Small Business Cannot Get Government to Pay VAT Refund After Two and Half Years

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Over the last twenty five years, I believe our small company has been a model corporate citizen on Barbados. We have no outstanding debt to either Government or the private sector, yet next week we will be forced to go cap-in-hand and beg our bankers for an overdraft facility.

Why, you may ask?

Simply to be able to cover our expenses, while we await several VAT refunds totalling over $32,000, which have been overdue for as long as two and a half years. We are told that all the claims have been approved, but are ‘warned’ not to call the VAT office, to chase when payment will be paid. Of course, we have tried to approach Government discreetly by writing to two Ministers with responsibility for either VAT or small businesses, but weeks later, neither have bothered to respond.

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Recently under a banner headline in one of the media outlets entitled ‘VAT Division not taking full blame’ VAT division Auditor, Ryan Wiltshire, attempted to spread the blame onto another Government department, stating ‘it was up to the Treasury’.

Frankly, we are not interested, as already it is a burden to prop up what is a clearly unsustainable huge civil service that has been completely isolated from the reality of operating in the real world of commerce.  And it is almost adding insult to injury when you see Government workers driving around in taxpayer funded luxury SUV vehicles.

Rarely a week goes by without hearing one Minister of another spout the importance of supporting small businesses, which are deemed globally as the best vehicles for economic recovery and employment generation. Sadly, this appears only to be more political rhetoric and it is probably best to cease and desist at this time, as few out there believe you anymore.

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  1. @Adrian

    Sad to say you are probably going to be made to suck salt before you get sight of those cheques. It is how unprofessional and vindictive we have become.

  2. What about the $620million owed to government by the Barbados Private sector?

    Write an article encouraging your private sector friends to pay what they owe.

  3. It is politics, pure politics sadly this is what Barbados has become, if you are not with the party in power then you are made to suffer and in your case the aim is to bring you to your knees. There is always political pimps around who are quite will to aid this process so it has no end in sight. Of course this type of action is hurting Barbados and hurting good business people.

  4. Adrian,

    I empathise with you. It is now time to file 2012 tax returns and I have not received my refund from last year. Maybe we are being spited!

    I have the patience to wait for it! I noticed that on Barbados Today, Ryan Straughn is saying that the Governor’s figures are not adding up……………….a difference of over 400 million. He questions too the claim of the state of the foreign reserves when tourism receipts were down and that there were some extra spending on imports. So all around we are screwed!

  5. When “government” is comprised of the types of lowlife who openly accept “political donations” ( BRIBES) from businessmen, gangsters, pimps, and gamblers…..and who have no compunction about themselves bribing young citizens to vote for them, can we expect that they will have the CAPACITY to force these “private sector businesses” to pay monies outstanding to the National Treasury?
    …or to settle debts to law abiding citizens?

    …Wuh that missing money includes some of the same shady “political contributions”…and not a DAMN ONE of them who benefitted (on both sides) even dares raise the issue in public…..
    Why wunna feel that the ONLY person in Barbados with the balls to talk about the VAT debt owed by COURTS LTD is Caswell? …..Bushie would not be shocked to find out that NEITHER the government nor opposition members can DARE to raise this matter….

    CLICO and its various agencies also supported (“bribed”) both side liberally….and we can see the resulting inability of those in authority to deal with the mess in that area…

    @ Adrian…
    Continuing to expect sensible results week after week – from the same foolish systems that we have put in place is a clear sign of insanity….you do not want to end up like Onions and ac…. 🙂

    Since Caswell refuses to launch the BUP and let us dismantle the scam that presently presents itself as our political structure, we may as well accept the consequences …..and everyman brek fuh heself….

  6. Adrian

    Truly, I empathise with your predicament but it is not only small businesses that are suffering from Government’s failure to honour its commitments. A number of persons have not received income tax refunds going back years.


    Whose brain are you using to come up with the reasoning that you are projecting on BU. The same businesses that owe this $620 million are not the ones that are suffering from Government’s failure to pay its debts. In any event, when public officers attempt to recover these substantial arrears, the defaulters would make calls to government ministers and the officers would be called off. Sometimes they are even transferred or reassigned.

