Barbados Economy: Growth, the Next Chapter

The Barbados economy must grow and many have been asking where is the growth plan. At a recent Barbados Chamber of Commerce luncheon the prime minister identified several private and public sector projects expected to fuel economic activity in the short term. The Nation newspaper editor has done a fair job capturing what the prime minister shared last week.

Projects_BCCI_Nation _newspaper


  • @PUDYR
    that is why there are speech writers. The difference between growth and a ‘pillar of growth’. A pillar is something to build upon at a later date. This subtlety was previously highlighted when BERT was first announced.

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  • @ Pieces.

    I think most politicians believe we forget easily. They don’t remember that while the mind might paper and ink don’t.

    A blow well delivered sir to the Koolaid drinkers!

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  • @ NorthernObserver

    De ole man can assure you that, dad “growth” been achieved, the apologists would have relied heavily on this Pillar of Growth speech to say that AS MUGABE PROPHESIED, (she and Trevod Prescod are now prpohets – she higher though, she is a savior of the country) it came to pass!

    But for right now, you seeing how they wobbling like “lard in a balloon over a fire”

    (I nearly say like how Freedom Croaker does walk. Forgive dat barb, it brings no value to my comment but um does get Freedom upset heheheheh)

    One thing bout de internet NorthernObserver, once you write it, you can’t get um back unless…

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  • @Hal, what is your take on BoJo’s cabinet reshuffle?


  • @ Bajan in New York

    Re-assembling the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Ignore BoJo, as you call him, and watch the government’s behaviour towards the various ethnic groups.
    The recent charter flights to Jamaica, watch how they tried to separate those people from the so-called Windrush victims. They lost the PR over the Windrush, so they had to divided and rule.
    Watch also how the Hindus in the government are behaving; interesting lessons in new Britain. The only ethnics at the top table are Asians, Africans and mixed race people. Caribbean people are far removed. That is not a coincidence.

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  • fortyacresandamule

    If you look at Barbdos rate of growth from (2008-2018), it varies considerably some years depending on the source of the data. The IM, WB, or the Barbados central bank all have different figures for the annual growth rate. Example, the IMF had negative consecutive growth for Barbados from (2009-20014), while the World Bank had only one year of negative growth ( 2009) and the central bank recorded negative growth only in years (2013 and 2018).

    The question for me is: which data is more credible?. And even if the above institutions are using a different base year with their methodology, still the variances shouldn’t be so pronounced in my opinion.


  • The question of developing an agricultural industry is a non-starter in Barbados. Have you forgotten that Mia formed a pact with the government of Suriname. They are offering vast tracts of agricultural land for Barbadians to develop agricultural produce for the Barbados market.

    Mia has calculated that it would be better for our economy to outsource our agricultural industry. We are a nation of 166 square miles. Perhaps she believes that given our limited size we should find an alternative industry that could be more profitable than agriculture.

    I understand her logic; however she is misguided and wrong in her judgement. It makes me wonder: is Mia looking at ways of encouraging the mass emigration of Barbadians in the vain hope that they are replaced with wealthier and more “industrious” foreigners.

    @ Hal,

    The deportation of Jamaicans to Jamaica is another reminder that the Caribbean diaspora have never been welcomed by the British establishment. This is why it is so important that Caribbean countries get their act together – and fast!

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  • So-called free trade should include free movement of labour to balance out the negative consequences of WTO rules and globalization on less competitive nations. Why should rich countries get the privilege to eat and have their cake at the same time? Why should goods, services, and capital allowed to freely move across borders while labour is restricted.?


  • The UK have benefited immensely, not only, from the region brain drawn, but also, our sporting prowess. They would move mountain to give you citizenship, if you are good enough to win sports glory for them. Go figure.


  • “The only ethnics at the top table are Asians, Africans and mixed race people. Caribbean people are far removed. That is not a coincidence.”

