Local Media Dithered as Sewage Plants Entered Failure Mode

The Minister of the Environment Wilfred Abrahams toured the location last week where two tanks designed to support the treatment of sewage by the Bridgetown Sewage Plant have been allowed to deteriorate because of lack of maintenance. What he revealed to the public is that one well has been out of operation for almost two years and the other is operating at 20% capacity. God forbid the single operating well fails, the potential for another south coast event of greater magnitude is predicted to be the result.

The 2018 general election is behind us and ALL the ministers and members of parliament paid a price for their inept management of the affairs of Barbados. The final tally of the votes revealed that 70% of the voters placed their X next to Barbados Labour Party candidates. However, there are two questions Barbadians must ask and demand answers:

  1. How were South Coast and Bridgetown sewage plants allowed to deteriorate to the current state and the local media not made aware either via investigative effort or from ‘sources’ and information shared with the public?
  2. There is a management team in place at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) charged with the responsibility for the management of waste water and all that it entails. Should senior managers at the BWA be held accountable for the sewage disaster as well?

Call out the prayer warriors as a nation holds its collective breath for the next 28 days.


  • We know the importance of maintenance, the failing more has to do with budget priorities driven by narrow interest of politicians.


  • ‘This administration must re-visit that Sandals arrangement irrespective of the fall-out.”

    As they are already on the island unfortunately, sandals should be made to earn those concessions in increments of 5 years, if there are no benefits to the island, no concessions for butch.

    the greedy and selfish have no place in rebuilding the island…let him pack up his georgie bundle and head on back to Jamaica where he is allowed to do crap to black people.


  • Some months ago I mentioned that the ones who lived in the heights and terraces who thought themselves safe should be more vocal in exposing what was happening at the time and upfront in holding those in government whom they knew where destroying the island…feet to the fire….because in reality, unless you have a serious income(s) offshore the island, or are extremely wealthy…ya will not be able to withstand extreme economic austerity and measures designed to rebuild the economy…without having to lower your standard of living much lower than that which ya might have become accustomed over the last 20 years..

    Ah guess now we will see the fallout and negative impact associated with enabling corrupt governments just because you were getting some too.


  • Disgusting Lies and Propaganda TV (formerly CBC TV and Radio)

    The one question that i am asking my self and that of the DLP…. is where did the tax revenues really go too!!!! Don’t tell me all went to service debt…i’m sorry….. that excuse just will NOT fly!!!!! I mean almost every aspect of Bdos’ infrastructure has ran to the ground!!!!!!….a forensic audit is a NECESSITY!!!!!….to undercover where these billions went!!!!….it would be criminal for the Rt Hon Mia Mottley and the BLP administration not to undergo carry out one !!!!. I mean in just a week after taking office Mia and the BLP was able to uncover the criminal nonsense the DEMS did in the two months since parliament dissolved, just imagine what they may have done in the 10 years they were in power!!!!.I mean the DEMS came found an economy the Rt Owen Arthur had to fix and had running adequately in 14 years and in just 10 years has the economy back to the state that it was in 1994!!!!!…and the DEMS got the gall to critique the mini budget!!!!!!!…I know the DEMS is a clown circus but don’t make me laugh…..How come the DEMS aint saying they prepared a proper wicket for Mia to bat on…just like they said they did for Owen in 1994….Right now the existence of the DLP is a insult to peoples’ intelligence…they treated the electorate with contempt and have yet to apologize for it….and want to be a creditable party for people to support.in 10 years..no way!!!!!


  • I have received pictures of the same tank that is the subject of this post after it has been cleaned! It did not take an IADB consultancy to do the job after all!

    I am sure David has the same pictures as these are being shared via whatsapp. It would be good for the pictures to be posted. All those apologists for the DLP and the BWA can explain what was stopping regular maintenance being carried out.


  • Two weeks on the job Ping Pong. A pity we have to be congratulating a minister for getting a maintenance job done. It says a lot doesn’t it!


  • Before getting on Facebook and talking about things he demonstrably knows little about, Estwick should discuss these pictures!


  • Report- Sewage is the largest source of sun screen pollutants.


  • I mentioned the lack of proper training for Nation journalist and a report today online proves the point. It reports that entertainer Mavada’s son has been charged with murder.
    Then it goes on to say the juvenile cannot be named. What they do not understand is he is not being named because the law states juveniles should not be identified. But they have done it by naming his father.
    There must be someone at the Nation who cares about the quality of their journalism. Can’t the company lawyer give some courses/seminars in basic media law?


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