    Government refuses to go after the big crooks who can afford to make illegal campaign contributions. On the other hand, they harass poor business people who try to comply. Some years ago, they audited a company in which I had an interest (directorship). After the audit, I had to write a cheque to cover tax, interest and penalty in the princely sum of $77. Mind you, the harassment does not only come from the tax departments. One day, I stopped to give a friend of mine a hand putting up poles on a parcel of land that he had rented. I was merely putting my shoulder on the poles to keep them plumb while my friend was packing stones around the pole to keep it erect. Less than two weeks later, I received an enforcement notice from Town Planning preventing me from carrying out any development.

    • Minister Inniss has been up and down Barbados preaching about the need to improve the business climate in Barbados. Recently he agreed that government needed to improve how it improves it ecommerce platform. We can’t talk the talk and don’t walk the walk. BS!

  7. David,

    You will see on the Minister’s FaceBook page that I made an impassioned plea personally to him on 2 April 2013. Either he doesn’t read comments on his page or simply does not care.

    • @Adrian

      You have been branded and you have to pay the price. It is the way things are done in Barbados by the men in suits.

  8. ”Carson Cadogan Carson C. Cadogan | April 12, 2013 at 9:54 PM |
    What about the $620million owed to government by the Barbados Private sector?Write an article encouraging your private sector friends to pay what they owe.”
    Lol. Are different companies not different legal entities? In law and operationally?

    Is the government ineptness at collecting VAT to be blamed on small business?

    Blame, blame, blame, blame, blame, the current government modus operandi.
    We will soon hear…

    ‘Is wunna fault!! Wunna as ig’runt as bald pooch cats!’

  9. I have a five dollar bill in my pocket to bet anyone that says that if CASWELL launches the BUP he don’t get five votes and I suspect that he knows that!!!!!!

  10. Carson,
    perhaps if your hotel had not had a near BDS$1 million subsidy from the taxpayer, we would have been paid. What do you think?

  11. @ Carson …You are being deliberately unfair to Adrian and you know it.Is his not the type of business our government claims to be promoting?It takes liquid cash for such a venture,and unlike a constituency council,there is no cash cow.As was suggested to Mark Williams you too need to realize that the dance is over.

  12. Why is there no real public outcry about the big business entities that have for the longest collected and kept for themselves vat receipts?Mr A L perhaps needs to consider campaign contributions.

  13. It is simple, when Adrian invite his private sector friends to his place for cocktails, impress upon them how important it is to pay their dues to the various Government agencies that they owe so that he and others can be paid.

    Or better still since he likes a lot of writing, write an article shaming them. Don’t mind that they wont turn up for anymore free drinks.

  14. Adrian,
    I hold no sympathy for your plight, for one good reason!
    You should have taken your business elsewhere rather than to have to deal with the bunch of retards, laggards and sloths.

    If you had chosen Cyprus, think of it, you would be better off despite their current woes.
    One thing, Cyprus will recover because resilience is the greater part of their nature.

    You never know, there may be bias by Sinckler-type thinkers who think you owe them and are waiting for the ships and planes to arrive with reparations.

    Still, they have no other strategy for advancement. Massa and the slaves died a long time ago but there are those who think they should sit on their bums and scream reparations for those who suffered, something perhaps the sufferers were to proud to ask for.

    Begging, begging is all I hear. Begging the Chinese for cash to renovate Kensington Oval, begging for foreign aid.
    I’ve read that the politicians have been donated laptops by the Chinese and I am sure their only use would be by their secretaries to receive email and write letters. One benefit to the Chinese is that they can keep tabs on what their Barbados government is up to all the way there in china.

    I think that just like many posters here whose use of a computer can be directly compared to use by 3 year old’s, the politicians would fare no better using a simple PC.

    • Well Minister Sinckler can always ask DLP candidate Patrick Tannis, the wife of the CEO of Courts to pay the 25 million VAT owed to the taxpayers of Barbados.

  15. WE,the discerning Barbadian people state solemnly that:-
    1)We repose no confidence in the Governor of the Central Bank.
    2)We repose no confidence in the Prime Minister.
    3)We repose no confidence in the Chief Justice.
    4)We repose no confidence in the Minister of Finance.
    5)We repose no confidence in the Minister of Tourism.
    6)We repose no confidence in the Minister of Agriculture.
    7)We repose no confidence in the Minister of Education.
    8)We repose no confidence in the Minister of International Business.
    9)We repose no confidence in CBC TV and Radio News.
    Get your act together and make the right decisions and stop pussyfooting with the Country’s future.Act now please!

