavish life styles that have depleted the foreign reserves. When will this game end?

120 thoughts on “Another Heather Cole Column – Bajan Monopoly

  1. Well well

    OSA would have the – know what – on MAM

    He would have to approach the DPP

    And given that OSA has his tongue πŸ‘… sharpened on both sides

    Anytime now and before general elections he can out MAM.,.,,wid a BITE. !!

    Wow…..the Bees are so ……UNITED !!!

    I am loving it !!!

  2. It’s npt Owen’s job to approach DPP, he is not the attorney general…no one has ever heard what he accused Mia of the accusation was neither specific nor descriptive….and not if a criminal nature, it was a statement.

    …yall are the ones with the specific accusations of criminality….you should be giving your proof to DPP on Mia.

    Why are yall always looking for someone else to do your jobs for you.

  3. @Hal Austin November 18, 2017 at 4:12 PM “Disloyalty should be a capital offence.”

    No it should not be.

    I reserve the right to change my mind about ANYTHING and ANYBODY.

    I am therefore completely disloyal.

    And furthermore I feel that I deserve to keep my head. Because it is my head is it not?

    It is not your head is it?

  4. @Fractured BLP November 18, 2017 at 3:57 PM “I am here at a social gathering hosted by Dale Marshall.”

    You are such a liar!!!

  5. Simple

    Were you invited to the social function ?

    No !

    Hence , your jealous streak !

    Dale done know you are a MAM lackey !!

  6. Fractured where is the evidence ?Now you backtracking saying the AG produced it .Where was it produced and when is the big announcement?You are stalling,and obviously lying as usual.What is the word with St John I guess all you all will be fighting like crabs shortly to see who succeeds Ms Thompson in St John,so you will not have time to worry about Ms Mottley.Will it be Mr Pilgrim,Ms Depeiza,Mr McClean,or someone else,please tell us Fractured Dunce.

  7. @Fractured BLP November 19, 2017 at 12:10 AM “Were you invited to the social function ?
    No ! Hence , your jealous streak ! Dale done know you are a MAM lackey !!”

    Don’t go to political do’s. Don’t like stale institutional food. Much prefer my own cooking. Do not drink. Nothing to attract me to such events.

    Have never met Dale nor Mia.

    Have absolutely no desire to met either of them.

    No desire to meet you either.

  8. @Hal Austin November 19, 2017 at 11:36 AM Dr. Simple Simon Phd November 18, 2017 at 11:30 PM # “Changing your mind is not disloyalty. Disloyalty is treachery.”

    Ahh well.

    That is different.

    Don’t think that I have ever committed treason.

    Still I think that I have to right to keep my head.

    My parents–NOT any state–gave it to me.

  9. Update # 2

    In a standing room only at – Alexandra School Hall – the loyal subjects of King πŸ‘‘ Stuart and some of his Officers of Court ready themselves – for what promises to be a historic meeting of epic proportions .

    OSA a former BLP PM to grace the stage to expose the now leader of the BLP party he once led !

    I just spotted Miller & Artax among the mammoth crowd. No doubt they have been sent to observe & record proceedings !!

    Lorenzo was seen milling around earlier – but huge size of the crowd frightened him so he hurriedly left !!!

    Well two mouth πŸ‘„ David , will wait on CBC for a report of what happened !!! CBC is David’s darling for gathering news !!

    Stay tune as more details come to hand .

  10. Hal

    He may just take up your suggestion.

    But he has one more rocket πŸš€ to blast off !!

    And MAM and Johnny Cheltenham better watch out !!

    The Bees are truly UNITED !!!!

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