CAHILL Reincarnated?

Lisa Cummins, Minister of Energy

This is the same WTE plant that is the subject of that town planning notice. $16.6 M of network upgrades to accommodate the energy from the WTE plant. That Feed In Tariff was privately negotiated. Not approved by the FTC as the law requires. Not by a public process anyway.

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The following was posted as received by Barbados Underground. Is this another example a Barbados government operating by stealth to implement a project without exhaustive and TRANSPARENT consultation with citizens of Barbados? The irony is that the botched Cahill Barbados project piloted by the late Minister of Energy Denis Lowe helped the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to gain popularity in the country. Now that the ghost of Cahill has appeared, what does it bode for the BLP and citizens of Barbados? In the words of a popular song, Time will tell.

13 thoughts on “CAHILL Reincarnated?

  1. Well, the more things change the more they remain the same.

    Within a political duopoly turn actual dictatorship.

    That a dead member of such is able, from in hell, to see his project, even if partly, resurface to again occupy centre stage, must be, to him, not too bad an achievement.

    The internal workings of the one-party state which proceed, in the absent of any new vision, as certain corporate interests are served and a feckless populace thinking that voting out any part of the ruling clique could interfere with the local moneyed interests feeding both factions of duopoly.

  2. I thought that when BL&P made the agreement so Barbados Government could have private solar and renewable energy feed into the BL&P Grid system then all UPGRADE Expenses were to the BUSINESS/Corporation requesting the Grid Input and such upgrades would become the property of BL&P. If Williams want to generate energy by whatever means and feed into the BL&P Grid then all upgrades necessary to BL&P Infrastructure is at Williams expense and then these GRID Infrastructure upgrades are transferred to BL&P FREE of charge for future BL&P Use and maintenance.

    Looks like an end run by Williams to have these expenses funded by TAX dollars.

  3. @David et al, unfortunately the GOB never ratify the below and if they did perhaps it would not even make a difference. Most in Barbados are compromised into silence and owe their livelihood to some political god.

    Acting positions and job appointments are used to manipulate these weak spineless souls to abandon good conscience. Little England suffers very bad covert corruption. Those willing to challenge the disgusting and ugly are deemed by the political class and their proxy operatives as trouble makers.

    I shall be silent on Cahill for Barbadians must step up and demand transparency and full disclosure before one ounce is garbage is imported or permission granted. The outspoken are only a threat to those who benefit from a broken status quo, the real threat is from those who are self serving into compromised positions.

    Principle 10 Rio Declaration:
    Environmental issues are best handled with participation of all concerned citizens, at the relevant level.
    At the national level, each individual shall have appropriate access to information concerning the environment that is held by public authorities, including information on hazardous materials and activities in their communities, and the opportunity to participate in decision- making processes.
    States shall facilitate and encourage public awareness and participation by making information widely available.
    Effective access to judicial and administrative proceedings, including redress and remedy, shall be provided.
    Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (1992)

    • @Kammie

      Our Prime Minister is well placed to lead on this issue. Where better to focus than on the home front? We need a fit for purpose clean energy WTE plan.

    • So many meaty issues of national importance that political parties, NGOs, fourth estate and others in civil society can run with, instead we are easily distracted by nothingness.

  4. David, the political class and the Barbados NSC knows it very well. Those who without fear or favor are bold enough to challenged the system will always be treated as pariahs and lepers. The only consolation is those who do crap on leavings positions they abused always live miserable lives with the fear their past will catch up with them when the status quo is broken. Ask any of Hitler’s men who killed many and thought there where untouchable.

    I am absolutely no threat to national security, only to broken dirty acts harmful to an orderly Barbados, add that to the file.

  5. David, they say you should not speak evil of the dead but the late Dr Denis Lowe not only acted ruthlessly, selfish, silly and ignorant but reckless. Truth be told this Cahill project will go down in history as one of the ugliest scandals in the history of Barbados.

    GOB is now stucked with it. The BLP needs to show a level of transparency and disclosure not show by the DLP. Astronomical fees were paid out and the absence of a FOIA will forever hide the Cahill dealings.

    If the BLP does not speak to the public in the most transparent manner we can expect even lower voter turnout whenever elections are called.

    On another note, around 2014 or 2015 the Chinese government gave members of parliament some laptops. A birdie in Washington heard about it and asked my if them mad. Out of concern I call a friend and he said he aint accepting his but many keeping them, one of his buddies called and asked me why he should not keep his gift.

    David, all the hackers need to do was to infiltrate the parliament accounts system and see who have the lowest net pay…prime target for bribery.

  6. @ Enuff, appearances are very deceptive. If the process was very transparent so far, it would have been revealed to the public on the day that Bizzy Williams went to the Attorney General when the government had much talk about a truth commission and were urging persons to come to confess their sins to the AG. All this should have been revealed to the public back then, that Bizzy was one of the unnamed parties. So, the process has not been very transparent so far at all.

  7. @Heather, ignore my friend @Enuff, he is indeed an extreme loyalist. I am hopeful some day he will find it within his good conscience to put country before party. Perhaps also realize that to not offer unbiased feedback is a social cancer that destroys countries for generations to come.

  8. @Enuff, can you share the Power Purchase Agreement in the interest of transparency and full disclosure as agreed by GOB under the Rio Principle 10 Declaration?

    When was the WTE FTC rate hearing of the rates to be charge for energy production to the grid?

    Are the guarantees the same as offered by the DLP under Denis Lowe?

    What amount of water will drawn from the aquifer daily to meet the needs of plant?

    What measures will be put in place to mitigate PM2.5 and P10 particulate matter pollution?

    How will the environs or biodiversity be protected from what is supposed to a so called zero emission plant? Arawak Cement plant management at it’s launched said it’s plant will be a zero emission operation.

    In the absence of info on the type of WTE what measures will be put in place to ensure that if Caustic Soda is used the potential for a spill is kept at minimum?

    Who will police, monitor and regulate? Originally Cahill wanted to do it’s own monitoring. When last was Cell Towers Radiation data published and have measurements taken to ensure radiated power is with WHO limits for SAR limits?

    Who currently monitors air quality for pollutants in Barbados?

    Every person with a modicum of desire, care or concern should read the summation of the late Clifford Husbands who was the judge in the suit brought two residents of Checker Hall. In summary the judge posited, Arawak Cement Plant is a public good and residents should learn to live with it!

    Who are the silent partners and was any funds given to any political party hoping to buy influence during any elections?

    Reasonable question I would like to think in a country that spends nuff money on education. Do not educate persons den expect dem to be dumb and follow blindly like sheep.

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