    • What is evident is that we have lost all sense of what is right or wrong. They are probably more small businesses who continue to struggle with cash flow. BU is aware of several small contractors owed by the UWI which as we all know has government as its biggest debtor. Many large hotels received millions from government in relief and then still went out of business a couple years ago. Government boast of the hotel relief program yet we have some on this blog who would not support businesses by Barbadians like Adrian because he is a social commentator who calls a spade a spade. How blessed we are that we should feel we have a democracy where people can speak freely.

  16. Gabriel Tackle

    Elections were called in Feb. 2013 and if memory serves me well this is April 2013.

    The electorate went to the polls and they rejected your lot once again.

  17. Vaswani said on CBC tv news that money in Barbados is no problem. I said to myself, if that is so why wont his private sector pay Government what it owes it.

  18. SID

    “but there are those who think they should sit on their bums and scream reparations for those who suffered,”

    How is it ok for the Jews to shake down everyone for reparations and get them too, but it is all wrong for everyone else to seek reparations?

    What make the Jews so deserving and everyone else beggars?

  19. @ AL
    Thirty thousand seems to be an astronomical amount. How many years is that covering and what are those figures related to.

  20. ac,
    it covers a 30 month period (15 VAT returns) and as we close during the summer we are still renovating and upgrading, so mostly its the VAT on refurbishment. It makes a nonsense of government saying our hotel plant is tired and old and then doing everything they can to discourage people like us. We have just paid $37,000 in corporation tax for the last financial year and if we had been one day late in paying, it would have been a 5 per cent (of total amount) and 1 per cent interest per month.

  21. Adrian………this might be difficult to digest, but this might be the time to look for greener pastures…………the island is deteriorating at a rapid pace despite what the party yardfowls are trying to tell business people……you may not want to get caught in the stampede when it finally starts.

    Couple years ago when I saw the mentality was on melt down………..I hauled tail out of there, starting over is much better than remaining stagnant and in a daily battle with a barrel of crabs.

  22. Well Well

    “Adrian………this might be difficult to digest, but this might be the time to look for greener pastures”

    Where are the greener pastures?

    England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, USA, Jamaica?

    Or you trying to get rid of Adrian in a smart way?

  23. @AL
    i do understand your concern and would agree with you that what you owe you should be paid, However as one reads the usual gloom and doom comments on BU and the economist analysis in the daily periodicals of barbados financial situation one can arrive at a conclusion that the funds are not presently available to pay you in a timely fashion and that your patience might be required a little bit longer. However your articles of “embarrassment” ” does nothing to hasten or rectify your situation and can be detrimental to remedy.

  24. i noticed the “racist” sid boyce did not respond to the sriousness of his comments issued on April 13 @ 8.49pm2013
    If such rabid comments were issued by blacks against whites it would be food for fodder The notion that in 2013 such demeaning comments by Sid Boyce can be uttered and tolerated is “mindBlowing” I take such comments personnaly and asked that an apology by SID BOYCE be issued if not i would forever brand HIM as a “RACIST PIG”

  25. Carson C……….perish the though………….if we are practical, we can recognize that the financial world is now in start up mode, Adrian might do better to start over where people are able to face reality……………such countries do exist……. instead of the downward spiral he is now experiencing with no end in sight. He is being asked to be a little more patient and don’t embarrass the government any further…….do you really believe that crap is going to benefit his business……….his patience might require another 10-15 years, the remedy might take another 20, I don’t know about you, but I doubt Adrian thinks he can live forever.

  26. Can anyone guess if Adrian was a friend of the MoF or MoIB what would be the result here? In Barbados yardfowlism is now entrenched in the way we do business. Of course the MoF had no difficulty at the stroke of a pen giving highly questionable concessions to Cost-U-Less. He had no similar issue approving the entry of Karib Cable which was immediately swallowed by FLOW. But it was election time and we know how these things go. Maybe next general election the sheple will be interested in the real story.

    Forgot about the million dollar equipment which the Bynoe brothers brought MoF.

  27. It was never to intention to embarrass Government and ANY embarrassment caused is entirely self inflicted. All it would have taken is for one of the two Minister’s discreetly approached, or a member of their staff to respond to my emails. As a courtesy. I also sent this letter to the current Minister responsible for small businesses. Again, he has chosen NOT to respond, so far.

  28. Adrian………..come on, you have spent enough years in Bim to know what you are suggesting is way to easy. There has to be a forced embarrassment at some point and then you will be painted the culprit and the government the victim…………….looks like you need to spend more time there to understand the method to the madness.

