Is the BSE Regulated?

This really is not acceptable. Is the FSC in a position to address these issues?




The Barbados Stock Exchange Inc. (BSE) wishes to advise that trading in the security – Barbados Dairy Industries Limited – has been suspended until further notice effective November 20th, 2018 pursuant to Rule 3.01.5 1(a) and (b) of the Rules of the Barbados Stock Exchange Inc.

The Barbados Stock Exchange Inc. (BSE) wishes to advise that trading in the security –




Banks Holdings Limited – has been suspended until further notice effective November 20th, 2018 pursuant to Rule 3.01.5 1(a) and (b) of the Rules of the Barbados Stock Exchange Inc.


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20 thoughts on “Is the BSE Regulated?

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  2. The market is too small for an effective stock exchange. I have suggested a CARICOM-wide stock exchange trading in real time.

  3. I do not mean to be critical, but it’s a fact that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) remains divided over several initiatives that would unite the region or on issues that require collective support from a united region.

    This division is clearly evident as it relates to financing the operations of LIAT and UWI; West Indies cricket; rejecting the Privy Council and accepting the CCJ as the final Court of Appeal; and accepting Articles 45 and 46 of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas 2001 for “Free Movement of People” through the region.

    CARICOM was divided on the issue of the CARIFORUM-European Union Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

    As recent as June 2018, CARICOM countries were divided on OAS vote to pass a resolution initiating the process of suspending Venezuela from the organisation.

    Taking these few examples into consideration, I don’t believe I’m being unreasonable if I express some level of scepticism as it relates to this suggestion of a “CARICOM wide stock exchange trading in real time.”

  4. Every shiite we see the big albino-centric countries do …we seek to mimic.
    The BSC was ALWAYS an exercise in idiocy.
    What jackasses…. monkey see…monkey do.

    It is the VERY NATURE of these people to support things like stock markets and investment instruments.
    It is NOT (generally) our nature to be so inclined.
    How hard is that to understand?

    It has nothing to do with size. … unless we are saying that if we were bigger then we would have a larger base of albino-centrics to make it work.

    What we REALLY need is the VISION to see what works for COMMUNITY-CENTRIC people …and then the guts and faith to pursue such APPROPRIATE systems.
    Our BIGGEST mistake was to create an ‘eddykashun system’ that seeks to mimic systems that are COMPLETELY foreign to our nature…. and then seriously expect outstanding results… even though the approach has failed CONSISTENTLY now for three decades….we just keep sending MORE and MORE lawyers …and doing the same shiite over and over…just HARDER…

  5. The BSE sounds like someone’s idea of an elaborate joke on Bajans. We so like to imitate what takes place in the “big” countries that we want to have our very own never mind that the population and the cultural mindset that Bajans have about investing should have been one big red flag. My eyes glaze over when the segment of CBC Evening news announce the days trading and everyone else lets out a collective yawn.

    Someone should pull the plug on this terminally ill patient, how long is too long when its bad?

    • @Sargeant

      The BSE is a joke. A little club where share price manipulation and puthroughs is the playground of the rich and famous.

      If it is any consolation the GM gets to drive his BMW.

  6. We know the politics of the BSE; we know the cynical rejection of every proposal for change; but what, apart from size, is wrong with the BSE and how can we improve it.? Only technical suggestions, plse, no politics or cynical jokes

  7. Indeed in looking at the trading reports and the dates of the trade, one must wonder if there is enough activity to ‘support’ a stock exchange.
    A post like this one raises more questions than answers..
    The immediate question is why
    A second question is how is the management team of the BSE funded?
    Is there enough activity to support brokers?

    I was browsing its page but was unable to determine how it was funded. However, I believe the volume of the trades cannot support brokers and cannot determine how the BSE management team is funded. It would not surprise me if the teats of the governments are sore from a constant sucking.

  8. Just don’t get involved with any of the jokers on BSE…insider trading is their crime of choice, and none of them go to prison.

  9. The BSE is one of those institutions that are not fit for purpose. It never executed its developmental role in a market where companies were family owned ; and control very tightly held. How many IPOs did it it shepherd? None. BSE needed to grow the market for shares instead it tolerated hostile company take overs among the other infelicities mentioned above.
    Was there an official policy to wean the economy away from the mixed economy model? There seems to have been mixed signals. When it is not clear where we one wants to go any road will do.

    • @Vincent

      Wasn’t the plan for the local stock exchanges in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad to support a Caribbean Stock Exchange by facilitating cross border trade read movement of capital under a CSME arrangement?

  10. @Vincent,

    The BSE lacks a proper regulatory regime. First, and the one I find frustrating, it should be compulsory for all listed companies to provide a link to heir annual audited reports on the landing page of their web sites and it must be there within 24 hours of its due date. Insider dealing should be a serious criminal offence.
    The other important missing rule is that of behaviour that could influence the stock market ie hiring and firing, new contracts, etc, should be first announced on the floor of the BSE.

  11. @ David BU

    Stock exchanges are driven by information about the companies on the stock exchange, Even in Barbados very little information is made public on local companies. I do not think that the time or conditions are ripe for cross border trading.

    Cross border trading does not necessarily lead to movement of capital. We can have movement of capital without cross border trading.

  12. Are minority shareholders in Barbados to believe that the Financial Services Commission can do nothing to protect their interests – will the way of Cable & Wireless be the accepted way of treating minority shareholders?

  13. It is reported in today’s press that BHL and subsidiary BDIL have been suspended by the BSE. Another case of tardy submission of audited financial statements.

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