General Elections 2013

Meet the candidates from the two major political parties who will contest the 2013 General Election (BU acknowledges the eight independent candidates who have entered the contest). Based on a recent CADRES polls the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) enters the contest with high expectation attributed to a 7% swing against the government.

This 2013 election is an intriguing one for several reasons. The DLP is a government seeking to win a second term in hostile economic conditions, Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart has assumed the mantle of leader because of the death of the late Prime Minister David Thompson, Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur regained the leadership of the BLP from Mia Mottley and the last five CADRES polls all give the Opposition the edge over the incumbent DLP.

On behalf of Barbados Underground (BU) we extend best wishes to all the candidates and look forward to an ‘uneventful’ campaign. Commenters are invited to share their perspectives by clicking the constituency box (s) of interest at the bottom of the page or by way of a general comment in the comment box.

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St. Peter St. Michael South
stp-o-arthur-blp stp-h-benn-dlp stms-n-lynch-blp stms-f-stuart-dlp
Owen Arthur Haynesley Benn Noel Lynch Fruendel Stuart
Christ Church East Central
Christ Church East
ccec-d-sands-blp ccec-r-jones-dlp cce-w-abrahams-blp cce-d-lowe-dlp
Desmond Sands Ronald Jones Wilfred Abrahams Denis Lowe
Christ Church South  
Christ Church West Central
ccs-j-boyce-dlp ccs-j-walcott-blp ccwc-s-ashley-dlp ccwc-m-durant-blp
John Boyce Jerome Walcott Stephen Lashley Margo Durant-Callender
Christ Church West   City of Bridgetown
ccw-m-agard-blp ccw-v-depeiza-dlp cofb-f-bostic-blp cofb-p-todd-dlp
Maria Agard  Verla Depeiza Jeffrey Bostic Patrick Todd
St. Andrew St. George South
sta-i-sandiford-garner-dlp sta-g-payne-blp stgn-e-byer-suckoo stgn-d-sutherland-blp
Irene Sandiford-Garner George Payne Esther Byer-Suckoo Dwight Sutherland
St. George North St. James Central
stgn-g-clark-blp oie_gif(1) stjc-k-symmonds stjc-g-hutson
Gline Clarke Jepter Ince Kerri Symmonds George Hutson
St. John St. Joseph
stj-m-thompson-dlp stj-h-griffith-blp oie_png(1) sto-d-marshall-blp
Mara Thompson Hudson Griffith Dennis Holder Dale Marshall
St. James North St. James South
stjn-e-hinkson-blp Senator Jepter Ince stjs-s-husbands-blp stjs-d-inniss-dlp
Edmund Hinkson Harry Husbands Sandra Husbands Donville Innniss
St. Lucy   St. Michael Central
stl-d-kellman-dlp stl-p-phillips-blp stmc-s-blackett-dlp stmc-a-holder-blp
Denis Kellman Peter Phillips Steve Blackett Arthur Holder
St. Michael East St. Michael North East
stme-t-prescod-blp stme-k-best-dlp stmne-m-mottley-blp stmne-p-inniss-dlp
Trevor Prescod Kenneth Best Mia Mottley Patricia Inniss
St. Michael North St. Michael North West
stmn-f-depeiza-dlp stmn-r-toppin-blp stmnw-c-sinckler-dlp stmnw-g-nicholls-blp
Francis Depeiza Ronald Toppin Chris Sinckler Gregory Nicholls
St. Michael South Central St. Michael South East
stmsc-d-gill-blp stmsc-r-sealy-dlp stmse-s-bradshaw-blp stmse-p-tannis-dlp
David Gill Richard Sealy Santia Bradshaw Patrick Tannis
St. Michael West Central   St. Michael West
stmwc-j-paul-dlp stmwc-e-g-edghill-blp stmw-m-carrington-dlp stmw-j-atherley-blp
James Paul Ian Gooding-Edghill Michael Carrington Joseph Atherley
St. Philip North St. Philip South
stpn-m-lashley-dlp stpn-i-weir-blp stps-a-wood-blp stps-a-brathwaite-dlp
Michael Lashley Indar Weir Anthony Wood Adriel Brathwaite
St. Philip West St. Thomas
stp-w-d-estwick-dlp stp-w-l-eastmond-blp roleric_hinds stt-c-forde-blp
David Estwick Lynette Eastmond Roleric Hinds Cynthia Forde

0 thoughts on “General Elections 2013

  1. I DO NOT LIKE THE result SO FAR in St. peter so far
    Dont like it all
    but Owen win this seat by 1 vote already –so…..