  29. Just remember you are being told that your articles of embarrassment might be a detriment to your remedy……….whatever that means, personally i view such nonsense as threats that you will never get what is legally owed to you…………..I hope you can appreciate the message being sent by the DLP yardfowls.

  30. @ David…thats why I said that Adrian may want to consider making campaign contributions.@ Adrian…I doubt that anyone would see your public outcry as an attempt to embarrass anybody.When all is said and done a man does have the right to defend his money,and whether or not one is in agreement with any or all of the positions taken over the years,you have been in the vanguard of the effort to protect the industry.Good for you.

  31. David in the case of COST-U-Less are you saying that putting money in the economy and providing jobs for barbadians is of lesser importance and that AL problem should take prioity over the econmics of barbados. i don;t think that even AL would agree.
    No one is disputing that AL should be paid at least not ac if what he says he owed but your agrument pertaining to cost-u- less and govt funding is farfetched and is bulges at the seams with yardfowlism which you seem not to have a stomach for. However i take note with interest that inside that stomach of yours there is a “yardbird” trying to take flight.

    • @ac

      What BU is saying is that the market has already reacted to Cost-U_Less by sending home people, see Supercentre and DacostaManning and other retailers are ready to follow. Also what we are saying is that Cost-U-Less as originally proposed by the late Thompson was meant to create competition and drive down retail prices, this is not the model it is presently using. This last point is important because this was the reason for approving a retailer(Cost-U-Less) which is a high consumer of forex to Barbados.

  32. As a business person, I might be coming off as biased and blind…………….but i really fail to see how $30,000 owed to a small business owner could bankrupt the Barbados economy when paid. How much more trouble can the economy be in after that……

  33. I take note of the language used by AL as he tries to defend his article By using the Word “Embarrasment” and attaching it to his intent. He did specificly say that it was not his intention to “embarrased ‘however his article did do such a job in a critical and provocative manner which AL does not deny and he even suggest that “embarrasement” was a necessary vehicle used to get govt attention having being ignored for a specific amount of time hence such articles.

  34. While I strongly believe that there needs to be a new beginning where much of the past has to be left right there,the comment by Well Well about threats and DLP yardfowls begs this question to Well Well.Do you really want to talk bout threats ?

    • @Adrian

      To repeat, Barbadians are passive when it comes to agitating and advocating for anything. Many of the political yardfowls who are criticizing you today have forgotten that you were as strident in your advocacy pre 2008. In fact the DLP liked what you did so much that they appointed you to the BTA Board. Of course when confronted with your approach for information and willingness to be transparent about it they could not handle it and as they say the rest is history.

  35. @ Well Well | April 14, 2013 at 8:18 AM |

    Ac and her hubby know exactly what they are talking about. This is the MO of the current DLP administration you will be witnessing in the coming months until the IMF intervenes and take over the running of the Ministry of Finance & Treasury as they did back in 1992/93.
    BTW, what is the position with Al Barrack? Has his claim been settled by way of transfer of assets as the lying MoF promised before and during the elections?

    It is advisable that Adrian seriously consider writing to the international credit rating agencies, the IMF, IADB, UK High Commission, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the various United Nations agencies responsible for human rights and all the international agencies and Convention bodies to which Barbados is a member and signatory.
    This administration needs to be named and shamed in all international financial circles.
    Maybe publishing such a “Draft” letter in the local Press might shame the Cabinet into action thereby having the same way local radio call-in programmes are used to good effect with respect to very poor service and maladministration by some public authorities and Utilities companies.

  36. Hamilton Hill………………yes i want to hear more about threats so I can get a better idea of why the country continue to slide into a hole………..but not if it involves the BLP threatened this and threatened that……………..that would be putting me squarely in the middle of two corrupt lovers, and I know you realize by now I am not a party person……………but you can still carry on with your comments and opinions, I just might learn something.

  37. Miller…………..if we are not sure of anything else we are sure that the IMF will soon back the DLP into a corner, they are showing the world of their inability to handle the present situation. This is not a case any longer where the BLP can take blame for a six year old slide.