    Windrush deportations was happening prior to Jamaica’s call for Reparations in 2015 but was increased after, (although reparations movement was forming prior to 2015 too).
    Narrative of child slavery for country lines is used to scapegoat people from Caribbean as black crime although drug users are white.
    Terror laws are also being used against blacks gangs.
    Asians are used as false proof to prove Tories are not racists and are told to do their racist dirty deeds which pleases racist Brexiters.
    UK will follow USA prison system of privatising work to companies for profits and and will also increase home arrests and monitoring.
    When/if cannabis is legalised trade will go to whites although blacks have always been stereotyped as users/sellers and targeted for arrests.

    But Barbados is probably in a better position than UK and are ahead of the game addressing debt issues, Brexit will put UK in serious penury.


  • The statements coming from the business man on baystreet are another revealing eye popping moment for all to witness Mia deceptive practices
    Reason why i dont trust her it seems that when the PR henchman jong is away the real Mia comes out whistles and bells blaring forgetting her lines and throwing caution to the wind
    Even the rhetorical mantra of projects one by one are left over soup by past govt which have expired their shelf life
    The only growth barbadians will see and have to be accountable are those growth measures that take money out of their pockets and create wealth for the rich fianacial barons
    Hell will freeze over before Barbados has long term sustainable growth
    Reason being the education system is stagnant and the educators still belive that Reading maths and arithmetic is all needed to build an economic foundation


  • The whole world needs to know about Barbados’ nasty backward habit of enslavement and explotation of people from other islands, do not allow these filthy low crawling business people on the island to enslave, exploit and suppress other Caribbean people to enrich themselves, then got the nerve to pay the lowest possible wages, tell the people do not be lured into Barbados to be raped for a low salary and be labeled a slave..

    Don’t allow these scum for leaders to lure you so they can boast of growth and meeting this and that projection off your backs then have you deported when they cannot carry out their dirty enslavement practices..

    As the Senate moved to amend the rules governing the free movement of skilled CARICOM workers, opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn called on Government to enact strict laws – including a minimum wage – to prevent their exploitation.

    “Senator Franklyn was speaking in the Upper House as he backed the Caribbean Community (Movement of Skilled Nationals) Amendment Bill which adds security guards, domestic workers to the list of certified workers to be allowed to live and work here. Skilled Barbadian nationals are also able to settle in another CARICOM Single Market member state.

    He said it was one thing to allow them to work here but the issue of potential mistreatment must be addressed.

    The lead Opposition spokesmen in the Senate said some employers were “enslaving” non-nationals by holding on to their passports while demanding them to do more than the job entails.

    He continued: “We have people who come here to work as domestics and are enslaved … people hold their passport.

    “Sometimes the husbands want to integrate them into the family making them even more than domestics… and when they do not comply or rather acquiesce the invitation to join the family they take their passports to Immigration and get them put out.

    “We need to stop this behaviour.”

    He said: “Put a regime in that says you hire anybody local, regional or international persons but you can’t pay them less than this amount.

    “I don’t know what the amount would be or should be for whatever category – I am not that skilled.

    “But what I can tell you is that it is a necessity.”

    The Opposition Senator said Government has a duty to protect migrated workers as well as Barbadian workers.

    He told the Senate: “We have a situation where we are going to allow security guards to bring their families but, Sir, we must be cautious.

    “When we bring people into Barbados at the level of security guards, domestics and agricultural workers Government must follow through and put minimum wage legislation in place to protect them.

    “Not only our local jobs but we must protect them from exploitation.”

    The trade unionist drew on a specific example where he claims a local company was paying workers under the eight dollars hours a day.

    “I know of a company in Barbados who have been paying $7.00 and $7.50 an hour for security guards. Yes, [Barbados Workers Union General Secretary] Senator [Toni] Moore can tell you.

    “They fight the unions tooth and nail insisting that they cant’t pay any more. They don’t even want to recognise the unions.”

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  • Atherley needs to bring this to the attention of the international community, the Constitution mandates that there be a FUNCTIONING OPPOSITION….am sure they will frown on a dictator wannabe who believes they own the island and can do whatever they like including refusing the people an opposition. Some lowlife is keeping that money for themselves.