  2. Put a Frog in a suit , mark DLP on its back and the poorest parish / most backward parish in Barbados will vote for it

  3. BLP SEATS = 12 SO FAR
    I am calling it Now @ 10:30 pm– 22:30 hrs

  4. Now that the result has been declared to you people.
    Lets talk the next election
    The next election must have automated, electronic voting
    This slow process of calling out names and people writing down crap has to stop and left in 2013
    Lap tops computers and Swipe cards must come into vogue

  5. Checkit-Out | February 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM |

    David; It could be folded once. I saw a number of people ahead of me folding theirs once this morning. I also took my mother at 93 years old to
    another polling station ans she folded hers once only. Indeed, I was told several years ago by a veteran election agent(and I don’t think the system has changed much since then) that they could tell how many people voted merely by looking at the folded ballot and seeing which area was darker. Perhaps they might be using thicker paper nowadays but It was possible some years ago. BTW I am definitely not laying any claim to being politically astute, just passing on some insights gained from working in the public service for several years.
    I was given instructions to fold the ballot paper after making the X in the booth ,and to then present it to the official,placing the electoral stamp on the ballot paper towards the same official, it was only when I tried to insert it into the ballot box ,that I was further instructed to fold it as many times as I needed. While I was presenting the once only folded ballot paper to the official, bearing in mind previous complaints I’ve heard concerning this matter, I looked at the ballot paper, and it was quite obvious that the indentation and position of the ‘X’ was quite visible.

  6. Sargeant we have been spoiled because in Canada they have such detailed information that they can call the election within an hour or two.

  7. @David
    I am in agreement with you.This is backward organising and substandard coordination to say the least.
    We have not yet heard from some constituencies,no a peep from St James C and S..

    • Wow, this is shaping up to be a cliff hanger. The VoB panel has some egg on their faces.


      The GG will probably send it back for another go around.

    • BU wants to be the first to congratulate Donville Inniss who had to withstand a furious attack from the BLP and looks to be pulling it off. He is known to be a hard worker in the constituency and it shows if a representative puts in the work what will be the outcome.

    • @Hants

      The results coming in so far shows a confused electorate, a lack of quality of candidate, a lack of leadership etc. We have a tired system with tired people.

  8. Hants
    It is not the calling per se, it is the fact that there were no numbers coming from some constituencies for hours after the Polls closed.

  9. Would you all say the reason it is taking so long to count the votes is because of a higher than normal voter turn out?

    This is very unusual.

    • @Sargeant, a 15:15 or 16:14 seems on the cards at this point. Why would Mia crossed in such a scenario when she can taste leadership?

    • @Pearlie

      Undoubtedly one of the most exciting general elections not because of the quality of candidate unfortunately.

  10. @David
    The GG will have to see whether one Party can form a Gov’t which they could by inducing one member to cross the floor. Is the offer still on for Mia?

  11. David man dis hot like one a den old Western flims. Murda! My party fighting back hard and das all I could ask fa.

    But seriously tho, David, you hit de nail pon de head at 12:29. Dis country got issues fa true.

  12. Tonight is shaping up to be a victory for the people and for Barbados. I am pleasantly surprised and quietly proud. We have defied all polls, expectations and political/election stereotypes. BU has been a great conduit for it to begin.

    Let us move ever closer towards that much needed tipping point and let’s hope that those who lead us wake up and realise that this is a wake call to do better for all of us..

    Great election blogging guys!

    Observing signing out

  13. Just Asking
    Just asking the DLP is now 15 seats
    I aint going sleep
    wake up
    Your man Peter Wickham is biting his tongue and still talking swing

  14. When the dust has settled I hope some will say – I will not denigrate anyone here – Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has fought a battle of great proportions. He will have brought the armada home through turbulent seas. If he wins, it is still too early to call, he would have done so in his own right not because of another leader, more so in spite of. He is a man of substance, may he be a channel of PEACE. I dearly hope Barbadians give him the opportunity to make Barbados a better place.