  38. David if hindsight was foresight we would all be for the better. Your analysis is after the fact. However my issue with your initial response is that it is not fair and of good reasoning especially given all the reasons which you clearly stated and outlined in your above comment as for the reason for Cost-U-Less.
    The govt backing of Cost – U- less was for economical reasons to boast jobs and bring down prices and the basis on which govt made the decision and which you for whatever reason overlooked even though you had pointed out but however choose to ignore and proceeded to insinuate that AL problem could have been dealt with in similar fashion even though the two are not the same one being given precedent to the overall economy and as in AL case a personnal problem…………. After the fact is always easy to access and point blame, Not blaming You but in side of all of us is that little dirty bird called “YARDFOWL” wrecking havoc and presumably seeing things from a birds eye view.

  39. What is needed right is real positive action by this administration or they will find themselves having to start all over again, not unlike attending kindergarten and doing everything from scratch by trial and error……………….this is what neglect breeds, there were countless opportunities to try and move things forward, a failure would have been admired but not this inert laziness being shown and continually practiced.

    • @ac

      As usual your analysis is cloudy with political dust. If you go back to the archives you will see that the late Thompson sought to bring Cost-U-Less and other retailers to Barbados to drive down prices in the supermarkets etc. You may recall driving down the cost of living was a big platform issue in 2007-2008. How can Cost-U-Less drive down prices when it has to import the same crap from the markets which Pricesmart, Shopsmart, SuperCentre and all the other retailers presently import? What Cost-U-Less has done in a shrinking market is to force others out of business read JOBS. The fact that they got a truckload of concessions because of a willingness to contribute is salt for the economic wounds.

      To end, do you know how many jobs Cost-U-Less has created? What jobs what? How much forex does it consume? To remind you Cost-U-Less was about pushing DOWN prices. To repeat, based on its current pricing model the prices are the same as everywhere else.

  40. Cost U Less was a stupid idea from the very inception. The VERY LAST thing Barbados needs is another foreign/private owned retail outlet.
    It is obvious that if Cost U Less hires 100 new workers the other retailers will send home 110. The damn place is already saturated with check-out persons.

    Had Thompson listened to Bushie, what he would have supported instead was a CO-OP supermarket owned by ordinary Barbadians. The problem with the current operations is that they are accused of price gouging and maximizing profits.

    With competition from professionally run CO op owned supermarkets we could be assured that the best available prices were charged. Even if higher prices existed in the coop, any profits would return to the owners (coop members) through a system known as patronage refund (ask Caswell to explain that….)

    Thompson took a perfectly good proposal and split it into two perfectly ridiculous ones – Cost U Less and Co-optima.
    Both are guaranteed to fail, but perhaps they have already succeeded in achieving hidden agendas…..

  41. @ David | April 14, 2013 at 9:30 AM|

    What makes the Cost-U-Less situation even more embarrassing is this DLP administration’s failure to use the opportunity to truly roll out its so-called alternative energy programmes and green economy policies. The insistence on the use of solar power technology and recycling of resources including water as part of the bargain for tax and other concessions would have made the project more appealing and viable in the longer-term.
    As the economy- based on conspicuous consumption- bottoms out further with the pending rationing of forex this retail (import and sell) new obese and spoilt kid on the block would find the going very, very rough with idealistic cash-flow projections and expected profits not up to scratch.

  42. Miller
    I read here that you were on a cruise some where around the world. AC and Island were actually calling for your gems of wisdom when the governor of the central bank nearly committed economic suicide.

  43. Miller………..the dancing governor of the central bank’s mea culpa last week nearly caused a heart attack……………

  44. Well Well | April 14, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    I am sorry if I disappoint you by not praising everyone else and knocking Barbados.

    Because some one is white and from “over in away” I will not judge them to be smarter than my Black people.

    You can do that all you want but I will not join you anytime soon.

  45. Adrian

    You are were not around here for long enough.

    The old Bajans had a saying, “When yuh hand in de Lion mout, you have to ease it out”.

    Continue to let the BLP jokers on this Blog advise you!!!!

  46. Miller

    You now wake up?

    I still dont understand how you get in the House of Assembly?

    Joker like you!

  47. Listening to the partisan contributions of BLP bloggers especially in the last week, one could only imagine how they would have behaved if they had gained control of the reins of government.

  48. Carson C…………..i really don’t see where paying this guy his $30,000 in VAT is saying he is white and smarter than anyone……maybe the black business people who are currently owed VAT should come forward………….and this over and away thing……….if all the bajans are returned to Bim from US, Canada, Europe, there will be no room for them in Bim or you either…………..and you better be thanking over and away for the fact that you are able to eat right now.

