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Water NOT Running

This is a follow up on an earlier blog Water Running. The blogmaster is pleased update the BU family that the authorities fixed the pipes at the location. On behalf of the BU household we thank the civic minded BU family member for taking the time to highlight the matter AND the relevant authorities for responding.

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Good to Go

The Barbados National Trust has the lawful responsibility of identifying Barbados’ historical treasures, for their preservation.  They examined the underground building at Fort George, and found nothing of historical significance to deserve being listed.  Their sorry excuse was that they were given a choice of either its complete demolition, or providing water to Barbadians. It took a special type of

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Fort George Horror

No words can describe the horror of learning this week that ‘intelligent’ Barbados Water Authority (BWA) workers proceeded to destroy 50% of a historical site while doing excavation work at Fort George Heights. The callousness of thinking and ignorance appeared to know no bounds. The following was extracted from Grenville Phillips II Facebook page – BU, Blogmaster Approximately one week

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Chairman of BWA Leodean Worrell Exposed by Innotech

The following document was received from a trusty source and needs no explanation except to say – even in disagreement human being should exercise a basic human quality of mutual respect to ensure the outcomes. The blogmastser invites Chairlady Leodean Worrell to respond to the document attached and promises that her response will be given equal prominence on the blog.

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A Grenville Phillips Column – Lunacy

She was the most visible demonstration of rare competence during the last DLP administration. Despite everything falling around her (low water pressure, water outages, water leaks, sewage in the streets, etc), she made us feel that the BWA truly cared and were trying their best. She appeared to single-handedly manage two national crises that were not improving, but getting worse.

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