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  1. ” Mayor John Tory stepping down from office, apologizes ‘unreservedly to the people of Toronto”

    Like Clinton he got lewenskyed.

  2. @Hants
    It is not the same thing. Monica Lewinjky was 22. The woman mentioned here is 31. What we Bajan would call a hard-back woman.

    Old geezers (like myself), we have to figure out if the exercise is worth the final price. If you want to keep the wife and children, then leave the young thing alone.

  3. @Hants

    Since Tory is connected to Rogers someone asked if the other party went to work at the cable giant. Tory is learning too late that you never dip your pen in the company ink.

  4. Type in your D.o.B to determine
    Your Compatibility with Glennis Grace

    Random wiki Glennis trivia
    Arrested for assault

    On February 12, 2022, Glennis Grace was arrested along with two other persons, on suspicion of assaulting supermarket employees in Amsterdam. She was kept in custody for three days, after which she was released on February 15, 2022. She was formally charged on February 22, 2022. The same day, two new suspects were arrested.

    She was sentenced to 200 hours of community service on November 9, 2022.

  5. Hope this is real

    ” Construction on the long-mooted multi-million-dollar Pierhead Development Project is scheduled to start later this year.

    Leading real estate developer Sir Paul Altman, who represents the single developer behind the scheme, gave the assurance on Tuesday that despite the long delays, the project was still in the works although he did not commit to an exact start date.”


  6. Commander Hants
    Some say, you can never go home again, but I heard this beautiful rendition by Peter One, He just says “Don’t go ho home, don’t go home for there is nothing for you there”.

    I have spent the past few months trying to fry chicken the way my grandmother did. She had a simple recipe but my chicken does not turn out the way that I expect it to be. I have cheated and used buttermilk to help coat my chicken but I am not getting that brown color my grandmother used to get. The taste is fine, but the lack of color is like going to a fancy ballroom and seeing people underdressed.

    Well, I will not tell you about my attempt to make the gravy my grandmother used to make. She would blackened some sugar, then added water and other ingredients and end up with a tasty and nice looking brown sauce. My final product is nowhere near the neighborhood.
    Try as much as I can, but I cannot make it back.

    Peter One (Don’t go home)

  7. Stopped drinking, but the best blues are when you are alone with a couple of beers to play with.. used to bring tears to my eyes.

    Hopefully, you had a life rich enough that you play some of the songs that you live.
    Enjoy the day.

  8. I have had 15 injections in one eye and 3 in the other.

    Hopefully I have been getting the good treatment.

    Tampered eye drugs put countless patients at risk

    A CBC News investigation has uncovered a dose-splitting operation involving eye injections used to treat a condition that affects millions of Canadians. Chris O’Neil-Yates details how the Ontario-based tampering operation put countless Newfoundland and Labrador patients at risk.

  9. “Canada passes 40 million population milestone.”

    But rat race is more about density of pop
    🇨🇦 v 🇧🇧 population density
    4 per Km2 v 655.80 people per square kilometer
    London Town 5,598/km2

  10. OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says the country welcomed more than 145,000 immigrants during the first three months of the year.

    That’s the highest number for a single quarter on record, since comparable data became available in 1972.

  11. Man Hants, seems like you have this thread all to yourself.
    Hope your eye problems are not serious. My son had detached retinas last year.

  12. Hants, so sorry to hear about your eye problems. One good thing is that in Ontario you will get the best treatment available at no cost to you.

    My nephew at 20 went deaf in both ears from a bout of meningitis. He was fitted with two cochlear implants at a cost of $40k each. He gets them replaced every year at no cost. His latest models are blue tooth and his calls go right to his hearing aids.

    My male friend suffers from aHUS and the medication costs $28k every two weeks. This is all through OHIP, although his doctors had to write the ministry with test results to get approval and have the province pay for the infusions. There is no cure and the medication will only slow down the progress of the condition. If he were in the US, he would have died from kidney failure already.

    We have to be thankful we live in Canada and especially, in Ontario.

    • It will be corrected when Barbados finds something to export apart from people.

    • Extra love for our federal parliamentarians. Ensuring they don’t forget 😀

  13. Good morning Commander Hants

    From BarbadosToday (BT) – 7/30/2023
    BAEH President Kemar Saffrey in a statement said: “Several of our clients were seriously beaten, with one client’s injuries resulting in memory loss; another [was] stabbed; a female client was slapped in the face and several other clients received burst heads and [injuries] to their bodies.” He added that the victims were between 30 and 82 years old.


    You have touched on a topic that always pique my interest. I am a strong believer that we can measure how civilize or advance a society is by how it treat its weaker and less fortunate members.

    I can remember an incident that had me thinking that if I returned home that I needed a gun. This was when youngsters would slap elders around their heads and run away laughing. It was my determination to end this practice as quickly as possible if I was subjected to it. It appears that this disrespectful and silly behavior is no longer a part of our landscape.

    But have we improved? There are still instances of elders abuse, but this will be the case in any society.

    Now we learn that when some are at the very weakest – not having the luxury or comfort of a home, they dare not close their eyes in whatever hole or surface that they can find as someone will take it upon themselves to harm them.

    I could go on and talk about youths and parens; I can wax philosophically as some will; I can talk about social values; I can also tell you that this nonsense happens somewhere in the USA but i will cut to the chase and ask you to consider this…. Is the place inherently evil?

  14. I learned yday that former jockey and trainer Ricky Griffith had succumbed to ALS earlier this month.
    Along with younger brother Chris, they were among the earlier Barbadians to ride abroad. After a career in the saddle, Ricky joined the Casse training barn, home to another slew of Bajans, before going out on his own.
    He will always be remembered for Ria Antonia, whom he snagged for $9000 at the sales, and who went on to win the Breeders Cup.
    May he rest in peace.

  15. Sunday Aug 20 is Kings Plate, the Cdn version of the Derby.
    Bajan trainer Tedson Holder gets his first Plate runner in KAUKOKAIPUU, who will be ridden by veteran Bajan jockey Rico Walcott,who recently moved his tack to Woodbine.
    Kaukokaipuu is likely to be forwardly placed, along with Patrick Husbands mount Paramount Prince, who won the prep race on the front end.
    The Trinis have the aptly named Philip My Dear, whose 2yo form has not been seen at 3.
    The Oaks winner, Elysian Field looks like she will relish the added Plate distance, trained by Casse whose head Asst in Canada, Adams, is another Bajan.
    Post time is 5.40pm

  16. Hants, I think Ford is looking bad with that greenbelt land fiasco. From what I have been reading, I am not a happy camper.

    • Just got up and ate two fish cakes. Feeling awful. I should have waited until later in the morning.

      My sister is visiting and made some excellent tasting fish cakes.

      Note to parents whose son’s may be studying overseas. Remind them that
      When they hit their 60’s and have that longing for things Bajan, those ‘other islands’ dishes cannot satisfy that urge.

      No regrets but ‘hungry’ at times.

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