  49. Do we have an update on the appeal by Courts to the non paying of 25 million dollars in VAT levied?

    Are appeals by customers posted publicly (Gazetted)?

  50. That’s where i have a problem……..the government should be vigorously pursuing the companies who owe all this money in vat and taxes…….but they keep looking at the pennies these companies pay in salaries, most of them don’t even pay the employee’s NIS……………something is wrong.

  51. @David
    “Many large hotels received millions from government in relief and then still went out of business a couple years ago.”
    Therefore , is it fair or honest for the BHTA members or those in the private sector to give the impression that nothing was done by this government to assist them?

  52. What is the recourse for the average taxpayer who cannot get back his tax refund? I checked the status on my refund often and all it says is “pending”. How long am I going to have to wait? We are really too placid in Barbados!

  53. Risk it at the forefront of every-business and using the argument that the cost-u- less did not perform as expected is frivolous .to counter that what if it had? the fact of the matter their is no guarnatee on how a business will perform on any given day .However the risk taken by those involved trumps doing nothing .

  54. Prodigal……….hope you have time and is still around 20………….any event can pend into the next century.

  55. Small Business Cannot Get Government to Pay VAT Refund After Two and Half Years?
    Then dont pay any more VAT until you are even ? Send them showing the credit to give them until you get to zero.
    The DLP and the BLP will spend your money before the write you a check ,

  56. Adrian

    This is from todays Nation

    “NIS: Don’t wait too late!
    THU, APRIL 18, 2013 – 12:12 AM
    The National Insurance Department (NIS) has urged companies finding it difficult to pay contributions to discuss their challenges with the agency at an early stage.
    NIS director Ian Carrington said yesterday it had observed that some companies were waiting until their problems with contributions became dire before addressing them.
    He was speaking to the DAILY NATION after emerging from a meeting at Government’s Warrens office complex with Bajan Cleaning Enterprises at which an insolvency proposal from the company – which has debts of about $10 million, including $5.66 million to the NIS – was rejected by creditors in attendance.
    “More frequently now, we are finding that companies are waiting until things get too dire to seek to address them. We advise if you are having a financial challenge paying your NIS contributions, come and sit down and discuss it with us because the NIS has absolutely no interest in putting people out of business or putting people out of work, because that is counterproductive.”

    I am sure the Government the VAT folks to have absolutely no interest in putting people out of business or putting people out of work, because that is counterproductive.

    As the Government seems to be having financial challenges and finding it difficult to pay VAT owing to you, you may want go in to sit down with the Comptroller, at the Value Added Tax Division, Third Floor, Weymouth Corporate Centre, Roebuck Street, St. Michael. to discuss their challenges at an early stage.

    Or you may want to go the VAT Division’s Facebook page and chat with them there.

    According to the site. six people give the page a thumbs up – like it.


  57. Not Taken,

    Thank you. very interesting. How on earth did NIS allow debt to build up to $5.66 million? We have sat down with the VAT people and helped them correct the many mistakes on our account. They have admitted (in writing) that all claimed amounts are payable by them, but will not say when.
    I will certainly follow your advice and try their FaceBook page.

  58. Agreed the question needs to be asked and answered why was such a significant debt allowed to accumulate to bajan cleaners. Doesn’t the NIS have an Inspectorate that is responsible to ensuring employers honour their obligations? What confidence can John citizen repose in a system when such obvious incompetence abounds?

    And here it is we have Minister Inniss and government preaching business facilitation. Mind you this is a public sector culture which has spanned different governments.

  59. David
    What is worse than that is some years ago we had a british hotelier who ran up an enormous NIS bill fled the Island was taken into custody in Britain but released never to be heard of again. The NIS had ample time to endure that there was some threshold over which companies should not go. Furthermore some thing is wrong with their monitoring program if they have one.

  60. lemuel,

    British or German?

    It should not make a difference WHAT nationality the person(s) is/are,
    but the system of collection. It is absolutely clear from OUR experiences that either Politicians and/or Civil Servants have their favourites.

  61. Adrian

    How on earth did NIS allow debt to build up to $5.66 million?

    Guess you could say NIS “got taken to the cleaners”

  62. Where there is life, there is hope.
    Received part payment of outstanding VAT refunds for several tax periods including half of what was due for August/September 2009.
    3 years and 7 months to obtain a refund!

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