  15. This is a vote against the idiot Wickham. Bajans just want him to eat his s***#.

    He just like Mascoll, … is always safe to vote against anything he is supporting.
    From his first idiotic poll about leadership Bushie was saying that the election is about 30 different fights.


  16. The CBC panelists now taking about 15-15, I was way ahead of them. If this happens the GG will ask the outgoing PM if he could form a Gov’t, the PM could try to encourage an Opposition member to cross the floor or promise one of them the job of Speaker to try to maintain a one seat majority. If this fails the GG can ask the Leader of the Opposition if he can form a Gov’t and he will likely try the same tactics.
    If none of these succeed look for another Election in a few months.

    One other point, Wickham should have left it at the first Poll, he is also a loser tonight.

  17. I am about to fire one. 18 year old scotch. Have to work tomorrow but this deserves a little liquorization in celebration.

    I am proud to be a Bajan because we had a peaceful election and because the polesters and swingers could not
    influence the electorate in the way they intended.

  18. You tell them Mia. Governance reform Governance reform I have been saying if for oh so long. We need it, Barbadians are telling the political class we need governance reform.

  19. Hi David,
    I was off BU site for the past few days as I was in South Africa on assignment for the Associated Press with regards to Oscar Pistorius case.

    Following the earlier comments of other bloggers I am not alarmed to see that the DEMs won a very hard fought battle.

    Congrats to PM Stuart and the DLP Team.

  20. Congratulations to all bloggers DLP,BLP and others for keeping democracy alive.

    Now we have to focus on helping Barbados progress.


    I am hoping that i will be around at 86, and that i will be alert rather in full possession of my cognitive faculties, in good health, hearing and seeing good and not dribbling.

    I am hoping that this epitome of Integrity, Fumble Jerome Stuart will do a few things, some that he has promised and a few that an ole man like me would like

    (a) FOI & Integrity Legislation (i wonder how that going work with Michael Lashley, is Fumble going insist that ML declare his assets at 2013 or at 2008? Well so much for that Integrity proposal – still born at birth)
    (b) Election Reform to include source of campaign contributions, amount of contributions, written confirmations from the contributors, inclusive of disclaimer clauses like “I *** CEO of Cost U Less do hereby declare that i have contributed $** the official limit for these contributions and not a cent more. I also affirm that the candidate/party to who/which i have given these monies [name … Chris Sinkliar]… has not made any promises to me, has not received any other monies or consideration, locally or in non domestic bank accounts or in US financial institutions, or as US real estate holdings, or US shares or stocks, or hairy purse investments. locally or internationally)
    (c) Recall – every once in a while, sorry twice in a while, sorry 14 or 16 times in a while, we the electorate does do stupid tings and elect a hairy purse person (HPP not to be confused with OPP) to the parliament. I did not say George Hutson, nor Noel Lynch nor Dale marshall nor Patrick Todd, but every now and again we does get real ingrunt and does do sumting ingrunt, So as a protection measured to ensure that these HairyPP’s doan ever darken de doors, rather sit in de leder seats of Parla’ment for too long, i Fumble, now mek it part of my real manifesto, not de false one dat me and de rest uh de dream team dream up dese last too weeks, to put sumting in place to act as a mechanism to remove we, rader dem udder ingrunt MPs, legally and not wid bullets like in IRAQ.

    I Fumble, as the single mark of my legacy on the Bajan political landscape, do solemly promise that i will do these things above stated during my 2013 -2018 term BEFORE de eager 11 reconstitute demselves and i have to ask de governor general to pirogue parliament again.

    “Xmas is coming, de goose Sinkliar is getting fat,
    so please put your campaign contributions into Lashley’s money trap,
    and if you dont have a million, 1/4 million US will do,
    and if you ent got no money, den fcuk you” (Unna should know de tune to this Xmas song and if unna doan know it ask de obeah man dat give Owen See Thru de bush bath dat mek Haynesley lose

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