    The Opposition Leader painted a dismal picture of an office which could not afford adequate staffing, proper research or even decent furniture. He lamented the fact that the Opposition has no official vehicle, even though there is a messenger/driver, who has to use his own vehicle in order to fulfill this daily duties.

    “The situation at our office is a horror story. When I came to this position, I was surprised to find that the Opposition is funded in the way it is done. There is no budget which is allocated to the Opposition even though it is a constitutional position. Even ministries which are not constitutional positions are allocated funding and yet there is no funding allocated to the office of the Leader of the Opposition. The funding comes to Parliament in lump sum and the Opposition can make requests on funding voted by Parliament for Parliament. This is not always the simplest of tasks,” said Atherley.”


  • @ TLNS

    You know that and I know it and every black person living in Britain knows there has never been a black settlement. That is why the idiots talking about Brexit got it so wrong. But, of course, Bajans know everything.
    Don’t forget that David Cameron gave Portia £7m to build a new prison. Caribbean politicians cannot keep their heads down and hope the problem will go away. Even young people born in the UK are now having their citizenship withdrawn. However, we are so hungry for tourists we will accept any insult.
    Or, as the president has told us, Barbados is too small for the capacity to grow, so, she implied, we must beg. Barbados is a vassal state. We have failed.

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  • Why is govt opening up their borders for more Caricom nationals to enter
    Where would govt find landspace to build housing for the additional families which would be part of what govt called skilled workers
    The intent of govt to model or revitalize the country on the similar model of larger countries like USA is a foolish premise
    One should take note that america has 52 large states and an abundance of resources which create jobs along with having plenty land space to accommodate foreigners seeking a better live to live there
    Barbados is short on land space and employment which are necessary mechanism to help revitalise the economy and create a sustainable growth market
    The most barbados might create out of the new”skilled worker” is a bigger basket of unemplyoment homelessness poverty and a more sizable welfare state
    I will all end in tears

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  • Hope there is no truth to this blurb making the rounds.

    Did you know that the Mia Mottley Administration is:
    Paying the United Nations to host UNCTAD next October US $2.85 million.
    Paying retired Permanent Secretary Theresa Marshall who is receiving the highest
    pension for a Civil Servant having retired as a Permanent Secretary a salary of Bds $12,944 a month as Coordinator.
    Paying Cecily Walcott ex Board of Tourism as Focal Point a monthly salary of $11,815
    Paying to UN to host the UNTAD US $2.85 million in addition to paying for accommodation during the conference, plus 100% subsistence allowance for officials
    Owen Arthur as Chair of the Trade and Development Committee will be receiving $15,000 a month for the period September – December, 2020
    Without being sent out to tender Anthony Holder has been confirmed to provide transportation services for the conference at a cost of $1,941 Million Dollars.
    How can this be right and she is bringing back retired civil servants and placing people in her inner circle in key positions, while paying them high end salaries while we the people of Barbados suffer for garbage collection, bus transportation, proper schools for our children, income tax returns and proper lightening. This is so unfair and there is nobody to tell her anything as all he foot soldiers do is nod their heads whether they agree or not with her utterances.


  • That was making the rounds since last year, and confirmed to be true somewhere along the line, she did hire Arthur too.

    The only advice i can give those who Black Caribbean people including Bajans now live in UK, who built and rebuilt UK and who UNKNOWINGLY AND WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION….helped pay off slavemasters debts for losing their Black human property, their ancestors…is to be very careful of the vile, evil, brutish british, they are not done yet, they are criminals, always have been, always will be, their history is enslaving, raping, murdering, violating, pillaging and plundering African descended people and Africa….NEVER FORGET IT..

    cousins must be proud of their uppity selves.


  • The abovenstory has been said on social media and this closed mouth govt has neither confirmed or deny
    The closed mouth media practitioners seems not to care either
    So the story has taken on a life of its own and the people right to expose and exploit
    This govt believes that a 30 ..0 mandate has given them a right to do as they dam pleases
    It will all end in tears


  • @ Mariposa

    If it does not suit the president’s world class narrative, then it is buried. Autocrats rule, OK.


