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  1. The Rev Joseph Atherley was identified over two years agp and was endorsed every since. You should ask can Carrington defend this seat? He told the people at Richmond he knows that he cannot find work for them. Gone witha capital G

    • @truetoform

      Thanks and updated. Was not sure and have not been able to pick up the info online.

  2. Lot’s of hypocrisy in this Barbados. Many persons:especially DEMs were saying last General Election that Rev. Atherley should not be involved in politics,since he is a Reverend. Load of hogwash. This administration put a reverend in the Senate,who by the way,subsequently resigned.
    This Speaker is the worst we’ve ever had. He only has a few more months to torture us.

  3. People like familiarity. Carrington has lost elsewhere more than once but I think he has a veeery slight advantage, Time may erode that though. Atherley is familiar and it shouldn’t be too hard for him to flip 90 something votes,

    Advantage – Uncertain

    This is one seat to watch along with SME, CCE, SJC, and CCWC . These more than any others are the seats that may very well decide the election.

    Just observing

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