  • Am I to believe that an entire public service cannot arrange a conference?


  • Heard Toni Moore head of the BWU shedding crocodile tears for the workers of barbados
    Almost fell off my chair laughing upon hearing her utterances
    Wasn’t this the same person who sold the workers out for a measly wage increase
    Now got the mitigated gall to make comments about looking out for the workers best interest.
    As far as i am concern she can be described as ” public nuisance #1


  • MARI


  • Toni Moore u cannot plant bad seeds and expect to reap good fruit
    You have no credibility u join hands with Mia to throw the civil workers under the bus to be crushed
    Have u got no shame making loud and selfish utterances to appease your purpose
    The workers are suffering many have lost their homes recently govt said expect more dismissals
    Now u have appeared talking only for yourself
    Were u not the one that agreed to a measly 5 percent wage hike knowing that govt austerity measures would have taken the measly money all back
    You are truly a waste Frank Walcott must be rolling and thinking what a ting doah
    Remember u saying up de ting
    But i guess the ting u talk about was fuh yuh self


  • If this information is accurate, the whole corona virus issue just got too damn real for the Chinese, those greedy, lazy governments that love to force dependency tourism on their people, hope they know what they are doing..


  • This is what happens when sell out negro governments are greedy and filled with self-loathing and self-hate, everyone knows what to expect from useless, black governments who put generations of black children at risk with their…get someting fuh weself …mentalities…there is no escaping these human garbage who allow their own people to be exploited, something has to be done about them.

    same shite your evil negro governments in the Caribbean do, allow their own people to be robbed, belittled and degraded.


  • So does eveyone understand it now, Black leaders, STUPID BLACK LEADERS…are the reason that the African descended in Africa, in the Caribbean/Diaspora are in the same position as they were during and after slavery, also post independence, just as we have been saying for years, most black leaders are no damn good and as i told David the inventor some time back, well worth repeating, stay away from black leaders and as soon as they do not deliver TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE…vote them out, never return them to any power to continue to sell you out to the highest bidder to line their own pockets.


  • Listen up
    The dlp create growth in numbers this afternoon in Dt. Phillip and the bees are angry as hell
    What a bunch of losers


  • So Mia doesnt know how to create growth
    The guantlet has been laid down
    Boy David u have your work cut out fuh you


  • Let’s hope the dumb black leaders understand that they too are seen as mentally inferior and borderline retarded, though they strut around pretending otherwise.

    “Boris Johnson is facing pressure to sack Dominic Cummings’ new aide after he claimed black people are mentally inferior than white people. Andrew Sabisky, 27, answered Downing Street’s calls for ‘weirdos and misfits’ to advise Boris Johnson’s government, but his extreme views have sparked outrage online. The self-titled ‘superforecaster’ made comments about the IQs of black people on a blog post published in 2014, which is now being circulated on social media. He wrote: ‘If the mean black American IQ is (best estimate based on a century’s worth of data) around 85, as compared to a mean white American IQ of 100, then if IQ is normally distributed, you will see a far greater percentage of blacks than whites in the range of IQs 75 or below, at which point we are close to the typical boundary for mild mental retardation.”


  • Instead of getting so artificially excited about racism, you should rather kiss the feet of our beloved Prime Minister.

    She has understood that Barbados only has one banana, and that is tourism. Those who don’t like it should emigrate. The island is overpopulated with far too many boarders anyway. We need a big population exchange: the pampered natives to the mines and plantations to Guyana, Guyanese willing to work to Barbados.

    My words are addressed in particular to the opposition senator, who completely fails to recognise that in Barbados high wages are very badly correlated to low productivity. We need lower wages, more flexible and longer working hours and fewer holidays. Holiday only one week per year. People lack the money for holiday anyway.


  • The last governments two terms were marked by no real growth and in fact a seven year local recession.


  • The last government’s two terms were marked by no real growth and in fact a seven year local recession.


  • Tron…you must display your disgusting low class trash mentality, no one with intelligence would kiss the feet of any subhuman who is self-hating of their own skin tone, maybe you would, especially those blacks who are seen by their masters in the UK whom they pledged allegiance to as mere…mentally inferior and borderline retarded..

    what the hell would anyone with intelligence be doing kissing the feet of some lowlife politician..that self degradation is reserved for fowls like you and Patrick King who is obviouly only now getting his yardfowl comeuppance..


  • Unlike you, our dynamic Prime Minister has very good manners! She’s never insulted other people in public before. I think you and many others should take Mia Mottley as an inspiration.


  • Well…i never robbed the Black population in Barbados, never robbed the elderly of their estates nor their beneficiaries of their futures….never joined with lowlife white minorities, indians, syrians or anyone else to oppress and steal billions that could have helped the majority population to progress..and could have helped the island instead of it being in debt for the next 20 years…… one can point a finger at me for stealing their money or land….how bout that…


  • And i willl certainly never bow or geneflect to Black people/useless politicians who carrry so much self hate…my IQ is a tad higher than that….and i understand the meaning of self worth and self respect.


  • See what i mean, you can listen to the whole video and never once hear my name called in any of these THEFTS OF LAND and Estates, thefts of bank accounts, setting up other countries to have your own innocent people extradited to rob whole plantations, lands, bank accounts and thefts of the futures of generations of Black people…..only the low IQ who lack self-confidence and self-respect would genuflect to well known crooks.


  • Wuhloss….KISS THAT…


  • This govt like they got the “Reverse Robin Hood” approcach to governing.
    Tax the poor & forgive land taxes vat etc for the rich.
    Austerity for the poor & sweetness for the political gluttons!
    Is it true that Bajans got the Govt that they deserve?
    Asking for a friend


  • @ WARU

    in part of your submission you requoted this Sabinski remark

    “… ‘If the mean black American IQ is (best estimate based on a century’s worth of data) around 85, as compared to a mean white American IQ of 100, then if IQ is normally distributed, you will see a far greater percentage of blacks than whites in the range of IQs 75 or below, at which point we are close to the typical boundary for mild mental retardation…”

    [[ Square Brackets Time.

    You ever encountered black Americans yet?

    De ole man would continue to say somethings but…I gone left dat dere

    Sometimes when John Q will make his observations, AS HARSH AS THEY SEEM, de man does share some serious truths bout we dat would mek de most ardent Pan Afrucanist amongst us shed tears…

    If we are honest with ourselves then Sabinski…]]


  • “You ever encountered black Americans yet?”

    All by design…have you encountered the average Bajan yet?…the average African, Jamaican, Trini???

    all by design…don’t delude yourself that the lack of certan mental acuity is normal…few escaped the mental carnage..

    …check out the short memories and shorter attention spans that we continually talk about.

    and the colonial lowlifes and promoters of Eugenics know it ony to well.


  • only too well…i could even point out to you many on BU…dumb Enuff, Lawsuit Lorenzo, foolish Greene, we can go on all day.


  • Tron the Jackass…stop thinking, it does not suit you..ha.


  • One inevitably worries about hurricanes every year and the impact the may have upon the economy. Unfortunately,in addition this year, one finds oneself compelled to worry about the likelihood of a pandemic as the Coronavirus spreads and affects GLOBAL financial markets. Sadly,and perhaps worse yet,one must now worry about VIOLENT crime being committed against visitors and the consequent inevitability of ‘bad press’ and its impact upon would-be visitors from overseas, needless to say its impact upon foreign exchange. To exacerbate the problem even further, Virgin Voyager is introducing cruise ships slated to operate out of Miami and travel between the islands. Meanwhile plans are afoot to increase the number of hotels . What a conundrum ! I believe it is imperative that, as Sir Arthur Lewis opined in his theory of economic development, great emphasis must be placed upon agriculture (since most of the food consumed locally is imported at great cost).


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